I AM ALL FOR LEGALIZING PROSTITUTION.  I think. (please see questions at the end of this post, however…and answer if you can.  I am for it…but….!)



As a sidenote: Robert Kraft’s wife of 48 years, Myra, died at the age of 68 from cancer.  They had four sons who must be very proud of their father today (not).    This could have all been avoided.


SO:  I am for legalized prostitution BUT…

  1. How do you prevent seeing more girls on the street, even in nicer areas?  Who wants to see that?  You see it in Paris, even in really nice neighborhoods, and it’s not too weird, but weird enough!  You also see cars parked on sidestreets, long rows of them, with women waiting inside…and I mean THE best neighborhoods!  And you see beautifully furred women walking the streets there, not the icky teenagers with torn jeans and tattoos you see portrayed on TV in America.

  2. Could we legalize but make the legal age for prostitutes to be 21?

  3. Could we legalize but require prostitutes to carry updated health information? (No HIV, No syphillis, etc?)



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34 Responses to PROSTITUTION

  1. Mustang says:

    I had a similar conversation with a good friend of mine years ago. He was a police officer with the LAPD. He said, “What most people don’t understand about prostitutes is that those who do this sort of thing have very serious mental issues. So, the question is, what kind of society would seek to maintain a profession where damn near everyone engaged in it needs psychiatric help?” He added, “If most people knew the disgusting details of these depravities, they would never ever spend time with a prostitute.”

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  2. bocopro says:

    Controversial topic. My thoughts? Making it a crime is simple hypocrisy. Howzat for controversial?

    O.K. Now, I gotta wonder if the number of marriages torn apart by prostitution, or its twin sister porn, is greater than the number it preserves. In many places, the availability of sex for sale is really just an offering on the artificially applied restriction of monogamy.

    The strongest drive we have in our barely civilized little brains is survival. The next strongest, and both probably peg the meter, is species survival. Categorical imperative, this procreation thing. Impossible to resist without removal of the hormone generators.

    When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns . . . right? Same thing with prostitution: outlawing sex for hire doesn’t make it go away, but it DOES put criminals in charge of it.

    So, if it’s legalized, it can be properly monitored and regulated with health checkups, wages that don’t go to pimps, even unions and benefits, just as other employees get. It most CERtainly would be better than human trafficking and sex slavery.

    Another way to see it parallels the liberals’ stance on abortion: if women have the right to choose to have abortions based on their idea that “it’s her body, her decision,” why can’t she choose to have sex for pay?

    And in a way, who isn’t a prostitute at one time or another? Athletes sell their bodies. Lawyers sell their ethics. Politicians sell their souls. Climatastrologists sell their principles.

    How is a young black male dropping out of school, at any level, to become a running back or wide receiver with a career life expectancy of less than 4 years followed by a lifetime of unemployment, pain, and disability any different from a woman opting for something other than the picket fence, snotty-nosed urchins, and perpetual housework?

    I sold my time and my youth for the promise of a steady income and health care in my declining years. My ears are shot, my knees are shot, my eyes are shot, the skin on my face and arms is friggin ate up from years of double whammies by the sun from above and its reflection from below.

    Is selling your time better than selling your body, your brain? Yeah, if we can justify legalizing gateway drugs and providing unearned benefits to illegal aliens and turning prisoners out on the streets because of overcrowding, I think we can justify legalizing, regulating, and even taxing the sex trade.

    Even in marriage, when the flame of desire goes out and coitus becomes a chore for either partner but the partnership endures, how does that type of sex differ from prostitution?

    And now I gotta go rinse my mouth out with somethin.

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  3. skudrunner says:

    Making prostitution legal would also make it safer for the prostitute and the client. It is a violent profession because society and the current morals has made it one. It is considered a victimless crime that has victims because it is illegal and must be kept in the shadows or we will all go blind, at least according to our parents.
    Legalize it, license it and tax it just the same as any other pleasure, liquor, gambling etc.

    The irresponsible media is all over Kraft and rushing to judgement without facts. How much of that is driven by their hatred of DJT. Kraft is a villain and Smollett is a victim according to our media


  4. bunkerville says:

    From my understanding this isn’t often a victimless crime. Sure the legal portion may be wonderful if one can pay that kind of money for that kind of good clean sex. But sadly thats not how most of it will/does work.
    Too many are poor druggies looking for their next fix, and too many kiddies…
    Yea, I am glad they nailed him. Something tells me he wanted more than a fun night/day. Way too much of it is abusive and perverted. He could have as many women as he wanted. Hell he has a 35 year old girl friend. Have we no respect for those we love? This whole post saddens me greatly. Actually makes me sick. Put it down to my puritan upbringing. Thank God. Indeed I do.

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  5. ACUCHUCK says:

    All the above posts discuss prostitution without mentioning that Mr. Kraft is innocent till proven guilty. No matter what he did he deserves presumption of innocence and the possibility that he was caught up in some sort of pay back or entrapment? Could Commissioner Goddell’s hatred for this man be part of this sting??
    Just saying.


  6. Mustang took the words out of my mouth. Prostitution is not a victimless crime. In my experience the victims are the street walkers. The pimps take most of their money. The prostitutes are usually drug-addicted and basically work for drugs. I worked Vice for awhile and I always felt for the girls and boys. Mostly they were young and aged very quickly. The world I saw was a shock to a Catholic boy. The experience left me feeling sad for the abused prostitutes and with an abiding hatred for their predatory pimps.

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  7. geeez2014 says:

    I’m not sure about serious mental problems…I think a ton of young prostitutes are in it for someone to pay for their food and rent…and I think a TON of really wealthy prostitutes just like the life it affords them.

    Does keeping it illegal HELP them? Would legalizing help them?

    Please respond to my questions at the end of the post…I’d really like your input because I’m very open on this issue and would like to come down on one side or the other.

    Chuck..Mr. Kraft is guilty as long as he’s Republican and knows Trump.

    Some are actually suggesting Goodall did this to him because he hates Kraft…
    By the way, folks…some Black nobody on CNN suggests that the Chicago PD are REPUBLICANS PRO TRUMP…which stunned me….but he blames the Smollett story on THEM, that they’re making up the facts because Smollett is anti-Trump.

    MAN, that is RICH, isn’t it?

    Bocopro…I almost included that in my post…how many marriages have been torn apart due to prostitution? How many innocent wives and mothers have contracted HIV or Gonorrhea or syphillis or anything else because hubby brought it home?

    SKUDRUNNER…your point that society today’s made the business a violent one fascinates me…


  8. Kid says:

    What everybody else said I guess, esp bocopro.

    While we’re at it let’s legalize drugs too and treat the addicts as a health problem. Portugal did it in 1996 and there was a big improvement. With the recent SC decision to limit confiscations by LEO’s, maybe we’ll get there. Just too profitable for them in the meantime. I do believe the CIA brings in most of the opoids.


  9. skudrunner says:

    Keeping it illegal does not help the sex workers and does put them in danger. They have to pay for protection and cannot freely work their trade. There are a lot of druggies working as prostitutes to pay their habit and every day their lives are put in danger either from disease or their handlers.
    If it was legal it could be practiced freely and not as a victim therefore making it victimless.
    Never did buy the idea that porn and prostitution threaten marriages. If someone turns to prostitutes or porn they are looking for an escape so can you really blame the workers.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, maybe I’m tired or too stupid, and Kid agrees with you, but I honestly can’t tell whether you’re FOR legalization or NOT!

    KID: If we legalize drugs, do you want pot smokers walking by , high, on the street? Do we want hookers on every corner because it’s legal now?
    I’m not challenging you, I really have those questions…I’m not for legalization of drugs EXCEPT you are so right about how a lot of crime would go down, etc..
    Trump is supposedly very anti-opioids…If he thinks it’s the CIA, I wonder what he’d do!


    Skud, nobody’s blaming the workers AT ALL, particularly not when husbands turn to them….husbands will , if they’re so inclined, … point is what it might do to wives, health-wise, as I said…AIDS? SYPHILLIS? That’ll turn a marriage into dissolution, no? It could, anyway.
    If a guy has a healthy happy marital relationship and turns to prostitutes, he did NOT have a healthy happy marital relationship…that’s my feeling, anyway. So, in that way, it’s a threat to a marriage. ALTHOUGH I will say that I think happily married men who stray usually are not doing it against their wives but for their own egos and the excitement of ‘forbidden’ sex.



  11. bocopro says:

    “I honestly can’t tell whether you’re FOR legalization or NOT!”

    Why? ‘Cuz of that last line? No, it’s not satire, and prostitution in se doesn’t offend me.

    What I find distasteful is that we have to have dialogue concerning late-term abortions, the meaning of “infringed” in the 2nd Amendment, the logic of border barriers, and whether ’tis nobler to have pimps and procurers than to suffer the stings and needles of STDs and shaming or take steps against archaic standards and by common sense, end them.

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    Boco….Don’t know why….I read it a few times, I agree with you….and yes, why not legalize it?

    How do you see it working, then? To where girls can walk streets in nice neighborhoods like they do in Paris? It really wasn’t TOO bad, but the girls there wear furs and high heels…here, in bad areas I’ve seen on TV, they’re tattoo’d wonders with torn jeans and badly applied makeup! Not a nice view!

    Ya, the logic of border barriers…imagine? That’s up for discussion!? Or killing babies after they’re born? So true.


  13. bocopro says:

    How will it work? Well, we’d be foolish to ignore the practices and procedures in countries where it’s been legalized. Start with Nevada.

    But to me, if properly organized with fixed locations and/or “home-delivery” services such as repair shops or other skills, I see a serious reduction in actual streetwalking AND violence.

    There must be licensing, regular inspections, and some sort of unwritten code of discretion, kinda like the doctor-patient relationship we hear so often invoked on cop shows.

    Military guys in all nations understand the pros and how they operate, and word gets out on which house is clean, in all respects, and which to avoid, for various reasons.

    Streetwalking, strolls, and barrio pro stations need to go, tho, in favor of the much safer “no luggage required/hourly rates” places and “Miss Mona’s” traditional houses.

    Will there still be rip-offs? Disputes? Problems? Sure, just as there are in clinics, massage parlors, and beauty shops.

    Will things be perfect? Nope!
    Will they be better? Yep!

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  14. Bob says:

    Great comments. Also, thanks, Z, for having the “like” star on the comments. I think it is helpful and it gives me a chance to say, “Right ON” to comments I appreciate. Mustang, Bocopro, and Kid seem to get a lot of my likes.

    Robert Kraft has a reported net worth of $6.2 Billion. Anytime he goes out his house he has a $6 Billion problem in protecting his wealth and reputation. If he seeks female companionship that can be bought with his wealth, like “any woman he wants to sleep with”, many of those women will be after his wealth. If he goes to a house of prostitution he is paying for a one-time occasion, and stands a better chance of not having to fight a court battle to keep a percentage of his wealth from going to some gold-digger.

    Disease? It seems to me that a lot of women who indulge in gold-digging are sexually active, and pose as much a threat to one’s health as a prostitute.

    There has always been a case for legalizing prostitution, and the institution (?) has been around FOREVER! I hurt for those women caught in the net of forced prostitution, especially the little girls who go wrong with drugs, and are controlled by pimps. The whole thing is degrading and a miserable way to live for these people.

    Making prostitution legal might solve some problems, but it will introduce others. Sex workers will need legal protection, and have mental health services available, too. Let’s make it legal, and make recreational drugs legal. Let’s stop being judgmental of others.

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  15. Sparky says:

    I see where you’re going with this Z. It’s good to bring it up. The subject of prostitution it is a prickly dilemma. So, let’s say I’m for “decriminalizing” prostitution because; A) It can’t be stopped, and B) I’d rather pray with these dear lost souls than give them a permanent record and keep them trapped in a vicious circle. We could, I suppose, make it where they have to attend Bible Classes if caught or something like that. They’re just broken people like you and me and need Jesus. We’ve all sinned against God. And their lifestyle choice is all because these young ladies don’t see how valuable they are. I’d rather feed them, clothe them, teach them about Jesus and have them learn a trade. I’m sure they also have a drug problem as well. God can address all that and change their lives for the good Forever. 🙂 That’s my two cents.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…you’re right…it’s legal in Nevada….and yes, definitely need licensing and all…of course, this will keep some still in the dark, but it’s a good start! I agree with you.

    Bob, i agree except feel pretty strongly that I don’t want people high on recreational drugs around me….and at least being illegal KIND OF keeps them at home??? You can smell pot around Venice Beach a lot…..

    Sparky, such a sweet heart you have! I think that, for most of them, telling them about Jesus would drive them underground again (just a bit of humor here) but you could very well be right. In fact, I have heard of stories where missionaries have helped change the lives or prostitutes….it’s so worth a try!

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  17. Kid says:

    @Z, I don’t care about pot smokers walking by on the street anymore than I do people who have just chugged some alcohol. Long as they’re walking. And as stated several times, in my early days I smoked pot and drove hundreds of miles without the slightest problem. I would never be able to do that with alcohol. Then again, we’re not all the same and can be affected in different ways by the THC I guess. Million stories in the naked city?

    It also wasn’t a gateway drug for me either. I never put a spike in a vein. I tried cocaine once, and thought $100 for this? No Thanks. Last time that happened. FWIW.

    Methaqualone (Qualude 714 – a hypnotic sleeping aid) was a different story. Tried it once and can attest it is a true afrodisiac.

    Hookers on the street? Nope. My vision of legal prostitution would be like the red light district in Amsterdam,

    I remember 5th ave between Oakland and Pittsburgh, PA. Herds of black prostitutes would surround you car and be very verbally graphic about their services. That was more annoying that anything else.


  18. Kid says:

    @Bob. Thanks for the mention. Great points made there regards the gold diggers. As a billionaire, that would be ever present on my mind.

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  19. Kid says:

    Z, as a note. There are people high on all sorts of drugs that are out and about everywhere. No, they don’t stay at home.


  20. Anonymous says:

    Z, when you said what you can’t understand is why someone as rich as Robert Kraft has to go to a prostitute, etc. reminded me of the movie “Pretty Woman” where a rich, good looking guy (Richard Gere) hired a prostitute (Julia Roberts) because he didn’t want all the complications of a relationship, so I guess it might make sense to happen. Keep it simple.


  21. Mal says:

    Z, when you said you can’t understand why someone as rich as Robert Kraft has to go to a prostitute reminded me of the movie “Pretty Woman” where a rich good looking guy (Richard Here) hired a prostitute (Julia Roberts) because he didn’t want all the complications involved.

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  22. Kid says:

    Mal, but 6 months after Richard married Julia, she took him for 50 %…..


  23. Mal says:

    True, Kid, True! Which kinda proves the point of not wanting to get involved, but it back-fired on him anyway, right?


  24. Mal says:

    (Whoops! I just notice I typed Here instead of Here). My bad!


  25. Mal says:

    Damn! It still came out wrong. Here instead of Here! There!


  26. Mal says:

    I’m typing a G and its posting as an H. I swear!


  27. Kid says:

    Mal, No prob. Take a raise out of petty cash here. Or there.


  28. Mal says:

    I believe what is happening is my Mac makes what it thinks is a correction of spelling.


  29. Mal says:

    By the way, Z, I’m still having to remember to fill in the boxes below. When I forget, it cancels and I need to retype it again with it filled in.


  30. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, it’s not my blog…I don’t get what’s going on, but others are having the trouble at other blogs, too, sadly!
    And yes, good point about PRETTY WOMAN!!
    I did mention how easy it is for a rich man to get a woman to sleep with him….prostitution just seems silly, in that aspect.

    Kid, I know they’re everywhere…I just don’t want someone taking a hit and holding it in around me… I’d feel like I’m living with Cheech and Chong…

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  31. Bob says:

    Am I the only one that cannot access the Sunday Faith Blog comment page?


  32. -FJ says:

    Robert Kraft should have bought himself a sex-bot.


  33. -FJ says:

    …and NO, I’m against legalizing prostitution. Trafficking/white slavery is bad enough without offering a legal “cover” for the activities.

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  34. Mal says:

    It reminds me of the old one about the guy asks a girl if she would commit adultery for a million dollars and she said yes, she probably would, then he asks if she would for $20 to which she replied “No. What do you think I am?” Then he said we’ve already established that. We’re just bickering over price!


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