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I had to print it here today because I feel, somehow, that it’s rather “holy.”  It’s holy in the goodness of 10 American soldiers whose plane had been hit by the enemy and who were trying to somehow make it to land,  hoping not to hit the water they were over at the time.  Spotting a field, they apparently thought they could land there, even a crash landing might keep some alive, but there were English children playing in that field.

One English boy remembers that the pilot was waving at them and the children thought they were waving ‘hello,’ as American soldiers would do, but the waving was “please get out of the way!”  Instead of chancing hitting any of the children by an uncontrolled crash landing in their playing field, the pilot chose to hit some trees and that they did, and none survived.

That English boy is now in his eighties and kept flowers on that spot as a child, then got a park dedicated to them, and now he was thrilled beyond words about the fly-over the RAF and American planes performed on February 21.

Another ‘holy’ thing, to me, is that 10,000 people came out to watch the planes, to celebrate the dead airmen.   10,000 people still care that Americans did the right thing, the blessed and holy thing, of protecting and saving children to their own peril.

OK…tears here again.  PLEASE look at the link, all the info is there, and you can watch Tony Foulds, the little boy, talk about this experience.

I print their picture so you can look into each of their dear faces and know how much they lost, what they gave up, how they have not been forgotten.  God bless them.  I am proud just to include this story on my blog……….I’m proud to be one of them, an AMERICAN.

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  1. Kid says:

    Very moving Z, especially that all those people bothered to come out so long after.

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  2. Americans have proven over and over again that they have no ulterior motives in fighting wars,
    . As Colin Powell said, the US asks nothing other than some ground to bury our dead. Where would the world be without America during the world wars? And loser Joe Biden went to Europe to say the US is an embarrassment. He must have thought there were some votes from ex-pats who left when Trump won. Sorry Joe, you plagiarist loser.

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  3. Baysider says:

    Kid +1


  4. Mal says:

    Like Kid said, esp. given many of our own citizens wouldn’t have bothered to show up.
    L & O, its surprising Biden feels that way, isn’t it, given that his son was (is?) in the military.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I ABSOLUTELY believe that many Americans wouldn’t have shown up.
    Biden should be ashamed of himself for so many things.

    Law & Order…well put. A total embarrassment in SO many ways.

    Kid, isn’t that amazing? I LOVED IT!!


  6. Bob says:

    I can’t remember what I wrote about this Sunday at noon. At that time the blog was not accepting my input. I even commented again on yesterday’s blog successfully to see if the problem were mine. It wasn’t.

    As far as the pilots go, there have been a number of instances in recent times where a pilot of a crashing military jet of helicopter had to make a similar decision. The always seem to choose personal pain over pain for civilians on the ground. I don’t know if the pilots train with such things I mind, or if it is just their personal moral beliefs at work. At any rate we can say thank God, and thanks to our heroes in the air.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, what’s up with you and my blog? DO NOT EVER STOP COMMENTING. I am so sorry but some are having trouble and have to sign in every time! That’s WordPress, not my blog….I wish it would fix itself.

    As for pilots? I honestly believe that was a very AMERICAN thing to do…I LOVE that we Americans will act that way. Other countrymen might, but I like to believe it’s our values, our goodness…(music playing NATIONAL ANTHEM starts here 🙂

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  8. Bob says:

    Z: I suggest that these problems started when you changed WordPress themes. At least it seems that way to me. I use and one of their themes as everyone must. I know it’s a lot of hassle, and maybe an unnecessary hassle, to try one or two more themes to see if there are problems with those.


  9. Kid says:

    Bob, fyi, that’s possible, but I have the problem when using chrome but not when using Firefox for example. It may be a combination of chrome + something in Wordress.


  10. Kid says:

    PS – It was all the wordpress sites I go to not just this one when using chrome.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    What in the world is a THEME?!!!


  12. Bob says:

    A theme is like a style, or skin of a web page. Go to the WordPress Administration page, look down the menu at the left, and you will see a tab for Customize. The customize tag also has a subcategory called Themes. You can look at them without changing the theme, or look, of your web page. You might find one you like better than what you are using, although I like your current theme.


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