Immigration LIABILITY?

This is a comment that didn’t get the conversation I’d hoped it would get yesterday so I’m posting it TODAY!

It was so funny to watch lib Leslie Marshall on OUTNUMBERED yesterday asked why NOT send immigrants to Sanctuary Cities??? She literally stammered and came up with a few flimsy reasons, including (first one she listed) “If anybody gets injured while we’re moving them, there are legal liabilities!  Especially to children!”   WHAT?

LEGAL LIABILITIES? Since WHEN does AMERICA have to worry about people getting hurt while we move ILLEGAL TAKERS from OUR COUNTRY to stupid unsovereign sanctuary cities?   It’s OUR PROBLEM??? Marshall then talks about “how are we going to feed and clothe them?”   That’s the POINT, Leslie!

SEND THEM BACK, it’s not AMERICA’S PROBLEM to FEED and CLOTHE law breakers! Unless they’re in prison…… Remember when, about 20 years ago, there were lawsuits (they probably still get them in our country) where illegal migrants were crossing our deserts and some died from the heat, etc.,  so they sued US because “Americans had to know they were coming and they didn’t leave food and water for us?”

I don’t mean to sound heartless, and I understand they’re mostly good people who want a better life, but it’s OUR FAULT? Yes, we must help, but to accuse US of anything, to threaten legal action against US? HOW’S ABOUT US THREATENING LEGAL ACTION AGAINST THEM?

SEND THEM BACK and HELP THEM WHEN THEY”RE THERE………….that’s humane and efficient. Let liberal college jerks go live in Guatemala and Honduras and Salvador and start businesses for these people, start hospitals for these people, teach them to grow food. Let the people clean up their own governments……NOT SCREW OURS UP.

???   Do I sound SO heartless?  OK!


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16 Responses to Immigration LIABILITY?

  1. Pure political obstinance! That’s what this is. Lawsuits filed against us if illegals are injured while being relocated to sanctuary cities? That’s the dumbest comment to ever come out of Leslie Marshall’s mouth. She’s worried about how to feed & clothe them… only in sanctuary cities.

    How are any American cities going to provide & pay for their needs? Marshall is only concerned about sanctuary cities that would have to do that?

    This is absolute PROOF that the Left is advocating for open borders to flood the country with illegal aliens in order to destroy our society… to create chaos, overwhelm us so we throw up our hands & give up. Hell no!


  2. bocopro says:

    Well . . . if you’re lookin for an argument with me, you’re gonna hafta change the subject.

    Our problem is that Congress, in its stubborn insistence on bringing down the Trump administration, refuses to do its job and FIX THE DAMNED IMMIGRATION LAWS!!!

    As to sanctuary cities, I’m not entirely sure what a sanctuary city is. Seems to me it’s become (at least for liberals) a place of refuge from the discipline, the rules, the laws, the sense of order, the social contracts that allow the greater society to function.

    The concept seems to have degenerated into some kind of safe haven for ills rather than for those fleeing tyranny or oppression . . . a place where crime, disease, parasites, narcotics, prostitution, child abuse, and other aberrant behaviors can find aid and comfort at taxpayers’ expense.

    The insidious irony is that sanctuary cities, in providing lawbreakers refuge from laws, have become the most dangerous places in our society today, and it’s doubly ironic that politicians who promote sanctuary cities refuse to see that.


  3. Bob says:

    Why is the United States expected to solve the social and economic problems of third world countries? We understand that Central and South American countries have problems, and we have send Billions is aid over the years. Of course many of these people want to come to the USA. This country is something special.

    For those who say we should take in all of those poor people that show up at our border, they have the right and the Biblical duty to sell all they own, and to go minister to these people. However, they have no right to exercise their compassion with my money. That’s my job.

    The Democrat agenda has nothing to do with compassion for people. They only care about the goal of giving millions of illegals amnesty and citizenship, expecting them to vote for Democrats. That’s it, pure and simple.

    Because of a hostile Democrat majority House of Representatives, don’t expect any legislative relief for a long time.

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  4. Kid says:

    I’m more heartless than you are.
    The are 2 things in play imo.

    They want to play the high road and pretend they give a damn about these people. They don’t. They don’t give a damn for Americans. Does anyone think they care about these people???
    Just like blacks have always been, these are nothing more than highly likely democrat voters. Cher or Pelosi, or name anyone else on the left don’t want any of this riff raff anywhere near where they are.

    No that’s for fly over people to deal with.

    The 2nd thing is they intend to pepper purple states with them to turn them blue. You know these
    people are going to vote. It doesn’t accomplish anything for them to put them in NY or CA, since those states will be blue for the duration.

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  5. Mustang says:

    You know, there is no greater demonstration of illogical presentation than observing a Democrat argue the immigration issue. There are only two categories of alien: legal and illegal. It doesn’t matter that leftists want open borders. The law says there are no open borders, so we’re back to the underlying issue: there are only two categories of alien. If the House ever gets to the point where they introduce legislation to open borders, then I can guarantee a great deal of entertainment in their efforts to (a) pass it into law, and (b) convince anyone back home that they deserve reelection.

    To be honest, Democrats have been up-front with us about what they truly want since 2008: fundamental change to the United States. Every nutty idea manufactured by Democrats since Obama has to do with transforming the American Republic into a Socialist crap hole. Every. Single. One.

    Now, I have to say that part of the reasons the House of Representatives turned blue in 2018 was the underwhelming leadership of Paul Ryan and his band of RINOs. Beyond that, the very-long-term plan of the progressive (communist) movement has come to fruition: the far-left voter really does believe that America should adopt Marxist policies. They are sufficiently under-educated not to know that in the Soviet Union, social parity was achieved among the Russian people in short order, parity being defined as a situation where everyone had nothing in equal measure. Amazingly, Russians who worked hardest to overturn a ruinous regime were quickly dispatched to Siberia because the last thing progressives want in society is citizens who are capable of independent thought.


  6. ACUCHUCK says:

    No Collusion and no Obstruction, maybe, now, Congress can get back to doing the peoples business, LIKE THE BORDER. The fact that Congress has shown just how lazy and disfunctional they truly are, I’m not holding my breath, but, hope springs eternal.

    We really need to be more careful who we elect to Congress, from now on. If I ran my business like the way Congress runs this country, I’d be in jail and bankrupt a long time ago

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  7. Mal says:

    When we first heard about the caravans forming and heading toward the Mexican Border, I suggested here we immediately dispatch helicopters w/ loudspeakers over the area and explain they are being misinformed and will not gain entry into the U.S. (it would be in concert with the Mexican Gov’t). We missed an opportunity to nip it in the bud. I’m sure some would still try but (1) some would be discouraged and turn back, and (2) should they arrive, it would strengthen our position to reject them, leaving it up to the Mexican Gov’t. to deal with it.
    When Bernie was on Fox News recently and said how terrible the illegals were being treated at the border and what he would suggest doing, he said we should build homes for them there….AT THE BORDER! W-H-A-T???


  8. geeez2014 says:


    except, CHUCK! “You said No Collusion and no Obstruction, maybe, now, Congress can get back to doing the peoples business,”

    Ooooh, noooo…they’re all over OBSTRUCTION now! Wait for it….they’ll get him somehow!

    Hilarious CRAP.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    the list continues….


    Oh, Shepard Smith is a BASTARD.

    I feel so bad for Katherine Herridge….she’s trying to show him ridiculous right now….”it’s important people understand…” and sticking up for Trump….as did most of the FOX folks this morning. But SHEP SMITH? CHRIS WALLACE? NAPOLITANO? They need to go to CNN.

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  10. Mal says:


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  11. bocopro says:


    Did the Russians meddle in the 2016 elections and try to get Trump’s people involved in collusion efforts against Hillary? Sure. They ALWAYS poke around in our internal affairs; it’s what they do. The most interesting point made by Mueller’s 400-page post-grad $30-Million thesis was that nobody took the bait and actually worked with them.

    But the handful of weed seeds they tossed into the fertile D.C. swamp has turned out to be the most successful move ever to sow discord and division and distrust in this country . . . and it’s STILL IN PROGRESS! As we can see from the news every damned day, TDS is making this country more divided than it was during the run-up to the Civil War.

    What I STILL can’t understand is why they refuse to realize that if they’d just leave Trump alone and do the jobs they were elected/appointed to, they wouldn’t have all that dyspepsia, insomnia, weeping sores, bleeding ulcers, and galled intergluteal creases.

    Besides . . . what the HELL is their alternative plan? Pence? Or do they believe that by delegitimizing the election Her Rotten Heinous would be installed in DJT’s place? I must be slow or somethin, ‘cuz I jis don’ git it.


  12. Mustang says:

    @ Bocopro

    Unless, of course, the inner-cabal of the progressive movement is COLLUDING with the Russians to destroy America from within … which is something Stalin promised in 1935.


  13. bocopro says:

    Yeah, Mustang . . . and a FINE job they’re doin, too.

    Didja see what that legislative genius Scarborough came up with today?


  14. Mal says:

    Yep, Boco. Thats the next step. Change the Constitution. They’re already trying to kill free speech so that would inevitably follow. We need to get tough and take them to court.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Boco…OH MY GOSH…………..unreal. We are SO SO LOST.


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