The good thing is that THIS HAPPENED….the sad thing is it merits a STORY…because it should happen all the time.  (the woman in the story is white, the guys are young Black men)

God bless these guys for their kindness!!

Have you ever done or seen anything like this?  TELL US!!!


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7 Responses to I LOVE THIS STORY

  1. bocopro says:

    Wife does similar things, but prefers they be anonymous. She’s very people oriented, and everyone who meets her likes her, but she doesn’t want any sense of obligation or emotion on the recipient’s part to dilute or obscure the moment.

    Except, of course, where our children are concerned . . . THEN she fully expects total gratitude and filial obligation from the gift, which is sometimes in 5 figures. Everyone else, tho, it’s gotta be unknown, private, no fanfare or thank-yous.

    Likes to keep her charity between herself and her God. Like most of us, she had her naughty moments as a young person, so now she seeks atonement and absolution, but not from people, just from her Creator. Not so much guilty conscience; more like balancing the scales.

    Good scout, and fortunately her philanthropy is measured by common sense to allow her giving to begin with family and never endanger our financial stability. And anytime she’s going in for more than just a couple hundred in assistance to one of our kids or grandkids, she always consults me first even tho all our accounts are joint.

    Now . . . if I could just figure out what the HELL it is with women and shoes and purses. Counted her purses one time . . . 54 of the silly things — take up three 6′ shelves in the utility room. And shoes in the hundreds of pairs, 90% of which haven’t touched a foot in years.

    Never dull, tho. Dangerous at times, but never boring. ‘Course you’re never quite so much alive as when faced with the real possibility of death. My longevity is a tribute to the country-boy school of how-to-get-along-and-play-well-with-others back in those lost days of two genders, bipartisan government, no electronic toys, and party-line fones attached to the wall in the kitchen near the hand-wringer washing machine right above the coal-burning furnace in the basement where all the taters and beans and preserves in big-mouth Mason jars spent the winter.


  2. Kid says:

    Nice story Z.


  3. Overall, Americans are generous and caring people.


  4. Mal says:

    Random acts of kindness…………yes, I see this happen occasionally, too. Its heartwarming when you see it happen. It renews ones faith in society, esp. with the ‘me-me-me’ attitude today.


  5. What a beautiful story.
    Kinda reminds me of The Good Samaritan.
    They recognized who their neighbor was.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, I am SO not a shoe girl!
    No….one NEVER EVER tells of one’s good deeds……I even hesitated yesterday telling the story about me and the elderly man in the car….it is a deed gone good if anybody liked me idea of going to a home where help’s needed and donating an hour of time to the caregiver to GET FREE for a while.

    I have a friend who does DOZENS of good things for friends of ours all week long…….we belong to a large bible study and she’s always helping the older gals, etc. And she always mentions it …I cringe. I don’t know why she always (ALWAYS) tells, but it (according to Scripture) actually negates her good deeds….thankfully, people are at least helped.

    Love how you admire your Mrs….all men should have women they feel that way about!!


  7. Baysider says:

    No. Not in a public setting with strangers. But more in private, and sometimes one removed from the person I know. But this is a lovely story!


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