John Singleton….and now John Havlicek….

Please pray for the famous director of BOYZ IN THE HOOD has suffered what’s now being called a major stroke………please pray for him.    BOYZ is one of my favorite films.    This guy needs all the prayer he can get, apparently.

AND for JOHN HAVLICEK, a name from my childhood, having heard Chick Hearn of the Lakers on my Dad’s radio ALL the time, died today….Yes, he made the ENORMOUS mistake of being a Celtic (we Lakers fans don’t like the Celtics!) but I was a fan…


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2 Responses to John Singleton….and now John Havlicek….

  1. I couldn’t comment your FB post about Leon Russell. I, too am a fan. I liked that song. As I listened it reminded that I always thought Russell and Levon Helm sounded similar and i like both. I like that Southern Rock sound. Take care.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Did you know I missed finally seeing him LIVE because he died 4 wks before the concert to which I had tickets. I literally cried..several times. !!! Levon Helm’s autobiography is THE BEST EVER…If you like these guys, you’ll LOVE it….He really goes into the history of The Band, my favorite band.


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