Hawaii’s Senator…..so happy girls love abortion!

I refuse to print the Senator from Hawaii’s name here.

She has gone to an elementary school and asked how many girls think others should tell them whether they should have a baby or not.  “None of them raised their hands!” She brags.   She gets cheers,. Apparently, she needs young girls to shore up her pro abortion agenda.

It almost makes me cry to think she’s tainting the minds of young girls.

Then she threw in “And what about you BOYS?  They can’t get pregnant without YOU!”   Oh, yes, she says the boys agreed that nobody should stop anybody from killing their babies.

Bravo, you horrible, despicable excuse for a woman.  SHAME ON YOU.

Whether Roe v Wade is overturned or not, this is a sickening woman with hideous character who should not be indoctrinating.



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18 Responses to Hawaii’s Senator…..so happy girls love abortion!

  1. bocopro says:

    Kinda like what Will Rogers said on that a hundred years ago . . .

    “There oughta be one day — just one — when there’s open season on senators.”

    Teddy Roosevelt had a good one, too:

    “When they call roll in the Senate, most don’t know whether to answer ‘Present’ or ‘Not Guilty.'”

    Thing is, if Senators were mandated to get their health care at the VA, it’d get fixed.

    The real problem is that if you have to work around the schedules of senators running for office, especially PotUS, and on committees investigating Trump, and wringing their hands about climate change, and flitting off to war zones, you’re not gonna get much bidness done.


  2. bunkerville says:

    They get more brazen by the day. They use to hide their true colors… no more.. More radical by the day.

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  3. Mustang says:

    The Hawaiian Hag is apparently unaware that there is another way around the unwanted pregnancy, and it doesn’t take government bureaucracy or any rule or regulation to escape these unhappy circumstances. Women do not have to kill their unborn babies. If they do not want children, or if they are not ready to have children, then all they have to do is stop engaging in unprotected sex. Problem solved.

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  4. Kid says:

    Well, I had plenty-O-sex from 18 to 36 (when I got married 1st time) and no girls got pregnant. It’s not that hard or expensive and I didn’t have much money in those days.

    Yes, one of the vocal hags. All the dems who are having mics stuffed in their faces say the most disgusting things or head shaking lies. Still if it came to it, I’d be after the media.


  5. Mal says:

    She never woulda been allowed to do this when I was in school, or my kids, either for that matter.. We’ve gone way off the deep end in stupidity and P.C.
    This should be construed as brainwashing, not educating.


  6. Law and Order Teacher says:

    She is the single most evil politician in Congress. She’s famous for telling men to “shut up” about abortion because it’s a “women’s issue.” Well, I take umbrage at that characterization. Abortion is a. “human issue.” Anywhere that innocent people are being slaughtered it’s a human issue. So maybe she should “shut up.” She rails against American colonialism in Hawaii, but turns a blind eye to the slaughter of millions of innocent children. Hypocrisy abounds. How can you be against capital punishment, but in favor of abortion?

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  7. Mustang says:

    L&OT … I didn’t know that she was complaining about American colonialism in Hawaii. Pretty amazing if you ask me; she’s Japanese, right? How did she get to Hawaii? Miraculous conception?

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  8. Law and Order Teacher says:

    I heard her in a hearing deliver her written diatribe, much as she did against Barr. I don’t think she’s intelligent enough to speak extemporaneously.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    She’s Phi Beta Kappa (OK, from U of Hawaii, but…) and law school at Georgetown. This isn’t about dumbness, this is about HATE and RESENTMENT.
    I just read her family’s history on Wikipedia and she’s a bitter, nasty woman. what’s really odd is the piece centers around her MOTHER and her hardships, not the senator’s….as if the senator’s story isn’t sad sack enough to merit a mention in a leftwing, bleeding heart woman’s wiki page.

    Mustang and Kid….I didn’t hang with girls who screwed around in the late Sixties, but I KNOW a lot did and nobody got pregnant….at least nobody I heard of. People were CAREFUL, a term we apparently have lost sight of.

    Today, they don’t do a HEALTH EDUCATION ASSEMBLY in schools about reproduction, they have drag queens read books to middle schoolers about gay couples and how happy they are. And, if they DO talk reproduction, they slip condoms on bananas, as if ANY kid needed to know how to use a condom? we are a laughing stock…..


  10. Bob says:

    Hawaiian Hag. That’s a good one.

    Also, it is a rich irony that a Japanese descendant is criticizing the USA for colonialism. Doesn’t she know that Japan was once a colonial power, controlling and killing millions of people in Asia and the South Pacific? I would be very happy to see Hawaiian statehood revoked. I don’t understand why we let that happen.


  11. That woman is vicious, Z. I can’t stand her!


  12. Mustang says:

    @ Bob …

    I’m working on my ability to apply logic to the American political system. So we begin with a Democrat who arbitrarily orders the arrest of every Japanese-American living in the United States, illegally transports them under force of arms to concentration camps, and keeps them there until after the end of World War II. We conclude this story in the present with a majority of Japanese-Americans living in Hawaii and California who vote for Democratic candidates for local/state/national offices.

    Um … what am I missing here?

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    FW…VICIOUS is a euphemism!

    Mustang…you’re missing THE MEDIA and OUR TEACHERS, who’ve destroyed any logic, truth, and admiration for the greatness in America.
    You know as well as any of us how venerated FDR is…. And look what he did to Jews during WWII, too! I don’t think it’s only California or Hawaii in which Japanese Americans vote for the Left.


    Check that out…they were mostly Republicans until about 20 years ago, then a big shift to the Left….good article


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Just saw this on Facebook:


    GOOD ONE :_)

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  15. Mustang says:

    You’re right, Z … I forgot about Romney. Who in their right mind would vote for that idiot? In a field of idiots, who should we vote for? But as for Japanese-Americans, my good friend Koji says that they are all rabid democrats. Still blows my mind.

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  16. Mal says:


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  17. Bay says:

    Should others tell them when to part with a portion of their legally earned income (taxes) or not?
    Should others tell them at what age they will be allowed to drive or not?
    Should others tell them whether to get vaccinated or not?
    Should others tell them when and whether they can get married (take THAT you lefties!) or not?
    Should others decide whether YOU (Mr. or Miss baby) should live or not?


  18. Bob says:


    I was in sales, sales management, and marketing for most of my work career. One thing you learn in sales is that you cannot use logic when it comes to people.

    My wife and kids never seemed to listen to this golden advice, and people were continually disappointing them. Dale Carnegie sad to expect the worst from people because if they do something right, you can be pleasantly surprised.

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