We seem to be blamed for so much that isn’t US.   ICE is blamed for situations which are mischaracterized by the Left/immigration advocates.   Border Agents are blamed for children dying when the truth is they pay out of their pockets for toys, food and meds for children!


Why are WE bending over backwards to make illegals comfortable with accomodations, food, medicines, etc., when we have homeless veterans and other Americans here?




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13 Responses to IS IT ME?

  1. Law and Order Teacher says:

    Unfortunately the left will never give the US credit for anything. According to AOC growing cauliflower is racist. Explain that. It has something to do with it being an Old World crop brought by Europeans. We all know anything brought by the evil Europeans is racist. I’m still scratching my head over that one. The Indians grew tobacco. That’s a pretty evil crop. Th situation on the border is a nightmare. Just the way the Dems like it. I won’t be convinced that they don’t purposely want the chaos. It’s good politics. More the better to portray Trump as evil. Our homeless vets are of no priority to the Dems. They are part of the oppressive American war machine. This is a time in history that the Dems have completely sold out to the left. They need to be defeated at the ballot box. We cannot fall asleep and let them win. Our republic depends on it.


  2. Mustang says:

    If the American people wanted to solve our nation’s problems, a list of them would be too long, we could. It must therefore be true that we don’t really care about the homeless or the illegals.


  3. Kid says:

    Everyone knows what’s going on. It’s just another angle for attacking Trump.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I think that’s right.

    Mustang, I had dinner last night with a friend who’s liberal…she’s in her eighties, looks 70…amazing woman. ….she’d attended a discussion group on current events that day….every Friday…100 people…2 people lead it. You can imagine how many are libs. We can’t discuss things because she’s so so driven by her agenda. Makes me sad.
    We walked by a homeless guy…..and she said “And they’re doing NOTHING about that…I can’t LOOK!” I said “yes, we must help, but what can be done? And if we do, we go broke as a country!” She reminded me our children will suffer for all of this financially….I agreed and reminded her “NO administration’s even tried to do anything about it” because I KNEW this was all aimed at Trump.

    How would YOU solve the homeless problem $$$? The illegal problem is easier: KEEP THEM OUT unless they are willing to wait in line, or coming legally, of course………..
    I see an America made stronger by immigration if only the people did it the right way, as we used to insist. Now we’re just ONE BIG DIRTY DOORMAT and those people KNOW that turning them away makes US LOOK BAD.
    Which, come to think of it, IS EXACTLY MY BLOG POINT.

    And I don’t mean to pick on illegals in my post…..I mean Muslims, too. THEIR people did 9/11 and WE are supposed to convince Muslims WE ARE NOT ISLAMAPHOBIC? WHAT??? WE must do the proving……since when did the guilty not have to show THEY are not evil, but WE MUST?!!


    Funny, I mentioned our homeless vets in my post and only this morning remembered it’s Memorial Day wknd.

    FOX has had tributes alllll morning long. I keep switching to CNN to see and they’re doing ZIP about the weekend.


  5. Mal says:

    Being as so many Dems watch the left-biased media for their input, how about finding a George Soros type from the right to create a bunch of pro-GOP news outlets? People like Sheldon Addelson, multi-billionaire hotel/casino CEO here in Vegas. He has also donated hundreds of millions to Israel as well as the GOP. Too bad the Silicone Valley industries aren’t pro-GOP because they have the funds and clout. We desperately need to get the minions on the left exposed to the truth. There simply are too many T.V. stations controlled by them. They saturate the airwaves.


  6. ACUCHUCK says:

    You see the Left attacks ANYTHING that’s remotely has anything to do with Trump and us deplorables!!! Majority of them could care less about the actual causes of the illegal immigration problem, because it’s just another tool to shut us up.
    The Left has realized it’s pretty east to shut conservatives up with the constant cries of inequality, racism. IT’S ALL THEY GOT. They have learned to exploit the fact that we will not stoop to being as nasty and mean as they constantly are.
    I know, we,The Conservatives and Trump supporters are on the correct side of all their constant attacks and abuses. WE JUST REFUSE TO GET DOWN INTO THE MUD WITH THEM. As a result the Left have a mistaken sense of superiority. Time is coming and, it will be quite obvious that, if they keep messing with the Bull, they are gonna get the horns.
    I know I’m putting my faith in fairness and justice, but that’s what makes us MUCH BETTER than the Lefty losers.


  7. Mal says:

    Chuck, at least putting your faith in fairness and justice allows the good endorphins to flow positively, something the left-huggers can’t be experiencing, only irritability & frustration.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, your attitude is what got you to NINETY, my dear buddy!!! I need to take lessons 🙂

    Chuck, we are SO MUCH BETTER. and yet they believe they’re so much KINDER because THEY CARE! I said to a leftwing acquaintance the other day “So you really think Republicans DON’T like clean air and water?” Kind of stops them in their stupid tracks, I must say.

    “The Left has realized it’s pretty east to shut conservatives up with the constant cries of inequality, racism. IT’S ALL THEY GOT.”

    YES YES YES….and we ARE NOT FIGHTING THIS and neither is Trump, though he’s getting there… I’ve said before, he has to say something like”

    “Look! Conservatives love American values and are tired of anybody thinking illegals coming in at the thousands are helping our country. it is OUR COUNTRY, we TOTALLY WELCOME LEGAL IMMIGRANTS but we are NOT DOING THIS ANYMORE FOR ILLEGALS. It is THEY who need to stop at the border and show they’re legal and happy to enter, it is not UP TO US TO MAKE THEM FEEL WELCOME……., they are NOT WELCOME HERE UNLESS THEY COME LEGALLY. PERIOD…”……done.
    It’s MEXICO’S FAULT. By the way, Mexico’s immigration laws are TOUGH; how the HECK ARE THE ILLEGALS GETTING IN SO EASILY AS THEY CROSS THRU MX TO GET HERE?????



  9. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG wrote this in January and I just read it….I HIGHLY recommend it, particularly on Memorial Day weekend….there’s a Japanese American who really gets honor and dignity and love for our country. I loved that piece, mustang…
    But I refuse to think Columbus didn’t discover America, so there 🙂 !!!

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  10. Baysider says:

    We decided as a society to not require people who are mentally ill to the point of danger and catastrophic dysfunction to be helped. Then there’s a big attitude problem among the vagrants, often fueled by drugs/alcohol. You can throw all the $$$ you want at it, but until attitudes shift no amount of $$$ will help. A BIG issue is THEY DON’T LIKE RULES! And I mean ordinary, civil society rules we all live by.

    2 examples:
    1) San Clemente recently made a lot available to move the encampments off the beach by the Metro stop. It’s about a mile inland. One guy interviewed was for it (many are protesting they are not being ‘given’ shelter in buildings (in May on the So Cal. coast!)), but he added “as long as we’re not too far from the beach and we don’t have too many rules.”

    2) San Jose ‘homeless advocate’ challenged the city on sleeping in the parks. A judge found for him. Until the city had enough inside beds they couldn’t roust the vagrants. Well, they provided inside beds, and this man STILL wouldn’t leave the park. Why? “Because they have too many rules.”

    We have a rebellion problem. Many do change. I support a local group who helps these get back on their feet. There are expensive transition housing projects around town that have on board counselors and others to help you re-integrate back into society. But they have decide they want to follow “rules.”

    Once they get on the drugs this is so, so hard. A friend’s son, struck with a true tragedy, went under with the drugs and almost lost his daughter. He cleaned up, got into transition housing, got upbeat, determined to do his best effort on his new job. It worked for awhile. Then …. drugs again. He’s lost, and lost his family.


  11. Baysider says:

    That is my favorite post of Mustang’s (the monkey with the grenade is a close second :)).

    PS on the left: They hate America and like anything that dilutes it or reflects badly on it. That’s why they want all these ‘immigrants’ who they intend to make sure never become Americans. They rail about vagrancy but it would hurt their case if it were resolved.

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, you needn’t even go as far as San Clemente, etc…..remember at Ocean Park when the homeless (bums is what we used to call them) wouldn’t leave because they liked the ocean views? Then they told them NO MORE PARK but FED them there! Once the feeding stopped, they left. There was plenty downtown …rooms, food, etc., but they won’t go. Yes, REBELLION.

    What the HECK do we do with these people? No, therapy won’t help and we can’t afford it, not in the thousands….we can’t really afford to keep building more housing…they can’t pay for food but they can sure pay for drugs.

    When family breaks down like ours are, society follows right down that drain……… healthy shame to stay clean and sober, no true God to follow, no nothing.

    And brother, are we going to PAY. it’s so sad…lost souls………..maybe we LITERALLY need to build cities in the desert…and start businesses in those ‘cities’ , encampments, and keep them ALL there until they’re shown they can survive and work “on the outside?”

    that’s really not a bad idea, actually.


  13. Kid says:

    Z, Thank you for posting that link to Mustang’s story about this Japanese-American.

    @Mustang, There is no doubt Ted made a difference.

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