SO last night Mr. Trump, who’d sort of finally got through the Mueller “You were in collusion with a foreign country against Hillary” Report said he probably WOULD do that.   And if he got information, maybe he’d tell the FBI.

That’s bad enough.   I can’t even watch the news this morning because it’s so hot with what he said.  And, of course, this morning is Pelosi’s weekly presser and they showed it on FOX and she’s THRILLED and using it to the best advantage anybody could.  Who wouldn’t?

AND only Kevin McCarthy (R-CA…lots of Republican Californians are the big fighters, for a state all say is ALL LEFTwingers, HUH?  Issa, Duncan Hunter, McClintock, and more, but I digress…) this morning said;


Some days, I think of writing my third email to Mr. Trump at the White House.



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16 Responses to TRUMP and COLLUSION

  1. Kid says:

    Rasmussen poll has DJT at 51%. Mostly leftie polls average at 44%

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  2. geeez2014 says:

    Right, Kid…hoping that after the info in my post is heard by more, it’s still 51%


  3. Bob says:

    At this point the polls don’t make any difference to those who don’t make a living taking polls. It is all make-work.

    BTW, I would have answered exactly like Trump. I don’t think anybody is fooled with the left carping about anything Trump says. The American people are smarter than that, well, except for the 40% of Americans who are yellow-dog Democrats.


  4. Law and Order Teacher says:

    Trump has to steer clear of hack interviews. The MSM always edits his answers to make him look bad. He talks to the press more than any president in recent memory. His question and answer sessions before getting on Marine one serve as press conferences. That’s enough.


  5. Mal says:

    I felt the same as Bob and would’ve answered in like. Consider what they would’ve said had he said no, he wouldn’t want to hear it. “Why not? What do you have to hide?” He can’t win ’cause no matter what he says, it will be twisted.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Polls were no part of my post but they’re interesting…since Hillary losing, after pols showed a shoe-in, I’ll not believe in them again unless they’re landslides.

    Kid, I pretty much wrote that in RED in my post that what DJT SAID he’d do is what Hillary DID! And is getting away with. Totally. “In doing so, Trump forced his political opponents to answer for letting Hillary Clinton off the hook for paying for the dossier and using foreign help in the 2016 election.” They will NOT ANSWER FOR THAT. What do THEY care? And who’s going to ask them? Chris Matthews? Morning SCHMO? Jim Acosta? I don’t think so……..

    Sadly, even FOX has barely mentioned this truth, the truth that Hillary did exactly , actually DID, what Trump suggested he MIGHT DO hypothetically….all the news is emphasizing is HE SAID HE’D LISTEN TO DIRT ON CANDIDATES AND MAYBE NOT TELL THE FBI! Thank goodness for McCarthy and Grassley, both whom did come out and point out that hypocrisy…..but ONLY FOX COVERED IT. ONLY FOX. Sadly, no matter that we’re told CNN hasn’t many viewers anymore, MANY watch them and the networks and they see this, and vote.

    DJT was interviewed by George Stepanopoulous (sp?!…oh, who cares?!) and that question came out of the blue so I personally don’t think this was any wise, preplanned move, he just really meant it. And, in a way, I can’t blame him…I probably would listen, too.
    But after the MUELLER THING, I’d NEVER EVER say it on camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EVER.


  7. ACUCHUCK says:

    I think Trumps comment on listening, was good common sense. Listen to what they have to say, not obeying their orders or complying with suggestions.I don’t think Trump said anything unusual, EXCEPT, the Left still doesn’t know ho to handle the truth and makes a bid deal over squat. Fun to watch all the breathless Gottcha versions of their garbage.

    Geeze, I’ve got a new slogan for the Left when they bring up the Mueller report and obstruction, it goes as follows—Obstruction? Yes of course Trump Obstructed. He did it in Nov. 2016!!!
    Then just sit back and watch the Left try and twist those words, delicious!!


  8. Kid says:

    He is also obstructing the dems attempt to frame him.


  9. Mal says:

    “Trump obstructed………… November, 2016″…….I love it, Chuck!


  10. geeez2014 says:

    just cracks me UP! Santorum is too stupid to understand that it was hypothetical, no matter HOW bad it sounded? Or that Hillary did exactly this?? Even Kilmeade, who I really like, slammed Trump!!

    Hannity’s saying that DJT was brilliant to respond that way to George S. because now the media’s going on and on about it…what’s GOOD about Americans hearing untruths about this president?
    But, really…….you’d THINK that this just might bring up the HILLARY thing again and I HOPE that Durham releases a little info on her NOW, so’s to show TRUMP JUST SAID HE MIGHT…SHE ACTUALLY DID IT…WHERE IS YOUR F’ING OUTRAGE? (pardon me, but…I’m steamed)

    Sad to see this article which doesn’t even seem like Durham is specifically looking into HILLARY. How the heck does that woman get off for EVERYTHING? Just found this…does it seem definitively like they’re going after HILLARY or something ELSE?


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Chuck, LOVE your slogan…good one!
    You said “I think Trumps comment on listening, was good common sense. Listen to what they have to say, not obeying their orders or complying with suggestions.I don’t think Trump said anything unusual, EXCEPT, the Left still doesn’t know ho to handle the truth and makes a bid deal over squat. Fun to watch all the breathless Gottcha versions of their garbage.”…
    Couldn’t agree more….except people are ONLY hearing the leftwing garbage…the only ones hearing the truth are Trump supporters anyway…
    If you watch Trump as he spoke, it made perfect sense…………..yes, it’s all GOTCHA!

    Kid, I hope that obstruction is going to work…I don’t really see how if the only ones understanding that are Trump folks. Tell me more what you think and why…


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, what about if Trump had said something like “You know, that would be a tough one because if another country ‘say NORWAY’ (I loved that he picked such a noncontroversial country to use in his example!!!!! :-)) said they had dirt on a candidate, I’d think it could be something they’re doing that’s illegal and maybe I’d recommend they contact our FBI instead of me… I did nothing with Russia, but I’m not going to allow anybody to think I’d ever take another country’s word about an American candidate again…By the way, WHY DO YOU ASK, GEORGE? You go to the Jim Acosta School of GOTCHA Reporting?” BIG SMILE 🙂


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Some commenter on Yahoo said “Republicans are just too stupid to know the difference between Hillary’s situation and DJT’s”.
    I commented back “You think Alan Dershowitz is JUST TOO STUPID, too?” 🙂


  14. Mal says:

    Z, granted, your suggested reply for Trump would’ve been better, but thats expecting hindsight to always be 20/20 vision.


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