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Tough times these days

…..if we see news like illegal Hispanic transgenders have their own camps now built inside our borders whom we are nurturing, giving them therapy and medications; if we see that California’s jails are allowing inmates to bring marijuana in ‘because they have their rights, too’; when we see a girl from India died seeking water and food in the desert after she’d snuck illegally into our country and there are Americans blaming US, (by the way, India’s a long way from S. or Central America….who paid the airfare?) etc etc.  Let’s face it, EVIL seems to be winning because the KINDNESS of our laws seems to come before the justified and righteous indignation of some of us.  When we do actually bark back and demand that our laws be obeyed, our own liberal American attorneys go to help the law breakers “out of kindness.”   What country DOES THAT??!  Drag Queens reading to school children, men on women’s teams, homeless treated like endangered species, illegals getting better healthcare than American veterans….we could all add to a never ending list like that;   It’s insane.   America is insane today.

Lots of NUTTY STUFF going on which has caused me to, uncharacteristically, TURN OFF THE NEWS.  I don’t want to hear it anymore.  Some days, I just CAN’T HEAR IT.  It’s not good for me.  I watch Investigative Discovery, 24/7 of true murder stories because that’s nicer than the news!

Anybody feel the same?

I read fiction, I blog, I contact friends, I walk……..sometimes I watercolor…… get away from this new life.

What do YOU DO?  In this life we have two choices. We can go along with the temperature of our environment letting our mind and emotions be led by the twists and turns of the ever-maddening scenarios of politics or cultural outrages, or we can set our hearts and minds on something higher and stable for our soul.

“The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:4-7)

Yes, Scripture helps, as does praying…….I do that, too.

How about you?


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14 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. bocopro says:

    I have two methods of dealing with the unnecessary pressures of modern life in Murka: one, temporary escape – or rejection, and two, a form of self-therapy – or ejection.

    Long ago, like all kids, I discovered this alternate reality in my mind where I can go to find just about anything from solace to sex. Neat settings – tropical paradises, danger-fraught scenarios, political campaigns . . . whatever.

    Never sealed the hatch on that escape scuttle. Virtually every night when I lie down for sleep I either methodically work out a plan for some problem or project I have goin on . . . or I just pull the curtain on reality and go to that wonderland where I have marvelous powers to heal, to build, to lead, to solve, to quest, to adventure.

    It’s great! And I’m sure everybody has somethin like it up there in the attic. Whether they indulge themselves with free rides on those DisneyWorld-like trips through fantastic wonderlands or just lie there in the dark and fret over situations that have no easy answers, I donno. But I sure do.

    My other technique is like confession – I write. Voluminously. And in total disregard of what I always insisted my students do with their stories – i.e., outline, storyboard, and organize before ever putting ink to paper – I let the characters grow organically and the plot direct itself.

    My ID monsters are free to emerge and meddle in characters’ lives, disrupt routines, confront the forces of good, and devastate the landscape. In the end, in true Joe Campbell form, my protagonist always manages to extinguish them, expel them, exterminate them.

    When I realize I’ve either properly tied up the denouement or found myself on the horns of an insoluble dilemma, I stop and look at what I’ve wrought. Always, and I mean ALWAYS, some demon from the dank grottoes of my psyche has been dragged out, exposed, analyzed to its core, chastised, and banished: misogyny, racism, greed, envy, anger, lust, religion . . . name it and I’ve dealt with it.

    Many times my fingers have told me things about my soul that might not be best broadcast to society. Things I was taught by bitter relatives, by nasty little boys on the playground, by naughty girls in bars around the world, by one of my great grandfathers who was a card-carrying KKK knight.

    Over the decades I’ve learned that often my characters are actually friends, relatives, world figures, bosses, students, movie players, politicians . . . someone my mind has decided needs a healthy dose of karma, or comeuppance, or pillorying, or ass-kicking.

    But more often I’ve seen features of myself that needed correction, cleansing, maturing, modernizing. All quite cathartic, and very therapeutic. Much like confession, I’m sure.

    And in those cases my habit until just a few years ago was to print out the manuscript, put it in a drawer for a few months, then drag it out and re-read it . . . and finally take it out to the back yard and burn it page by page, ritualistically, purifyingly, remedially.

    Wrote one just a coupla years ago which I realized was based on the foibles and foul-ups of my two daughters (both of whom were in their early 50s at the time). Didn’t even finish it. Saw where it was going and what it was telling me, so I hit “Delete” . . . and felt as if something had been jettisoned from my gut, leaving only a tender spot where earlier had been a growing ulcer.

    Love to write parodies of songs or poems or biographies of people in the news making great fools of themselves. Share a few from time to time, but basically I do it all just for the cerebral exercise while giving a name to the monster under the bed to make it easier to deal with.

    Fortunately, so far I’ve been able to keep fantasy and reality separate and not go all Walter Mitty on things. But I’m thankful for the ability to rant, vent, and mend my psyche without having to resort to mind-altering chemicals or mind-meddling quacks.


  2. ” illegal Hispanic transgenders have their own camps now built inside our borders ”
    Concentration camps.


  3. As to how I handle it?
    I rant.
    How do most people handle it?
    They ignore it. They stare blankly at you as if the world you’re describing could only exist in your mind. And so the perps get away with it.
    Challenging it would cause them disdain and ostracization from their social circles.
    And so the perps get away with it.
    Isaiah was told no one would believe him either.


  4. Kid says:

    Well, I have a talent for ignoring things I cannot do anything about. I don’t watch the news and I skip over most online news articles as 99% of it is ‘more of the same’. Politics, pop culture, entertainment, and most other categories. Plus they don’t tell you things that might be valuable to be informed about so it isn’t news anyway. It’s an offering to get viewers so that advertising companies will give them more money. Click bait and It’s all BS anyway. I read the articles when something new-ish pops up, or space, science, cancer cures, real life, etc may get my attention.

    As Carlin says, Media is equal parts advertising, politics, entertainment, business, and public relations. The media is literally exploding with BS.

    Well, evil is having a heck of a good time around the world, but there is little to nothing I can do about it, so I don’t spend a lot of time agonizing about it. I take care of my tiny piece.


  5. bunkerville says:

    I watch “Alone” now on the fifth season I believe…. But they are counting on us turning off and giving up… We have done our best and where it goes from here is beyond our control and in the hands of others.


  6. Law and Order Teacher says:

    I enjoy watching baseball and reading history. Baseball is escapism while reading about when we were in crisis as a country throughout history and surprise, here we are. Our country is in crisis, but I think we have a chance to salvage it. As a country, we’ve been in darker times. This is just a lot sneakier because we have caused it ourselves.


  7. Baysider says:

    “who paid the airfare?” Strong swimmer. Like the Sudanese. 🙂

    Reading Tony Reinke’s book Competing Spectacles now. The worldly ‘theater’ captivates us. THIS kind of stuff especially, because it’s an existential crisis. We can’t just ignore it. He asks us what can fill our souls, stabilize our hearts and feed our gaze in this (always) difficult age? The greatest past and future ‘spectacle’ of them all: our risen Lord and His power. Your Phil 4 quote is PERFECT!

    I fast one day a week, and lower the ‘inputs’ – especially this one as I was fighting the flu for 2 days.

    The ONE day a week when we have quiet here from all the construction around us is today, and I am out early today with my feet on the earth, the sun on my skin, and moving with the breeze in tune with the avian forest around me that comes alive when the hammering stops. I whistle back to God’s little winged creatures. 🙂 I even saw my 2 little ‘peepers’ – those baby hummingbirds I showed you – now fledged, and zipping together through the banana trees and jasmine. 🙂

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  8. Mal says:

    What do I do? I keep praying Trump finally uses executive privilege to get things done…NOW! before a million more cross the border. He is being much too slow in fighting the left and needs to accept the fact they just aren’t going to give in even if doing so would help the country. The Dems are anti-Constitution and anti-country, making them an enemy that needs to be stopped. Breaking our laws, tearing down statues to eliminate our history, and putting our citizens at risk to disease and crime via undocumented people by the millions while at the same time continuing to dig ourselves deeper in debt to provide everything for them shows we are on a path to total destruction.
    Meanwhile, all I can do is write letters to the editor……….and vote.

    (Did I mention I’m glad I’m in my 90’s?) ;o)

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    ALL great stuff, thanks very much for this input.

    I’m glad we’re ALL doing something besides ONLY NEWS ALL THE TIME, which I have OFTEN done in the past. Can’t anymore.

    Just finished fabulous book on Armenian genocide…probably my 10th, but I always learn something new and even more horrid.

    Baysider, glad you’re better and yes, I remember the little peepers!


  10. Kid says:

    Enjoyed your comment Baysider and doing those things myself. We’ve got some hummers here too.

    “Who paid the airfare” Now that I’ve done some work and all the juices are flowing….. Anyone on the left with money: dems, Soros and his organizations, Planned Parenthood, etc etc etc. The dems need the voters. They’ll be planting these vermin in purple states then on to the red states.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, Kid, that’s what I say…SOROS, etc etc…$$$$
    Of course, the Koch Bros are now libertarians who wouldn’t shake a Republican’s hand, are for open borders and other amazingly liberal things….
    And the Left continues to screech at US for suggesting Soros is on their side; and we have NOBODY.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$


  12. Mal says:

    Baysider, 5 or 6 years ago we had a hummingbird build a nest on the inside curve of a hook hanging from our patio roof for hanging plants! Why she chose that spot still puzzles me! But she did an outstanding job of engineering and design and had 2 little ones. We’d see her go back and forth, bringing them food and would only see their little heads sticking up, mouths open and ready. Really cute.


  13. Kid says:

    Mal, since you mention it, a Hummingbird built a nest on some hanging vines right outside my 1st floor office window in Tempe, AZ. Talk about a feat of engineering and art. This thing was like a thimble only 3-4 times larger and she had it made as a checkerboard with brown and really bright green for the opposing squares. No idea where the green stuff came from. Truly a work of art. We hung a sign nearby warning the landscapers not to mess with it.

    2 babies and by the time they left the nest they were a bit too large for the nest and hanging out either side. You could almost hear them squawking to each other “Hey move over, gimme some room !”

    Also, Hummingbirds use stolen spiders web to make their nest stronger. Man, I wish I loved as many people as I do animals… The world would be a much better place.


  14. Mal says:

    How does a hummingbird go, HMMMMMMMMMMMM?


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