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Faith, Politics, and The Border Crisis – KG

(A Christian minority’s struggle with the border crisis……..with some edits by Z)

I am a Christian and conservative. I try and make sure to put Christ before everything I do, whether its my job or how I vote. Many asks us to keep religion and politics separate but that’s not possible when your faith dictates ideology. At least, that’s how our faith should lead us.

That given, there is no perfect earthly model that matches politics with the tenants of my faith. I just found constitutional Conservatism to be the most fitting and least antagonistic.

I will always seek to exhaust research and find the facts (or proof) before coming to opinions or posts. Am I perfect in that aspect, absolutely not.

As a Christian Conservative growing up in the far-Left reaches of California, I am used to hearing and seeing a lot of hate and twisting of my beliefs. Throw in my ethnicity (Mexican and black – hints of other stuff) and it’s an exponential multiplier. I sort of revel in the challenge though.

That given, there are some things I simply cannot stand hearing repeatedly stated about how I supposedly see things. Whether it is from the Progressive Christian left (notice how ideology proceeds faith there) or secular Left.

As a believer in Christ, I am called to help those in need. It should be an outgrowth of my faith, not a means to salvation. The situation at the border is tragic. Families risking their lives to cross at the hands of nature, human traffickers, and drug smugglers. As the son of a first generation (formerly illegal) mother, I get the urgency. The privilege we all have is being born in the greatest nation on earth.

As an individual, I would choose to legally help those in such situations whether it was with food, money, sponsorships, or otherwise. Some laws, here and abroad, can be broken if where God’s law takes precedent. In most cases, assisting illegal crossers does not fall under this category.

As the Left likes to point out, we are not a “Christian nation.” America was undoubtedly built on Judaeo-Christian principles that helped forge our greatness. These founding ideals helped mold our society and establish those incredible documents we hold dear.

So when the Left decides to tell me to bend toward their will because, “Jesus would do…” or “A real Christian would…” it drives me insane.

Inconsistencies identified in a philosophical/political/ideological movement are very telling concerning whether that system of thought is worthwhile enough to hold its own weight.

Where Leftists may throw a fit over the 10 Commandments displayed near a public building (despite the Jewish Law’s consistency with American Law and values) the Left now wants to force me to publicly push my faith in the political arena to satisfy their political desires.

Is the illegal immigration crisis a public or religions concern? For me the answer is Yes. For the Left, it’s whatever is convenient at the time.

If my faith calls me to help them where they are (on the other-side of the border) I am not doing enough and am a hypocrite to them because “Jesus would help them on this side of the border” (they’d preach despite never even reading the Bible as mere literature). If I help them on this side of the border, that too is hypocrisy because I won’t endorse their welfare state policies.

Policies I know first hand  act as safety-nets that encourage no incentive to improve oneself – (Trust me, as one who grew up on food stamps and welfare in the public housing projects of LA, I enjoyed the privilege of a mother and father and in spite of being a minority, attended Graduate school and now comfortably sit in the middle class as a married home owner with a great career) – I still have many friends suckling on the breast of the welfare system because its “comfortable” enough for them.

So let me be clear: As a Christian, my heart breaks for the poor and the destitute here at home and on border. My heart breaks for those who see fit to break laws and cross borders for a better future; my heart breaks for those who see it best to risk their lives into the hands of coyotes; my heart breaks for those taking their small children into deadly waters just to risk living in fear of future deportation.

This is all heartbreaking. I believe basic human decency can empathize with that (and trust me I struggle with empathy). I, by God’s grace, will never know what it is like to be that desperate.

My heart breaks for those having to sleep on cold hard floors in detention centers without things we find to be necessities (soap and tooth brushes); my heart breaks for the divided families wondering where their children are; my heart breaks for those deported who were simply caught in a bad spot and were otherwise decent men and women who acted more American than plenty of so-called Americans (thankfully these individuals are the minority of cases).

And while my heart does break for these above, I also struggle to empathize with people who willingly bring their children across treacherous paths; I struggle to agree with Leftists who lionize the struggle for their political benefit; I struggle to stand beside Leftist who blame hard working border patrol agents for the death of those who die in their custody or for the conditions that are brought upon an understaffed facility. As far as I am concerned, Leftists are unwilling to properly fund border security (which would likely stem the flow of crossings, provide resources for Border Patrol, and build new adequate facilities with adequate resources). In doing so, they help exacerbate the crisis.

Though I take this position, one of empathy, pity, and Love, I am not called to suddenly abandon righteous laws, morality, principles, or my faith and ideology. Especially concerning a man-made crisis.

As a Christian, we have Liberty in Christ. We, different members of the body, have different interests, callings, and spirit-led compulsions. While my directive tends to be toward things that are within the law, who am I to wag my finger at the group of believers  who decide they are going to hire, house, feed and clothe illegal immigrants until they can sponsor their paperwork? Who am I to wag my finger at a pastor leaving caches of supplies in the desert for “migrants” crossing the border – maybe one day that life saved becomes an honest working American soldier or Conservative thought-leader or Doctor who works against abortion? Who knows, all I know is I am called to helping the less-fortunate. If I do not believe in taking those measures and another believer feels called to it – so be it. Perhaps that is why I work in law enforcement. My calling is a different arena.

Now let me be clear on something, just because I don’t take these measures, things that I would internally process as a stumbling block for others and/or myself, does not mean I am less of a Christian (or them more of a Christian). It also does not mean I am more of an American
(Or them less of an American). These are struggles and differences that are allowable in my faith that perhaps some of you would not understand whilst standing on the outside looking in.

What I do know is this, we are a nation of Laws and a nation with a border. Having a border and having laws is not cruel or evil, it is both righteous and sensible. The God I worship ordained His own laws and even set out borders for His people and His dwelling. While I hate to make a meme of that – how cheesy it may sound to some – it’s true.

Enforcing these laws, likewise is not cruel and evil.

America is one of the most generous nations of peoples on earth (and un-ironically stated, Conservatives are the most generous of the groups). Thousands of non-profits pour out of our nation to help the world. Humanitarians, lawyers, doctors, churches, and government groups do more. Our military keeps ocean lanes free and defends the liberties of dozens of nations. We provide direct foreign aid to dozens more. This Left-wing declares America, and its lawful border, as evil. To me, that is a load of combustible hot air. Asking us to apologize for that is just stupid.

I know I am long-winded, and while I can keep going I’ll end it here.

A commenter recently stated, “Democrats are willing to clean the dirty water but not willing to fix the leaky faucet” when it came to the border crisis they NOW acknowledge. He nailed it.

What good is cleaning the water when the problem is the leak itself? Better yet, why are the Left so willing to sabotage the pipes to create this leak in the first place?

The border crisis is man-made. I alluded to that earlier but I want to re-emphasize that point. Media is also a willing participant. Notice how terms have changed to work the narrative.

* “Illegal immigrant” was dropped for “undocumented.” To deemphasize the lawfulness of the border. This was changed to “Undocumented.”
* “Undocumented” was dropped because it did not highlight the importance of foreign travel so “immigrant” was used.
* “immigrant” though still in use, is used less due to complaint (as conservatives noted it conflates legal with illegal) so it changed to “migrant”
* “Migrant” – now largely used – notably emphasizes movement but with an expectation of legality. A person can be a “migrant” if they move from CA to TX. This is in line with the borderless narrative.
* Lastly “asylum seekers” has made its way to the forefront. While seeking asylum has been a rightful claim for decades, you’ll note that this was not used under Obama at the same level and has taken a dramatic up-tic in recent years.

Has anyone asked why? Surely media personalities, commentators, editorialists, journalists, and authors came about to this on their own? Well if you think that I have some fake gold to sale you.

It is orchestrated. Teams of left-leaning organizations feed this information to media. Media in turn sells it to the public. The crisis is man-made. While Obama-era asylum measures were overturned (i.e. claiming Domestic Violence), the same teams at the border that organized mass caravans have instructed potential border crossers to declare themselves “asylum seekers” thereby clogging an already busy system.

In doing so, we are forced to process thousands of people (on either side) causing mayhem. Mind you, seeking asylum was meant for the rare purpose of “political persecution” for varied reasons. Not for mere economic opportunity, and not for domestic violence.

The hoopla is recycled from the Syrian Refugee crisis, except closer to home. The image is no longer that of a Kurdish boy washed up on the shore of Turkey, but a Mexican father and son floating lifelessly in the banks of the Rio Grande.

All of it tragic. All of it tragic – truly. All of it useful and orchestrated – sadly.

(Bless you if you read this all lol) *End Rant*

Z:  Clearly, this needs more editing but you get the point;  It’s a tough situation when you’re a Christian and see people dying like illegals are…….I struggle with this…..and I think this fellow, KG, had some good points to make so I wanted to share it with you.

At best, he shows we are not alone in our confusion!   At least he fairly clearly lays out the obvious problems in being a Christian, expected to help everyone (?) and how he handles that confusion in his mind and in his heart.


Have a VERY BLESSED SUNDAY…I have a hugely busy one in front of me so I hope to get back soon and hope to read some of your responses.


Love, Z

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6 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. Kid says:

    As usual, the democrats create the problem (with the help of the repubs) and then blame it on everyone but themselves. Build the wall and they won’t come. Problem solved to a large extent. Stop putting out the bird food and they won’t come. Nothing less than legal immigration is acceptable.

    I’m sure there are a billion people just in India alone who would love to come and live in American Poverty. So, just like we as individuals do only what we can, America must do only what it can and stay healthy (yea, I chuckled at that too)

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  2. Mal says:

    “As far as I’m concerned Leftists are unwilling to properly fund border security (which would likely stem the flow of crossings” — “they help exasperate the crisis”). That is exactly right, Z. Its the reason we shouldn’t as it will only encourage more traffic. True, our heart go out to them. It really does. However, its like the simile I used previously about a small, overcrowded boat filled to capacity in a sea with thousands of people wanting to climb aboard. What would Jesus do if he was in that boat? Not a fair question, is it? If he fed hundreds with only a few loafs of bread, and parted the sea, he’d figure something out! But Jesus isn’t here to address the problem. Mankind is.
    It is a conundrum, both religiously and as a humanitarian.


  3. Mal says:

    Meanwhile, we DO have laws that are constantly being violated and threatens our democracy.
    (Break one law without punishment and you might as well break them all).


  4. It’s tough to be a sympathetic (even empathetic) person and turn your back on illegal invaders in need, in our country.
    But they chose to invade.
    Now we have a congresswoman sending staff south to encourage them on how to avoid the consequences of their actions and cross the border. That woman (Escobar) should be jailed, among others.
    These invaders would not have brought their families on such a long dangerous trek had they not been encouraged to do so by certain politicians.
    I feel no responsibility to offer them more than a bottle of water (a 2 liter as I’m a generous person), a sandwich and an escort out of the country.
    I am not obligated to back or finance the repercussions of promises made by people who do not represent me or the law of the land.

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  5. Baysider says:

    Kid + Ed +1

    The Left uses God as a club, not our maker to whom we bow our hearts and knees. This is a very thoughtful piece. One of the most revealing comments is the privilege of having a mom and dad, together, as a family. I, for one, use the accurate (and correct) language of illegal.

    The left hates America’s borders because they contain within a system of law and (originally) thought that separates and elevates this country from most of the planet for most of history, one that breeds peace and prosperity for those within those borders WITHOUT THEIR HELP. Our system was organized to squelch dictatorial impulses (like Leftist control) and enable ordinary men to conduct peaceful, productive lives with dignity and reward WITHOUT a smarty pants egghead telling them what to do.

    The border ‘membrane’ was devised — as it is for ALL functional countries — to keep a highly tuned system intact and control access to our stuff, including our rich intellectual property that makes us uniquely what we are. Others want the externals of what we are without the internal process of getting there. The Left loves to see these people (their future voters) come by hook or by crook. Hence, congress critters down at the border coaching people on how to break our laws. Law breaking means nothing to them as long as they are the ones breaking the law.

    An early Chinese migrant to the California Gold Rush recognized this beautifully. He said “it’s wonderful here. No Mandarins, no army [or police, something like that].” American groups of men heading to the Gold Rush often organized themselves by law and even spelled out a constitution for conduct. THAT’s when the essence of the Republic was bred into our most fortunate ancestors. THAT’s what the Left wants to extirpate.

    The Left has become the American Mandarin, has always despised our ability to conduct ourselves without their help, and seeks every means to steal our birthright from us. This issue is but one of many they are using.

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  6. Kid says:

    Thanks Baysider. We seem to get into analyzing the democrats here often enough. I believe they are 100% focused on self-enrichment by way of stealing money directly or empowering others to steal the money and give them a bunch of it as kickback.

    That America would be flushed and every citizen tortured beyond belief in the process means absolutely nothing to them outside of making it so bad there isn’t any money left to steal. They provide the sheep with the minimum sustenance required to keep the wool growing.

    We have no opposition government party. The repubs sit around playing with themselves while a couple-3 of them put out lip service trying to convince us otherwise.

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