Pence sees Border Patrol Facility…and a question at the end

I’ve bolded the things I found particularly ‘interesting’ in this biased article:

“Vice President Mike Pence toured a Border Patrol facility in Texas on Friday where he reportedly saw hundreds of men standing in crowded cages who later yelled to tell reporters they were hungry. (Z:  Why “Later?” why not while the VP was there?)

“The stench was horrendous,” White House pool reporter Josh Dawsey wrote of the brief visit to an outdoor portal at the McAllen Border Station.

Nearly 400 men “were in caged fences with no cots,” Dawsey wrote, adding that it was so crowded the men would not have been able to lie down even on the concrete.

Pence and the reporters accompanying him saw the outdoor portal full of migrants who had allegedly crossed the U.S. border illegally.*(Z; meaning they could have come legally and were thrown in here?!!) The reporters saw the migrants for all of 90 seconds before they were escorted away, and the vice president “briefly” went into the room. The men inside the cages reportedly shouted to tell reporters they had been there for longer than 40 days and wanted to brush their teeth.

There were no mats or pillows, according to Dawsey, and water was only accessible outside the cages, which Border Patrol agents said was made available to the detainees when the press was not there.(Z:  what?)

Agents guarding the cages were wearing face masks.

A White House official said the Secret Service had opposed Pence entering the area once the press left, but the vice president entered the room, Dawsey reported.

The vice president later told reporters he had expected to see similar conditions at the facility.

“I was not surprised by what I saw,” Pence told reporters. “I knew we’d see a system that was overwhelmed.”  (Z:  Good for VP Pence….of course it’s overwhelmed and he couldn’t have expected more; might as well tell the truth)

“This is tough stuff,” Pence was quoted as saying, adding that he was calling for Democrats to fund more beds for Immigration and Customs Enforcement and more spending from the Department of Homeland Security.

Earlier Friday, Pence and reporters also toured a facility in Donna, Texas, that holds families, adults, and children. There, Dawsey described seeing detainees lying on “kindergarten-like napping mats” on the floor with a “thin tinfoil-like blanket.” Officials said it was one of the “nicest facilities because it was new and relatively clean.”

Z:  SO, does he want to fund more beds or should he want them SENT  BACK?
And CAN WE LITERALLY SEND THEM BACK?   To the border and “off you go”?   CAN WE DO THAT?

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21 Responses to Pence sees Border Patrol Facility…and a question at the end

  1. Law and Order Teacher says:

    Because we can’t tour these facilities ourselves we are told by others what they’re like. I don’t believe anything the media says anymore. Not after this Russian Collusion lie. I am so tired of all the Jazz hat the media and the Democrats feed us on a daily basis. As a police officer I was the victim on numerous occasions as they printed the “truth” fed to them by suspects and attorneys. All of whom weren’t at the scene of an incident they were reporting on. I saw officers careers put in jeopardy by biased news media. In one incident in particular, I and some fellow officers were accused in a newspaper article of police brutality. My mother called me in a panic wondering if I was going to be fired. The border situation is the product of gutless politicians who only care about their own power. I wish the people would clean house, but we all know better than that.

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  2. bunkerville says:

    And just how great were the facilities on their way up here? Let them published the story down from where they came from and maybe they will catch on the end of the trip is not so great… next stop for Pence… please go to LA and report how things are out that way.

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  3. bocopro says:

    Off topic, but relevant:

    Pence is about as interesting as a garden hose during a thunderstorm. He adds as much to the Trump 2020 ticket as a pepperoncini adds to a bottle of Mad Dog Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce.

    He’s probably a good guy with good morals and good ethics, but I doubt he could lead a posse of hungry cowboys to a Texas cookout. No way the RNC wants to groom him for 2024.

    If Harris is the Dems’ pick to beat DJT, the counter should be Nikki Haley as Veep. Otherwise, he oughta go with Ted Cruz to court the electorals in Texas and Florida. NY and CA are lost causes, and TX and FL are crucial.

    IMO, Trump already has the fundamentalists and evangelicals and “silent Sams” in his corner without Pence. My pick for courting the fence-riders in the Latino community would be Susana Martinez.

    Martinez was born in Texas and the first Latina governor in the US (NM). She’s the right age (60) to prep for 2024. She satisfies the basic requirement du jour for candidacy where leftists and moderates are concerned by having two X chromosomes – IOW, she’s NOT an old white male.

    More plusses than minuses in her resume. Donno how well she gets along with DJT, tho; they’ve had some dustups. Long shot, but Trump knows how to sugar coat.


  4. Law and Order Teacher says:

    This is what I’ve been thinking for sometime. Pence is a good guy but Trump doesn’t vanilla he spice. Haley is the one. She’d be on target for 2024. Plus she’s a real Indian-American.


  5. Kid says:

    I like the Haley pick.

    No Z, we cannot just send them back because we have the worst immigration laws on Earth.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…I’m hoping nobody has any intention of running Pence after Trump’s finished! He was just what Trump needed to try to calm him down and teach some decorum, but it didn’t really work well, did it!
    I am weary of people suggesting Christian ties to Trump because I don’t see him living faith publicly, and I’m not sure those aren’t the voters who will not vote for a Lefty but may not vote for him again until he stops calling women ‘horse face’, saying about women accusing him of rape “she isn’t my type”, etc.

    BOCO: I believe Martinez ROCKS and I WOULD LOVE HER RUNNING AS VP or PRES, frankly. She is just wonderful, Hispanic or NOT.

    BUnkerville, I don’t think we need PEnce here to tell the country how things are in California…the media’s getting off on gloom and doom, and it’s mostly deserved. And yes, were things better for these people as they pulled their children across miles of desert?

    Law and Order, I do believe Pence’s accounts, however…
    And I believe illegals need to GO..they do NOT deserve trials, and the million here who Trump’s going to have ICE get rid ofs (supposedly, believe me, it won’t happen) did have trials and nothing happened..;.;..we need to get used to the idea that we WILL have open borders…I see nobody seriously trying to prevent that…I’d rather the money Trump’s having ICE spend on (trying to, but instead, just creating less voters for him as America’s treated to the HORRORS of ICE on the leftwing media) getting illegals OUT could be better spent at the borders STOPPING those coming in first. And THEN worry about those inside already.


  7. Kid says:

    PS – Let’s think about what the European ‘migrants’ had to endure to take up residence in this country, especially after July 2, 1776. I feel nothing for these invaders. Those who manage to stay here will find these sorts of temporary hardships Nothing compared to what they will gain by taking residence here.

    Z, Nothing personal, but I just have a hard time understanding people who make decisions based on emotion, male or female, on any subject, as those decisions are almost always wrong.

    As MAL said in his letter to the editor – let’s vote for what we think is best America. Based on DJT’s performance and effect on American’s lives it seems a clear choice. Imagine the number of employed people who will quickly find themselves unemployed by the next democrat majority administration and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Every election involves some nose holding for some number of people. it won’t be me though as I will be voting FOR someone for the first time ever in 2020.



  8. Mal says:

    I agree with most all the above comments. The one thing about running Martinez is, when the chips are down, where will her loyalty lie? Her birth citizenship or heritage? What I’ve been noticing more and more is the great number of hispanics coming into all levels of politics and legal system (attorneys, judges, sheriffs, etc). “Remember the Alamo?” I just dunno………..
    Oh! In case you’re wondering, I spent the first 58 yrs. of my life in So. Calif. which placed me among a lot of them, and they have been good people, so its not like I haven’t lived among them.
    Just sayin’…………..


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Kid..”nothing personal?” Did I say something based on emotion myself?
    I want anybody illegal GONE….Do I hate them? of course not…do I find them lazy for not trying to fix their lives in their own countries and ready to take advantage of America? Yes, most of them, yes. Did I give another impression in all the years I’ve written about my feelings about illegals?

    I’m first and second generation America…so this is close to my heart. My extended family who came after mine did had to have SPONSORS and my family and other relatives all chipped in to help, got them places to live, jobs, etc…Honestly, some of the financially did better than my own dad because he had so many kids to support so it was hard to buy properties all over, THEY DID!
    My Dad’s father was 9 when he came here, he aspired to owning 3 very upscale stores in Troy, NY….lived at ONE GRAND VIEW, you can imagine what a great house that was with that address. All by himself…no education. SO I have little patience with takers and users….though I have rarely met a Hispanic immigrant who wasn’t VERY kind, friendly and good, honestly.

    Mal, Martinez was governor a few times of N Mexico and I followed her choices pretty closely…she’s a strong Conservative and I’d never think she’d put Hispanics, first. If I’m not mistaken, she and most of her family are/were in law enforcement, too…way before she entered politics so it wasn’t for show.
    Matter of fact, more than half the Border Agents are Hispanics and I’ve heard many of them talk and never heard them putting Hispanic illegals before Americans, that is FOR SURE.


  10. Martinez would be a good choice.
    Pence got Trump elected.
    He vouched for Trump for a lot of people.
    But He didn’t want to be POTUS once before and he probably still doesn’t.


  11. Kid says:

    Z, Just covering he bases ! I imagine you have friends who complain about DJT based on his personality and comments rather than what is actually happening in the US. Sad. I remember sitting in a doc’s office not too long ago and Ted Cruz was speaking on TV, and a couple older ladies remarked “Oh I could never vote for him, his voice is too weird”. ahhahaa

    That’s who I’m speaking to.

    How it applies to yourself, only you know. I believe you to be very much For America and one who understands the evil of the defecrats and much of, if not all of what they propose.


  12. Kid says:

    ED, I have no idea who Martinez is therefore I don’t think many other people do either. Nix.
    Pence got Trump elected? How. I think Trump got Trump elected.
    I think Nikki is the best choice based upon her visible UN performances. She don’t take none. And that is the main attraction to DJT for his base. We are at the moment where not taking any is the only course of action left for sane people.

    Outside of that, moronic people are shouting USA after a bunch of lesbians win a soccer game. But it’s good they are patriotic anyways.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, “Pence got Trump elected?” !! OK! He might have vouched for his faith but people of faith don’t usually call women HORSE FACE and grown men LOSERS and so much more.

    What nobody here seems to get is YES, I am MOSTLY for things Trump DOES, and that’s way way more important than his words, but I know SO Many people who are turned off after having voted for him…they will not vote for LIbs, NO WAY, but they’re very sad…I don’t say here some of the things I hear but it breaks my heart because if Trump did NOT act like he does, imagine what he could do? (And now I’ll be told his toughness is what makes him great, as if Reagan could have been even greater had he called people names!?)

    Kid, I write every day and “only I know” if I’m a patriot and can’t stand Democrats? What do they propose that you think I’m for? I found that a fascinating remark! Unless you’re using a broad brush….

    I know Martinez and I’m in California and she’s from N Mexico…I perked up every time I heard her talk…she’s fantastic and it would take NO time to get her up and running. Had to support her here…would I pick her over Haley? No, probably not.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    I’m a bit harsh in these comments but I’m so sick of everything I’ve been hearing lately that it’s hard not to react like that…i’m SO SICK of the ugliness, the HATE-TRUMP crap..
    Today, I see that Vanity Fair magazine is saying “Trump knows Epstein has pictures of Clinton with young girls on his plane”
    If that’s the case, I’m thinking they’ll say next that HE TOOK THEM…..or not having said so publicly is because he’s in pix, too…What they should say is either NOTHING until they know for sure what’s in Trump’s mind; what he knows, etc….and then compliment him for NOT digging up ugly stuff like this.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Most of the media’s also blaming Pence and Trump for the awful conditions Pence saw….even though Pence was totally honest (he was told not to enter by his staff but DID) and said “This shouldn’t be happening but we’re not getting help”

    And the media won’t zero in on that truth, only that Pence saw it and complained and “Aren’t Trump and Pence to blame?”

    What are they supposed to do since the Left in Congress won’t get them the money (and the illegals really should be forced to LEAVE< we shouldn't be going broke supporting them, of course), are they supposed to pay out of their POCKETS and then make the Left happy? Except the Left'll find something wrong with that, too!?


  16. Kid says:

    Z, I’m expressing myself honestly, but likely not well to you. A thousand pardones.


  17. Kid says:

    It was late last night with some adult beverages added. No, I have no doubt about your conservatism.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    I couldn’t imagine anybody doubting my conservatism….especially you.



  19. Mal says:

    Many pardons about the Martinez comment. I wasn’t at all familiar with her or who she is, but based on what you and Kid said about her, she might be a good choice. And I guess it shouldn’t be any great surprise there ARE so many Hispanics now in visible positions, given their increasing numbers.


  20. Mal says:

    Z, even if Congress cooperated and gave the money for help at the border, the sheer numbers would still overwhelm them before they could bring the supplies or build accommodations for them so there would be very little difference. Actually, I’m glad they’re not being better cared for as it would only encourage more to come, further exasperating the situation.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, totally understand! Some of us know Martinez but most don’t….My point is it’d take about a week of her amazing viewpoints aired and she’d be well known…


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