A guy looked at my Harley and said, “I wonder how many people could have been fed for the money that motorcycle cost.” I replied, “I am not sure, it fed a lot of families in Milwaukee Wisconsin who built it, it fed the people who make the tires, it fed the people who made the components that went into it, it fed the people in the copper mine who mined the copper for the wires, it fed people in Decatur Il. at Caterpillar who make the trucks that haul the copper ore, I guess I really don’t know how many people it fed.”

When you buy something you put money in peoples’ pockets and give them dignity for their skills. When you give someone something for nothing, you rob them of their dignity and self worth. Capitalism is freely giving your money in exchange for something of value, Socialism is taking your money against your will and shoving something down your throat that you never asked for.

No, I do not have a Harley but saw this on FB and had to share it….so well said!  


(click on link for some good stuff!)


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13 Responses to HARLEYS and CAPITALISM? YES!

  1. ACUCHUCK says:

    I’ve never met you, but after reading you blog for so long, I think seeing you on a Harley, would be quite a spectacle, in a good way of course. Ha, Ha.


  2. geeez2014 says:

    Definitely don’t have a Harley and probably wouldn’t even if I did own a motorcycle, but I LOVED riding on the back of one or two while in college! Of course, my mother’s words were “If you come home on a motorcycle, don’t bother to come home!” She felt they were UNSAFE!

    I once had a guy at college see me walking from tennis courts to my locker with a friend…he said “Want a ride?” I said I’d love to, gave my racket to a friend to put in her locker for me, and got on…shorts, bare legs. no helmet,..STUPID MOVE! As we flew down the street, I asked “Does this go over easy?” He said “NO! But if she starts to go down, there’s no way I can keep her up!” I still think of what I could have done to my legs had we fallen, but I LOVED IT!


  3. Law and Order Teacher says:

    Reminds me of the stupid idea Year’s ago to put a luxury tax on yachts as a way to squeeze more money out of the evil rich. Well, the sale of yachts tanked. Who did it hurt? The company’s workers who built the yachts causing a slump in the industry and corresponding jobs. The evil rich buy stuff and fund jobs, Too bad leftist are too stupid to understand that simple economic principle.

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  4. Bob says:

    LaOT: I remember those days. My sister-in-law worked for Hateras Yachts in Eastern North Carolina, and they darned near went our of business. People with money to buy a yacht were not limited in their market search by geography, and they went international for their fun boats. The law was stupid. What was so cool was she kept me in Hateras caps and jackets for several years. Wear one of those the store and people seem to respect you.

    Z: Harley was one of those few American miracles. Lately, I have heard that they are off-shoring some manufacturing to China. Not sure what the latest is.

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  5. Law and Order Teacher says:

    Dress for success?

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  6. Mal says:

    I’ve never been a bike lover. I’ve seen too many killed esp. here in Vegas. Yet I still see young guys speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, like they are better drivers. They’re hard for motorists to see, and add to that we have bars open 24 hours per day. We sometimes read of two per day being killed here. Its insane.That being said, I can understand the free feeling they say it offers them.
    Z, Chuck’s saying you must’ve been quite a spectacle reminded me about the Optometrist’s daughter. Two glasses, and she made a SPECTACLE of herself!


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Menominee Falls, Wisconsin – Powertrain
    Tomahawk, Wisconsin – Windshields, composite plastic parts
    Kansas City, Missouri – Assembly, Powertrain
    York, Pennsylvania – Fabrication, Paint, Final Assembly
    Manaus, Brazil – CKD* Assembles models sold in Brazil
    Bawal, India – Manufacture of Street models for India, Italy, Spain, and Portugal

    Ducky , I hope you see this, it’s in response to your Moderated Comment: “Harley’s are only assembled in the U.S. The parts sre virtually all imported.”

    You see, manufacturing AND assembly are done here, too. Smart Republican business people know it’s stupid to have bikes sold in Australia or Japan and not have some parts or assemblage done there. So, yes, you must be thrilled for your “GOTCHA!” but it’s not accurate. Thanks.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, just responded to DUCKY, a liberal at AOW’s blog who haunts mine but doesn’t get through Moderation…still, I like to respond to him here and did.
    Yes, lots of manufacturing of Harley done here, but would make no sense to have it all done here…take a look at my comment above this…really good linked article.

    Mal, that is a cute joke and YES, it is a very free feeling but I’m with you about the bikes which travel down the middle of lanes while everyone’s stuck in traffic….VERY dangerous. And, of course, I haven’t been ON a bike in too many years to say HERE 🙂


  9. Kid says:

    Capitalism is a very simple concept but far too complicated for the left. $15 minimum wage is putting restaurants and other places out of business. “Gee, wha happen” they must be thinkng.

    Then I read Sanders campaign staff are quitting because he is not paying them the $15 an hour he is demanding from all other businesses. Funny.

    I rode for 20 years after breaking my leg on my 2nd ride of my brother’s bike.
    I pretended everyone on the road was out to kill me. That saved me than a few times.


  10. During the Obama Administration, private and business jets were criticized by everyone… you can’t imagine how many jobs private aviation is responsible for. Our tiny local airport in Bridgeport, WV generates $1.7 Billion dollars annually for our local economy. Think of the jobs it creates.

    Bashing to rich and corporations harms all the service businesses and employees who support the industry. Being successful and wealthy was something to aspire to, once upon a time in America. Covet and envy are such sins and so destructive.

    I so long for a return to positive outlooks and endeavors. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, “The Power of Positive Thinking” changed my life for the better. So did the Dale Carnegie course I took . We need to return to those successful values because they lead to prosperity and happiness.

    I wonder if we’ll ever love and respect each other again…. Democrats and Republicans, I mean.

    Thank you for posting this, Z. It reminds me of what American once was and what it can be again, if we all work toward it.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    FW…will we ever respect each other again? Yes, when politicians all have to work AND LIVE in D.C. and their kids go back to school together like they used to, and wives belonged to the PTA like they used to (Rs and Ds) and we get SMOKED FILLED ROOMS FULL OF BOURBON again…

    People need to be together to understand each other, to treat each other with some dignity because they’re going to the same place for dinner that night at a dinner party…it works.
    Men (okay, and women…) used to meet and talk, drink, smoke, work things out. NOT ANYMORE.

    That really helped, in my humble opinion. Smoke filled rooms, as I’ve OFTEN said these last 15 years on line, are greatly underrated………..!! And I mean that.

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    From BAYSIDER:

    A corollary to this is: I was never employed by a poor man. (So stop raggin’ on the ‘rich’ guy who owns the business. He makes a job available for me!)

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  13. Baysider says:

    TU, Z

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