WHAT A STORY…….(scan the whole thing, it’s got some very good stuff in it).

This is an interracial couple full of love and dignity and the wife admits this nastiness is not the norm; that many, many people have reached out in apology about the hatred shown them because one of them is Black.

THIS IS THE REAL AMERICA.   Please, media, stop telling us about one louse who has such racial hatred in his or her heart (is that okay to say?  Or THEIR heart or XI’s heart?!) and painting America as if that’s a common occurrence.

IT ISN’T.  God bless this family for understanding and forgiving because FORGIVING is what’s going to get us out of the horrible Obama-Racism period he created (Henry Gates, etc.) and back to where we were….Americans, Black or White or Purple.



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  1. Bob says:

    Sadly, the defacing of signs with the N word is not a new thing. There will always be people who feel threatened, or just simply hate those of races other than their own. I am making no excuses for what happened, but I haven’t seen this happen in the deep South for years, now.

    Presently, I am reading a book, “The Rape of Nanking”, the story of how the Japanese army murdered Chinese citizens numbered in the hundreds of thousands, just because the Japanese considered the Chinese sub-human. Even their German allies were bothered by the mass rape, competitive be-headings, and other atrocities committed by the Japanese. The interesting thing is that Japan has yet to admit the mass rape and massacre. This is racism at its worst, and the Japanese have not changed.

    I am not trying to minimize what happened in Birmingham. The message to me is that even though we have come a long, long way in race relations, there are still problems. Isn’t it interesting that some mixed-race kids in Birmingham, Alabama have never heard the N word? This has been achieved over the generations, and that is what it would always take. Time.


  2. bocopro says:

    Back when people actually sat at table or in chairs in living rooms and talked to each other face-to-face, I lived in a house fulla adults, no other kids. Much of the time my aunts and uncles treated me more or less like a miniature adult instead of a child.

    Still remember the tone and substance of many of the adult conversations I listened to, sometimes sitting on the floor lookin up at ‘em and sometimes behind the couch where they couldn’t see me.

    No TV, no cellfones, no laptops anywhere in the place . . . just a radio, and they listened to that thing only in the mornin for the weather, noon for the news, and evenin for favorite radio comedies and dramas. Always talked after dinner.

    One evenin the consensus turned out to be that eventually the United States would become a nation of mixed race, brownish-colored people, with blonde hair and blue eyes a genuine rarity. It was already underway in NYC, Texas, and L.A. (they said).

    Odd, because in that period of time (the 40s) racism in America truly WAS institutionalized and pandemic. For more than half a dozen Scottish/Irish/English adults to agree that such a thing back then is to me today astonishing, at least. My grandmother didn’t buy into the idea, and my grandfather said nothing.

    My little town (roughly 10,000) had 3 black families: Mr. Booth, whose total contribution was sweepin up in a few downtown stores after closing, Mr. King, a widower who lived a coupla miles outta town and came in about once a week when he needed somethin, and the Scotts, who had a whole passle of chilluns, several of which I went to school with, played sports with, was friends with.

    Total black population of the community was 11. And we had two permanent resident Mexican families, the Barrons, who had 2 daughters, and the De la Rosas, who had 9 children, a few of which had grown and left town by the time I was aware of them. One, Raul, turned out to be one of my closest friends throughout high school.

    Today I live on a street that’s about a quarter mile long. It has 20-some individual residences and two apartment complexes on its west end with a total of 18 units. It terminates at a T on that end and at the western gate of the Naval Training Center on the other.

    Starting at the eastern end of the street, twin sisters live separately in a duplex. One has an adult son, but both have disclosed to me in idle conversation that they are lesbians. Across the street from them in a house right against the Navy fence are two retired military guys, both gay.

    Next is a very old guy, maybe 90, who has a scraggly white dog and spends much of his time crawling around in his lawn digging out dandelions and other weeds. In the duplex across from him is a single white guy with a huge pickup truck, a black dog, and a variety of one-night-stand girlfriends.

    Next to him is a quiet white couple, a blind man and his wife who takes him for walks every day. Next is a widow who lives alone and seems to have only one friend; she speaks to no one else that I can remember.

    Across from that unit is a Navy retired Filipino guy with a whole tribe of grandchildren, mostly girls. And next to that is another Filipino family in a very nice 4BR house I’d really like to own.

    Back on the other side again, the next house has an odd collection of nondescript people, very tanned but ostensibly Caucasian, who seem to spend all their time fishing with their two boats. Oh, the one before that is a Mexican guy who paints houses.

    Next to them is a single black woman with a teenage daughter who has great legs which she likes to show off, and across the street from her his a single black woman with two mixed-race middle-schoolers. Next to that house is another black family, three generations, kinda wealthy.

    Back to the other side, a divorced and bitter white woman whose main pleasure seems to be yelling at her adult son when he comes to see her. Then there’s my place, which has a western European bloke and a southeast Asian woman.

    Going back toward the west again, a white man with a mixed-race black woman, then across from that place a white family who adopted 2 Asian children, a white crippled retired vet and his wife, a young white ex-Air Force guy with a woman of undetermined ethnicity, and next to them a Cambodian family.

    Across the street again, a reclusive retired Jewish couple with strange-looking dogs, a noisy blonde woman with a traveling husband and a house fulla cats, and across from that a Vietnamese woman with her invalid French husband (both well into their 90s), then a black couple, and next to that another black family (retired mailman).

    The larger of the two apartment complexes is mostly young black families or couples, and the smaller has at least one black and one non-specific non-white family (maybe Paki).

    So my uncles were pretty spot on. You take this little street as a microcosm of Murka and you get about half white, a quarter non-white, and another quarter mixed race.

    I’ve predicted many times that Caucasians will be a minority, maybe less than 40% of total before the turn of the century. The US is undergoing Brazilianization, and by 2100 it’ll be roughly

    Black 15.5%
    Asian/Island/Indian 15.5%
    Hispanic/Latino 31.5%
    European white 37.5%

    And at least 10% of each of those groups will be mixed race. Ergo, taking that group as a discrete set, the largest minority group will be mixed-race. Incidentally, Britain’s white population will be a minority by 2100, but that’s another discussion.


  3. Law and Order Teacher says:

    As My students said haters will hate. I think it was from a song or something. Our school was very diverse with a lot of different people. It was about 10% African-Americans with a healthy number of other ethnicities and students with special needs. The kids seemed to get along as they were used to each other as most went to school together most of their lives. I think most racists are incognito with the exception of race baiters of all ethnicities. I’ve learned over the years that you can’t change people’s hearts. Maybe some can change their minds. We can learn from our children in this case.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    THanks, guys…VERY interesting input.

    I DO want to emphasize that I LOVE the part most about the Black family forgiving the jerk who did this and embracing and being surprised and grateful for the MANY who supported them thru emails, letters, texts, calls, etc. As I said, THAT is the real America…people who stick up for people who have idiots who are so racist bothering them.

    Law and Order says “Maybe some can change their minds. We can learn from our children in this case.”

    On this point of anti racism?…I TOTALLY think we can learn from children.

    At the high school, I NEVER see racism. Sadly, a (very) few of our Black kids have griped about it over the years…VERY few….but what hurts me is that it really isn’t there, but they’re been taught to look for and find it in every little thing.
    We had an assembly planned for Black History Month about six years ago……..3 Black girls were asked to be in charge of speakers, etc….they complained to our counselor that they weren’t doing it after all (the day before the assembly) because “nobody would help them”… I heard it with my own ears….Then I was told by another student how sad she was that the school forbade the 3 Black girls to do it after all. TOTAL LIE. SO, that kind of stuff happens.
    But, generally? Our kids don’t even NOTICE what color their friends are…that’s very clear. Neither do our admin or teachers. Or me, for that matter.


  5. So many examples of racist graffiti and defamation have turned out to be false flags perpetrated by people of the same race or creed to generate sympathy that I, more often than not, jump to the conclusion that I am viewing a false narrative.


  6. Kid says:

    bocopro, I always talked to children of any age like they were adults. Most of these children were my nieces. If they asked any question, I’d give them the entire rundown. I decided true information as soon as possible would be the best thing to give them. They have all thanked me for any and all of it. One example was flying commercial with a niece who was three years old who asked me after take off how jet airplanes worked. I gave her the entire rundown. She thanked me.

    Z, If I’m reading your post correctly, I have to comment that the left and right will now NEVER come together. Not possible.


  7. Kid says:

    Z, probably told ya already.
    Black guy that I drove to work everyday for a year and a half after his car went bust. Guy looks like Carl Weathers / Apollo Creed. Outstanding guy. working for a living, family man, last I knew 3 kids and wife and they running a daycare and he a truck driver after leaving the company we both worked at. Never heard profanity from the guy. He was an Atlanta Braves pitcher, and got caught up in a marijuana setup (I buy it) and spent 3 years in the grey bar hotel.

    We talked for a total of around 3 years almost every day. Tossed it all around.

    Bottom line – He ran EVERYTHING through the “racism” filter.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I do remember your telling me about that guy and how he filtered through racism. Did you EVER try to get him to see it differently? I mean, there you were riding with him, sharing thoughts with him, did he SEE that you’re not racist? He sounds like such a good guy…except…
    I don’t think the ideologies will ever agree….But I DO believe we can get past racism, yes.


  9. Kid says:

    Z, Yea we talked the whole gambit including my telling him that people always find what they are looking for, So if he’s looking for racism he’s going to find it. Best way to put it I guess is anytime he wasn’t treated as he felt he should be (never happens to white people right?) he ran it thru the racism filter. Seemed like we got along great even before he needed rides and and after he didn’t need rides so I don’t think he thought I was racist.

    IMO, We won’t get past racism as long democrats are still around.


  10. Kid says:

    PPS, racism was about dead in the 70’s. Obama took us back to pre-1960.


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