May be my FAVORITE:

By the way, the other day on FOX, Frank Luntz said Cory Booker will probably start to do well because “He is the MOST SINCERE candidate”…If I’d been drinking low-fat milk at the time, I probably would have spit it all over the TV 🙂

Do you think ANY of the Democrat candidates are SINCERE? 🙂    I know they’re SINCERELY trying to destroy the country we know and love, but……….other than that!?


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18 Responses to May be my FAVORITE:

  1. Bob says:

    Frank Luntz is full of bull. ALL of the candidates are deadly serious. They are seriously malicious whether they believe what they are trying to sell, or not. Booker, however, deserves some special attention for a few seconds.

    The guy went to Stanford. Yes, Stanford, the west coast school for geniuses that is supposedly better than Harvard, whatever that means. This is a guy that can’t tie his own shoe laces intellectually. I believe that his parents should be indicted for falsifying Cory’s SAT scores and bribing Stanford admission officers, or he was just another black guy filling in a diversity position.

    We often find serious people like Booker whose primary asset is their ego.

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  2. bocopro says:


    ~ ~ ~ ~

    From the Book of Bocopro, Vol I, Chap iii, para ix – xi:

    In standard text, the words “candidate” (referring to politicians) and “sincere” cannot appear in the same sentence unless “sincere” is accompanied by an inverter or negator, such as “not.”

    Any and all attempts to construct phraseology suggesting, implying, or proposing that any person officially attempting to become a US Senator, member of Congress, or PotUS who pretends to speak with honesty, integrity, morality, consistency, sincerity, loyalty, or reverence are violations of every known rule of logic and reason.

    Constructions in which the word “politician” or “candidate” appears in any relationship to the word “sincere” or “honest” or “trustworthy” is therefore automatically relegated to the categories of satire, parody, or farce and used only in derision, scorn, or denunciation of the intent of the discussion.

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    The phrase “sincere politician” is a classic oxymoron in the manner of “civil war” or “jumbo shrimp.”

    As Hamlet tells his mother about his friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, “Whom I will trust as adders fanged.”

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  3. Mustang says:

    Other than that … no. I agree with Bob.

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  4. Law and Order Teacher says:

    Luntz, don’t get me started. He is a weather vane. He has no beliefs that steer him. His polling is as bad as every other one. I don’t pay attention to him. Booker is sincere? Exhibit A.

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  5. Kid says:

    The only one I think is sincere is Bernie. A most sincere communist socialist.

    Otherwise, these people will say anything. If they thought legalizing pedophilia would get them votes they’d be yapping about doing an EO for legalizing pedophilia.

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  6. skudrunner says:

    I believe all of the democrat candidates about doing whatever is necessary to defeat trump. If that means brig down the country and destroying our economy they will do it, all of them not just the most bizarre.
    It is my hope that a republican challenges trump because I don’t believe he can win reelection and if that fear is confirmed and one of the wacko left gets in we are headed for a storm.
    All politicians are crooks it just depends to what degree. They have three things they will fight for, spending your money, devise ways to get more of it and get reelected. For this they go into politics with a small degree of wealth and come out multi-millionaires with their salary and healthcare for life.

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  7. I do see sincerity in all of the Democrats’ poor opinions of traditional Americans. They sincerely believe we are bigots. They sincerely believe THEY are superior to average Americans; enlightened and chosen to lead the masses. They sincerely liken us to herds of sheep. They believe in their ideology completely and sincerely.

    However, they’re all full of excrement! Just because they believe it doesn’t make it so. I don’t understand how one gets to that level of delusion and I don’t want to.


  8. MAL says:

    I see him as the “token Black” candidate. Also, they’re all in it not to help the country but to line their own pockets. It was announced last week the Obamas just purchased a home at Martha’s Vineyard for something like $8 million plus. All that on $400,000 per year presidential salary? Me thinks not! Nor from “speaking engagements.”
    This is all part of Trumps “Drain the Swamp” campaign.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…I think Sparky , you and I are the only ones with senses of humor. I LOVED THAT LINE 🙂

    Yes, Luntz started out well but very quickly went weird…REALLY WEIRD…and has been stuck, on WEIRD for a while now. I don’t believe anybody listens to him, that’s why I wrote it…imagine anybody calling BOOKER SINCERE??? With a straight face!?

    Skudrunner, you’re the only one who agrees with me that Trump is NO WAY a ‘shoe in’….he’s turning women off left, right and center..(HE isn’t, the media lies about him are…and they jump on the tiniest thing and nail him, of course)….his language, however, does bother a lot of women, we don’t like conceit and smell insecurity 10 miles away…he has both to the nth degree….
    Romney said today he won’t support Trump……and he’s been yapping from time to time giving his ridiculous points of view…he’s probably thinking about it.
    That Mark Stanford is is HILARIOUS! Talk about a man with a past!!! 🙂 Leaving I believe FOUR SONS and a wife for a girlfriend? UHOH…!!!

    Bocopro…I might be nuts but I think Reagan was sincere….no big ego, didn’t need the money, articulate, tough…… Ya, and sincere. Please COME BACK, SHANE-REAGAN! 🙂

    Bob, Booker’s parents were successful IBM execs a while back which, from my experience with friends in IBM at exec positions early, means they are LOADED…….I have to laugh when he so constantly talks about the bad neighborhood he lives in now…as if he’s ‘mea culpa’ because he was born with a silver spoon in his awful mouth!!
    GOT to love Booker’s Dad ““He would say to me, ‘Boy, don’t you dare walk around this house like you hit a triple, when you were born on third base!’” Booker said during a speech at an event in Stanford.” love that!!

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  10. Kid says:

    Ok Z, I will take the heat on this. This is why women for the most part should not be allowed to vote.

    Trump? You can’t replace the obama’s and the rest of the dems with Mr Rogers neighborhood. Just can’t be done.

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  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, where did you gather that thought? Something we said? Women for the most part shouldn’t vote? I’m not sure you’re 100% wrong, and believe it or not, have had the same thought…but Something I SAID?

    By the way, why should people like Frank Luntz vote? Why should Bernie vote? Just to destroy our country!?


  12. Kid says:

    Z, Excellent Counter Points ! Ha !

    My basic thought is that decisions based on emotion are almost always wrong.

    Like “Women can’t vote for That Maaaa-aaan” because of something he said?” In opposition to democrats who verbalize their Clearly Anti-American Stances and Plans to Destroy America… ?
    Those who are willing to do that do not display a single iota of critical thinking and imo, and should not be voting. Hey, many males fit this category too.


  13. Kid says:

    Traditionally, women are known for emotional based decision making as the majority. That may not be the case today looking at the male landscape these days.


  14. Kid says:

    PSS – I pay very little attention to what DJT “says”. I pay attention to what is happening or not happening in America and around the world. Unfortunately, I think I am unique in this,


  15. Baysider says:

    Bp and Kid +1 (twice! – don’t focus on what DJT says)

    I thought Mayor Pete wore the sincerity crown. And IF sincerity counts … how do you explain the Hildebeast?


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, we must focus on what he says…particularly if he’s starting a nuclear war with Iran now….he should never have said the Taliban weren’t coming, since nobody knew they were, etc etc….Focusing on what he DOES is good, no way you can’t focus on what he says because he wants you to focus on that or he wouldn’t say it.\

    Kid, I hope you’re unique in this….because, honestly, if you focused he’d lose you, too. HA!!
    I forgot I’d mentioned women not voting for Trump, which is true about 70% of them, sadly.
    Ya, a voter cannot vote on emotions or gender, it’s NUTS.
    You know me well enough to know I’d vote for the best PERSON…Matter of fact, I’m not sure about women not voting but I sure HATE a LOT of the women candidates 🙂


  17. MAL says:

    The founding fathers originally allowed only white male land owners to vote. We’ve gone from that to everyone, including illegals, voting, and the desire of the left to lower the age to 16! High schoolers!


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