Black Face…..???

Maybe this is the most insensitive question I have ever asked, which is probably REALLY saying something considering I’m no shrinking violet!….but……

WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH BLACK FACE?   Al Jolson emulated Black people and sang, people used to emulate Black Americans to sing wonderful gospel or jive……..

We had a governor from N Carolina, I think?…she got in trouble when 50 yr old pictures of her were found recently…Justin Trudeau was found recently to have posed at a private costume party some years back (and has admitted to doing so in High School now, too…singing “Deo!”)… in BROWN face emulating something like Aladdin?  Not sure.  BUT SO WHAT?

This isn’t Black face emulating punks in Chicago shooting each other or emulating any other gross and unfair Black generalization!

AM I WRONG?   Why is it insulting?  They’re not taking a Black’s job away.  What’s wrong?

Remember LITTLE BLACK SAMBO’S pancake restaurants…?  They’re SAMBO’S now. WHY?  It was NOT INSULTING, it was a cute thing!!


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21 Responses to Black Face…..???

  1. bocopro says:

    Holy Mack’ul, Andy . . . Sapphiah gon’ sh—when she heah ‘bout ‘dat.

    See . . . I’m torn – when I was a kid back in the 40s, the word “black” was considered demeaning to Murkans with African features. The accepted identifier was “colored,” as with the “C” in NAACP.

    “Negro” was o.k. if used in a scholarly or informative manner, without augmenting tone or eye-roll. And “nigger” simply came across as a poorly enunciated “negro” from people who learned to speak English from displaced disappointed Brits who lived south of the Mason-Dixon.

    So when someone wanted to identify another person or group by their difference and with the implication that they were a rung or two lower on the evolutionary ladder, he used “black,” “negro,” or “nigger.” The term “African-American” hadn’t been invented, and “African” referred to someone FROM Africa, not the US by birth.

    Now . . . see, I’ve used all those words in my time for one reason or another – black, African, negro, colored, darkie, some which have become passé and are no longer heard, and a few I made up myself, such as “Amfrican.”

    Question now is whether I should feel bad for not feeling bad about the words I uttered as a kid in a town where everyone else used them regularly.

    What bothers me most about race and gender in this country today is that anyone from another planet who watched our TV for just a few hours would logically conclude that blacks make up at LEAST 50% of our population, and around 2 of every 5 people is L,G,B,T, or in transition. Latinos and Asians combined would be nearly inconsequential statistically, whereas Latinos outnumber blacks by millions.

    Holy Credisrod, people . . . Give! It! A! Fargin! Rest! Let’s get back to the important issues, such as establishing racial equity in the NBA, or impeaching Stephen Colbert, or providing Handi-Wipes for SanFranFreakShow merdistes.


  2. All the “sensitivity training” to which we Americans have been submitted has caused an almost total lack of humor.

    When I was a little girl, I had the children’s book Little Black Sambo. Our colored maid Carrie used to read it to me almost every day. I loved the way she did the voices when she read to me.

    After a while, subsequent to the SCOTUS ruling in Brown vs. the Board of Education, she became “woke” and, the next thing I knew, she walloped me with the ivory laundry stick used to stir hot clothes in the wringer washing machine when I reminded her not to curse.

    That laundry stick left a helluva bruise on my lower back (not my bottom, my lower back).

    Yes, Mom fired Carrie that very evening — and Carrie had been with our family well over a decade. We had considered her a member of the family until that terrible day.

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  3. I’ll tell you this; my Black maintenance administrator says Black Americans are offended by white people putting on dark makeup. She says old movies demeaned & portrayed Blacks as lesser humans & made them look crazy. I did not know this was so offensive to the Black community, but according her, it is.

    I wish today’s social justice warriors would concentrate on today & the future. None of us can go back in time & change the mistakes we’ve made. I wish we would all work together to right societal wrongs in order to continue toward a more perfect union. Ruining someone’s reputation & career for stupid, drunken behavior is unfair.


  4. I meant to say behavior from decades before.


  5. Z,
    We had a governor from N Carolina, I think?

    Ralph Northam, Democrat governor of Virginia.

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  6. kidme37 says:

    – Gives the left another chance to yell RACISS !
    – Gives the blacks another opportunity to be More Equal
    – Gives the left another chance to create More Division in our society.
    I have two words for all of these idiots.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    FW “I’ll tell you this; my Black maintenance administrator says Black Americans are offended by white people putting on dark makeup. She says old movies demeaned & portrayed Blacks as lesser humans & made them look crazy. I did not know this was so offensive to the Black community, but according her, it is.”
    This is what I wondered…..I don’t see old movies having much to do with something like Trudeau’s situation, but old movies did make Blacks look a bit crazy….mostly lovable, for sure, but crazy a little…that’s not good.

    AOW, Northam, too…but I was thinking of Kay Ivey…sorry, she’s ALABAMA, not N Carolina. Thanks.
    Sounds like it isn’t just white kids who learn racism..>Carrie got awakened to realizing SHE MUST BE ANGRY, and that was that. Amazing. Or was something inside her all the time, a resentment bubbling up, but Blacks were afraid to express it, or never even imagined they could…that’s kind of a lesson for us, I think……I suppose this is a situation where ‘woke’ does apply?!!

    Bocopro….I think many times when Black face is used, it’s just not done to be offensive…I just don’t.

    But the information some of you put here, helps to understand a bit better.

    I’m with FW, I STILL think, as FW says “Ruining someone’s reputation & career for stupid, drunken behavior is unfair.”


  8. geeez2014 says:

    BY THE WAY: CNN saying a WH Whistle Blower is voicing concerns over a lot that is happening at the WH. You all must believe me when I say there are TONS of anti Trumper leakers at the WH….
    CNN is working hard on it, as they are “Astonished” “Upsetting”….”waiting for this new BOMBSHELL SCANDAL to be exposed to the public”

    oh, man………so tighten your seat belts……..


  9. Oswald P. Pentagas says:

    Blackface is the least important thing to speak about today. We have more important thing to hasharound.
    The Dems Are Looking for More Simple Minded Lemmings to Jump on to Their Ever Spinning Merry-go-round!!

    Please Tell Me There Aren’t That Many Stupid People Living in Our Country That Are Going to Believe Their Trash…

    Here Is the Latest in Their Quest to Take Back Their Power in 2020…

    Many of You Who Have Followed My Posts Have Heard My Predictions since Our President Won and She Lost…

    Since November 2016, I Said the Dems Will Stop at Nothing to Take this President, Our Country and Us down in Order to Win in 2020…

    Remember When Michelle Obama Said “When They Go Low, We Go High”?
    Well, When You Think the Left Has Hit Bottom, You Find out it Was Only a Ledge…..
    There Is No Low That’s Too Low….
    Even If it Personally Destroys Another Human Being and His Entire Family….
    They Call That “Collateral Damage”…
    “The End Justifies the Means”..Is the Democrats Mantra!

    “What’s the Latest”, You Ask?
    They Are Back to Calling Brett Kavanaugh a Rapist….
    “No”, You Say,,,”Not That Again”,,,
    Yup, They’re at it Again….

    Remember, the Dems Are Wetting Their Pants Because the Supreme Court Is Ruling in Favor of Our President and Our Country Now…
    And of Course,
    The Decenters Are the Democrat Appointees..
    The Left Is Going Crazy!!!
    No, Let Me Rephrase That…
    They Are Crazy…..And That’s a Fact!

    So, You Can Bet Your Sweet Bippy Those Low Life Vermin Had Been Beating the Bushes to Find Someone, Anyone, That Would Come out Now and Say Kavanaugh Sexually Abused Her..
    Find That Person, They Did!!!
    The Scum Newspaper, the New York Slime, Came out with a Story
    ” the New Allegation Against Kavanaugh Was Made Public Saturday Night in a New York Times Report — Which Was an Excerpt from a Forthcoming Book about the Justice from Two of its Reporters. Stier, the Yale Classmate, Said He Saw Kavanaugh with His Pants down at a Party, Where Friends Pushed Kavanaugh’s Penis into a Young Woman’s Hand”.
    But, Wait…
    Who Spread this Around to the New York Slime?
    None Other Then Senator Chris Coons, Democrat..
    In a Letter Obtained by the Washington Post, Coons Said “Several Individuals” Contacted His Office Who Had Wanted to Share Information with Federal Authorities but Said They Had “Difficulty Reaching Anyone Who Will Collect Their Information.”

    So, Let’s Just Take a Look at this Headline:
    “The New Allegation Against Kavanaugh Was Made Public Saturday Night in a New York Times Report — Which Was an Excerp from a Forthcoming Book about the Justice from 2 of the Ny Times Reporters”
    Who Slimed this to the New York Times?
    Chris Coons, the Democratic Maggot…Not to Insult Maggots..

    But Get This!!!!
    According to the Book, “The Education of Brett M. Kavanaugh: an Investigation,” the Woman Involved in the Alleged Incident Has Told Friends She Does Not Recall It!!
    But, of Course,
    The New Yourk Times Conveniently Left That Part out of Their Story!!!!
    That’s Not Stopping the Democrats from Calling for Kavanaugh’s Impeachment!!!

    President Trump Tweeted:

    From Donald Trump Twitter…
    The New York Times Walks Back Report on Kavanaugh Assault Claim.”
    The One Who Is Actually Being Assaulted Is Justice Kavanaugh – Assaulted by Lies and Fake News! This Is All about the Lamestream Media Working with Their Partner, the Dems.

    Just Out: “Kavanaugh Accuser Doesn’t Recall Incident.”
    Do You Believe What These Horrible People Will Do or Say. They Are Looking to Destroy, and Influence His Opinions – but Played the Game Badly. They Should Be Sued!

    Then Trump Tweeted:
    “What’s Happening to Justice Kavanaugh Is a Disgrace. This Guy Is Not a Good Man, He Is a Great Man. He Has to Go to His Church with His Family While These Terrible Reports Are Being Written about Him, a Disgrace!” Dan Bongino

    So, of Course, the Failing Candidate, Beto, Trying to Be Relevant, Is Calling for Impeaching Kavanaugh….
    Why Doesn’t Little Insignificant P.o.s. Just Go Back Home to His Safe Space and Eat Some of His Magic Dirt That He Ate after He Lost to Ted Cruz,,,And Even Brought Some Back for His Entire Family to Eat! That’s Child and Spousal Abuse….
    Remember What That Brainstorm Did?
    He Went on a Solo Trip to Eat Dirt and Find Himself…

    I Just Wonder What He’s Going to Do When He Fails to Become the Democrats Pick for the Presidency…

    If I Had the Money, the Day He’s Kicked off the Stage and Is Spun Around on His Heels and Then Dropped Kicked Back to His Safe Space,
    I Would Hire the Biggest Dump Truck I Could Find, and Dump a Mountain Sized Pile of Dirt in His Driveway along with a Big Spoon….And Make Him Eat His Way to His Garage So He Could Climb on to His Parked, Red, Kiddie Pedal Car That’s Waiting for Him….

    Of Course, He Loves the New Failing “Green New Deal” So, I Only Hope That His Little, Tiny Feet Won’t Get Tired as He Pedals to D.c….

    For Your Viewing Pleasure,
    I’m Attaching the Video of Nancy Pelosi Exposing the Democratic Stragedy to Take down Anyone That Is a Threat to Them…
    She Calls it “The Wrap up Smear”…
    They’ve Used this on President Trump, His Cabinet, His Family, His Voters (That’d Be Us), Brett Kavanaugh and
    Anyone Else They Feel Is a Threat to Quench Their Thirst for Power….!!!


  10. MAL says:

    Blacks are treated differently because they are different. They can’t help the color or physical features they were born with, but they compound it by talking, dressing and acting differently. Bill Cosby use to constantly condemn them for that. Those are the problem ones that keep guys like Al Sharpton et al in the news. We all know many that don’t act that way and are regular folks we see and treat the equally. The same could apply to Native Americans. Some remain on the reservation looking for support from D.C. while others achieve and assimilate into society.

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  11. Mustang says:

    As a follow on to what Mal said, and he’s right, most blacks have never assimilated into mainstream society because it befits them to remain aloof from it. People like Sharpton and Jackson benefit monetarily by keeping blacks on the periphery of society. Now, if what I’ve written in true, then who are the racists in this country? If you answered Sharpton, Jackson, and every black who chooses to remain on the outside, go to the head of the class.

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  12. MAL says:

    Amen, Mustang. Exactly right.


  13. bunkerville says:

    I grew up during segregation. It was bad….worse than bad… I say let the black face go if it is upsetting to blacks, I can’t relate to the black face issue… but I sure could when Blacks couldn’t drink from the same water fountain..bathrooms..their’s were not fit to use…couldn’t get a room in a hotel. Swim in a pool. Eat in a restaurant….

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  14. Sparky says:

    All this Black Face business is simply ridiculous. Guess they’d have the proverbial cows over some of the terms I’ve used in my colorful past. Still call them those names when they act especially jungle-ish. 😉 I wish they’d all just get over themselves. Go get a job and shut up.

    AOW’s story about the colored maid reminds me of a story of my youth. We had a black lady who “did” for us in the late 50s-early 60s, once a week or more because my adopted mother suffered from poor health. The maid was super sweet. We all had a great rapport with her. We could leave money laying about and nothing was ever missing. I remember Dad bought a kitten from her for me once. She gave me a white plastic prancing horse as a Birthday gift (I still have it). Things were so much simpler and kinder back then. People weren’t so out of touch with reality. We weren’t rich but by giving that maid employment, it gave her respectability and a better life. I often wonder what happened to the sweet lady. I’m sure she’s passed to Glory by now. I hope so. Would love to give her a big hug again someday.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mr. Pentagas…”follow your posts”? Do you have a blog, or you mean the few comments you’ve made here?

    Sparky, we had a perfectly lovely skinny Black woman who “did” for us..Minnie. I’d love to know her today but I’m sure she’s long gone.
    This is when we all had respect for each other, not expecting the worse, not feeling like we were better than them EVER, their not feeling they were less than we were…we hired, we were kind, they worked and got paid well………Would I feel different if I was the one doing the work? I don’t know…I think I’d just accept life as it had been dealt to me.

    Today…nobody does. Or very few. Everybody feels they have to be Mrs. Bill Gates…it’s only going to happen for one woman. Get over it, folks; do the best you can, make people happy, you b e happy…get over whatever color you are.
    Nobody’s putting ANYBODY DOWN by emulating Blacks with black face….I don’t think it’s ever meant to be insulting..

    Bunkerville, of course those things are AWFUL….and that’s why I asked my question; I have NEVER IN MY LIFE seen racism here in LA or in Europe when I lived there…..sorry, just haven’t. Those of you who live in or near the South and have seen the stuff you describe know much more than I do about it…….It never OCCURRED to me to hate or disrespect a Black American. EVER.

    And yes, if they don’t like Black face TODAY, I understand 100%….if someone loses a job or an election because they had Black face 50 years ago? NO, I DO NOT agree that that’s fair …

    Mal and Mustang; I only know Black Americans who work here at my dry cleaners…or teach or coach at my high school where I work part time, or my nephew-in-law, or a neighbor…all amazing people who’d rather die than talk, act or dress different than what’s appropriate for all colors…NORMAL, in other words. Probably better people than MANY White people I’ve met, all of them.

    Mustang is 100% true….the LEADERS of Black America are the TRUE RACISTS, and those who buy into and perpetuate HATE TOWARD AMERICA and WHITE AMERICA.

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  16. MAL says:

    Bunkerville, relating to what you said, I mentioned once before when I was stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia, in 1951 and visited Columbus, Ga. about 10 miles away, many shops had signs in their windows “NO NIGGERS OR SOLDIERS”. Being from So. Calif. I wasn’t use to seeing things like that. Here I was, interrupting my college education to serve my country and have this facing me. Heck. I just went to their nearby competitor Sears and did my shopping. How stupid could they be?

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  17. Baysider says:

    Mustang + 1.
    I had a helpful conversation with a black lady in my bible study about blackface. A total stranger in a waiting room came up to her and used an odd approach to start a conversation – it was a story about a newswoman who had gone to a high school ball dressed as Diana Ross. He couldn’t figure out what all the fuss was about blackface. He just had an insulting way of approaching the subject. I could see how she took umbrage with that. But I couldn’t see it from that situation – dressing to imitate a famous personage is common. She had not heard this part of the story, only the leftish news soundbites. She relayed the depth of feeling against it because of the demeaning way blackface typically portrayed blacks – as FW said. We’re asked to be overly sensitive to every snowflake, and get disgusted. But we can still be sensitive where appropriate.

    I still don’t understand the problem with doing this to dress up as a famous person – if that’s actually what you’re doing (who needed black face to do Michael Jackson?). That seems rather a form of flattery.

    And @MAL – that ‘black acting’ came from association with a swath of the poor white trash in the south, of which a goodly number came from England’s borderlands where we have historical records of the same stupid, dysfunctional behavior and talk from incidents centuries ago in this group. (So, what about that cultural appropriation?)


  18. Baysider says:

    A logical corollary to this genuine need for sensitivity would be for Hollywood and the MSM to retract all the idiotic portrayals of Christians. Let’s see a little quid pro quo here.

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  19. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider..that’s my point….emulating famous Black celebs is flattering….and yes, it all depends on how one presents it to a Black friend to ask for insight. (was it Sylvia with the hat?)
    Funny that you said you don’t need to do black face to be Michael Jackson! 🙂 He’d have laughed at that one, I’ll bet.

    Mal…I’m glad you corroborate my point about Los ANgeles above…I can’t even IMAGINE seeing a sign like this: “NO NIGGERS OR SOLDIERS”
    And, re soldiers, I’d liken them to cops and SO many people pay for cops’ lunches at restaurants….I see it a lot.
    I NEVER miss a chance to wish cops well and tell them STAY SAFE. I pulled up next to two a month or so ago and our windows were all down and I yelled “We appreciate you…stay safe!” You should have SEEN their faces. SO happy, and the driver yelled back “That is so stay safe, too!” Honestly, I think most folks are so bad to them that anybody who’s kind blows their mind. Sad.
    Re Blacks and the N word? UNUTTERABLY HIDEOUS… I’m sure there are Blacks who deserve that awful moniker, but I have NEVER PERSONALLY MET ANYBODY close to deserving such an insult.
    And, of course, it’s one thing to dress in Black face…a WHOLE other thing to actually use that word to anyone. Unless you’re Black, at which time A LOT OF BLACK GUYS USE IT for their best friends in a loving way! GO FIGURE!


  20. MAL says:

    As I mentioned above, its the different style of talking, dressing, and acting, mostly by the young, that has perpetrated the negative image. Here in Sun City where folks have to be age 55 plus we have many blacks and they have been wonderful people. We have 2 black ladies that joined our dance group and both are so nice. One, a Cal Berkley grad, has a masters in some type of bio-chemistry or something, and retired from working for a pharmaceutical company. Definitely not a dummy! And, a couple of years ago while my wife was taking her 2 mile walk at 6 a.m. she had an attack relating to vertigo and passed out while waling on the sidewalk next to the golf course, and a black couple driving by in a new Lincoln immediately pulled over and ran up to assist her and gave her a bottle of water. A second couple (white) also pulled up as did a jogger coming by. She called me on her cell and I came over and thanked them all.
    Attitudes are changing, however slowly, but changing.


  21. Baysider says:

    PS – no, it wasn’t Sylvia. We’ll chat later 🙂


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