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Below in italics is an email I and my ‘community group’ at church got Friday from the father of a 12 yr old girl, Julie.  He and his family are in our group.  Julie had had seizures much of her life until she went on meds.  The rest is self explanatory.  I publish it here to show what true faith sounds like, and the true friendship and peace and hope that comes from faith….The people in this community group are mostly in their late twenties and thirties, very hip and gorgeous (!) with young children.  I’m the dinosaur but they welcome me as if I’m one of theirs! ..To inspire:

Thank you all for your kind notes/texts and follow up on how Julie is doing. We definitely have experienced God’s love in the midst of Julie’s circumstances through this amazing group and we are thankful.

Julie is back on her anti-seizure medication and as of Saturday 2pm she has been seizure-free. We had decided to remove her off her meds after 3 yrs of being seizure-free and along with other criteria she met, including her neurologist recommendation. But God had other plans in store. This past weekend, our family felt drawn closer to God and each other and we know that He will use this for His ultimate glory and purpose. 

We look forward to seeing our church family this weekend. May God bless you all and those you love.

The sad UPDATE is “Julie” has had a couple of seizures now since being on the medicine, highly unusual, so please keep her and her wonderful family in your prayers.  Thanks!  God often has different plans than ours.

ALSO:  Please pray for my mother…her surgery to fix the broken femur went well and she’s already in a very nice rehab place.  I went yesterday (it’s about an hour away) and my mother is THE biggest trooper!  Already standing up on that leg and going through physical therapy and occupational therapy!  The problem is all this broken femur/surgery/rehab for 3 months stuff is just a terrible detour because nothing they’re doing about this is going toward solving the bigger problem of intense pain she’s been having, which they haven’t been able to figure out or cure.   SO, please keep her in your payers.  She and I and my sisters REALLY appreciate it!


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10 Responses to Sunday Faith Blog

  1. MAL says:

    Sometimes you are able to go off a medication successfully and other times, not. At the young age of 12 she has her whole live ahead of her and medical science may at some point in time find the answer for her seizures. We can only hope they do. Meanwhile, she’ll keep taking her meds.
    A couple of years ago my wife had 7 severe vertigo attacks over a 24 hour period and ended up in the hospital for 4 days to get her under control. We found taking a 1/2 valium every a.m. takes care of her fine, but she is 84, not 12, so we’re not worried about her getting addicted. Big difference.
    Also, 17 years ago, i underwent an aortic valve replacement that required 3 1/2 hours on a heart lung machine. Since then, they’ve come up with a simple out patient type procedure where they simply insert a stint-type valve via the groin up into place. No cutting or breaking the sternum or use of a heart-lung machine. She has her whole life ahead of her and we wish her well.


  2. kidme37 says:

    When I broke my leg in 68, they gave me 120 shots of morphine over 45 days. I hope it improves for her.


  3. Baysider says:

    Yes, yes, prayers for your dear mother, Z.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, the morphine sure does help! Thanks. I think morphine’s improved, too, at least the way they give it, etc.

    Mal, there are always new things, yes! This girl is only 12….but it’s tough that even ON the meds again, she continued to have seizures…very surprising. I know they’ll figure it out.

    Baysider, thanks so much. xxx


  5. Bob says:

    Youth Seizures: This is apparently not a rare occurrence. My cousin’s granddaughter, a high-school senior, had a couple of seizures two years ago and the medical community has never been able to find a cause. She has been on medication for these two years with no recurrences, and there is hope that she will outgrow the problem. She was not allowed to drive for a while, but is allowed to, now. She is still on medication.

    Mom: Sorry to hear about your mom. Some people have more problems with pain than others. In my mother’s last years, she had chronic back pain and surgery was not an option because of her advanced age. She was 91 yrs old when she died.

    Prayers for your mother and for your friend and her family.


  6. Law and Order Teacher says:

    Here’s hoping your mother some peace. I knew someone with fibromyalgia and I felt for everyday. Blessings to your mother.


  7. MAL says:

    Does your mom have fibromyalgia, Z? If so, i didn’t understand that and hope it isn’t ’cause I know it can be very painful.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, worse than that, but thanks.

    Bob, yes, quite common. Except this little girl is epileptic, apparently. Still, I do believe she could outgrow it, thanks!! Mom’s a bit in your mother’s situation but she has to add on the painful condition she has on top of sudden horrid back pain…she won’t have surgery.

    L&OT, thanks…yes, fibromyalgia can be mild or bad….and isn’t even a definitive diagnosis, but it’s a name they use for certain symptoms they can’t otherwise categorize and which often come together.

    Thanks for the good wishes, all.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER…BING better than DuckDuckGo….Image/pictures easier to capture…DuckDuckGo isn’t available like that. Thanks for the recommendation!


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, neve rmind! Today, Bing isn’t letting me copy/paste images…darn.


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