I’m sure some of you have been watching a bit of the hearings, or at least seeing tidbits during talk shows or the news last night.

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?  Mustang, please weigh in with the information you emailed me last night!!   Astonishing.

Thanks for input!   One input I have, from a woman’s point of view is something Jennifer Williams was probably thinking all through her time at the table ;  THANK GOD LT. COL. VINDMAN IS HERE!!

By the way…write what you will here, but we MUST PROTECT THE WHISTLE BLOWER 🙂 


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23 Responses to THE HEARINGS

  1. bocopro says:

    Nope! Will NOT listen to professional politicians. Basically for the same reason I don’t eat from garbage cans – the stuff that comes out of ‘em is useless, rotten, and bad for human health on both the individual and national levels.

    The only thing I wanna hear Schiffweasel say is, “I’ve been wrong, about everything, and hereby resign.”

    Problem is, he’ll be re-elected, along with Botox Nan, “Whitey’s the problem” Waters, Airhead AOC, “Death to America” Omar, Jerry the Hut, Bernie the Commie . . . and if Her Rotten Heinous injects her Grey Goose self into the mix, 60 million ignoramuses will vote for her again.

    If I wanna watch somebody do interrogations, I’ll go with Goren (Criminal Intent). If I wanna see entertaining investigative procedures, I’ll watch Bones, or NCIS, or Columbo. If I wanna see dirty public servants exposed and dirtbags served justice, I’ll get a Dirty Harry movie.

    If I’m lookin for political intrigue, I’ll go with Shakespeare, or Boccaccio, or Sophocles, not a buncha greedy, power-hungry, self-repetitive parasites reading from lists of leading questions designed NOT to discover the facts but to support their implications.

    Schiff-for-brains offers perfidy, which late-nite comics do MUCH better; treachery, for which the FBI, NSC, and CIA have MUCH more experience; and parody, which even SNL does MUCH better than he can, not to mention the Sacramento Bee.

    Anyone with more than two functioning cortical synapses knows that the House will vote to impeach – hell, they’d have done so over a year ago before Schiffty produced his “whistleblower.” “Guilty!! Now, as to the crime, that’s for us to know and everyone else to wonder about.”

    And everybody, including SanFranSickoNan and Schmucky, understand that there’s simply no way 20 Republican senators are gonna jump across the aisle and convict a sitting president just because a buncha butthurt liberals don’t like him, especially considering unemployment figures and the economy.

    So . . . it’s a cosplay shampeachment with the grand inquisitor sporting a kangaroo skin instead of a scarlet cape. It smacks of Himmler, and Goebbels, and Stalin, and Mao . . . and I ain’t a’gonna give it any more of my attention than I would a runaway dog diggin thru the trash cans behind a 7-11.

    It’s a power-grab, a coup, a weaponization of Article II, Section 4’s mention of the term “Bribery,” which resonates SO much clearer in the public mind than “Quid Pro Quo” or “Misdemeanors” (read as “butthurt”) which most people would have to google to find out what they mean.

    And I STILL wanna know how we’ll be so much better off if DJT is removed by bloodless coup from office. Will the economic chaos and international suspicion make things safer, healthier, smoother?

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  2. kidme37 says:

    I’d rather have a 3 yr old teaching me calculus than listen to democrats, so I’m paying zero attention to it.

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  3. ACUCHUCK says:

    The Dems are making up their own rules, so why don’t we. Why be so civil with the Dems when they are trying to undo 2016 and get rid of TRUMP..

    Start interrupting Shiff at the very moment he lies, cause a seen. Ask Shiff in front of everyone to speak with that CIA spy “Eric Ciaramella”. Use his name in front of everyone. Don’t call him the whistle blower, because NOBODY KNOWS WHO HE IS,wink wink, call him a fact witness. Do it in front of everyone, right in the middle of one of these hearings. See how the Shiff Show, freaks out. Let’s see how he responds to an outrages event like that. Once the name is out there, this pitiful dance about the W/B will be out front and over. This will put the Dems in a tizzy and they will be on their back foot trying to deal with Eric Ciamarella’s name out there. Consequences be damned. Imagine the outrage, confusion and scandal that would follow. Priceless.

    The Repubs are following rules, of being respectful, honest and fair, something, the Dems have long since forgotten. Time to play dirty and loud. Every time a Dem lies, interrupt them. Forget the rules of order, the Dem’s have. Repubs need to throw a wrench in this Shiff Show. Being proper, and civilized just won’t cut it any longer, we need in your face responses to the Left, only way to protect our way of life. No pain no gain.

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  4. jean worland says:

    Bocopro is so right on! Think I’ll copy for my email sends!


  5. Mustang says:

    Hi Z

    I was simply curious about this Army officer whose behavior is somewhat erratic … kind of like the Major at Fort Hood, exhibiting strange behavior before he took a firearm to the soldiers there. So I did a light check at Wiki and found that LtCol Alexander Vindman has a twin brother, LtCol Yevgeny Vindman, who also works in the NSC staff, a lawyer in the office of legal affairs, who se job is to address “ethical complaints.”

    Light bulb.

    So according to Alex, he was so concerned about the Trump phone call that he rushed to the NSC office of legal affairs and consulted with a lawyer there about the ethical violation, which as it turns out was his twin brother. I this doesn’t appear conspiratorial to anyone but myself, then maybe I need a pill.

    When you open up the “early life” section of Wiki we find the stuff that spy novels are made of: Aleksandr and Yevgeny were born to a Jewish family in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of the Soviet Union. After the death of their mother, the three year old twins and their older brother Leonid, were brought to New York in December 1979 by their father, and they grew up in Little Odessa.

    Maybe we should call this the Odessa File Revisited. How many Jews in 1979 were able to pick up and leave the Soviet Union? I suppose it is possible that they “knew someone.” Maybe they knew Putin, who was still a major in the KGB back then. Deep plant, anyone? Anyone? In any case, the timing was perfect. They’d never get away with this twenty years ago when we had an FBI.

    Okay, so now I’ll tell you who the whistle blower was. Sitting down? Holding breath? Smoke’em if you’ve got’em.

    The Whistle Blower is Kid. That guy cannot keep a secret and he’s known to consort with cats.

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, the twin brother was sitting behind him during the hearing and they were chuckling down the hall when he was finished.
    I like Odessa File Revisited…he did go into his young life a little, mostly complimenting his father for bringing them here, how grateful he was…the Dems kept (a LOT) saying how wonderful his father must be and so courageous, etc.
    FOX had a montage of CNN/MSNBC ‘journalists’ commenting on how ‘THIS is the kind of man I want in charge of our intel!” “THIS man is a wonderful example of real patriotism” and more hyperbolic than that!
    “MAJOR AT FT HOOD”? I hope not !!! 🙂

    Jean….Bocopro is amazing and I’m sure he’ll be delighted to share on your email blasts! They’re good!

    Chuck, they ARE being very polite and I’m sick of it….I must say my admiration for Nunes is rising….I do want to remind folks HE IS A CALIFORNIAN! 🙂

    Boco and Kid… I don’t understand but ………..okay.

    I’m far too curious and interested……………..although this morning is scaring me..


  7. Baysider says:

    I”m using a new browser and can’t comment in it. But it was worth it to get my old one up just to say “way to go Mustang!” Otherwise, I’m with BP. Too busy to worry about this – but pray, pray.

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  8. zabelle Huss says:

    Too busy?? If you only knew!!!
    An old guy just came into the beauty shop…sat down…and says WISH WE WERE AT THE HEARINGS…NOBODY KNOWS WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT!! I was delighted when his cutter stuffed as magazine into his hands!!


  9. MAL says:

    I believe my posts will show directly now, Z. Sorry for the inconvenience. Under “website” below, there was something there I wasn’t familiar with so simply deleted it, and it works.

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  10. Mustang says:

    Thank you, Baysider …

    Quid Pro Quo

    There should be an encyclopedia that chronicles every time the United States government, or a government official, or a businessman/woman demanded one. I’m guessing that the encyclopedia would rival the Britannica in volume. It seems to me that in addressing this issue, members of Congress are explaining to us that Quid Pro Quo is a very bad thing and should not only be avoided, but also punished as an offense to heaven. The only problem with this argument is that every single politician sitting in the United States congress used Quid Pro Quo in their last election cycle. In exchange for our vote, they promised or pledged something in return.

    The politics of this country is getting dumber by the day. Seriously, the only thing a Russian, Chinese, or Moslem leader has to do is wait. Eventually, we’ll flush ourselves down the loo. If there is an American Republic fifty years from now, it will be a miracle.

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  11. Mustang typed:

    If there is an American Republic fifty years from now, it will be a miracle.

    I believe that, too. Makes it hard for me to teach young people. 😦

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  12. Bob says:

    No matter what evidence there is or no, the Democrats will vote for impeachment. The witnesses testimony means nothing. Schiff simply cherry-picks words and phrases to paste a picture that meets his needs.

    There is no evidence of wrong-doing. That makes no difference. It is an exercise in public relations and nothing more.

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  13. bunkerville says:

    Following up on Mustang…Sondland is another Jew whose family came here via uroguay… As I recall several other of the witnesses had these foreign stories of escaping the very thing they want America to become…
    A million bucks gave Sondland the Ambassadorship to the EU… it was never intended that he be a major player in Ukraine and I doubt he was, just like Yesterdays witness……He knew nothing about Ukraine which became clear during his testimony.. He only lasted a couple of months until the new Ambassador was appointed.Thus just an interim….

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  14. Mustang says:

    Save the world (Roosevelt).
    Save the people of Korea (Truman)
    Save the people of Viet Nam (Johnson)
    Save the people of Afghanistan (Bush/Obama)
    Save the people of Iraq (Bush/Obama)
    Save the people of Ukraine (Obama/Trump)

    We no longer have a War Department, so I don’t understand why our government continues to involve our people and our resources in wars of aggression in other lands. We have a DEFENSE department now, so let’s conserve our nation’s blood and resources for actually defending America from attack by any number of real threats and until then, leave the world alone. Heck, maybe we could even do a better job keeping immigrants OUT of America unless they can demonstrate a genuine acceptance for what America stands for—which is nothing even remotely connected to the Clintons or Obamas, or any other socialist jerk who wants to save the world.

    Here’s an idea. Why not save Americans for a change?

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  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, you very sweet man….YOU DID IT! It’s great that, this time, it was something simple. Thanks, pal 🙂 xxxxx

    MUSTANG, as I’ve often said since this thing came up…”THERE IS NO NEGOTIATION WITHOUT QUID PRO QUO”…that’s what negotiation IS…I’ll give you THIS, you give ME THIS….
    don’t you agree?
    And yes, no American Republican in even 25 years, in my opinion. And STILL young idiot parents will vote for the Left.
    “Why not save Americans for a change?” EXACTLY. Something else I say almost daily. “is it WRONG to put AMERICANS first again?”
    Great, Mustang…thanks.

    Bunkerville, you and Mustang NEED to be at the HEARINGS…ON MICROPHONE.

    I’d suggest that for KID, too, but it’d be very, VERY ugly 🙂

    BOB, I’m almost 90% sure that Giuliani was ONLY involved due to Biden….and his probably running against Trump. I think Trump definitely did a ‘quid pro quo’…and I DON’T CARE>
    WHY NOT? Having said that, I don’t think Trump would EVER EVER put OUR SAFETY behind HIS POLITICAL FUTURE. I believe he knew what he was doing…I believe that catching Biden in this HORRIBLE thing he orchestrated for his son realLy DID put us at risk and WE SHOULD KNOW THAT…so if it worked for US and TRUMP, so be it.

    I believe it was a mistake to get Giuliani EVER involved with foreign countries…private attorney of the president? NO WAY. To me, it just looks awful. What’s the purpose? Why couldn’t a White House attorney done it, like the great guy Nunes is sitting next to?….Caster, Steven, I think? the ONLY purpose Trump would get Giuliani involved is to SCREW BIDEN. Yes, I LIKE THAT< but we can't ignore how that looks…..

    I will run and duck for cover now 🙂

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  16. Mustang says:

    I completely agree with you about Guiliani. He may be a great lawyer, but as a politician … wow. I honestly don’t know what Trump is thinking sometimes when he selects really bad actors to advise or assist him. Crikey. Trey Gowdy wold have been a better pick, but I’m not sure Gowdy would take much crap from DJT. Just a thought.

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  17. kidme37 says:

    Z, Me at the hearings and asked to give my thoughts ? The dems would declare waterboarding no longer torture and waterboard me until they got bored then Epstein me. (A new Verb I just coined far as I know)

    Ambassadors ? Friends of politicians in high places or those owed favors of same dressed up in 3 piece suits paid ridiculous sums of money to go lie like sacks to foreign countries and arrange the details of upcoming money laundering events and transactions – A healthy part of obama’s 18 trillion spending spree that didn’t even result in a new bridge in America.

    Why are people (obama lovers in this case) so stupid. I realize I’ve got a lot more life experience on a lot of these people, but I also believe this wouldn’t have been much of a stretch to me at 18 years old either.

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  18. kidme37 says:

    Mustang, yea DJT has picked some real winners. Scaramucci, Guiliani, enemies left in key positions in the White House. Part of me wants to believe it was a part on an ingenious strategy, but most of me thinks that when I think *That* I’m wrong, and it was just a stupid thing to do.

    But hey, –


  19. geeez2014 says:

    I REALLY like Representative Will Hurt of TX….I Wiki’d him and laughed out loud at Wikipedia’s typical way of slamming Republicans…”Hurd is the only black Republican in the House of Representatives in the 116th Congress, one of seven in the House of Representatives since the 1930s;” That could be interested way down the article but it’s about the third sentence! ONLY BLACK REPUBLICAN 🙂 ……………….

    It was also almost difficult to find his PARTY AFFILIATION on the page I Bing’d because I don’t think the lefties really LIKE a Black ANYONE who’s not on their plantation.;..

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  20. geeez2014 says:

    Rep Denny Heck, Congressman from Tacoma ……………I’m watching now and EVERY TIME HE SPEAKS he is:

    an IDIOT EXTRAORDINAIRE……….he is repulsive, disgusting, STUPID, a liar….

    I could go on but I feel somewhat better now. THanks for listening 🙂


  21. geeez2014 says:

    BOY, the witnesses this afternoon are THE driest, unpersonnable, icky people EVER.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    We vote for congressmen who say RECKANIZE.


  23. MAL says:

    Of course, Z! If they could spell, they’d get a REAL job!
    They ain’t qualified for anything else but politics.


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