SO MUCH NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

DEMOCRAT DEBATE (yes, I did watch a bit…….then couldn’t anymore)

IMPEACHMENT HEARING (what a joke…thank God for (Californian) Nunes.


Did any of YOU have the guts to watch ANY of the debate?   HAHA!!!


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31 Responses to SO MUCH NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. bocopro says:

    Last person to actually win a debate was Ronnie Raygun. Since then, it’s been a series of contests to determine who can best spin, warp, evade, distort, deny, and exaggerate reality without self-destructing in front of their own voter base.

    It’s like liberals’ criticizing FoxNews when in fact they never WATCH FoxNews. To me, Shakespeare’s “A plague on both your houses” (from Romeo & Juliet) seems most apt.

    Though I avoid actually watching or listening to politicians, it’s virtually impossible in today’s world to remain unaware of their utterances, which generally are taken out of context, truncated, or just plain silly.

    Imagining Bernie or Beto or Buttjudge going mano a mano with loony Ayatollahs or German Chancellors or Kremlin despots is downright cringeworthy. Assessing their “debate” success is a simple matter of graphing them in terms of depth of failure.

    Those who stick to facts and reasonable courses of action are usually dry and boring, while those who promise free tacos and margaritas for all get the primo media attention.

    In the first televised debates, Nixon actually had better answers than Kennedy, but he looked shady somehow, like Bud Abbott tryin to sell Mr. Bacciagalupe a used car. JFK was in fact the charismatic, emotive, but deceptive one while Tricky Dick looked like the guy you warned your daughters to stay away from.

    Nixon had all the appeal of a turnip; Kennedy was the rose of Tralee. The camera made it look like Don Barzini versus Robin Hood, “The Big Lebowski” versus “Singin’ in the Rain,” John Malkovich versus Robert Redford.

    “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” EsPECially professional politicians, whose goal is apparently to solve global warming by bringing upon us the “winter of our discontent” through interminable coverage of shampeachmentalism.

    The fault, dear citizens, lies not within the politicians, but in ourselves . . . that we keep re-electing them. When I was a very young man, the television news told us the truth about what was going on. Today it exposes the truth about its producers and editors.

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  2. I posted this reply to Morgan Orlins on one of his Facebook posts this morning:

    One thing is abundantly clear Morgan; career bureaucrats don’t understand clear language, straightforward statements & conducting business above board with honesty & integrity. They appear to have “nuanced” President Trump’s position & mistranslated it into bureaucratic parseltongue!

    How much clearer could President Trump have been? “I want no quid pro quo. I want nothing. I want President Zelensky to do the right thing. I want him to keep his campaign promises.”

    These jackasses don’t know how to respond to honesty & integrity & righteousness in a President! They’re corrupt political animals too long in the “Subterfuge & Intrigue” world of the diplomatic corps!!!!!

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  3. bocopro says:


    Neat word. First thing that surfaced in my thought pool was “governmentese,” that murky, ambiguous, misleading verbiage that pours from the mouths of bureaucrats like saccharine syrup.

    Then I remembered that it originally referred to Serpentese, the language of snakes. So I’m gonna take it as a deliberate, or at least automatic, double entendre.

    How apt. Merci.

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  4. ACUCHUCK says:

    DEBATE?– I was busy rewinding and watching Ambssr.Sonland and his presumptions, while Shifty squirmed. Love that Shifty couldn’t wait till he had all of Sonlands testimony before he had that mid day press conference. Not just egg on his face, but, the whole omelette.

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  5. Mustang says:

    I didn’t watch the debates, Z … but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night! I was satisfied with the cliff notes on Headline News. But I keep wondering, if these people are such GREAT Americans, why are they Democrats/Communists?

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, they’re not all Democrats, of course. Not all people working in international posts are Democrats. Or Communists.

    I’m watching now as long as I can because I have a meeting all morning and need to get ready and go….but the man giving his testimony now is compelling and confirms my feelings that using Giuiliani was a huge mistake. All of the diplomats are also disappointed in Yovanovitch’s firing and the way it was done, Dem and Reps. All worked for both parties’ presidents over the years. This is going to be a tougher day for this administration than the previous few.

    CHUCK: It is so clear Sondman is a jerk….I could tell by various things he said that he’s no total dummy but he donated a million and they gave him quite a big job…sad.

    FW: I wonder what Trump exactly meant when he said “I want Zelenski to do the right thing…”
    Some think it’s the high road and meant to stop corruption, etc. Could mean a lot of things.

    Bocopro…I’d forgotten that Nixon/Kennedy thing…remember Nixon kept sweating and he got more flack for sweating on TV than any of his answers!
    And yes, Reagan was probably the last president to really win a TRUE debate!!!

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  7. geeez2014 says:

    It’s just not in me to think anything I hear from witnesses and don’t like is a lie………..

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  8. You guys are cracking me up, today!!!

    Bocopro – “governmentese” – hilarious and apropos!

    ACUCHUCK – “Not just egg on his face, but, the whole omelette.” That made me laugh!

    Mustang – “I didn’t watch the debates, Z … but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night!” OMG, you guys are on a roll this morning! Too funny!!!


  9. I feel empathy and compassion for President Trump. He’s been subjected to the worst injustice I’ve ever seen in my lifetime…. in the history of this country, in fact. Not enough reflection on President Trump’s humanness is being taken into consideration by almost everyone…. because he is STRONG & FIGHTS BACK.

    As a very strong woman, I can attest to being able to withstand enormous stress. I’ve weathered numerous serious crises and potentially disastrous situations and have endured. But …. BUT …. those mountains I eventually climbed took their toll on me. What must it feel like to be President Trump?

    The Schiff-show impeachment hearings about Ukraine leave me aghast at how singularly focused these diplomats are. They appear to not recognize the monumental plot the President has had to combat WHILE dealing their one country.

    The President has a war being waged against him by fellow Americans; a good majority of them being elected officials and government bureaucrats whom the President is supposed to lead. He’s the admirial of the fleet and there’s mutiny underway. It has been for his entire Presidency.

    Z, “Some think it’s the high road and meant to stop corruption, etc. Could mean a lot of things.” He means he wants the corruption that has gone on to stop. He wants the Ukrainian & American officials and their family members and cronies who paid or took bribes to be exposed…. not because they’re his polticial rivals… but BECAUSE this corruption taints the relationship between us and compromises the judgment of all involved.

    He wants honest deals made that benefit both nations …. without side deals that personally enrich anybody or protect the wrongdoing of anybody. That’s what he means!

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  10. skudrunner says:

    They need to just vote for impeachment and then try to get something done for the American people. After millions spent investigating trump since November 2016 the dems finally found something they can go after. The millions spent could have provided housing for all the homeless but they decided their time in the spotlight was more important.
    They are going to vote impeachment, trump will remain in office and the dems will continue to investigate him for spending government money on hair spray.


  11. Bocopro… the term parseltongue came from a Harry Potter movie.

    “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”

    The fact that Harry is a Parselmouth plays a major role in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, as it is his ability to understand Parseltongue that allows him to hear the Monster in the Chamber when it is prowling through the school, and because it allows him to actually open the Chamber.

    Muggles’ Guide to Harry Potter/Magic/Parseltongue … › wiki › Magic › Parseltongue


  12. bocopro says:

    Haven’t read the book(s), but one of my grandsons mentioned the “parseltongue” in relation to serpent language and asked me if I’d encountered it before in any other literature.

    He’s now a computer geek with the MS and writes code for a living . . . speakin of serpent language —


  13. Anonymous says:

    We didn’t want to dignify the proceedings by watching, thereby increasing the viewership.
    Apparently there is no penalty for lying so expect it to continue.
    What a sad day for our (once) great country.


  14. Law and Order Teacher says:

    Reading the book “The Plot Against the President” by Lee Smith. It lays out in detail the plot uncovered by Devin Nunes. Very interesting and very frightening. For the government to unload on a President in an attempted coup is hard to wrap your mind around. It indicts all the players from BO on down to Comey, Brennan, Clapper, and everyone in the BO DOJ and the White House. It is an amazing cabal. Nunes is a hero. It brought everything into focus for me. I can’t put it down.

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  15. L&OT, i just got my copy of that book myself. Glad to hear it’s good.


  16. MAL says:

    We watched very little of it. Besides being boring, we didn’t want to increase the viewership.
    The lying will continue as long as there is no penalty for doing so.


  17. Law and Order Teacher says:

    Prepare to be blown away. The coup is on.

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  18. geeez2014 says:

    So FIONA HILL suddenly got all riled up when I finally got home to continue to watch about an hour ago…because some leftwing Congressman brought up the smears on George Soros. She immediately left her very calm, measured demeanor I’d seen early this morning and took off on people who ARE FOLLOWING THE ANTISEMITIC ‘TROPE’ OF THE ‘ELDERS OF ZION’ IF THEY INSULT GEORGE SOROS.


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  19. geeez2014 says:


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  20. geeez2014 says:

    These are politicians who are weeping over the Trump administration and how they’re making us weaker…meanwhile, they’re for open borders and destroying our economy by paying for illegals, etc etc……you can’t make this up.

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  21. I’ve been watching this farce, on and off today, Z. Good grief! I’ve never seen such egotistical people in my life. How much are we paying Fiona Hill and David Holmes…. their sainthoods are pending… in their own eyes. Good grief!

    The official bureaucracy needs completely overhauled …. because if these are our best and brightest…. no wonder things are so effed up!


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Will Hurd is right…as I was…the president acted totally inappropriately on this whole Ukraine thing, particularly that call. It’s all there. Republicans didn’t question …they just speechified about how the Dems just want to get rid of Trump. That didn’t really work. Though they’re 1000% correct, of course. But, Hurd is also correct in suggesting this isn’t an impeachable crime. Sadly, it really does reflect on Trump so badly….he wanted Biden……..that’s the only reason Giuliani got involved…and that’s now pretty clear.

    I was kind of thrilled to see the Dr Hill/Elders of Zion input I commented on just above …..because it showed something SO liberally STUPID in her that, for me, it almost negated the little I heard this morning before I had to leave. Who knows what happened the 4 hours I was gone…I guess I’ll hear it tonight on the news.


  23. “Sadly, it really does reflect on Trump so badly….he wanted Biden……..that’s the only reason Giuliani got involved…and that’s now pretty clear.” I disagree, Z.

    Ukraine is and has been a hotbed of corruption since the fall of the USSR. Throughout the decades, foreign aid has been given to Ukraine and squandered – STOLEN – and United States government officials have skimmed off the top while billions of dollars went missing. There are dozens of AMERICANS who had their hands in the Ukrainian Corruption Cookie Jar…. and it’s happening elsewhere, throughout the State Department.

    Why do you think Hillary wanted to be Secretary of State? State Department officials have been getting filthy rich with pay-to-play schemes on a massive scale. That’s why Rudy went to Ukraine. It had nothing to with Biden. He followed the trail of corruption there and LOOK WHO HE FOUND! Drug addict son of former Vice President Biden!

    Rudy Giuliani went to Ukraine because the facts of his investigation into the plot against President Trump led him there. He has EVIDENCE that Ukrainians were involved in the plot to bring down President Trump. We don’t know the whole of it, yet. But we will.

    The President looks to me like a man who’s been unjustly targeted…. screwed with while the country suffers. He is motivated by a desire to end this corruption and make the corrupt SOBs that caused him so much grief PAY FOR THEIR MULTITUDE OF CRIMES.

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  24. MAL says:

    You hit the nail on the head, FW. They want to continue the corruption but Trump is in their way. Some thanks he’s getting for trying to clean up the mess!

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  25. geeez2014 says:

    Ya, we pretty much do, FW about election tampering by Ukraine…we know a Ukrainian wrote a letter the NY Times published before the 2016 election in an attempt to bring Trump down. That’s not a big deal.

    Giuliani was a bad choice; there’s zero discussion about him doing ANYTHING but Biden-related work…If the R’s had brought up other corruption Giuliani was on, I’d maybe slightly agree with you, but they didn’t. I understand why Trump can’t use WH lawyers, his WH is FULL of disloyalty and leakers, but surely someone better could have been found than Giuliani! Tensing or DeGenova? There are plenty very loyal Republicans.

    I’m seeing both sides…I believe Trump was mostly interested in Biden and the coming election…’just in case’ Biden was the frontrunner…(which I doubt, at 77 yrs of age NOW)…I believe Zelenski was showing his corruption in this deal, too, sadly……….Nobody’s clean.

    Do I hope Trump gets out of this? 100%. Do I think he’s noble and clean on this. Not 100% by a long shot.

    ALL the witnesses had pros and cons to their personalities and testimonies…ALL. Odd the R’s did nothing to expose Hill today, particularly after she quite literally jumped out of her shoes when Soros’ name was brought up and came to his rescue, implying anybody who even mentioned Soros in a negative way is ANTI SEMITIC, FOLLOWING THE “ELDERS OF ZION”…that was maybe one of THE most bizarre, unexpected reactions I’ve ever seen in any hearing witness…she’s DEEP into Soros and , to me, that TOTALLY blew her protestations of being NON POLITICAL!! WHat a joke she was….b*tch. See Bunkerville’s blog today….all about the Fiona Hill/Soros thing

    Hill really does look like a ‘dominatrix’…!!!


  26. bunkerville says:

    I watched every single minute… gavel to gavel.. Today was the best with our Soros buddy testifying…. thanks for the mention… it was fun.


  27. Baysider says:

    Dems aren’t just spending millions to impeach Trump. They’re spending millions to undo the 2016 election. I didn’t watch debate, but heard PB wax on about his plans to spend gazillions more shortly before. So a few million to tarnish Trump is nothing to them. Besides … IT’S NOT THEIR MONEY THEY’RE SPENDING! Comme d’habitude.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Bunk….I really thought today’s witnesses were honest and compelling…and horrifying. I could barely tear myself away because the testimonies were SO awful…. But that SOROS thing when I got home and put the TV on again 4 hours later, REALLY showed me FIONA IS A LIAR and an IDEALOGUE, too.

    Baysider…oui, comme d’habitude…
    AND the Republicans have raised about $50 million more than the Dems since the hearings…HURRAH!!!
    And HURRAH to Trump for turning another COURT RED!!!!!!! 🙂 Now if he could just FLIP THE NINTH CIRCUIT!!!!


  29. I don’t see how Joe diGenova & Victoria Toensing could represent President Trump In Ukraine since they are the lawyers for Dmitry Firtash, “… a Ukrainian gas magnate who lives in Vienna and is fighting extradition to the U.S. on bribery charges. Firtash paid the lawyers $1 million to uncover dirt on Joe Biden and to win help in his legal case from Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, according to Bloomberg News.”

    There is a WHOLE LOT MORE to this than going after Joe Biden & son, Hunter’s corruption. The Ukraine corruption is vast & encompasses more high profile American politicians. The story is just not fully out yet.


  30. Ukraine interference in 2016 election was minimized by Fiona Hill & David Holmes today … reduced to a couple of Ukraine officials who wrote opinion pieces trashing Trump in support of Hillary.

    I can’t find the links now, but I’ve read a couple articles about Ukraine sources who directly provided information that went into the Steele dossier. Fiona Hill said today that that was Russian disinformation… but I don’t trust her one damn but because she’s a George Soros crony.


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