I had barely heard of Representative Martha Roby before but I will listen for any news on her in the future.

I was watching some of what they called a “hearing” yesterday…which turned out to be an unabashed HATE TRUMP FEST of 3 very liberal attorneys and one centrist, Jonathan Turley, who most of us are more familiar with through appearances on FOX and CNN.  I was stunned at the obvious leftwing leaning of the 3 ‘biggest experts in America on Constitutional Law,’ as many put them.  Not because the three were SO for impeachment, but because of the way they said things, the style, the innuendos.

You might say “How do YOU know they’re lefties, Z, they’re EXPERTS and just said what they know!”    And I’ll come back with;

“Because at least one Representative asked only THREE “Do you think it rises to impeachment?”     Aloud in my living room, I said “How about asking Turley!?  what the…??”

Martha Roby was the next Republican Rep to get her five minutes  ….and she said;

“Mr Turley, would YOU like to answer that question?”   He kind of chuckled at the absurdity of not having been asked by the Dem, and said:

“You could make an argument for impeachment but none of what I’ve seen or read comes to that, nobody’s proven anything.” (I paraphrase)  And I had been thinking the same thing…none of what was sited by the 3 had not been really proven……..

Representative Gaetz, who I’m also a big fan of, reminded the woman attorney that she’s given money to Warner, Clinton and Obama.   And said some pretty nasty things about Conservatives on panels, etc.   She came back with “I also give money to the poor…because they need it so badly.”

At which time I shut the TV off.

No bias, right?    America is not safe, folks…….we can’t trust anyone.

By the way, there will be nobody who can convince me the lawyers didn’t have the questions asked by the Representatives on the Left.  No way would they have such quick, specific and pointed responses to each question.


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9 Responses to MARTHA ROBY ROCKS

  1. Law and Order Teacher says:

    The whole thing is set-up. Frankly, I don’t know how Turley was included.He, along with Dershowitz are liberals in the old sense of the word. I just finished reading a book about the Johnson impeachment. It was chaotic as heck, but Johnson was in a real tug-of-war with Congress. They would pass a law, he would veto it, they would override it. He and congress did not share an opinion on Reconsruction after the Civil War. Johnson was a racist who began to readmit the southern states back into the union agains the wishes of the Republican led Congress. Johnson was acquited by one vote in the Senate. The situation then was much different than now. Johnson actually made some borderline decisions that prompted his impeachment. This impeachment is a search for a charge that will stick. The Dems have screwed the pooch because Trump broke no laws. It will backfire badly on the Dems.


  2. ACUCHUCK says:

    The Left is so unhinged that they can’t control themselves.Not only do they hate Trump beyond any reason, they find they have a desperate need to be the loudest and craziest “Hate Bad Orange Man” discussion, to show how justified their hatred is. Deep down those Lefties know how weak their position is, but, their TDS is all consuming,We already see how bad of losers, they really are. That’s the reason for their screaming and gnashing of teeth.

    Let them talk and talk, eventually all those Lefties and unknown swamp creatures will show their colors, weather they want to or not, and out themselves for all to see. They just can’t help themselves, blinded by their irrational hatred of Trump and the average American, because they have, no self control.

    If you are like me, my eyes were opened and I was surprised to see, how muckey, the swamp really is. The last few weeks accidentally outed almost 20 of the worst swamp dwellers. They came out to severely injure Trump only to have it backfire and exposed their bias and self-importance, never more to be trusted.
    God works his miracles in many mysterious and different ways. I think that possibly, God, has his thumb on the scale a little bit, and is letting, all these haters hang themselves, because, God knows right from wrong.


  3. skudrunner says:

    The democrats finally accomplished something after three years and millions of dollars spent they finally pressed impeachment of the person who beat the beast. His crime was to ask for an investigation of corruption which unfortunately involved barry’s embarrassing VP’s son. Did joey and hunter do wrong, it doesn’t matter because they are immune from criticism. The all out attack by the democrats, the press and late night talk show’s finally resulting in a victory for the democrats.

    The dems have done nothing for three years except go after trump because they made a mistake choosing the worst of all possible candidates who blew an incredible lead. No USMCA, No immigration reform, No healthcare reform, No infrastructure improvements, No plan to dela with street residents and No work to develop a for the obama created DACA.

    I am uncertain if it is a good idea for the house to go back to doing work for the country because they are totally inept. On the plus side, a lot of them will have to spend all their time campaigning so they can keep the corruption going and to hell with the American people.


  4. MAL says:

    The majority of folks aren’t stupid and see the same things we do so I’m not worried about the final outcome. It would be nice to go back to a true 2-party system again but the spoiled brats and cry babies on the left don’t want any part of it. That would be a true democracy after all and totally against all they believe. I’m just hoping the present economy will continue up through the election next year.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    L&OT, I really think it’s all set up…the answers of the lawyers were just too ‘pat’….Dems would specifically question one and the answer was quick and READY.
    DId you notice they stopped asking Turley questions? That’s why I LOVE ROBEY, she NAILED them “Mr. Turley, would YOU like to answer a question?”
    I had no idea he was a Dem and didn’t vote for Trump……………..he’s no Lefty but he’s no Republican…he and Dershowitz put THE LAW FIRST.

    THOSE TWO should have been there together.

    Skudrunner…ALL OF THE DEMS ARE IMMUNE. You are SO RIGHT. You think the Reps in the House are ‘inept,’ too!?

    ACUCHUCK ” They came out to severely injure Trump only to have it backfire and exposed their bias and self-importance, never more to be trusted.
    God works his miracles in many mysterious and different ways. I think that possibly, God, has his thumb on the scale a little bit, and is letting, all these haters hang themselves, because, God knows right from wrong.” I can’t add to that…you are SO RIGHT…and THANK GOD, right?!!! 😉

    MAL: What’s the TRUE 2-party system you mean…in contrast to what? If the economy dives before the election, and the lefties will do all they can to make sure that happens, Trump’s gone.

    And there’s “I’m a Catholic with love in her heart and I PRAY FOR THE PRESIDENT so don’t mess with ME like words like that”….bite me. That would be a fine, upstanding statement if, while saying it, she wasn’t looking around for its effect. Also, as some liberal on talk radio this morning (He does a show with a Conservative woman) said about Pelosi’s speech “Does she drink Grey Goose on her Cheerios for breakfast!?” HAAA She sounds DRUNK!


  6. Bob says:

    The swamp creatures are on full display. Not only the repulsive Democrat congress-critters, but also the especially obnoxious professors of law from some of our most prestigious academic institutions. I was not impressed with either animal.

    It is scary that such people are teaching students to be lawyers. They may have thought they were the brightest people in the room, but they weren’t. It turns out the schools the like of Harvard and Stanford may not be the best places to get an education.

    It’s too bad that that Martha Roby is retiring from Congress. She went to NYU, and later to Samford University in Birmingham, AL for her JD. So, even a small Baptist university in Alabama can graduate some smart lawyers.


  7. skudrunner says:

    Yes I believe all politicians are corrupt and will sell their soal to the devil for a vote. Their only real interests are spending our money, figuring out ways to get more and keeping their job so they can add to their millions while holding a job that pays 174K a year. Either they are all brilliant or crooks, I vote crooks.
    The democrats are total hypocrites. Saying they are for the poor while doing nothing for them. Barry was all about campaigning for the poor while he spent his time bilking the billionaires and giving federal money to his donor. He helped special interest groups because it was good press. Now he buys a 12 million dollar house on his 400K retirement income and the leftists think he is great.
    The republicans are a mess who won’t stand up for anything together. They just keep rolling over on all issues like high school-er who want to be popular.
    I may not agree with the way trump does things but he is the first in a long time to actually attempt to do what he campaigned for. Did he do something stupid with the phone call, sure, but I don’t think he did anything illegal. Given enough time and resources you can find dirt on anyone and the dems had unlimited millions and three years to find something. Problem is they have no footing.


  8. MAL says:

    Z, I was referring to back when both parties had the best interests for our country in mind but simply differed on how to achieve it. Both hated Socialism. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, both parties came together as one and cooperated in achieving victory. I couldn’t see that happening today.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Bob, that is really bad news…the good ones are leaving American gov’t. Not sure I can blame them, but….
    And yes, as I watched those lawyers, I kept thinking “THESE PEOPLE are TEACHING our young people???”

    Mal, I see…yes, we still have 2 parties but they sure don’t act like the old days when AMERICA was the important thing.

    Skudrunner…you are SO right,…..imagine questioning every single little thing ANY president did? Scrutiny like this could NEVER be overcome. Does ANYBODY think ANY president hasn’t offered QUID PRO QUO? Has ANY president had really questionable, unethical conversations to get what he wants from another world leader?



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