This works for me….but who didn’t know that already?!

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9 Responses to This works for me….but who didn’t know that already?!

  1. bocopro says:

    Horizontal Harris is just a tanned Hillary Rodham — snotty, condescending, hypocritical, insensitive, power-hungry, lying, posturing, ineffective political campaigner.


  2. kidme37 says:

    The statement is perfect. Democrats are the racists and always have been.


  3. Law and Order Teacher says:

    “Horizontal Harris” absolutely priceless. Well done, BCP. She is Hillary 2.0. Entitled and thoughtless. The sooner she is swept out the door the better. Cackle about that, Hillary…I mean Harris. Go back to the Senate and do nothing for your state just as you had been before.


  4. MAL says:

    Sometimes self-analysis is beneficial. I’m happy she learned about her own party.


  5. skudrunner says:

    When you have no other card to play you play the race card. We had a kinda black president and a kinda female candidate so her statement is totally without merit. It is amazing that the two kinda black candidates in the race are sweeping the bottom so I guess that means the people influencing the polls are racist.


  6. kidme37 says:

    Well, imo, the democrat voters are only interested in one thing. Who can beat Trump. It is “Interesting” that so far they are placing their bets on a pedophile, woman grabbing, moron, punk, with Dementia without a single accomplishment to his name that lies intentionally or otherwise constantly.


  7. Baysider says:

    A pedophile! Com’on Kid. Who are you talking about?

    KH left out one fact: not ready for a Communist WOC to be president. Maybe someone read her record as AG in California. She knows better.


  8. kidme37 says:

    Bay, Biden – the current front runner. Warren has taken quite a dive lately.


  9. bunkerville says:

    Their lack of self awareness is breath taking… the Dems eat their own not realizing what they are doing or saying.


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