Well, looky here, looky HERE :-)


“CNN averaged only 138,000 primetime demo viewers — less than half of Fox News’ average of 303,000 during the week.

Fox News was the most-watched cable network among total day viewers for the 47th straight week, averaging 1.3 million. Hallmark Channel, ESPN, MSNBC and Nickelodeon joined FNC among the top five.'”

I’m a little surprised at MSNBC up there in the top five with FNC, but….who knows?  I suppose there will always be the far leftwing nuts who need pablum for their illness and they get leftwing pablum at MSNBC, but CNN coming in so far behind seems to me to indicate the centrists are leaving the Left.   “let us pray!” 🙂

Why do YOU think CNN is doing so poorly and MSNBC is not?


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7 Responses to Well, looky here, looky HERE :-)

  1. bocopro says:

    CNN has a serious problem with priorities. The editors are so radically anti-Trump that they simply can’t bear broadcasting anything which gives him credit, only that which demeans him. Ergo, they’re bleating into an echo chamber for a hardcore audience of far lefties.

    CNN’s ability to alter opinion or inform the electorate is about the same as Hannity’s — only the extremists pay any attention to ’em.

    What I consider MUCH more dangerous is that ABC, CBS, and NBC have considerably larger audiences, hence more influence, than Fox. GMA has roughly 4.5 million viewers, pretty much the same as TODAY while Fox & Friends is barely 1.5 million. Even THE VIEW has more viewers than F&F.

    I don’t watch Hannity for the same reason that I don’t drink 190 proof ‘shine, and I don’t watch CNN for the same reason that I don’t eat from garbage cans.

    Actually, I’m convinced that this nation would be FAR better off without 24/7 TV news channels and “talk” shows. And it most CERTAINLY would be healthier without the constant suggestions to go get some fast food or sugarwater.

    And . . . the smartfone epidemic isn’t doing our students any good for their mental, physical, or educational health.


  2. bunkerville says:

    I am amazed that so many of my friends are watching Hallmark channel now…. I guess it is what happens when one has had enough of the madness. I ask them if they have seen so and so… and the response is “Hallmark.” 🙂


  3. Bandmeeting says:


    Sean Hannity: “Breaking new, breaking news, buckle up, breaking news…..”


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro, I’m not worried about the network numbers at all….lots of people don’t even have cable, or don’t watch it.
    Also, I’m not as excited as I was when I wrote the post yesterday because friends who were here last night discussed this with me and they had the good point that young people don’t get their news from TV, they get it on Instagram or other internet places….and so that’s probably why CNN has lost viewers and FOX hasn’t. FOXes watchers are known to be older. So that disappointed me and squelched my excitement!

    Bunkerville, ah, yes, HALLMARK CHRISTMAS movies where the “True meaning of Christmas” is saving a father’s vineyard, making the best Christmas cookie, finding a husband, or ironing out a problem between the bride and groom the night before their wedding…just cracks me up when they say at the end “THIS is the TRUE MEANING OF CHRISTMAS!” 🙂
    But I will say they’re now, in the newer ones, actually singing Christmas carols instead of Frosty the Snowman….they take out the name of JESUS but they sing around him 🙂


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Bandmeeting, your comment went into Moderation and I just released it.
    I agree…that BREAKING NEWS! is usually something that happened 3 days or 6 hours ago.
    Or how about “Stay with us for some information you’ll really want to know…” Then the Commercial, then you realize the show’s OVER, Hannity comes back and says “Hope to see you tomorrow night”
    But we watched that darned COMMERCIAL..
    Not anymore. I can barely watch his show anymore.

    I will say on a REALLY tough Trump day when ALL looks lost, he’s said or tweeted horrible things, or evidence is daunting against him, sometimes I’ll watch HANNITY, his CHEERING SQUAD just to lift my spirits and get another viewpoint! 🙂


  6. MAL says:

    If the minimum voting age was 28 or 30, the left would lose the most, by far. They depend on the naivete for votes.
    And yes, Hannity is due for some real change. If we all see it, so do others.


  7. Leonard Jones says:

    How much of that 138,000 is just an estimate of viewers at airports? If the statisticians
    are counting them, they are counting a lot of captive conservative viewers in the lobbies
    and restaurants in every airport in America.


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