Yes, I watched quite a bit of the Democrat Debates and I am GLAD I DID because they are ALL NUTS.  They’re rude, they’re LOUD, they’re conceited, they’re stupid, they are mostly so Anti American it’s breath taking..

The message of the night was this;  PROFIT IS BAD.   PERIOD. PROFIT IS BAD.  Screw those corporations.

If Biden says “Come on, MAAAAN,” one more time, I’ll pinch his neck off his head.  “Hello, Joe? You’re a bit old to use MAN in every sentence.  You are NOT COOL, get over it.”    “Oh, and you’re also hateful, mean, you look like Satan”

The funniest thing about Biden was when Telemundo’s questioner (a raving beauty, by the way) asked Klobuchar how she could forget the Pres of Mexico’s name, which she did….Klobuchar whined and tried to get herself out of it (Which I agreed with, you can’t remember EVERYTHING all the time) and then Biden starts screaming “I KNOW THE GUY!  I’VE NEGOTIATED WITH ALL THOSE GUYS…I KNOW MEXICO” like a baby having a tantrum.  HILARIOUS!!  (p.s.,  the president’s new since Obama was out of office, so probably Joe has NOT negotiated with Obrador?!)

Bloomberg looked BAD BAD BAD.   They brought up the Non-Disclosure Agreements women have signed so they can’t tell people things he’s said to them…like ‘get an abortion’!….Many on the stage said “Why not release them from the agreement!?”   “No,” says Bloomberg.  Imagine?..he adds “…THEY asked for them so I won’t release them”!  $$$$  HAAA!!!

In other words…..we don’t want men of color upset more than we don’t want good, innocent New Yorkers KILLED.

THAT was my favorite idiocy of the night.  Anybody else have the guts to watch?  If so, what were your thoughts?

!!! Z

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  1. bocopro says:

    Nope! Don’t need no mantrachanting and posturing and “Let’s see just how bad we can make each other look” by carefully prepped and rehearsed self-promoting perjurers, deluders, and exaggerators in a televised talking-point festival.

    What I’d REALLY like to see is for each of them to sit quietly on stage for about half an hour while a montage of DJT’s accomplishments plays on the magnascreen, and prepare a convincing list of reasons why they could make the country stronger, safer, richer, and happier than he has.

    Other than raising taxes to compel Mother Nature to stabilize global climate, feed deadbeats and non-citizens, and provide safe houses for druggies to shoot up;
    give government control of everything, including bedroom and bathroom activities;
    surrender all firearms and sharp or pointy instruments;
    eliminate offensive pronouns;
    fund abortion on demand;
    blame all the world’s ills on white people;
    confuse the hell out of schoolchildren;
    demonstrate that no-one is above the law, except illegal aliens and Democrats;
    convince everyone that we desperately need more Africans, Muslims, and Mexicans;
    and abandon borders . . .
    what’s their plan?

    The whole DNC platform is centered on hate-Trump, and everything else is immaterial.

    Bernie is a delusional commie; Liz is a deceptive opportunist; Buttjudge is a failed mayor of a failing mid-sized city; Gaffemeister Joe is simply another declining septuagenarian who fails to see that his mind has gone the way of Rubik’s cubes and pet rocks; and mini-Mike is no different from every Mafia godfather since Luciano – if you can’t get it legitimately, steal a bunch of cash and buy it.

    The DNC has nailed its left foot to the platform and is in full-blown tizzy right now trying to figure out how to torpedo Bernie again while making it look like some kind of Arkancide. They know that his base of Marxist groupies and fatally uninformed yoots isn’t as large as DJT’s MAGAs and KAGAs, so if he’s the nominee, they lose all three houses – senate, representative, and white.

    And a brokered convention would undoubtedly precipitate a draft-Hillary movement which might very well succeed.

    As I said in yesterday’s rant (Denny posted it on his site

    “PotUS elections are all different, and the last one was even differenter than usual. The next one promises to be differentissimo. Only things missing will be topless dancing girls and starved lions to eat the losers, kinda like halftime at the StupidBowl. Nero would feel right at home.”

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  2. Z,
    Was there a debate winner last night?


  3. kidme37 says:

    “They’re rude, they’re LOUD, they’re conceited, they’re stupid, they are mostly so Anti American it’s breath taking”

    This is my conclusion. I wonder if mini-Mike has even smiled since he entered the race.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    I’ll write more later but AOW: I’d say Klobuchar was the only one who even looked half sane…except that her INTENSE hatred for Trump is a bit crazy.


  5. Darth Bacon says:

    Warren actually DESTROYED Bloomberg, and that’s putting it kindly.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Darth, I agree. She’s a terribly unlikable person (tho so many do like her) but she did destroy him.

    I loved the “then just release your female accusers from their non disclosure agreements if you’re not afraid of what they might say about your sexist behavior” Bloomberg looked stunned and totally freaked out at THAT suggestion 🙂

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  7. markone1blog says:

    In addition to the everything shared during the Nevada debate, did you get Bloomberg’s own booklet of his insults to various groups. (As you can tell by the link, I have it at my blog. The link to the PDF is half-way down the article.)


  8. markone1blog says:

    Regarding the link I mentioned, look for the words “scanned PDF”


  9. bunkerville says:

    It was a fun night for a change…we got to see the commies in action.. Bloomberg a deer in the headlights. The Sanders waving his arms and pointing his fingers and “Millionaires and Billionaires is getting way old.” Why don’t they confront him on he and his family’s corruption?


  10. MAL says:

    Bloomberg’s $$$$$$$ couldn’t make up for his lack of preparation. All he had to say to Warren is yes, like most folks, I’ve done some things wrong but apologized and tried to make things right with them. I won’t lie and say I’m something I’m not, like being part Indian when I’m not.
    As for the rest of ’em……………TRUMP WON. BIG TIME!!


  11. MAL says:

    i’e’, “If I’m going down, I’m taking you with me.”


  12. The Debinair Dude says:

    Pocahontas practically scalped Mini Mike all by herself last night!

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  13. MAL says:

    That, she did, Dude!


  14. Bernie looked “I’m mad as hell! and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro: “The whole DNC platform is centered on hate-Trump, and everything else is immaterial.”
    EXACTLY. The minute they mentioned STOPPING TRUMP, they’d get CRAZED and say THE most stupid things…but I MEAN CRAZED! Klobuchar would go from “relatively sane” to completely NUTS, like her teeth got longer and her head sprouted HORNS when she spit out GET TRUMP OUT!!!!

    Mal, Bloomberg was SO beyond unprepared, wasn’t he? It was almost a curiosity that he hadn’t even seemed to have realized what was going on, what he’d be asked, etc!


    Debonair Dude; good to see you here again 🙂


  16. jerrydablade says:

    I couldn’t watch it but I assume Bloomberg threw debate moderator Lester Holt up against his podium for a “stop and frisk” ?


  17. The Debinair Dude says:

    Thanks Deeez


  18. The Debinair Dude says:

    I meant Geeez


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