Amen to THIS on the VIRUS…and news under the image….

Excellent news about The Mercy and The Comfort, Navy Ships I told you would be coming into NY and the West Coast somewhere…they are NOT going to take on virus patients, they are going to take patients with other needs, so the hospitals will be freed up…which makes great sense because The Mercy and The Comfort both have twelve ORs, ICUs, etc etc., nothing of which virus patients need…….VERY GOOD MOVE!!


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28 Responses to Amen to THIS on the VIRUS…and news under the image….

  1. bocopro says:

    Just thinkin . . . might be interesting to hear the wide variety of reports and “statistics” and impact extrapolations from the “We’re all gonna die if we don’t abandon fossil fuels!” crowd any time now.

    My guess is that surface road travel in East Asia will slow measurably, maybe by as much as 10 to 15% over the February-to-May period. Should go down a little in Europe, too. And perhaps around 10% in the US between March and June.

    Biggest drop in fuel consumption, tho, will be by airlines. In some areas, flights have been reduced by more than half. My guess is that by late summer, figures will show global aviation fuel consumption down by 20% or more in the March-July time period.

    And then, sometime around Labor Day, some devout and fervent climate-change warrior will manipulate data to show a precipitous decline in atmospheric CO2 levels with a concomitant drop in global temperatures.

    That will in turn drive the publish-or-perish “journalists” to leap on the “save-the-planet” train and demand that government dedicate all its resources and energy to developing magic non-polluting pixie dust to fuel power plants and battery-operated planes, trains, and automobiles.

    “See? We tolja that global warming was anthropogenic . . . caused specifically and entirely on burning fossil fuels. Now we have proof! You GOTTA believe it now.”

    The figures will be skewed, of course, and debunked by mature adults who understand grade-school arithmetic, but the irreparable damage will have been done, much as with the “Have you stopped kicking your dog yet?” faux implication.

    There will always be those who demand to be heard, not because they have something terribly important to say, but because it’s terribly important for them to say something.

    The only predictions I’m gonna make about this whole kerfuffle is that farmers will continue to produce grain and veggies and bacon and eggs, truckers will continue to get it all to markets and stores . . . and, there’ll be a huge surge in births beginning around Thanksgiving and lasting ‘til the next PotUS inauguration.

    Unless, of course, those meteorological mental midgets succeed in shutting down all exploration, drilling, and refining of oil in favor of wind-turbine and solar-energy and other freakin-magic alternatives and the farmers can’t run their machines and the truckers can’t operate their diesels and the markets can’t open ‘cause they have no ‘lectricity.

    And if you think the Kung Flu has injected a scare into the genpop and “changed our lives forever,” just imagine what’ll happen when the food riots begin.

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  2. Bob says:

    The latest news is that corona virus cases in New York increased EXPONENTIALLY over night! This just after the Feds warned that testing is starting and there will be a spike in reported cases. The cable news jerks, of course, reported this breathlessly like something new was going on.

    Also in the news is that larger numbers of people age 24 to 54 are catching the virus. I think this was inevitable because these are the people that are active in the work and social world.

    I have been struggling to think of names for he Wuhan virus that don’t sound racist. Bocopro just gave me on, Kung Flu. I adding WuFlu, and Gung Ho Flu to the list.

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  3. Bob says:

    KUNG FLU is funny, but "Wu Tang Clap" is funnier. Why couldn't an unnamed White House official use that term, or Moo Shu Achoo, or Hong Kong Flooey? Or Lung Pao Sicken? Up your game on these SJW media losers, Unnamed WH staff! Let's piss some sissies off! #ChineseVirus— Nick Searcy, INTERNATIONAL FILM & TELEVISION STAR (@yesnicksearcy) March 18, 2020


  4. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…CNN already did it, showing pictures of CHina from overhead (like from a satellite) and how the pollution was hugely down since the virus since factories , etc., are not operating …Oh, yes, this is EVIDENCE. Other than the market tanking to maybe never coming back if you listen to some economists (I’m an optimist but it’s starting to get to me when ev en with my small amount in the market, I’ve lost about 12% by now…what happened to “I asked my guy to invest conservatively!!?”) , the Left is LOVING ALL OF THIS!
    Just saw CNN’s Dr Gupta saying ‘Gee, the administration told healthcare workers not to work if they have symptoms or prove positive but now they’re telling them to work with masks regardless…just shows how unready we were not having enough healthcare workers’
    Gee, Dr Gupta, m aybe YOU have a crystal ball but Trump didn’t. SOrry
    And blood banks are needing blood badly. All TRUMP’S FAULT 🙂 (not)

    Food riots aren’t going to begin.

    Bob, HI! Exactly! We ALL KNEW once more tests came out, the numbers would go UP because only those with symptoms get TESTED (duh!!)
    Yes, very few young people ARE testing positive but the experts are saying that’s from Italy and France and we don’t know any underlying health problems in them. After all, young people can have diabetes, OR have VAPED, which is a REAL NONO.

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    Anybody like my post image? I hope so………….so important to STAY POSITIVE, look for the GOOD…..
    Now it’s almost 8 AM here in LA, and I’m GOING TO THE STORE! Staying POSITIVE they have what I need. So far, they’re replenishing often and plentifully but it disappears SOON!

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  6. Parents have failed to rear their children properly….

    ‘If I get corona, I get corona’: Miami spring breakers say covid-19 hasn’t stopped them from partying.

    Excerpt from the above:

    Not even a pandemic could prevent Brady Sluder from partying in Miami for spring break.

    An Ohio native, Sluder had been planning the getaway for about three months, according to Reuters, when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) ordered all the state’s bars and nightclubs to shut down for 30 days to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. It unfolded as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urged a nationwide halt to gatherings of more than 50 people for the next eight weeks.

    Yet, the aspiring SoundCloud rapper suggested that enjoying spring break and going against a nationwide call for social distancing was worth the public health risk.

    “If I get corona, I get corona,” a shirtless Sluder told Reuters. “At the end of the day, I’m not going to let it stop me from partying. … We’ve been waiting for Miami spring break for a while.”…


  7. kidme37 says:

    On the one hand Satan has been doing laps around the world. On the other hand, there is much beauty in nature to enjoy. I’m more affected by the beauty lately.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    Oh KID…YOU GOT IT !!! I just saw 75 people in line at Ralphs Grocery…I left……..Went to the VERY expensive Vicente Foods ($17.99 for 2 lbs of normal ground beef “no price gouging!!”…2 very small chicken breasts for $7.99…I bought other things, NOT THOSE, and left.
    But people are smiling, catching your eye like “What the HECK?” and that’s sweet…..

    no toilet paper…Nico and I are down to about 3/4 roll each and the almost full roll down in the guest bathroom………!!! And I was the one saying “Who’d buy TP becasue there’s a virus!”?? Ya, well….

    So I say all that, Kid, cuz I was unloading groceries in the front (too heavy to bring up the stairs and I HATE our (newly fixed) elevator so I NEVER take it from the garage parking) and saw a squirrel…the cutest thing…normal every day squirrel running around……Made me remember LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT! Glad you agree!

    AOW…IMAGINE? I Heard a jerk on TV this morning at Lauderdale or some beach…”WHATEVER HAPPENS HAPPENS…WE’RE GOING TO HAVE FUN!”

    mEANWHILE, these kids are idiotic VAPERS and VAPING is one of the things the CDC is saying causes lung damage in kids who get the virus and would normally slough it off……not these idiotic kids…like they’re NOT doing drugs, too? Ya, right.


  9. geeez2014 says:


    Saw that and found it fascinating. And probably true.


  10. kidme37 says:

    Z, baby wipes. paper towel, washrags, lots of options. The pioneers didn’t have TP. It can be overcome 🙂

    Yea, there is always plenty of negative to focus on, but Lots more positive imo. Even National Geographic photo of the day will keep you busy for a good while. Heck yea, just watch the woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals, and others at the feeder.


  11. kidme37 says:

    Planned Parenthood…………. Why are all these women getting pregnant in the first place? I went through a few hormone filled decades and never got a woman pregnant. Honestly WTHell. Not that difficullt.


  12. geeez2014 says:


    PLUS, I believe it was THAT SHIP Carl Goldman was on with his wife (he’d been on FOX every morning from quarantine in Omaha and FINALLY tested neg. twice and is home in LA with his wife)………… HE AND HIS WIFE ARE IN THEIR LATE SIXTIES AND SPENT TWELVE DAYS IN THEIR STATEROOM HUDDLED TOGETHER WATCHING TV, ETC………….HE GOT IT (HE HAS A PRE EXISTING CONDITION) SHE DID NOT. I find that utterly reassuring and fascinating, even if I DO have a very light cold …, no fever. No coughing, thank goodness!!

    OK…honestly? I don’t have the guts to take my temp!! HA!!!


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Gotta say I’m enjoying hearing Nico through his door, doing his internet school! I went in early and saw one of the teachers lecturing, full face, Nico listening intently. Pretty cool!!! He’s laughing, participating (he’s a good student and teachers love him…as do I!) and it’s a wonderful sound…just wonderful.

    Kid…another thing of BEAUTY!

    now if I could just reassure myself by having a few rolls of extra TP.
    I’m NOT using any of that stuff you suggested, Kid…I know all that. I WANT TP! 🙂 Also, I’m fearful Nico’d flush one of those down the john and I don’t need more plumbing bills!!!!


  14. geeez2014 says:


    Never thought I’d be so grateful for TP!


  15. Mal says:

    Good for you, Z! We were fortunate that we had bought (2) 30 roll packages a couple of weeks ago from Costco so we’re in good shape.
    We had been planning on driving up to see family in Washington State in August but not sure what the situation will be so we’ll be praying this will all be under control by then.
    “DETAILS @ 11”

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  16. Mustang says:

    My neighbors didn’t bring me any TP … those bastards!


  17. Baysider says:

    Amen and amen. Fascinating link to the info on the cruise ship. Let’s all take a breath.


  18. Mustang says:

    Well, I posted a terse note to the neighborhood bulletin board; so far, I have 27 FU’s, one suggestion to give cactus leaves a try, and one inquiry, “Who in the hell are you anyway?” So things are looking up in the TP Management Department, Florida Panhandle Division.


  19. Praise God for good neighbors.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang! You have the wrong neighbors!!! 🙂


    Baysider, they’re now talking about the ships on the news; Cynthia H, a retired nurse, as you know, was on one of them..remember her talk on it? Brought tears to my eyes when she said the young navy men and women nurses were absolutely THE best trained and most disciplined nurses she had EVER worked with. I was SO PROUD of America!


  21. geeez2014 says:

    I WISH I could get the FB picture I just saw, it’s a floorplan of a normal house…and has the caption:




  22. geeez2014 says:


    This stuff just cracks me UP!

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  23. kidme37 says:

    Z, Beauty? Other than you ?

    Give me your address. We have Ooodles of TP !

    Heck, I’ll take care of you myself if necessary !

    Mustang’s neighbors are democrats !

    Next Week Turn Signals ! HAAAAAAAA !

    Week after that – Wet Asphalt Does Not Mean you will Hydroplane !!!!! Seriously the kids drive slower on wet roads than they do on snow here in Cincy. Course, marginal drivers might just be staying home on snow days…

    Joe Biden says “Be careful if you’re feeling ill in Cambodia and you don’t know what gender your mother was when when you hatched on an earth-like planet in the chromosphere of a generation of tadpoles in another porn movie of a leg hair fantasy with young girls and sexy panties”..


  24. kidme37 says:

    What ever tat means.


  25. kidme37 says:

    And what ever THAT means.


  26. viburnum says:

    Several cruise lines have also answered the call. Carnival for instance, has dedicated several ships to the effort. IDK if they will be taking virus patients, but bed space aboard, certainly frees up bed space in overtaxed hospitals in NY and elsewhere.

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  27. geeez2014 says:

    VIBURNUM! WHAT? Haven’t heard THAT moniker for a while! WELCOME 🙂

    And yes, that was MY original idea, to have cruise ships stand by for patients….talk about perfect quarantine!!! GOOD


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