..a Dedication and an interesting post (Please excuse ALL CAPS, I didn’t do that)

I’m dedicating today’s post to Patricia, known as The Merry Widow among us longtime bloggers who loved her.  One of the strongest Christian Conservatives I’ve ever known, a person who had lots of challenges in her life but never let them get her down.  She flew up to AOW’s to help her when Mr. AOW had his stroke, she was just there another few months helping AOW with big house work.. They were extremely dear friends.  She was a giving, loving friend who trusted in Jesus above ALL ELSE and encouraged friends all the time.  She will be greatly missed.  Jesus has her now.  I hope she’s got a permanent smile on her face.  On her Facebook post, when asking for prayer today because she had awful symptoms which prompted them to get her to the ER, she said to a friend who wished her wellHE is in control, what is the worst that can happen? I get to go Home!”  And now she is home.   Please pray for her 2 adult children and her many friends..    Thanks.


Dear America: Let me show you how your media has been LYING to you about #coronavirus.
Today I woke up to an article that claimed that New York City was facing a “catastrophe” because 450 people had died from the coronavirus since January. They concluded that NYC is suffering from a death every 17 minutes. I thought this was an odd “catastrophe” because (as I was born in NY, and only recently moved from NYC a few years ago)— I vaguely recalled NYC already suffering a hospital shortage epidemic. So I decided to do a bit of research and here is what I discovered.

Foremost, in NYC, Approximately 419 people die every single day, without coronavirus. This is about 153,000 people per a year, or one person every 9 minutes. The suggestion that an extra 5 deaths a day this year has caused a crisis is foolish. But there’s more…
Since 2003, NYC has closed 16 hospitals. They have closed because of socialized medicine. The state cut medicaid reimbursements. In other words— they could no longer afford to support people who were getting treated for free. Below is an article from 2017, which explains the crisis in detail.

Here is my final take on the #coronavirus hysteria:
States that have already been on the brink of various collapses (NY, California, Illinois) are using the virus to extort the federal government for funding to their various pre-existing crises, which are due to their own poor policies.
Please share this far and wide

Hospital Closures and Medicaid Shifts Took Toll on NYC’s Health



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24 Responses to ..a Dedication and an interesting post (Please excuse ALL CAPS, I didn’t do that)

  1. bocopro says:

    Channeling Ronnie Raygun: “Well . . . ” anyway, the bats (yes, deliberate reference to the morons in Wuhan eating bat soup) — the bats are loose and divebombing everything in their revenge. Even Dolly Parton, whom I’ve always admired, claims the virus is a message from God.

    Conspiracy theories abound, from Chinese plot to Russian plot to CIA plot to Mother Nature is culling the herd. I read so much garbage yesterday, especially that declaration from Fauci that the US death toll might well exceed 100,000 and then it’ll recycle next year, that I had to find a Three Stooges marathon on my electronic babysitter just to cleanse my mental palate.

    So I get tired of listenin to Milady (who’s burnin up with cabin fever) gripe about bein bored absolutely to death . . . get on my Schwinn and go out to pedal around watchin American Idle.

    Not a whole lot movin around out there compared to a normal sunny spring day. Businesses closed, even the Mexican restaurant, the Autism Center, and the Senior Citizens’ hobby workshop. Reminds me of the movie The Day the Earth Stood Still.

    Actually, I got to thinkin ’bout that scene in Goodfellas where bar-owner Sonny gets his ass handed to him by some thugs so he asks s Mafioso capo to come in and provide shelter for him. Problem is that once Paulie is in, Sonny loses control and gets the boot.

    This pandemic panic is kinda like that in a way . . . threatened with mortal danger on a horrendous scale by a disease-infested mob of vengeful bats, a guy shuts himself away in a cave to avoid contagion.

    While he’s cocooned away in his hidey-hole, his business partners either leave or take their investment capital out. Many of his customers either die themselves from the disease or forget about him when the siege ends, but the damage is done – he’s outta business, outta cash, and outta luck.

    ‘Course if the virus don’t kill us all, we’ll be faced with the choice of drowning in a hurricane flood surge or cooking in an atmosphere of runaway greenhouse gases and broiling temperatures as per the barkeep-turned-legislator, the profound and insightful AOC.

    I read an apocalyptic prediction today by some doomsayer (actually I read several of ‘em) who likens this virus to the cycle of life. He quoted another movie, Being There, in which Peter Sellers plays an arrested-development victim who sees the world through the eyes of a child.

    Sellers’ character speaks the line, “You must cut away the dead to allow for new growth in the garden.” The writer of the article says that’s exactly what Mother Nature is doing with viruses, including all forms of flu, AIDS, and others – removing old and unproductive limbs and branches from the trees.

    Here’s a quote from one of the articles I read calling the virus a “blessing in disguise”:

    “If left alone, Nature is harmonious and balanced. When the balance is broken, such as when there is an overpopulation of one species, Nature finds a way to balance it either by increasing the number of predators of that species or by culling the excess number of animals in some other way. If Nature seems to attempt to cull us, I think we should ask why it is doing this. Have we become so deleterious to Nature that it is forced to discard of some of us?”

    another quote is

    “This could be simply Nature’s way of telling us that keeping people alive artificially beyond what their bodies and their lifestyles call for, a gentle reminder that we are not God.”

    The first article I referenced says that future generations will profit from reduced costs for social services as well as health-care and retirement benefits for the elderly. His final word is that millions of sick and elderly will vanish as drains on nations’ economies, but that the survivors will only benefit from the loss, not learn from it.

    Final quote: “We’ll no doubt develop remedies and vaccinations to ward off future epidemics of this particular virus, just as we did for many other communicable diseases. But others will appear, either in nature or by our own hand, and threaten us again with examples of how little we really know about life.” And that dredges up the Fauci quote.

    Personally, I don’t pretend to know. What I do know is that I’ve already outlived all my grandparents’ life spans and am essentially living on borrowed time considering the way I treated my body for over 40 years.

    So if it’s my time to go, soplice. I had a good run.

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  2. Mr. AOW and I loved our dear friend Patricia (blogger The Merry Widow) so much!

    We — and she — were so looking forward to her coming here on April 30. Once again, she was going to help me with The Big Clean Out in preparation for our move to Indiana and to have a good time. And she was going to move with us to Indiana.

    When I can get my wits about me, I will post a tribute to her at my blog. Right now, I can’t think! Except to say right now what Warren said when I phoned him to tell him the bad news: “If anyone was right with God, it was Patricia.”


  3. It’s an amazing shock.
    One minute, Patricia’s saying she’s feeling better, and an hour later she’s much, much better.
    But we lost her.
    There’s a life lesson there.
    As I’ve been telling people who think they are prepping for the end here, you’re not prepped until you are prepped to meet Jesus, on His terms.

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  4. As to BoCoPro’s blog post, yes,there is a circle of life.
    Somebody coming in and shooting up the restaurant you’re in (or introducing a weapons grade virus into the culture) is an aberration..
    It is not a facet of nature.
    This is not Mother Gaia cleansing her skin.


  5. Mustang says:

    I agree with Bocopro. People grappling with their own mortality doesn’t do much for me, personally. My guess is, if we’re talking about plagues to humankind, Moslems have killed at least as many people since January 2020 than any virus. If we wanted to rid the world of viruses, we could start there, but they were not the first human plague and they won’t be the last. I’ll bet that when Julius Caesar marched his legions through Gaul, everyone was thinking, “Cripes … here comes that damn plague again. Francois, where is my mask?”

    Good article from Candace Owens, by the way. Her rant about sums up the truth of the matter. The problem isn’t so much some obscure virus as it is liberals who think they have all the answers. You do have to hand it to the progressives, though … giving credit where due: Get everyone on a single-payer health system, then close all the hospitals and rid society of the most vulnerable within the overall population. Death panels? Heck … they’re already here albeit in disguise as progressive policy.

    I did not personally know The Merry Widow; we’ve shared occasional comments at AOW’s blog. I know that AOW and TMW were very close friends, almost like sisters, and I know that Mr. & Mrs. AOW is devastated by TMWs passing. My prayers for TMW’s soul (although I know she doesn’t need any help from me) and for the AOW family. May the Lord comfort them.

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  6. kidme37 says:

    There is no question the democrat states are using federal funding for all sorts of stuff including just stealing the money.


  7. kidme37 says:

    PS – Sorry to hear that some of you folks lost such a wonderful friend, I can’t imagine she is not doing well. There are lots of good people out there but not many people like that who so giving.


  8. Baysider says:

    Kid + 1. It’s just like the “bill” where the Dems trotted out their tired and rejected wish list to hold us hostage. Great observations by Candace Owens. And sobering. No lessons to be learned there: we already know them, and those that NEED to know them are incapable of learning. Again, it makes me wish for George Deukmejian. But I wouldn’t want to disturb his rest.


  9. Baysider says:

    AOW, I cannot comment at your site so I’ll comment here. I remember those trips to you. What a great picture to show a wonderful friend, “neighbor” and sister in the Lord. I am so sorry … even after reading what your mother had read at her funeral. Good words, but no denying the pain of such an absence. I can’t imagine how much you were looking forward to being neighbors in your new home, and how much you’ll miss her. Prayers.

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  10. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I told Mom you mentioned George so fondly and she was so grateful, literally sighed aloud, that you spoke of him….a GREAT MAN. THanks.

    Bocopro…I love ‘AMERICAN IDLE”….BRILLIANT because that is A FACT these days…America IS IDLE 🙂


  11. kidme37 says:

    Thanks Bay. Here’s a line I saw recently that strikes to the heart of that matter – “In the matter of a few days, Pelosi pulls a 1400 page bill out her *** that has every single liberal (democrat) wish list item on it.” – In so many words. I dirtied it up a little.

    What a realization of where ‘government’ is at. I think of the kids that are looking to government to solve problems and can’t even describe the level of laughter that ensues. Not even close.


  12. kidme37 says:

    .. A bill meant to address Only the Covid-19 virus..


  13. Mustang says:

    Pelosi is despicable, but to her, such a label is a badge worn proudly from her lapel.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, “Amazing shock” is well said….STUNNED, is what Ray Cole said; so true. STUNNED. It hurt like HELL reading her post asking for prayers..AFTER I learned she’d died. It hit me harder than it might have because of that….Still, she had such faith…so sure of where she is NOW.
    A lesson for all.

    Mustang, I keep wondering about the attacks on Trump when the last real scourge we’ve had was 100 years ago.


  15. Baysider says:

    Yes, 100 years ago, but not for lack of trying. I’m thinking of all the crisis warnings in my lifetime – we’ll all die of starvation by 1990 because of global cooling; up to 2M dead from bird flu (zero died); etc. Now the mayor of NY is whining about the federal help he isn’t getting (a 1,000-bed mobile hospital is what, exactly, your honor?). He should read Owen’s column.

    I only wish Mr. Trump could respond with “well, Bill, dip into your reserves and we’ll match them.” Knowing DJT, he just might!

    And Cuomo defended extreme measures with “if it saves one life it will be worth it.” Well, Mr. Governor, you can shut down all traffic one day a week and save a LOT more lives if it’s a numbers game you’re playing. I hate political pandering.

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  16. Baysider says:

    Maybe the feds could do something with NYC like that which Roosevelt did with Britain – some kind of lend-lease – with promises of future good actions wrung out of them.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, Baysider, Dennis Prager’s excellent piece on the fear mongering mentioned that….you can’t shut down all traffic EVER because it’ll save ONE LIFE. Total pandering.


    YUP…TRUMP’S ‘VERY GOOD FRIEND XI DID THIS”…………..@(#$*&&@(#*$&@#($&*#

    Mustang, to even listen to Pelosi talk about the terrible failures of Trump during this crisis is enough to make me…well…..I can’t think of anything severe enough!!! Or anything that would help US feel better because of!!!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Just a musing here; a probably second generation doctor (oddly, I’ve googled many sources and none mentions his background as most do) from the Harvard Global Health Institute, Dr Ashish Jha, keeps saying on Hemmer’s show “We as Americans are all in this together…the president was right and based on facts and statistics when he said we need to stay quarantined for longer…”

    These are the immigrants we want, we must have…smart as they come, and loving this country. And working for her.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Am wondering how many on ventilators live…they are saying that the longer you’re on one, the less chance you have. We’re seeing that ages of infected are younger and younger….I’d like to hear the stats on ventilator survivals.


  20. Baysider says:

    I would too. They are typically short-term help. My father did not want to be on ‘life support’ and fumed when my mother approved a ventilator. She knew it was very short-term (and it was, about a day) to get him over a hump. A real life saver, literally.

    That Dennis – I’ll have to find that article. I am so far behind on his stuff, I haven’t heard a podcast since before the virus hit. (Reading GREAT books!)


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, yes, the Dennis vid was good…I never watch them but a friend sent it…https://youtu.be/hZhgnm22EOU

    There it is…EXCELLENT.


  22. peter3nj says:

    A s a Bridge and Tunnel Person (the term NYC’ers give to those of us living and commuting to or working in the Rotten Apple from west of the Hudson River) having a bird’s eye view of the disintegration (Synonyms: dissolving, licentiousness, adjournment, annihilation, dissolution, profligacy, radioactive decay, decomposition, looseness, dissipation, decay, breakup. decay, radioactive decay, disintegration(noun)) of what was once the Big Apple, the world’s center of business, banking and commerce, now with streets overrun by refugees resembling a third world bazaar, now run by a self avowed card carrying communist Bill de Blasio who honeymooned with his pygmy wife Charlene in Havana and partied with the killer Castro brothers, his wife who most recently made off with an unaccounted for $1 billion- billions not millions- earmarked for helping the homeless, the poor, the illegals in New York’s five boroughs, which no one is looking for, the home of AOC, referred to by a variety of stage names such as Always On Crack by her constituents who are drooling at the prospect of returning her to DC for a second term as a reward for all she has done for them such as her successful one woman crusade to
    kill Amazon’s opening a facility in her district which would have generated a planned 25,000 good paying jobs but would have put a big dent in big government dependency in that district. Goo-Goo eyes proved that the right man for the job is always a woman a concept we are treated to in pretty much every Disney production of late; its the kids stupid!

    Now, getting to the point of this rant: New York is now being labeled as the epicenter of the virus in the US of A, but actually it is the epicenter of all that is wrong with a city and state being run by and simultaneously destroyed by, brought to its knees by Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio two jackasses(with apologies to jackasses everywhere) two self serving commies, totally unprepared for this virus or any other crisis waiting in the wings. But their intellectually vapid audience knows whatever catastrophe they are ill equipped to deal with is the fault of DJT and his republican administration. These are the people at least 50% of whom not only want this detritus (In biology, detritus (/dɪˈtraɪtəs/) is dead particulate organic material, as distinguished from dissolved organic material. Detritus typically includes the bodies or fragments of bodies of dead organisms, and fecal material).dealing not only with the virus but running the country, taking away their God given rights, disarming them, rationing their healthcare, opening the borders, emptying the prisons, prosecuting law enforcement, starving them while providing free education ie leftist indoctrination.for the kiddies and re-education at the point of a gun for any conservative brave enough to protest. .

    Just imagine if Michelle Obama was still the first lady and on one her $ half billion tax payer paid junkets with 70 of her closest friends had returned with the virus and broadcast it across the country which white men would the government and media blame it on? Take your pick.
    And now its time for my meds….


  23. Baysider,
    Thank you.

    I will now tinker with my blog’s comment settings to see if I can undo Blogger’s mess. Please try to comment again in a few minutes.


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