What are YOU DOING?!

What are YOU DOING more than you USUALLY DO now that most of you are staying inside?


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32 Responses to What are YOU DOING?!

  1. kidme37 says:

    Reading blogs at 5 am for one thing. Otherwise getting stuff done around the house and Not reading the news.

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  2. bocopro says:

    Nothin, really. See . . . beginning around 1959, I sorta got on the move. Over the next 25 years or so, I accumulated a wife and 4 kids, lived in 7 different states and visited 18 foreign countries, maybe more . . . I aint’ sure. Have actually set foot in all 50 US states.

    Saw and did lotsa stuff back in the “good old days” when I was usually neither good nor old. Round-trip crossed the Atlantic twice, the equator twice, and the Pacific so many times I’ve lost count – 7 or 8, I think. Rode through typhoons, rode helos around in ‘Nam from ship to ship, got catted and arrested on carriers, ate stuff I didn’t recognize, and spoke bits and pieces of languages I’ve long forgotten.

    Got it all on a biological thumb drive in a pleasant grotto archive of my mind, and the more often I go there, the better and stronger and smarter I used to be. And if not taken to extreme, that can be a very good thing.

    So, my wanderlust is purty much whupped into submission and stuffed into a locked canister in a dead-end tunnel somewhere ‘twixt Napoli and Singapore . . . couldn’t find it if I looked for it.

    Thing is that I don’t WANNA go back to any of the places I visited as a bulletproof immortal. I’ve embellished the memories and fistfights and adventures and narrow escapes, the pristine cleanliness of Japan, the crumbling of the Colosseum, the clanging hangovers, the all-nighters, the awesome majesty of a storm at sea, the killer San Fernando 6.5 quake which seemed to last for-frikkin-EVER . . . . and there’s no way today’s reality could match the edited versions in my head.

    So I’m perfectly content to sit in this house I bought and watch politicians who SHOULD know better make bloody fools of themselves, walk my good friend Monsterdawg in the pre-dawn fresh-air starlit stillness, take my medications, and rerun stuff on TV that I absolutely KNOW I’ve seen before but can’t remember the storylines for the life of me.

    Only real problem is this mostly Murkanized but slowly regressing somewhat southeastern Asian woman with a potentially fatal case of cabin fever doing a lot of intense puttering around here trying to burn off her frustrations at not being able to go do whatever the hell she wants wherever she wants whenever she wants with whomever she likes.

    No . . . my li’l bio thumb drive is all I need . . . so long as this wo-man can get fresh fish, plenty of rice, some decent bananas and fruits and the breads she likes, and enuf fone calls from her buddies to get her thru the day. She’s out of Lysol and medicinal alcohol, so I’m sure I’ll be sent out on safari today for a replenishment run.

    And remember, the Odyssey is great literature because a great poet saw and narrated for us that all life is a journey with dangers and adventures and death lurking everywhere. And the Iliad is great literature for much the same reason – all life is a series of battles, sometimes against invisible enemies.


  3. Working.
    Social media.


  4. peter3nj says:

    I just finished reading Michael Connelly’s The Crossing 388 pages in 16 hours. I never was a speed reader…not counting time for cooking, eating, sleeping, relieving, talking to my wife, looking out the window, blogging, face timing with my grandson….


  5. Surfing the web, texting, phoning, reading, social media, learning new web platform.

    Today’s library club discussion group will be held this evening via Zoom. It will be nice to see everybody’s face again. We meet only once a month, and I skipped February’s meeting because the book was Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming. Ick!

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  6. What I should be doing: cleaning house. Heh.

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  7. Mustang says:

    What am I doing? Well, it’s pretty simple, actually. I do what the little lady I’m married to says. That way, doing what I’m told, I should be in the zone for promotion to lance corporal within ten or twenty years. Besides, doing what I’m told gives me plausible deniability.


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  8. Sparky says:

    Gosh, not much has changed here except there’s no Church and all the doin’s that used to go with that. We’re pretty much living the same way we’ve always lived. Almost all the businesses are open. Commerce is still flowing. The places that seem to be in trouble are the Big Cities. Here in Georgia that’s Atlanta and Albany, for some reason. Even the Stock Market seems to have recovered? I could be wrong about that. We got out and hid our meager savings in a ‘virtual mattress’ until all the craziness peters out. *lol* Y’all stay safe. 🙂 Keep praying. God is good and always answers prayer.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Kid! Up at 5 AM? WHY?!!

    BOCOPRO…our school “makes” our kids read The Odyssey while freshmen or sophomores; I can’t remember. I find it DEADLY dull, and I’m surprised and hugely gratified to hear from the kids that most think it’s “not bad!” I think that’s due to good teaching (I’m just a sub, and while I LOVE literature and have hopefully make Dickens and Mark Twain even more interesting than their teachers do, I stink at THE ODYSSEY! 🙂 I MUST try it…I always tell the kids that..”I HAVE to read that if you guys like it!”

    ED…You working at WORK? Or working around the house, or??

    peter….I’m reading like a NUT, too. Just read 4 Liane Moriarty books, I devoured them. Am now reading Anita Brookner…I own 15 of her books, thought I’d read them all about 30 years ago, but apparently had not read a couple, so that’s a delight.
    I’m a HUGE Connelly fan, too. And I HIGHLY recommend Lee Child…have you read any of his? LOVE a good mystery! Baldacci is good, too.

    AOW; MICHELLE OBAMA’S BOOK? YUCK is RIGHT! My only lib sister gave that to her children…signed, dontchaknow, just to m ake it MORE nauseating!! (Yes, she’s the only one among us who went to BERKELEY! :-))
    You sound like ME…very similar days…just learned Zoom myself. ANd, OH yes…I SHOULD BE CLEANING CLOSETS OUT!

    Mustang, so glad this marriage clearly makes you happy! VERY happy about your humor regarding her, which you’d NEVER think of if you weren’t delighted…Hoorah!


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Peter, in fact I live in a 16 unit condo building and I put 7 good mystery paperbacks I’d already read in a box by the mail boxes….with a sign on the board above the box….”Books for the duration…or Longer…Help yourself!” Two are gone…I was thrilled!

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  11. bocopro says:

    One place I’ve seen that I’d like to revisit is the Monterrey Peninsula, specifically Pebble Beach and SpyGlass golf courses. Magnificent scenery. Six of us from the wardroom of a Navy cruiser I was on got a special invite to play Spyglass. Also got to walk several holes, including 17 and 18, at Pebble. Awesome. and IN-timidating.

    The place I had a chance to go to was Augusta National (where the Masters is played). Old friend of mine got some comp tickets and invited me to come up to his place for a week and watch the tournament for free. Once-in-a-lifetime deal.

    Tickets got stolen out of his desk — ON AN ARMY POST! He said I could come up and stay at his place and we’d go pay the daily fee, but I just didn’t have the cash at the time and had some pressing business at the university, so I didn’t take him up on it.

    Never got a chance to go on a walkabout in Ireland or Scotland. Still would like to do that. And I’d like to be able to say I’ve actually stood on the Acropolis in Athens . . . . and in the shadow of Khufu’s pile of rocks at Giza.

    Ain’t gonna happen, tho, and I won’t lose any sleep over it.

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro! VERY nice choices…so glad I asked you! Pebble Beach is GORGEOUS…I got to stay at a hotel on the grounds for a long weekend…BRILLIANTLY beautiful and, of course, Monterey is charming, with good restaurants, lovely scenery, too.
    And I have stood on the Acropolis….Once, my hubby and I dined at a restaurant on top of a building in Athens with a direct view of the Acropolis as it turned colors with lights….at first, I thought it was a cheesy touch, but then I found it beautiful in the distance…..green….purple………..white…..it is a thrill to be there.
    BUT, I have NOT been to Ireland or Scotland and REALLY would have liked to…I agree with you.
    And, really, what’s to lose sleep over, right? I agree……..If I didn’t travel again, I’d be fine. I even purposefully let my passport expire!!!

    thanks so much, Boco!


  13. peter3nj says:

    My 5 years old grandson, turning six in April, is doing five hours per day schoolwork tutored by my son, himself a teacher. My daughter in law is an art teacher so the little guy is getting the best of both worlds. I miss going over there playing chess, Uno and dominoes with him. Oh and did I mention he’s smarter than his grandpa….


  14. kidme37 says:

    Just wide awake early.


  15. Working at work. Essential, I’m told.
    But not next week I’m told.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that’s good!

    Kid…there ARE those days, for SURE

    Peter…he sounds wonderful…and he has “right brain/left brain” teaching help. Arts AND the normal stuff! Good on him! What’s his name???


  17. MAL says:

    I got a kick out of the dog cartoon! We’ve been walkers for years. Like most folks, just doin’ it a whole lot more now. When we meet others, someone usually goes out a driveway and walks in the street past any oncoming walkers in an effort to keep the recommended 6′ distance. For a change of scene we start the car up maybe once every 3 days and take a short spin w/o getting out of the car before returning home.


  18. MAL says:

    That, and a whole lot of T.V.


  19. peter3nj says:

    Hey Geeez,
    The little booger’s name is Nathaniel. He is a lefty and surely using both hemispheres. He’s the happy, smart kind of kid everyone likes to be around, never a pain in the ass.
    Since we have plenty of time on our hands here’s vignette:
    He was 2 1/2, we were playing soccer in the back yard, I said we had to go in the house because I felt my blood sugar dropping (type I diabetic).He followed me in, then, as I opened the fridge to get apple juice I heard his little voice, “here grandpa,” I turned to him and he handed me three sugar packets…a moment forever frozen in time for me.This past summer upon asking what he wants to be when he grows up he said a scientist, Why a scientist? So I can make magic potions..
    Too damn bad I won’t be around long enough ….


  20. geeez2014 says:

    MAL! I just started my car….to a dead battery! It was flagging the other night on the way to pick up dinner, 5 minutes away, but DEAD DEAD DEAD. WIll call AAA tomorrow.

    peter, I LOVE THAT STORY as you can imagine! “grandpa” enough is heart lifting isn’t it?
    “Here grandpa…” aaaahhh!!! yes, a moment forever frozen in time…and yes, he was handing you packets, someday he’ll be handing the world potions! Thanks for telling us that story…Nathaniel sounds like a SUPER kid!!!

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  21. Baysider says:

    AOW (on cleaning) and Mustang +1
    I’m working from home.
    My favorite yoga studio in Carlsbad (2 hours away) is doing Zoom like all of them. A chance to ‘visit’ without the drive!
    Reading more. Just finishing the excellent The Plot Against the President.
    Yard work.
    More light workouts – 25 minutes on TRX straps and even the dreaded Tabata sets.
    Coordinating repairs. Fortunately the plumber and appliance repair guys are working!
    Made a batch of molasses cookies for Mr. B. (yes, I ate some too)
    And setting up my little bible study group on Zoom meetings.

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  22. kidme37 says:

    @Peter. Great story. Many moons ago, I flew with my 3yr old niece from Pittsburgh to Phoenix on a commercial flight. She lived in Pittsburgh – I lived in Phoenix. As we were flying at one point, she asked me how airplanes worked. I gave her a very brief description to which she seemed annoyed and said “No how does it really work?” So I gave her the full rundown. How the jet engines compress air and then shoot it out the back like a balloon full of air from the exploding fuel. How the engines then get the plane up to speed so that the vacuum above the wings lift the plane into the air and create the lift to pull it up into the clouds and beyond. How Air Traffic Control keep the planes from running into each other. Etc. When I was done she had a big smile and satisfied look on her face and said thank you Uncle Bob. Yea One of Those Moments. Damn….. 3 years old.

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  23. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, seriously, that helped this “NOT 3 YEARS OLDER” understand it better, too! 🙂

    Baysider…it’s good to keep busy doing mostly what WE WANT TO DO!


  24. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, do all your group do Zoom?


  25. kidme37 says:

    Z, I think others within earshot of us also got an education too. 🙂 Most people do not wonder about such things and just accept them. No Prob. But another surprising moment when That 3 yr
    old didn’t accept a lame/BS explanation. I hope she still refuses to accept lame/BS explanations.


  26. kidme37 says:

    Z, An Airbus A-380 has a maximum take off weight of 1.3 MILLION pounds. Imagine.


  27. bocopro says:

    My youngest son has a son named Nathaniel. Also has a daughter named Natalie. And another son named Matthew — hence, Nate, Nat, and Matt.

    Nate teaches somethin or other at a UAB extension in Pascagoula. Not sure what exactly it is . . . mostly natural science stuff, especially flora and fauna.

    We have a whole baseball team of grandkritters ranging in age from 30 to 13, but no greats. My wife, a compulsive nurturer, is beside herself not having bambini to play with and spoil.

    Our oldest grandson (30) has declared he has no interest whatever in a close interpersonal relationship, especially marriage. The next oldest (28) has an odd on-again/off-again deal with a nice young woman, but they’ll live together for a few months, then go their separate ways for months, then get back together again down the road, and on and on.

    Next oldest (24) has decided he’s simply not ready for fatherhood, so he’s now a Navy E-4 planning to get into the intelligence (spy) fraternity and float around the globe reading other people’s mail.

    His brother (22) prefers the company of females to other guys, but has no strong desire to be the daddy. I think he tends to prance just a tad too much.

    Then we have a 20-yr-old who still lives with his mother and has decided his mission in life is to write code for computer games. He might very well be one of those Tsoukalos alien spawn.

    Another is an 18-yr-old with mild Tourette’s (and a kind of involuntary ‘tic’) which embarrasses him to the point that he’s become a recluse.

    Could be my DNA strain is about to go the way of the Tasmanian tiger.


  28. peter3nj says:

    Two replies:
    Coincidentally three years ago I purchased three all metal Texaco planes in order to explain lift and the difference between prop and jet propulsion to Nathaniel once more proving every child needs a grandpa…ha ha!
    I’ve been telling my son and daughter in law should they decide to make another one and should it be a girl they should name her Natalia. Nate Nat & Matt…love it!


  29. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, so hard to imagine ANYTHING that heavy lifting off into the air!

    Bocopro..if anybody should have tons of great grandkids with YOUR BRAINS!…it’s YOU!
    I’m particularly sorry for the recluse….
    You’ve got quite a bunch there!

    peter, every child DOES need a GOOD grandpa…and I like Natalia…they have no plans?

    I ADORED my grandpa…only knew Dad’s dad….I called him the night he suddenly died, we chatted, I told him I loved him and he said “I love you, too, honey girl!”
    The next day I’d just returned home after a morning meeting and I got a call from one of my sisters who said “Grandpa had taken a TURN FOR THE WORSE”…..He’d died of a stomach aneurysm… But they were afraid to lay it on me too directly. Finally, I asked her why she was at Grandma’s house and not at work…and she told me he’d died…

    So a family ‘joke’ now is when someone’s died, we say “they took a turn for the worse!” 🙂
    Obviously, we don’t GENERALLY joke if it’s someone we adore….but we DO use the joke!!


  30. MAL says:

    Z, batteries will do that. I hope you got taken care of okay. I figured my 2017 (built in mid-2016) is approaching 4 years so I’m expecting the battery to fail sooner than later because they’re only good on average for 3-4 years, esp. with all the electronics today.
    Maybe today, being April Fools Day? :o)


  31. Baysider says:

    re Zoom: no, only a few. But I think we’re adding 2 more this week. One lady is a winter bird but moved back to her home in the east when this hit. She leads a small bible study there and got all 14 on Zoom. With a paid account you can call in like a conference call if you’re tech challenged.


  32. kidme37 says:

    @Peter – cool.

    @Z, imagine 1.3 million pounds…..

    @boco – I got pressured (let myself get pressured) into marrying the first time at 36. Big mistake. Thankfully no kids. I never wanted kids. I think I’m sterile and maybe that’s why. I like kids about as much as W.C.Fields did – Medium Rare. I DO LOVE other people’s kids though. I have Great Nieces and Nephews that I’d love to see more of. One is named Wyatt and when he was about 3 he was out here with family in Cincinnati at a family dinner at BocaDeBeppo (sp?) Italian restaurant. It became obvious he had a serious crush on the waitress. When it came time for her to ask us if we wanted anything else, I said Well Wyatt would love to have you phone number. She actually blushed.


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