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26 Responses to C H I N A

  1. kidme37 says:

    1st thought is we could just default on the national debt but they probably have that handled by now. Still.

    No, they will not send us money. As a consumer at this point, I’m willing to go out of my way to avoid buying Chinese even though I know that hurts Chinese people/workers who don’t deserve it. Still there have to be consequences for a country that keeps a virus like this secret from at least Nov 2019 forward and allows people to fly from the epicenter to all points around the world. They’re still flying all over the place too btw.

    https://www.flightradar24.com/17.81,-84.25/2 – zoom out if needed until China comes into view.

    Lastly, we as consumers need to refuse to buy Chinese so the crony Capitalists with their low cost business models break down and start having products made here or elsewhere. Make them put some effort into it.

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  2. bocopro says:

    It’s like I done tolj’all b’fore, ya jist cain’t b’lieve nothin put out by gummints . . . not all the way, ennyhow.

    And, yeah . . . just tell China we have no intention of paying ANY interest or late fees on our debt to ’em. We can’t legitimately just default on the principal, but we can ignore the interest as recompense for their deliberate deception about the infection rate and numbers involved back as far as December 2019.

    What troubles me, tho . . . I mean, ya gotta wonder . . . given the media hysteria and panic shutdown of economies all over the globe THIS time, what’s gonna happen this fall when the weather turns cool again and the virus does an encore before a vaccine is available to prevent epidemic spread . . . .

    Act II ? Sequel ? Déjà vu all over again ? We don’t go total bananas over diabetes, or cancer, or ordinary seasonal flu, motor-vehicle deaths, or the infectious diseases once basically eradicated on this continent but are now being returned to the game by immigrants and “refugees.”

    Will we bury our collective skull in the sand again and lock up the factories, shut down the restaurants, wipe out the small businesses which employ over half the nation’s work force?

    Part of the problem is that epidemiologists and virologists and diagnosticians and health-care bureaucrats have been given the power to decide who can go where and do what and when they have to hibernate and how they should behave in public.

    Generally speaking, those people have only a vague idea of what their draconian solutions will do to the system in terms of employment, investment, revenue, production, general sanity.

    Take the typical health-care “expert” out of his area of expertise and give him problems of economics or human behavior or international trade or just building stuff in general and he becomes an armchair quarterback telling Brady and Belichick how to handle a two-minute drill when they’re down 7 points in the rain with their entire offensive line on crutches.

    It’s like Doctor McCoy tellin Cap’n Kirk, “Look, Jim . . . I’m a doctor, not a logistician, but it seems to me that if the crew has poison ivy, we need to tell the Klingons we’re not ready to fight and they’ll have to postpone their attack for a week or so.”

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  3. kidme37 says:

    Boco, remember the one where McCoy says “I’m a doctor not a brick layer !” ha,

    Well, do you folks know about the Tsar Bomba ? Here’s a short vid, Lots more out there. Let me point out that the shock wave went around the world 3 times….Humans are some interesting critters,. hahha,

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  4. kidme37 says:

    wrong vid.. This one

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  5. Mustang says:

    We can’t go to war against China when they own most of America’s bonds and securities unless we first default on “guaranteed” interest payments. IMO, the question should be, are we obligated to pay for defective medical equipment China sold to US hospitals and medical firms?

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  6. peter3nj says:

    When Jimmy I’ve got lust in my heart Carter gave us $200.00 each to placate us during those dog days of hyper inflation and stagflation the US population was 220,000,000 +- , US national debt $620 B, Debt/GDP ratio 33%, today’s national debt $23.5 T, Debt/GDP ratio 108%. Given all things, not unlike incest are relative, each american, not just taxpayers, should receive $51,300 rather than $1,200.00. May we surmise It’s not the Chinese but, rather, the DC flu that’s killing us?

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  7. peter3nj says:

    …or to put it another way so even AOC might understand the $2T stimulation is 300% of the national debt of 1978 while only 8% of today’s national debt; a home run by any measure. So then while being estimated to really be a $6T stimulus package and a mere 25% of the national debt its a grand slam in DC speak!!!!!


  8. ACUCHUCK says:

    Keep our powder dry. There is plenty of time, once this passes, to be creative and have the Chinese pay for their stupidity. Just like Mexico has been paying for the wall with 27,000 soldiers at the border. I think, Trump is still 3 steps ahead of where most people think he is.

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  9. peter3nj says:

    It’ all about …take your pick.


  10. MAL says:

    Chuck, Mexico also has been paying for the wall via factories moving back here like Ford and Carrier. They lose, we win. Thats a gift that keeps on giving!
    As for China, our outstanding debt does give us some leverage though, despite any legal aspects. That being said, we sure don’t want to settle it via a war. Perhaps settled via a world tribunal?

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  11. Baysider says:

    No. In fact, I’ve postulated the opposite. Perhaps not by plan, but they had to see a good opportunity to weaken us.


  12. peter3nj says:

    May we assume any world tribunal would be to the left of Marx, Engels, Stalin, Mao, Browder, Sanders or any of the multitude in today’s US congress? . 😬


  13. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, many say that, but China is deeply beholden to OUR MONEY, too….DEEPLY. This could get interesting. It certainly is weakening us, no doubt about that…

    Peter…good point.
    Mal…a world tribunal would only work with at least a FEW pro-American countries NOT in CHina’s pocket.

    I will NEVER forget that lovely Chinese journalist from Taiwan asking the American at the WHO asking “What about how Taiwan is doing during this virus…will you help them?” First, “I couldn’t hear you” …odd, since they’d been talking with no problem. Then when they got back with sound, she asked again, pointedly, and he stared for a long time and said “We don’t need to talk about that” or something close to that. SHOCKING. China must have a LOT of people in their pockets. $$$$


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I can’t imagine how they can still fly…must have THOSE officials in their back pockets, too $$$ Odd Trump’s not mentioned it.
    I think a lot of us have tried to NOT BUY CHINESE and it simply doesn’t work…there’s almost nothing left, as you know.

    Bocopro..not sure health care officials’ information isn’t beneficial, but we need to STOP this quarantine thing and it looks like TONS of companies are doing all they can to figure that out…antibody tests, how long does antibody last?, etc etc.
    I’m getting a little tired of the criticism of Trump and his group from the leftwing media and many lay people….they just don’t get it. Apparently, Trump was supposed to be paying for a Coronavirus task force to sit around doing nothing until it happened. ???
    Or how about assembling this fantastic group he put together in about a day and THEN start their salaries..??
    No, we can’t trust governments…particularly this Chinese one.
    TB is the #1 killer today….way ahead of other diseases…it was eradicated until immigration. Eradicated.
    Polio’s back, too………but our ‘no borders’ folks won’t care till THEIR child has polio.

    Mustang, thankfully, it looks like America caught on to the invalid tests and bad equipment pretty early on.

    peter, one of the huge problems is that we were about to give workers MORE than they were making..thankfully, that was figured out and they’ve supposedly fixed that!! Unreal!!! Just like WELFARE, isn’t it! THE DC FLU PERSONIFIED.

    By the way, if we’re really giving Joe $$$ Namath even MORE from Medicare “Free food” “Free rides”, we have more problems than even we thought!!!


  15. geeez2014 says:

    TRUE UNKNOWN STORY: Even in New Caledonia and other islands of that ilk in the South Seas, etc….there are poor natives who LIVE on fish…they fish, they eat it, they sell it, they buy it, etc…

    The CHINESE have bought the waters around those islands and PROHIBIT THE NATIVES FROM FISHING…Only the CHINESE can fish. THey fish, the natives have no jobs and no food unless they can afford the canned fish that comes from CHina that came from THEIR WATERS.

    True story; my stepdaughter, on her 7 yr sailing all over the world saw it ….heard about it in the shops of natives, etc. HIDEOUS.
    Like the CHINESE GIVE A SHIFF?? 🙂


  16. MAL says:

    Valid point,, Peter & Z. You’re probably right, unfortunately.
    (I’m sure glad I’m goin’ on 92′)!
    Being born under the Calvin Coolidge Administration, I’ve seen a lot, but nothin’ like this!


  17. Baysider says:

    The Chinese are purported to have bought a mountain from one of the Indian tribes with the finest grade turquoise and no one else can get this American turquoise. I say “purported” because I got it from a source who doesn’t say wild things, but I have have trouble refining a search to confirm.


  18. Baysider says:

    And isn’t this what commercial American interests have done? (I’m thinking of the foreign “concessions” in China as one example, and mineral developments elsewhere.) The fish – terrible story. Indirectly, it’s happening in SE Asia as China and neighbors are building 11 dams on the Mekong for electricity (just as we’ve done here). But it’s already made big changes in the river and bodes ill for 60 million people who depend on it for traditional food and livelihoods. Of unusual concern is one area where the river reverses flow in the flood season and spreads out into a wide basin bringing all sorts of life into the region that comes with the backflow. Irrigation won’t accomplish this.

    We saw in our lifetime what the Aswan dam did (and why American engineers hesitated to proceed as recklessly as the Egyptians did with the Soviets), and we have rivers full of them too. We’re just watching the destruction of one way of life before our eyes with these modern examples.


  19. bocopro says:

    Y’know . . . . . . many of us have read various stuff by Plato at various times in our various school careers. He was very skeptical of poets, and in his Republic would have them banned, outside the city walls, in rags and tatters, where their agitating and doomsaying and radical ideas couldn’t weaken the organization.

    He considered poets dangerous to society, but much like a modern hypocrite (read “Democrat”), he used many poetic devices in his writings. I’m guessing most of y’all haven’t spent a lot of time or thought perusing his philosophies, but consider this:

    T.S. Eliot wrote a poem most of us at least touched upon somewhere along the line in school – “The Waste Land,” perhaps his signature offering to modern lit. I won’t bother you with the whole thing here.

    But lemme remind you that the poem has 5 parts, the first of which deals with “The Burial,” most appropriate in this particular year as the US death toll from COVID-19 is expected to peak in April

    The first line of the poem begins with

    “April is the cruellest [sic] month.”

    And then several lines later in that first section, he comes up with this oft-quoted stunner:

    “I will show you fear in a handful of dust.”

    Hey, guys . . . does it get any propheticker than that?


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, you are 92…how old were your parents when they died? Gloria was about 92, wasn’t she?

    Bocopro, that IS propheticker than most stuff! YIKES…thanks for sharing that!!!

    Baysider, I don’t know that Americans have been quite so unthinking toward extremely poor native islanders or anybody else, but maybe. I’m not white washing us, but you know how I REALLY am loathe to put America down!

    I just heard Trump’s introduction of all the energy guys at the WH right now…Exxon/Mobil/ private oil owners, governors from some of our oil producing states…….TOTAL waste of time because all they did for those 15 minutes or so was introduce themselves and drool over the president “Thank you SO much, Mr. President..” Which actually was a REALLY NICE bunch of moments…I actually get a little teary when I hear really upstanding, articulate American businessmen who talk about not only making profit but helping Americans with jobs, etc.

    What COULD come out in the next few days is BIG threats to Saudis and Russia over oil…I HOPE SO


  21. Mustang says:

    I was reading something earlier about how the USAF has been asked by a Senate investigating committee to provide them with information concerning how many times Hunter Biden (son of former VP and all around idiot) Joe Biden was transported, at government expense, to places like the Ukraine and to China, where he is listed as a board member of a Chinese holding company. Initially, the USAF agreed to provide that information. Then, suddenly, the USAF reversed course and told the senate that they would NOT provide that information.

    What in the hell is going on with the USAF, which the last time I checked, comes under the Executive Branch (DoD). Let me also ask, why in hell would the US taxpayer pay for EXPENSIVE transportation in Air Force Two of someone who was not even an official of the US government?

    Note: not entirely off topic, since we’re speaking about crooks in China and the Americans they hire and pay money to, who are also (a) crooks and (b) related to high ranking Democrats (also crooks).


  22. MAL says:

    Z, I’m GOIN’ on 92 (Sept.). My dad was 94, mom 84, sister 93. I’m hopin’ to to ’em!


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  23. kidme37 says:

    Mustang, I gotta go with my fall back position of wake me up when someone gets indicted. It’s gotta be much worse than we can imagine.

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  24. geeez2014 says:

    And MUSTANG!…SO MANY of our politicians become lobbyists FOR CHINA! WHAT are they THINKING? What kind of a patriot would do THAT?

    I’m being offered yet another Chinese student for Fall…I SO don’t want to do it. First, I got totally spoiled by my wonderful Brazilian, Nico, and second, do I REALLY have to SUPPORT a Chinese kid who …well, who KNOWS what he IS? My first Chinese student was FABULOUS; We still keep in touch after 3 years and hopefully always will, but I’m hesitating because the money’s good….but, I DO NOT WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN. Not from China.

    Kid “Much worse…” You mean you think we’ll finally ACTUALLY get liberal idiots where they belong?

    Mal, what a family genetic…you are SO LUCKY! Joni’s family, too?


  25. kidme37 says:

    Z, No Much Worse means the levels of crime and the fact nothing will be done about it.


  26. MAL says:

    Nope, Z. Both of Joni’s folks died in their 70’s.

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