Even I didn’t expect Gupta to be THIS dishonest.

As you all know because he’s been there for years, CNN has a doctor they consult like FOX consults (constantly) with Dr. Marc Siegel.   CNN’s doctor is Sanjay Gupta.  You have all heard of him, too.


Yesterday, after Trump and his Task Force gave their briefing, I switched to CNN to see the usually hilarious “tsk tsk tsks” they contribute so intelligently to what they all said.

HYDROXYCHLORQUINE/ZPACK together pack a punch which is helping many victims suffering pretty badly to suddenly feel better IN 2-4 HOURS.   Significantly better.  One Democrat Congresswoman you probably heard about already said she was near death and begged her doctor to give her this stuff.  He and she had to break through her State’s red tape but it finally was released to her as she lay there thinking she was dying.   Within 2 hours, she woke and felt nearly 100% well.  That’s not the only anecdotal story which shows THIS WORKS on this virus.

CNN’s Dr Gupta, just as I turned to that channel after watching the same briefing he and Anderson Cooper had watched, was saying how it’s wrong to ever use drugs like this without knowing all the side effects, etc. “Trump has millions of doses he’s releasing  but what good is doing things like that when we don’t know what they could cause?”   PARDON ME?   This is NOT A NEW DRUG!!

He certainly knows that this drug has been used for Lyme disease, Lupus, etc., and doctors don’t hesitate to prescribe it for those things……WHY HESITATE to at least TRY IT on  VIRUS PATIENTS, like Trump was saying during his presser, when PEOPLE ARE ON THEIR DEATH BEDS???

Shouldn’t a guy like Gupta, eyebrows raised with such pitiful, soulful expression to make himself look more believable (not unlike  Dog-eyed Leon Panetta, by the way) KNOW THIS better than I DO?   To what ends will the Left GO??!

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26 Responses to Even I didn’t expect Gupta to be THIS dishonest.

  1. kidme37 says:

    I have never seen or heard Gupta speak, but it seems a good bet he’s a tool for the left. I mean if I’m dying, I would even try 100 Hawaiian topless grass skirt wearing belly dancers in my semi-private room serving me breakfast sandwiches and vodka. What’s it gonna hurt. Plus Trump did do the “Right to Try” Executive Order.

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  2. bocopro says:

    I’ve always seen Gupta as the medical profession’s Geraldo Rivera. Makes a lotta sense about half the time, but when he’s wrong, he’s specTACularly wrong.

    Came across this today . . . seems relevant —

    “Fauci, who is 79, has served in his current position as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984, which could seem ominous in itself.
    Our point is, any enterprise, let alone a government bureaucracy, run by anyone for that length of time risks the onset of institutional inertia and intellectual stagnation owing to the uninterrupted influence of a single individual. That medical or public health organizations are immune to such effects is a flight of fantasy.
    Add the unaccustomed and sudden celebrity, deference and power Fauci’s been granted, and you have a formula for disaster.
    Unfortunately, it’s a disaster whose effects both The Donald and average Americans…like us…will suffer. Average Americans because Fauci seems utterly unaware or unconcerned over the impact his purely epidemiological perspective has on our lives; The Donald because, by featuring Fauci, he’s created a true Catch-22. If he ignores the good doctor’s edicts and begins returning the country to normal, the MSM will pin the first COVID-19-related death squarely on his shoulders.”

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  3. skudrunner says:

    He never mentioned the possible side effect of not trying it is death which to most people is a major side affect. If trump had not said it had promise it would be fine to try. After he touted the potential promise the media went off the rails. He is not a man of science and he will kill people. A week late it was announced it was going into clinical trials.
    We now have the very brilliant, who surpassed maxine in brilliance, AOC say we need to pay reparations to blacks and browns because they are having a higher incidence of covid than whites and it is racist. Maybe she should sue the virus for discrimination against people who gather in groups, live in large cities and have a higher incidence of underlying health issues. I feel confident that CNN will have a special on how trump’s racism caused minorities to die.


  4. bunkerville says:

    They want controlled studies? That means an equal amount of patients must receive no treatment and sit back and watch the results.
    The tetanus vaccine never had a controlled study. Was anyone going to let hundreds receive no immunizations and then exposed and an equal number get immunized? Absurd.

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  5. Kid is right:

    he’s a tool for the left.

    I think that he abandoned his Hippocratic Oath: “First, do no harm.”

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  6. bocopro says:

    I reckon most of y’all have seen this or are aware of it, but in case y’ain’t . . . . .

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  7. Shouldn’t a guy like Gupta, eyebrows raised with such pitiful, soulful expression to make himself look more believable (not unlike Dog-eyed Leon Panetta, by the way) KNOW THIS better than I DO?
    To what ends will the Left GO??!
    As far as they can.

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  8. Mustang says:

    I certainly agree with you that Gupta is an ideologue, but it is difficult to make the argument that he’s a fraud. He’s a certified neurosurgeon, has found a great deal of success as a television personality, a some-times actor, and serves as an assistant chief of medicine at a major hospital in Atlanta. Since he is (a) board certified and (b) successful on television, he’s no fraud. My guess would be that at least one third of all medical doctors in this country share Gupta’s political ideology. As to the issue of the so-called miracle drug, Trump doesn’t prescribe treatments … he is only empowered to make certain drugs available to the medical community. Whether a drug is actually prescribed is up to the attending physician in consultations with his patient. I think Trump is correct to add this drug to a physician’s toolbox, but it is up to the doctor to decide whether to use it. As with most leftists, Gupta’s ideology has gotten in the way of common sense. He’s no fraud, just another demonstration of Kid’s own assessment … that progressivism is a mental disease. Personally, I wouldn’t want Gupta operating on me because I would not be able to trust his judgment.

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    KID….You’re so right.

    bOCOPRO…Trump doesn’t quite get grasp that honesty, unlike any president we’ve had because most won’t dare, is his best policy. You included in your comment “If he ignores the good doctor’s edicts and begins returning the country to normal, the MSM will pin the first COVID-19-related death squarely on his shoulders.””
    And that’s what Trump needs to do…say the following:

    “We know we may have a case, even a deaths, from Covid if we start opening up our country again, I can only imagine how the media will paint that, but we need to start slowly, start to get Americans outside, doing business, slowly, but surely.”

    And that video was POWERFUL! I can’t watch Tucker anymore…that WIDE EYED “I know FAR more than the president, …” look while he seems to digest what his guests say….takes him a while.
    I’m wondering if Boris Johnson got that drug…

    SKUDRUNNER….SO SO SO TRUE!!! The side effect is DEATH if they DON’T GET IT, right? AOC is now saying THAT? SHE IS UTTERLY INSANE….pandering, dishonest….ugh. Great comment!

    Imagine a drug given for YEARS for lupus and LYme and other diseases but, suddenly, Gupta knows better??


    THe man should be ashamed and utterly embarrassed, yet who in the media’s called him out?



  10. kidme37 says:

    Boco 6:47 am – Interesting !

    Otherwise, love all the comments.

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  11. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang! I believe when a medical professional puts political ideology in front of medicine, that’s fraudulent. I mean, it’s a lie We DO know what this drug can cause…WELLNESS. It’s been proven to have very little side effects. The Z-Pac has more side effects, by the way, which makes this ‘cocktail’ which helps COVID. But, so far, nobody’s apparently suffered. They’ve only improved. I’m wondering if Boris Johnson got this drug cocktail! SO glad he’s improving.

    I don’t mean Gupta’s not Board Certified…. He is definitely a neurosurgeon and he has definitely added some good information to CNN programs over the years; I’m not doubting his abilities…but when someone apparently LIES about what a president (and med experts) says to please Anderson Cooper’s viewers and could put patients at risk by their being fearful to take a drug because they saw Dr Gupta say it could be dangerous, I’m leery, that’s all.

    Maybe FRAUD’s too big a word, WHO’D LIKE TO PICK ANOTHER?


  12. kidme37 says:

    This drug should be available over the counter.

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  13. kidme37 says:

    Pick a different word Z? Ok How about…..

    The classic longest German word is Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän, clocking in with 42 letters. In English, it becomes four words: “Danube steamship company captain.” However, it’s not the only super long word in the German language and, technically, it’s not even the longest.

    Hey, Imagine what scrabble boards look like in Germany.

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  14. Mustang says:

    Ice Hole comes to mind … 🙂

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  15. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG WINS…and is POLITE, thank you!!!

    Kid!! Mr. Z taught me that they do exactly as described in your comment….they describe things in ONE WORD….a word which is like a run-on sentence! 🙂
    But I don’t think I’d use that to describe Gupta 🙂


  16. geeez2014 says:

    When I first went to Germany with Mr. Z, we were driving to the hotel from the airport and I noticed a TON of streets with the same name! I said “How do they know which street they’re on if they’re all called EINBAHNSTRASSE?” He laughed and said “That isn’t a name of a street…it means ONE WAY STREET!” 🙂

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  17. kidme37 says:

    That’s funny Z.

    I must have a talk with Mustang……


  18. It’s Good Friday.
    Want healing?
    Malachi 4:2
    “But to you who fear My name The Sun of Righteousness shall arise With healing in His wings”
    It’s interesting that the word “wings” there refers to the “hem of His garment”.
    Isaiah 53:
    “5 But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.”
    I’m going to engage in a little self-promotion here because I think it’s important. Indulge me.

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  19. geeez2014 says:

    Thanks, Ed…I encourage my readers to see your post.

    My own young MEDICAL DOCTOR, responding to an email of mine, answered my question and added this: And yes, his faith made me weepy…AGAIN! 🙂

    Hope you have a wonderful Easter. A little different this year, but Holy Week is quite fitting for our times:
    Thursday being the care of others, washing of feet, giving service.
    Friday being death.
    Saturday, mourning and the unknown.
    I’m waiting for Sunday when the stone is rolled back and we can rejoice. It won’t be this Sunday, but it will happen.

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  20. Baysider says:

    Is there a different word for when your shepherd leads you astray? That’s Gupta. These are not new inventions. wonder if he’s this ‘cautious’ about pumping kids full of toxic metals and chemicals attached to vaccines that are never tested in the manner of their intended use. (Hint: the answer is no.)

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  21. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I’m sure he’s ALL for vaccines …for EVERYTHING!
    You got the right answer 🙂


  22. geeez2014 says:

    The idiot California governor has decided we’re shut down through May 15….masks required by April 15.
    I am tending to agree with Ned Ryun on Carlson’s show saying some Red States are going to kick back; responsibly OPEN THINGS UP AGAIN. BE AMERICA AGAIN.

    Did you people have some weird thing interrupt Carlson tonight? Some FIRST RESPONDERS message, no sound, which said you could push any button to get back to your show? WHAT THE???


  23. I was thrilled to hear Ned Ryun. I hope Trump watched.
    Governess Half-Whitmer has killed any chance of re-election here.
    I hope Biden chooses her. He’ll lose Michigan.
    Nothing here interrupted Tucker.


  24. We are scheduling a rally in Lansing April 15th.
    i aim to misbehave…

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  25. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I hope Trump watched, too. He VERY frequently references FOX..”I saw this morning that…” “I was watching some TV and..” And it’s always FOX, of course!


  26. We are under attack.
    Not by the WuFlu.
    But by our state government.
    This is war and we don’t even know it.
    And we don’t know how to respond.
    Texas Governor Abbott is looking to open Texas.
    Democrat governors an governess are looking to lock us up more.


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