Twitter says TRUMP can’t …what???

“Twitter has taken the unprecedented step of adding fact-check warnings to two of President Donald Trump’s tweets that falsely called mail-in ballots “substantially fraudulent” and predicted a “Rigged Election.” On Wednesday, the president threatened to impose new regulation on social media companies or even to “close them down.”

HERE is an article which follows that opening paragraph.

Trump is right about mail-in ballots being susceptible to fraud.  What was wrong was calling them “substantially fraudulent” because it appears like he knows this for a fact.  Again, he speaks without knowing.  And a “rigged Election”?  I think it will be…or it’ll try.    Hard to sell that and not get slammed. BUT….

ARE OPINIONS NOT ACCEPTED BY TWITTER?   REALLY?    And WHY NOW are they slamming him?  He’s said FAR FAR FAAAR worse on twitter.

“Twitter says users can expect to see more such flags thrown on misleading tweets about voting.”       But, it’s NOT ‘misleading’…it’s HIS OPINION.  And, by the way, he’s probably right.  And there are experts who agree about mail-in voting, not the few who do that because they’re sick or lazy.  We’re talking about WHOLE STATES TOLD TO VOTE BY MAIL.  Because of the pandemic?  You can go and rub elbows at Walmart but you can’t go in, in much more orderly fashion than any store allows, and VOTE?


Or am I wrong?   What do you think?

and, BY THE WAY…you know how I keep complaining about Trump’s people not VETTING ENOUGH?    REALLY?  GAD.  This stuff is SO EASY if you know what you’re doing 😦



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24 Responses to Twitter says TRUMP can’t …what???

  1. “What was wrong was calling them “substantially fraudulent” because it appears like he knows this for a fact. ”
    It is a matter of fact (substance/substantially) that mail in ballots bring fraudulent results.
    People have gone to jail over it.
    Not enough though, IMO.
    I am more concerned about the way he phrased that he would “close them down.”.


  2. Mustang says:

    I read recently that since elections at the turn of the century, 24-million mail-in ballots have “disappeared.” Now, if this is true, then “substantial” would be the right word to use.

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  3. bocopro says:

    Both major parties would try to milk the system with disappearing or fraudulent or duplicate ballots from imaginary or negligent voters in ANY scheme, particularly mail-in.

    The Dems have no lock on cheating or intimidation or theft or stuffing. The problem is that they’re better organized at it than Republicans. Plus, they’re frenetic about it and fanatically committed to electing ANYthing other than DJT this fall, even if he’s so deep into dementia he can’t remember where he is or what he’s campaigning for.

    My estimation is that if 10 million ballots were fraudulently completed and submitted by either ineligible or non-persons, the ratio favoring Dems would be about 7.5 to 2.5.

    Same for “lost” or “altered” ballots – of a million lost, 800,000 would’ve been for Trump. But that stuff goes on all the time anyway, and the easiest way is with voting machines; the Republic is in its final agonies anyhow, so machs nichts.


  4. kidme37 says:

    Well, if this is true and I’d bet money it is, then there will be substantial voter fraud with the mail-in ballots.

    Also, since they have the person’s name recorded as a valid voter at that address how would someone go about identifying the vote as fraudulent? Yea, substantial is the word. If it happens in blue states who cares, but this is Michigan which Trump won in 2016. They will no doubt hit the purple states hard.

    Yea, definitely in the final throes.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, what about the “closed down”? I have to say I don’t like that much myself.

    Mustang and Ed….the problem is the Republicans must fight the lies….The news is all over ‘facts’ that say it is NOT fraudulent….Trump can’t just say it IS without information to pass on which supports his statement.

    Bocopro…I think you’re right, but “machs nichts” is frightening and SO sad…..we DO matter. America matters.


  6. kidme37 says:

    PS: How many registered Republicans will get those extra ballots? Few if any.

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  7. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, saw your comment after commenting above.

    YES YES YES, your information is the kind of thing TRUMP MUST PRESENT when he says SUBSTANTIAL FRAUD, etc…he needs to TELL, SHOW, CONDEMN. Like a grownup.

    And oh, yes…Michigan because he did well there unexpectedly. The Dems do NOT LIKE THAT 🙂

    Trump has to come out with a kind of REPORT… As it is, even Tucker only mentioned REPUBLICANS COMMITTING VOTER FRAUD THE OTHER NIGHT….he mentioned other instances WE know were Dems but he didn’t SAY DEMS. Blew my mind.


  8. kidme37 says:

    Tucker. Anything available for a price?


  9. Mal says:

    The safest and most trustworthy way is the original way: Only in person voting on election day. Period. The only exception would be for the military, but those done at their respective bases, too. Businesses always provided employees time either before or after work to vote so that isn’t an excuse. Couldn’t get there? Tough. You didn’t vote. Quit complaining.

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  10. bocopro says:

    And foto ID !! A MUST. And stencil a big “V” in the middle of the forehead on each person who filled out a ballot . . . indelible ink.

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  11. Baysider says:

    I’m with Mal. Colorado’s system of essentially print-a-ballot in a recent election was filled with fraud. Z, you witnessed a young fraudster voting and getting her marching orders on the next place to go vote. Multiply X100 for mail in! We caught one here at our apartment. A leftie had sample ballots delivered to 8 names at his apt.

    What’s more worrisome are the shifts available to Surveillance Capitalism that few are aware of. You can bet Silicon Valley is working overtime to do what 3 years of lying Democrats couldn’t, get the president out of office.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I can’t do long videos….what is it?
    And yes, I saw that…and I’m appalled at your leftie renter..8 ballots.
    You should have seen Kayleigh McEnany messing up her responses to the media INSISTING she PROVE mail in ballots promote fraud. She really stank. And I’m a fan, but she’s starting to lose me.

    Mal “Only in person voting on election day. Period. ” Couldn’t agree with you more. Except I want us to vote with an ID card that gets swiped and is now null and void. IT VOTED. PERIOD!

    Kid, Not sure…he DID mention other instances but NEVER called out a Democrat per se….I’d say he meant to but I think he reads this stuff…he doesn’t think on his tush.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…PHOTO ID…the only way….but let’s face it, the lefty precinct runners will ignore it if the face looks wrong..they don’t care…just VOTE DEMOCRAT.


  14. kidme37 says:

    Prove mail-in ballots are fraudulent?

    You can’t. Take my example link. How would you prove those 3 other people don’t live there anymore? Go there and ask? “Oh, yea those guys are out on a road trip somewhere for a week.”

    One has to use their powers of insight, logic and the recognition that if the dems are for it it is Only in their favor. Now what will happen when precincts report 174% of the voting age population in their precinct voted in 2020 ?


  15. Trump said he would “close them down”.
    Of course, that sounds like what a dictator would say.
    But I’m thinking he knows of a mechanism whereby they can start being prosecuted for liability.
    They currently reap the benefits of not being “liable” as publishers but as a “forum”.
    But when they censor, they are no longer a forum but “publishers” and there are liability concerns then.
    And it would be hard for them to claim Absence of Malice.


  16. Baysider says:

    Surveillance Capitalism started with the data mining that brought us targeted ads and moved on to hijack personal data – via photos and voice (thank you, Alexa) – to profit from what they call behavioral surplus data streams.

    That is the subtler data mining. For example, that photo you uploaded of yourself at a party provides a range of valuable information — from the types of people you’re most likely to spend your time with and where you’re likely to go to have a good time, to information about how the muscles in your face move and alter the shape of your features when you’re in a good mood. By gathering a staggering amount of data points on each person, Data Miners can make very accurate predictions about human behavior, and these predictions are then “sold to business customers who want to maximize our value to their business” according to a Harvard social psychologist and author of the book Surveillance Capitalism. Other ‘customers’ (whose email addresses end in .gov) could value this data very much!

    With the knowledge gained, Facebook’s conducted massive “contagion experiments” to manipulate language and insert subliminal cues online. They can indeed change real-world behavior and real-world emotions without our being aware of being manipulated.

    It’s a refined, 21st century reality of an old Twilight Zone episode To Serve Men. Aliens came offering peace and love, attracting scores of men to their spaceship, only to discover that their indecipherable book To Serve Men was not a peace and love manifesto, but a recipe book! And men were being served up for dinner.

    Robert Epstein, a Harvard trained psychologist, exposed how Google is manipulating public opinion through their search engine to change the results of elections and many other important areas – without a trail. His studies say Google can shift 15 million votes leading up to the upcoming U.S. presidential 2020 election.


  17. Baysider says:

    Returning to the topic of the day, ballot harvesting, a key attorney in our rental housing provider support group just wrote:
    “The problem is that Governor Gavin Newsom has just announced “Voting by Mail” for all voters. What this means is that the state will issue a mail-in ballot to every registered voter for the November 3, 2020 election, whether that registered voter is alive or dead. This is a form of “ballot harvesting.”

    The progressives will go door to door with mail in ballots, get the voters to vote at their front door, and then mail in the ballot for them. In the last election 2018, in Orange County — once seen as a Republican stronghold in the state — every House seat went to a Democrat after an unprecedented “250,000” vote-by-mail drop-offs were counted.

    The San Francisco Chronicle reported “People were carrying in stacks of 100 and 200 of them. Orange County Republican Chairman Fred Whitaker said the ballot harvesting “directly caused the switch from being ahead on election night to losing two weeks later.” Pretty nice trick? “


  18. Mal says:

    Yes. Both Ron and Z are right about also needing photo I.D. when voting. It was my bad not thinking about that! I was merely thinking about voting years ago when there was no such thing. But years ago, no one ever thought about cheating, either. Everyone simply accepted if they lost.


  19. We have voter ID in Michigan by law, I’m trying to see how they get around that.


  20. A friend in California, former blogger Pascal Fervor, told me that he saw three ballots go to the same address and the same person!. There were slight variations in the address.


  21. Mal says:

    See? I rest my case, Ed.


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  22. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, it’s anecdotal info like Ed’s put here that we need to gather….make it NOT anecdotal. There were ballots found in a trunk when that dopy ‘comedian’ ran and won…I don’t remember where/when….I think there COULD be enough proof. Sadly, the media’s been covering up any Democrat fraud and broadcasting the slightest Republican insurrections, of which there are a few.

    MAL…years ago, who’d have EVER thought of voter cheating…what a different world we had.

    Baysider…SEE? People MUST HEAR THIS STUFF..

    As if is, the media’s CONSTANTLY saying NO VOTER FRAUD DUE TO MAIL IN BALLOTS…that is just WRONG.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER< thanks for that Surveillance Cap info…I'd never heard that 'title' for it…fascinating….. the name does make sense! I really appreciate your comment.

    ED, there will be more info tonight on TV but it sounds to me he did find a perfectly logical way to get his way on this, right?

    DID YOU ALL HEAR ZUCKER SAY THEY NEVER SHUT DOWN ANY DISCUSSIONS ON FB? THEY DO IT ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE TIME! I'll see posts gone, p eople will mention they couldn't open a video anymore…SO much of it.


  24. geeez2014 says:

    OFF TOPIC: I am tired of hearing how UNMASKING IS LEGAL…when that is NOT THE POINT! Why would a UN Ambassador have Flynn unmasked on inauguration day? WHY? SO much is questionable and the left keeps saying UNMASKING IS LEGAL…so WHAT?

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