Minneapolis………..because I, too, am burned out!

What’s your take on what’s going on in Minneapolis?

(Sorry, today, I’m too burned out by Trump and some of the things he’s said lately, which are making it look real tough for November….(you must never say “Thank you” to a Tweet that says “The only good Democrat is a DEAD Democrat”.  Not as president, no, you really can’t.   You can’t have a wife who told “a source” that he only listens to yes-men and his family (Vanity Fair source…who knows for sure? But it’s out there!)  You can’t have a retweet of  the word A$$hole by a president.  You really mustn’t call someone ‘slimeball’ in print when you’re president.   You need someone who does great things, which he does, and explains them well, in detail, no doubt, no way to misrepresent, no way to make him look wrong.)

SO…  I thought I’d ask you about the death in Minneapolis, what the cops did, how the community is destroying itself, and YOUR THOUGHTS.





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28 Responses to Minneapolis………..because I, too, am burned out!

  1. kidme37 says:

    The death in Minneapolis certainly appears to be murder. The guy was not resisting at any point therefore no excuse to kneel on his neck until he was dead.

    I’m sure a lot of his brothers and sisters appreciated the opportunity to acquire a big screen TV and other household items as parting gifts.

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  2. bocopro says:

    Hauntingly reminiscent, innit, of the peckerwood riots when Mohamed Noor, a black Minneapolis cop, shot and killed Justine Damond, a white woman, “in self defense” apparently because the pajamas she was wearing when she reported what she thought was a possible sexual assault going on in the alley outside her house.

    Noor and his partner did not have their body cams or dash cams on during the drive-up into the alley to investigate Damond’s report. This is in clear violation of the Minneapolis rule for officers to wear and activate body cams when confrontation or witness statements or arrests or foot pursuits or firearm discharges are anticipated.

    But that’s o.k. ’cause Noor is just a poor black Somali not fully comfortable with Murkan customs and language.

    When it became apparent that the blue wall didn’t seem particularly concerned about the shooting — after all, it WAS a white victim and a black cop — whites began throwing around heated words, sharpened accusations, pointed questions, and biting demands that something be done, similar to what black people are doing today in Wal-Marts and to city vehicles and various businesses who made really bad decisions where to locate their stores.

    What bothers me about it all, I think, is the “Hands-Up/Don’t-Shoot” syndrome, based on nothing more than ethnic loyalty and lust for reparations. Why is it apparently acceptable for hundreds of blacks to be killed in the streets by other blacks in Chicongo, Baltimorons, Kansas Shitty, and Nawlins, but when criminals such as Michael Brown or Trayvon Martin or Eric Garner die while resisting arrest by a non-black police person it’s a racially motivated hate crime?

    For blacks to riot over a black’s dying while being arrested or in custody is as racist as those two guys in MAGA hats who poured bleach on Jussie Smollett and put a noose around his neck . . . oh, wait — they WERE black, and there WASN’T a white riot after the Kenyan halfrican was elected, and so far Justice Thomas and Susan Rice and Joy Reid are still walking around unlynched, unshot, and unrobbed.

    Well, what do I know . . . just that most black murders are by other blacks, and although blacks make up 13.5% of the Murkan population, on average they’re responsible for more than half the murders in the country. In any given year since about 1980, 93% of African-Americans murder victims were killed by other African-Americans.

    Last year the homicide rate of black victims in the US was 20.44 per 100,000. For whites the rate was 2.96 per 100,000. On average this century, blacks killed by whites in the US tends to be a little over 200 per annum, while whites killed by blacks averages closer to 500. Odd, that, when there are 200,000,000 white people and only 40,000,000 blacks and they tend to live in separate neighborhoods.

    Incidentally, the US population has nearly 60,000,000 Hispanic/Latino (of any racial makeup) and nearly as many ethnic Mexicans (36,000,000) as African-Americans. But we don’t hear about Chicanos or Puerto Riquenos or Asians on the news being killed by whites — OR blacks.

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  3. bunkerville says:

    So unfair…. I never got a TV or an Obama phone. What am I doing wrong? I got caught in the Baltimore riots back in ’67. Once one has seen it up close and personal you cannot ever imagine the extent humans becoming worse than animals. At least animals don’t destroy their own nests. Let it rest Z…. do you want Biden and the VP the Governor of Never land running the ship?


  4. ACUCHUCK says:

    How come there are no riots in White neighborhoods? When was the last time you saw Beverly Hills Businesses being burned down. The inner cities are a mess and those who live there are torching and looting their own.
    What happened to that guy in Minn. was truly horrible.But, the loss to all those businesses is also murder, killing the business.
    As I watch the dancing and celebrating of the looting, burning and attacking Police, all I can do is shake my head. They do act like animals, out of control.
    I was around for the Watts Riots in the 60’s, where the very next year the Olympics had a new category. It was the “Refrigerator 50 yard carry.” which was joined after the Rodney King Riots, a, “TV Toss”


  5. As I said at Bunkerville’s:
    Keith Ellison, an Antifa promoter, is AG. Get out of jail free cards have been issued.
    If these rioters really wanted to get even with their oppressors they’d be burning down the statehouse.

    The police with bicycles in a “phalanx”, slowly backing up to the precinct house, signaled that they would abandon that also.
    Don’t EVER expect the police to do the right thing and you will not be disappointed.
    You might be pleasantly surprised on occasion.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville…you said ” Let it rest Z…. do you want Biden and the VP the Governor of Never land running the ship?”

    That really bothered me. And is precisely why I said what I did. The last thing in the world we need is Biden and friend. You must ask that question of Trump. Not me.

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  7. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I’d like to see bicyclers backing up some time…I have no idea what you mean there. Keith Ellison is Minnesota’s AG?? OMG.

    Chuck, they CAN act out of control, that’s for sure……..

    PEOPLE IN AMERICA aren’t the same. There are people in the police, TSA, FBI, CIA, other places, where we need THE BEST. We have HAD the best. We don’t have them anymore. We have people who do the job for the check, not for the work, not for saving Americans.

    CAN WE GET THAT BACK? We know there still ARE good people……….at least I THINK SO.

    Bocopro…I heard last night that the majority of deaths by cops are NOT WHITE COPS ON BLACKS…Maybe that’s the best kept secret by our media?
    Boy, everything you said REALLY resonates…I’m going to read it a couple of times later….I need to try to remember some of this stuff……..thanks.

    Kid, absolutely…looks like murder. Particularly when you’re hearing I CAN’T BREATHE. Remember the Black guy in NYC who was killed a couple of years ago from asphyxiation by cops?

    I’m thinking the COP TRAINING MANUAL might start with “If they’re saying they can’t breathe, stop what you’re doing.” Maybe even throw in “Particularly if they are already HANDCUFFED, like this guy WAS!!!!!”

    KID…”I’m sure a lot of his brothers and sisters appreciated the opportunity to acquire a big screen TV and other household items as parting gifts.” This made me burst into laughter! Haaaa!!!! right! i LOVE the way you put things!


  8. geeez2014 says:


    “I did not write this. I copied it

    While the msm works tirelessly to make Donald Trump out to be a buffoon, over the last week he did the following, but you probably won’t hear about it:

    1. Made vaccines voluntary not mandatory. Military will check purity and distribute vaccines

    2. Defunded WHO forever and wants an investigation into its operations

    3. Cancelled the Democrats HR6666 bill, known as the Covid19TRACE Act that was the basis for BillGates’s diagnosis and tracking project, which was also cancelled.

    4. Cancelled Bill Gates project known as ID2020

    5. Opened a complaint platform to report censorship on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It was overrun with complaints. They got the evidence.

    6. Executive Order to reopen states: Governors who refuse to reopen will be sued.

    7. ExecutveOrder for W.H. to take over all Electrical Grids: Which will include Internet servers, Broadcasting systems, Electronic systems.

    8. Declares places of worship ‘EssentialSevices.’ Some mayors are fining people for going to church.

    9. Applauded Australia and 116 countries for insisting on a China Probe into the spread of Covid19 despite several threats from China about refusing critical exports.”



  9. There was a line of police bicyclists in front of the protesters
    Just for you, I located this Tucker clip, copied it to Youtube and present it here.
    Notice the police backing away from the “protesters”.


  10. kidme37 says:

    Yes, you will never hear that in the news, Maybe even NONE of the news. I didn’t check these out but they ring true from what Ive seen (tripped over) the last couple days. I did watch DJT and Barr announcing the EO on social media commie pinko fascists..


  11. Sorry that link is broken: Use this one.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, thanks…I was kind of joking about bicycles backing up….physically not too easy! Thanks for getting the clip.
    But, yes, Tucker did cover that…he was really angry at the cops at the protests.
    I suppose the cops were told to back off? What do you think?

    Kid “I did watch DJT and Barr announcing the EO on social media commie pinko fascists.’
    Think it’ll work? I’m hoping so. Of course, the Left’s painting it as censorship and fascism….all TRUMP’S FAULT as if the media’s behavior hasn’t been OUTRAGEOUS toward HIM.
    THIS is the kind of thing I KNOW he could avoid, at least a little, if he stuck to script and script was given to him to people who actually have the facts and put Trump first…..


  13. geeez2014 says:


    His daughter quoted my favorite line in literature “Stand up, that’s your father going by”, from TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD. I thought of my earthly Dad that way….. It was lovely she thought of her dad with that respect and love.


  14. Mal says:

    We watched Tucker last night, also, and wondered how the police will be able to defend themselves against what everyone around the world saw. Was it a fellow police officer filming and telling the cop to let up, the guy can’t breathe? Whoever it was, why didn’t they push the cop off of the guy? it went on for several minutes, yet no one came to help the him. All he did was try to pass off a fake $20 bill, not exactly considered a high crime punishable by death.
    Now…….as to the burning and looting, there will always be collateral damage like this in those areas because among the poor are those that feel entitled to whatever they can get due to the inequality in our society. Target is big enough to withstand it, but how about the small business owners that have been so badly hurt by the shutdown. This is like pouring water on a drowning man. The looters will be hard to identify due to most everyone wearing face masks.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    On Facebook, someone’s put an article and picture of a Black man crying…he’s lost to fire the Sports Bar he’d invested his life savings in.


  16. geeez2014 says:




  17. Mal says:

    Z, That sound about typical today, doesn’t it? (good grief!)

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  18. Baysider says:

    I can’t believe I missed the Zacharias service! I planned to watch but I guess the days just went by. They will post it on their website where they had the link to the service. Yes. A GIANT. Heaven’s gain.

    Thanks for that list of what DT did – it’s so amazing what he accomplishes while everyone is running around complaining about his tweets. It’s almost like he uses them as cover to get actual work done. Unfortunately, WHO gets a huge amount of its money from Bill Gates, but at this point we should not be funding a quasi front organization for Chinese interests.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    I just had lunch here with a very dear friend…I opened the door and said she could take her mask off…she wore it just to be polite, ‘in case’…..We both stayed maskless, I even hugged her! We ate, had some wine, talked and talked…sat about 6’ away, but would have sat in that arrangement even if we didn’t have to! Felt SO SO GOOD.
    I highly recommend it!!
    Had 2 other friends Sunday for 2 hours….

    I am guessing it’s asymptomatics who are the big fear …if someone was 30 or 18 and was here at my house, I could be concerned for myself.. Those of us over 60 are probably not going to be asymptomatic since the virus can hit us olders hard, we’d KNOW if we were sick…since we are welll, so be it….all is good in the world.

    Please, God 🙂


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, I HIGHLY recommend you listen…….it surely will be on his site…It was magnificent..2 hours and I never got bored. I cried a bit here and there.. no boredom! EXCELLENT…..His loss is great, so great that’s what brought my tears, I think. The world needs him SO badly…but after the service, having heard some pastors speak, I thought “The world is still in good hands!” 🙂

    Yes, DJT does great things……..I hope Americans can hear it ….


  21. Baysider says:

    Yes, I’m in line to at least ‘visit’ at a girlfriend’s – postponed for renovation work, not the bug.

    Who was this man who was killed by the police? Apparently another big gain for heaven.


  22. bocopro says:

    From all that I’ve read about Floyd, he was a big guy with virtually no criminal record who had worked as a bouncer at a restaurant/bar for several years, oddly doing much the same job as the policeman who caused his death, Derek Chauvin, and at the same place of business.

    We’re never gonna get the whole story ’cause the weepy leftist press will make him a martyr just as they did the other “gentle giant” Michael Brown.

    Apparently Floyd was drunk and tried to pay for some items in a deli or bodega-type place with a twenty that the clerk thought was counterfeit, so the manager called 9-11 and a police cruiser with an unspecified number of officers, one of which was Chauvin responded.

    Floyd was told to get out of his car, which he did, but wasn’t particularly happy about being hassled by cops. They say he “resisted” but didn’t specify any action that I could find other than attitude. One cop said he was “acting weird,” which was corroborated by one of the store employees.

    Floyd allowed himself to be cuffed and laid out on the pavement, which is kinda sorta standard for really big strong guys showing resistance.

    The knee to the neck is a standard practice for LEOs also, but Chauvin has a history of roughness, and clearly kept pressure on Floyd’s neck too long and too strong, shutting off oxygen to his brain and ultimately killing him, kinda like a choke hold.

    Bad situation … but I remember clearly from my shore patrol training that once they’re cuffed, you really don’t need to further subdue troublemakers, and you definitely don’t hit ’em in the head. If you have to put ’em down with force, you go to the solar plexus or the shins/knees, not the head/neck.

    I never learned the knee-to-the-neck thing except as a momentary tactic while getting the cuffs on.

    This is a problem at all levels . . . city/state/national . . . but it doesn’t call for destruction of city property, burning a police precinct, vandalizing and looting stores, and acting like animals in the street.

    It’s a no-win situation for everybody, and the black community ain’t doin itself any favors by goin all Mau-Mau on local LEOs and businesses. Just exactly how does stealing merchandise from other black merchants and burning police cars make ANYthing about it any better?

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  23. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider…thanks for the info on Floyd… Yes, Heaven’s gain…and less Black young people will come to Christ because Floyd was killed. Sickening.

    Bocopro…I heard specifically that he DID have a record so I’m very pleased to have had Baysider and your information which clearly says HE DID NOT.
    But, he did resist arrest and THAT is BAD….seems like it rarely goes well. Yes, some type of

    I’ve heard the neck hold is NOT in the training of LEOs….so that’s interesting….
    And yes, once handcuffed, it should have been OVER.

    You know what I’m wondering? I KNOW he was killed by that knee on his neck…no doubt…but he didn’t have a past which suggested he would be drunk during the day and the officers say he was under some medical distress as soon as they approached and handcuffed him.
    The clerk in the store where he tried to get food by passing a bad check or something also said he was acting oddly……

    DID HE HAVE A PREEXISTING HEALTH SITUATION ??? Remember that guy who died in NYC, that heavy set Black man who had a large family and was selling matches or something and they put their knees on his neck, too? HE had a preexisting condition, it came out…a bad one.

    All very interesting…let’s see what happens.



  24. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, my post tomorrow is something I’d particularly like your input on….come by as early as you can. Thanks.


  25. Bob says:

    This is a tragedy, but that word is running out of meaning. It is inescapable that the cop did not over-react. He was being just plain mean. By all accounts, the man was restrained and on the ground. The cop murdered the guy and must pay. It’s that simple to me.

    These riots happen when a cop kills a black person. It makes no difference whether the black person was guilty or not, it’s going to happen. It happens because that seems to black people the only way to get these things investigated.

    We have a racial problem in this country. I refuse to believe it’s big problem. But, somehow some of these malicious, racist people get jobs in police departments where they can do great harm when they go off the rails. The cop has a history of brutality charges. If that’s true then something like this was almost bound to happen. That’s also bad police management, too.

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  26. Bob says:


    This post from Power Line Blog quotes the medical examiner’s preliminary report that George Floyd was NOT asphyxiated. Note, this is preliminary. It looks like I jumped the gun. Lesson learned.


  27. geeez2014 says:

    BOB…check my comments above…the clerks in the store he’d been in , and the cops while they were handcuffing, said something was WRONG.

    He may not have been asphyxiated. Or at least he didn’t die from that !!!! The cop didn’t have to knee his neck when he was already handcuffed, anyway!

    We are NOT a racist country and freakin’ SICK AND TIRED of hearing that we are.


  28. Mal says:

    They mentioned on the news this a.m. the cop’s wife is filing for divorce. That says it all.

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