Baysider’s Birthday!! Which makes me wonder about YOU….

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR BAYSIDER!  I know our gang joins me in wishing you ALL THE BEST OF GOD’S BLESSINGS!!!   Hoping you have a lovely day.

EVERYBODY:   Tell us of a VERY favorite birthday….or your favorite YEAR…..or favorite birthday GIFT you got OR gave!!!

We’d like to hear………….Don’t let us down! 🙂


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18 Responses to Baysider’s Birthday!! Which makes me wonder about YOU….

  1. bocopro says:

    Don’t think I got one I can discuss in mixed company. However, I do have a favorite TIME of day:

    Over the years I’ve written a lotta pages on things I like or dislike . . . women, food, politics, duty, honor, and on and on. Lotta stuff about nature, too . . .

    The majesty of a magnificent thundercloud looming on the horizon, blinking with fits of lightning, causing the maples and bays to expose their white underbellies and posses of leaves to chase renegade plastic bags underneath the honeysuckle . . .

    The wind soughing gently thru the pines as Venus rises while the moon sets and the sun gets ready to feed the tendre croppes . . .

    A rascally squall charging in from the horizon to rinse the salt and stack gas residue from the ship’s rigging . . .

    Somebody fryin up bacon with pancakes and fresh coffee . . .

    Yeah, gotta be mornin for me, best time of the day. Cool, crisp, minimum traffic, no exhaust fumes, quiet, peaceful, dew on the grass, jasmine and sampaguita flowers wafting their sweetness in eternal competition with the honeysuckle and wisteria.

    Panoply of first-magnitude stars – Rigel, Betelgeuse, Canopus, Sirius, Regulus, Castor . . . moonshadows . . . chanticleer anunciador foretelling the sunrise . . . large dog saying he’s finished now and would like to come back in the house for breakfast .

    Everybody asleep in the house ‘cept me and my furry buddy. No distraction as I compose my daily excoriation of the political idiot du jour . . . nobody tsk-tsking my sneaking a brownie or a giant choco-chunk cookie or a Krispy Kreme chocolate glaze that I’m not s’posed to eat.

    I can get more done in a pre-dawn hour than I can the rest of the day in terms of concentration, planning, organization, tidying up. I don’t mean the rote stuff, like runnin the mower or trimmin the shrubs or washin the car – that’s autopilot work.

    What I can get done is a piercing thrust at a Pelosi or a Reid or a DingleBarry or a Schmuckie, a fatal poussée of a parasite, a lethal perforation of a windbag, a verbal lancing of a troublesome boil on the backside of mankind , , , a coup de grace of a gringewort.

    Morning . . . my favorite time of day. Especially if topped off with a nice sammidge just before noon followed by a nice nap in a quiet room.


  2. Happy Birthday Baysider!


  3. kidme37 says:

    I hope you have a wonderful day Baysider. Many more.


  4. -FJ says:

    Happy B.D. Baysider!


  5. Mal says:

    Many happy “reruns”, Baysider. May you have an extra special day!


  6. Mal says:

    As for you question, Z, at this age, the NEXT one is gonna be special ’cause I made it!

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  7. Sparky says:

    Happy Birthday Baysider! Hope your day is a happy one!
    I like all my birthday’s. It means I’m still here. 🙂 LOL


  8. bocopro says:

    BTW — forgot . . . best gift I’ve received recently was the box set of BONES, my favorite TV series. All 12 seasons. EN-joyed it. Took me until just last week to see ’em all (think it’s like 175 hours total, even tho each episode takes only 42 minutes since there are no commercials).

    Gettin a li’l twinge of deja vu here, thinkin I’ve already toldj’all this before. Oh, well . . . that feature of gettin old will allow me to go back before long and start the series all over again as if for the first time since my memory is . . . uh, what was I talkin ’bout??


  9. Mal says:

    I feel yer pain, Ron. Now, when I meet an old friend I expect to be introduced!


  10. Mal says:

    On another note, Karon, one of our dancers, and her sister Sharon, have their 96 year old mother just put into hospice (Karon and husband own a dozen homes in the area and have her mom living in one nearby their home). The hospice worker just told Karon she believes her mom has NOVID-19 and Karon feels sure she doesn’t. Translation: Workers get an extra $1,100 for those patients. I heard of two other incidents like this, also. A bad policy that will greatly inflate the true number of deaths


  11. Baysider says:

    Thanks, everyone! Today will be dryer vent cleaning day at my apartment. Every tenant has their own washer/dryer, so this is a periodic chore. Lovely weather. I plan to enjoy it with keto chicken enchiladas tonight. 🙂


  12. Baysider says:

    And I think my favorite birthday was 50 – so long ago I hardly remember. We did a rare luncheon party for about 30 ladies. My best friend who had moved away came, but late, so I had a wonderful time visiting alone with her.

    @Mal – you get more of what you pay for, right?

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, hoped it would make you smile, dryer vents or no dryer vents!!
    Enjoy your enchiladas….for Keto, what do you wrap them in since you can’t use the corn tortillas?
    It IS beautiful weather again today..Jacarandas in bloom outside my window…the world is beautiful; God is good.
    Have a WONDERFUL Birthday…glad your 50th was so nice!


  14. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…BONES…I am so tired of checking Netflix, which I signed up for last month, and they don’t have much people recommend to me 😦
    Must be very good!
    And thanks for your treatise on MORNINGS………..and OH, pancakes, bacon and coffee…maple syrup MUST hit the bacon, too, of course! I loved reading that.

    Mal…so true…every birthday’s an I DID IT!!! 🙂


  15. bocopro says:

    I found BONES quite stimulating once the writers hit their stride, toward the end of the first season.

    Simply GREAT writing thereafter for at least the next 7 or 8 seasons. By the 10th season a bit of silliness crept in from time to time, and a few episodes got a bit maudlin and politically correct.

    Once the ensemble cast got comfortable in their roles and audience feedback told the writers and producers just how much they could get away with, it got VERY good.

    Plots were imaginative and the romantic/sexual tension was perfecto . . . kept watchers comin back for more. The science is mostly preposterous; I mean, c’mon — nobody gets DNA results in a matter of hours in the year 2010, and much of the “evidence” they came up with from swabs and scrapings and whatevers was not credible, but it worked, kinda like on Abbey on NCIS and a few other crime dramas.

    In the 12-year run, the characters evolved, grew, matured, died,go replaced, and shocked fans just enough to keep it from getting stale. And every now and then the writers gave themselves a freebie and went into fantasy, but it’s done reasonably and clearly to showcase castmember talents that otherwise wouldn’t ever be seen.

    Gotta watch it from the beginning, tho. You pick up an episode from season 8 or so with no character or modus operandi familiarity and you’ll bug out before the denouement.

    Good series. Good concept. Good cast. Good writers. Preposterous crime-solving, but entertaining. More of a bildungsroman for some of the characters than a crime-drama show.

    And if you don’t pay close attention, you’ll miss a lot of the subtle humor.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Just have to say how sad I am….my Brazilian homestay student left for Brazil Thursday, very suddenly, due to Trump’s decision to stop flights in/out of Brazil..because of their virus problem. He’s in a relatively small town and he emailed me they take his temp everywhere he goes. I told him at least he knows he hasn’t a fever 🙂 His folks really missed him so they got their travel agent to find a ticket somehow; I can’t imagine how many Brazilians scrambled to do that with 2 days notice from our president! Nico might have been here all summer had they not found a ticket, and I was good with that except with school out and not being able to see friends or do sports, it would have been a tough summer for him. As it is, it’ll be a tough Brazilian winter because he can’t get out much there, either!

    It was 18 months of fun…a great 18 yr old kid…I enjoyed following his progress at the school I’m associated with, watching his volleyball and basketball games, knowing the kids he hung with because I sub there so much…enjoying being in the ‘heart’ of senior year until the stupid virus took over and stopped everything but on-line school for him. I loved making his lunches, having bkfst stuff here for him, making dinners…And our senses of humors were so alike…………people very frequently asked if I was his mother….he’s 6’5″ tall, VERY handsome, dark, like me, tall, like me……he could have been my son!

    So…in late September, he starts Grand Cyn University in Phoenix with a volleyball scholarship if all goes well, but they’re one of , if not THE, top schools in on-line learning so he can start that way until we’re finally tired of fretting over the virus……and then he can go.

    SO…just wanted to vent a bit here……..I’m not one who gets lonely; I like being alone…but his presence, and nurturing him like a my own, and becoming so close after so many months, has been hard!!

    Oh, poor me 🙂 Any condolences are much appreciated !!!!! HA!!!



  17. geeez2014 says:

    and yes, he’s sent me five emails since he got there last night 🙂

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  18. I suppose my favorite birthday was my 50th.
    I just realized that, reading Baysider saying the same.
    I was teaching my Bible Study on a Wednesday night and one by one people excused themselves or were called out.
    Then an announcement was made that there were baked goods brought in.
    When I went to the fellowship hall, last, I opened the door to see my best friends, my dad, my boss, and fellow churchmates.
    I almost passed out from the surreality of it. I honestly was that surprised.
    My best friend Jim did a presentation on how I came into the world (THAT was funny). I miss him.
    Anyways, that was my favorite.

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