ARE THESE STILL CALLED PROTESTS?  Burning, breaking, hurting people, destroying businesses, threatening cops, …… name it, they’re doing it.   But name it PROTESTS??

THESE ARE PROTESTS?  How do they help the Floyd family?  By the way, the family said Trump called to offer his sympathy but “he wouldn’t let us talk….he acted like he didn’t care what we had to say.”  Ya, he might have had a launch in another state to rush to…might have had a few other things to do.   But they’re not happy he didn’t let them vent.      But, back to the topic:

WHAT DO THE “PROTESTERS” WANT?  A stolen bottle of Jim Beam in memory of George Floyd?  WHAT?    Does burning and stealing make for better race relations?

Please tell us your thoughts….



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26 Responses to PROTESTS

  1. I have a few of my thoughts posted at my blog today.


  2. bocopro says:

    This just sorta ran outta the ends of my fingers this mornin. Prob’ly racist, I betcha.

    Political anarchists and paid agitprops are merrily dismantling the republic which gives them the freedom to go feral and the means to go mau-mau. Many ordinary citizens who have sympathized with blacks for the hardships (many of their own making) they’ve had to endure for what-must-seem-like ever.

    But the rage, the energy, the demand for justice we see every time a black man puts himself in a position to be arrested, resists that arrest, and unfortunately dies – for whatever reason – at the hands of a non-black man is more often built on a flimsy foundation of lies, misunderstanding, myth, and hype.

    Eric Garner – petty crook, all-around boil on the butt of society – died resisting arrest. Nobody seems to remember that he was grossly obese, emphysemiac, and in terrible physical condition. He shouldn’t have died simply from being subdued by police, some of which were also black, but he put himself in the position to begin with.

    Trayvon Martin – thuglette in on-the-job training, thief, burglar, trespasser – died while resisting arrest by a non-white self-appointed cop. He was a troublemaker in the making and shouldn’t have died . . . but he SHOULD have been banished from any orderly and educated society.

    Michael Brown – future kneebreaker for the Black Panthers – died while challenging a police officer who tried to detain him after a report that he had stolen merchandise from a bodega. Shouldn’t have died, but he was resisting arrest and tried to take the cop’s gun. He was his own executioner.

    George Floyd – on some kind of narcotic, “acting weird,” and offered resistance to police officers arresting him for passing bogus money. Died from a combination of congenital respiratory problems complicated by drugs. The cop kept his knee on Floyd’s neck too long, but according to the coroner did NOT CAUSE the death, merely contributed to it by exacerbating a previously existing condition.

    But no one wants to hear any of that. What they want is either looting, excitement, or dismantling of all law enforcement in the entire country. Mayors and governors who tell their law-enforcement organizations to “stand back” or “give them room” or “let them get it out of their system” are as responsible for the costs to business and government as the rioters themselves.

    And much of what is going on dovetails neatly with the Democrats’ agenda – Get Rid Of Trump Whatever The Cost!! — if PotUS doesn’t do something about the riots, the follow-on beatings and killings, the torching of hundreds of police cars nationwide and businesses in major cities (often owned by black people), he’ll be excoriated for failure to protect society; if he DOES take decisive action, no matter what it turns out to be, he’ll be called “RACIST!”

    People who burn city vehicles, loot businesses, destroy property, attack people, MUST be made to see that such behavior is not tolerated. And they need to get it through their heads that although the leftist media will gleefully encourage their behavior and call them righteous “protestors,” they are in fact simply domestic terrorists whose actions signal that they’ve forfeited their right to live in an orderly society.

    And they’re not doing the black segment of the US population (roughly 13.5%) any good; they’re in essence creating more racist attitudes in whites and other non-blacks who might previously have sympathized with them for their plight. Most black murder victims are most definitely not killed by white people, and certainly not white cops – 93% of them are killed by other blacks. In fact, black people, less than 14% of the population, commit over 50% of the murders in this country.

    I’ve been around a long time, seen a lotta things, spent over a quarter of my life in classrooms of one sort or another, acquired advanced degrees, raised children, and earned privileges and entitlements along with other benefits and rights. But I just can’t see any logic in getting people to support your cause by burning police cars and looting Wal-Marts. Makes about as much sense as kicking your neighbor’s watchdog because you didn’t get the promotion you wanted at work.

    “Hands-Up/Don’t-Shoot” was a total hype based on an exaggeration, a false narrative, a friggin myth. And the members of the US Congress who publicly joined in the demonstrations should have been fired for doing so.

    Yes, George Floyd shouldn’t have died. But Clinton shouldn’t have lied, and Soetoro shouldn’t have said if he’d had a son he’d look like Trayvon, and AntiFa most definitely IS a terrorist organization which needs to be stamped out like an infestation of fire ants in your back yard.

    We all get disappointed in things from time to time, angry even, maybe vengeful . . . but we tend to get over it when we realize that destruction of property is a crime, looting is a crime, and going Mau-Mau can get your ass killed, so we bite our tongues, take a deep breath, kick a doorframe, and get on with life.

    If blacks think that a death triggered by a cop during an arrest in a guy with a congenital defect is bad, wait ‘til we go into a REAL lockdown – martial law. And that’s what they’re sucking around for, whether they realize it or not.

    The real solution here is to kick all the professional career politicians out of offices, wherever they’re found, and for the black community to come up with a few leaders of its own to inject some reality and common sense into feral school dropouts and welfare junkies.

    NOBODY has had a rougher time in the past 100 years than Japanese Americans during the 40s. But when was the last time we saw a riot with Japanese, or Koreans, or Filipinos, or Chinese, or even Mexicans? Puerto Ricans, yeah . . . every so often; Cubans, yeah . . . a time or two. But blacks? Every time somebody needs a new flat screen or thinks burning a police cruiser will make his life better.

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  3. kidme37 says:

    An obvious excuse for violence and looting for many. For others – they are being bussed in and paid.

    Just like being black without a slave in their ancestry is an excuse for welfare and reparations from white people who never had a slave owner in their ancestry.

    Of course it has nothing to do with the black dude who was killed or died while in custody on the street.


  4. Jean Worlands says:

    Don’t know how many of you know the Lord, but think this is all going to come to a conclusion in the near future. You might want to listen to “What on Earth is Happening?” by an Arab-American pastor in Kaneohe, Hawaii.


  5. geeez2014 says:


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  6. Z,
    Did you see much damage from yesterday’s “protest” in Santa Monica?


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…not sure where this sentence was going but when I read “Many ordinary citizens who have sympathized with blacks for the hardships (many of their own making) they’ve had to endure for what-must-seem-like ever.” I thought the end would be “….(many ordinary citizens who’ve sympathized with blacks…finally GET that many aren’t worth sympathizing for!” because that’s what I’d just been thinking after reading things like “Protesters set fire to house with child in and blocked fire dept from going in” on Facebook.
    And yes, they CANNOT be tolerated…and YES, they’ve done more AGAINST good race relations in 2 days than maybe 10 years.

    Meanwhile, good Black Americans have to be cringing…I know some at my church are. They wouldn’t do things like that if their lives depended on it…they’re asking for prayers for OUR COUNTRY not those PUNKS.

    Wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL if the Black leaders were like David Webb and other Conservative Blacks who actually could/would DO something to help things improve……….but, alas…………….
    Thanks for your rant….. The very IDEA that someone stealing a bottle of Jim Beam honors a dead man is SICK.

    Kid, I believe people are going to finally understand and actually PAY ATTENTION AND DO SOMETHING, about the fact that many of those protesters have been paid , bused in, etc…this is all too HUGE, too well arranged……..A friend sent a video of a white guy saying he’d been paid by Soros…”you go on line and sign up”…I couldn’t find WHERE but my friend did!!! Some of it revolves around THE OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATION of GEORGE SOROS.
    I Googled around and all leftwing sites like Snopes, etc., DENIED SOROS PAYS ANYBODY TO PROTEST 🙂


  8. geeez2014 says:


    Does Soros really fund Antifa?
    Soros doesn’t fund antifa, because antifa as a group only exists in the fevered brains of those that deliberately, and with willful aforethought, wish to portray antifa as ‘fascist’. Which only goes to prove that they have no inkling of what fascism is about. There are no known leaders of antifa.


    Does George Soros Fund BLM?
    ANITFA, BLM are both funded by George Soros & have been instigating Violence every where they go, and this weekend was no exception.


  9. bocopro says:

    Hmmm . . . . donno what happened to that sentence — just never quite grew up, did it?

    I remember the initial impetus for it: blacks are creating anti-black racists where none existed. And about that time my dog announced that he’d like to go make sure no migrating gnus were trespassing in the back yard. My mind must’ve run off and forgot leave a bread crumb in the right place.

    Just eliminate the “who” and replace the end punct with a series of spaced dots, maybe 5 or so, to allow the imagination to provide a suitable ending.


  10. bocopro says:

    Went back and re-read the whole thing. I need to use the caveat my students had to endure from me – EDIT – REVISE – PROOFREAD!!!

    I’m reasonably sure what happened is a paragraph splice. Got up to let Monsterdawg out, ate an orange to wash down my mornin meds, then came back to the rant. For no partic’lar reason, laid a period after “plight.”

    Then without any transitioning, produced the next paragraph (beginning with “Most”) and just jammed it onto the unfinished end of its predecessor.

    If I’d found that in a student paper, it’d have triggered a margin comment in red and a reminder that “people can read only your words, not your mind.”


  11. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…I knew that’s where you were going ..”…blacks are creating anti-black racists where none existed. ” Yes, very sad and very true….some help THEY’RE giving!!
    Grammar and structure aren’t important…….
    Your points ARE……….that was the only sentence I needed fulfillment for because I knew you hadn’t made your point that I knew was so true and so important.


  12. Is Baysider oK?


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Yes, she’s fine…thanks for asking.
    Nothing going on right now…though I got a text from my neighbor announcing problems not far from me….at the Federal Building in Westwood!
    And BevMo windows, 8 blocks away, were apparently broken last night.

    I saw two young Black guys, very cleanly, conservatively dressed, etc., crossing the street last night when I was coming home from a friend’s…..I wouldn’t have given it a thought 4 days ago, last night I thought “What are they doing here?”

    As we all know, this crap is doing NOTHING for race relations but make them WORSE.

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  14. kidme37 says:

    Z, Snopes is widely considered a joke these days.

    Sorry, but I don’t think people are going to do anything differently. I like that DJT has declared antifa as a terrorist organization. That is the only type of meaningful thing that will happen imho.

    This will end with a whimper.


  15. Baysider says:

    When you train up a child in the way that is he’s a victim and society is out to get him – well, this is what you get. I understand the anger over this one. Unfortunately, it will be lumped in with the Browns, Martins et all.

    I watched close in looting here. You could tell it was organized. Caravans knew which stores they wanted to hit, sent in runners with getaway drivers waiting. All criminal under the shield of broader protest and discontent. But my neighborhood is down. My occasional yoga place, hair salon and bank, plus local pharmacy and Vons smashed out and looted. Except the liquor store. He got some friends and customers to stand his ground with him with AR15s. Hmmm. Wonder if there’s a lesson there.

    Despite rampaging looting – they started down my street about 2pm, and were running down the alley later after tear gas dispersal, trying weak looking back gates to get into apartment complexes, and were setting fires by 4 – the mayor would not allow arrests until after 7 pm!! We were completely on our own to protect ourselves. And the criminals knew it! Another lesson. 2 Lessons: you’re on your own, and a stitch in time. We have a 1 pm curfew today, and national guard all over. What would happen if a police sharpshooter took out the first half dozen looters seen? How long would everyone else stick around?

    In my case, 8 hours of non-stop sirens, fire alarms and helicopters brought out the worst in dementia agitation. Mr. B was on our porch checking out things at 11 pm as if it was all new (he did not remember the day) when a helicopter was hovering above our house, and I was trying to get him in when the chopper pilot called out to get in from his loudspeaker. That did not go over well. We had our own private hell inside until 2 am when Mr. B finally ran out of steam. Dementia counselors tell you to keep everything regular and predictable. Here’s the lesson why.


  16. kidme37 says:

    Baysider, people all over are most definitely on their own. Hey, let’s disarm. Maybe that will fix it.


  17. Baysider, I’m glad to hear that your ‘Ed Bonderenka’d” Up! 🙂
    “What does anyone need an AR-15 for?”
    Has been answered.
    Thanks leftists!


  18. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, snopes has been a joke since DAY ONE….a young liberal family in the San Fernando Valley, just over the hill from me……….I still look because I like to see their ‘take’…but one can’t make any decision or BELIEVE what they have to say. If it’s CLEARLY a question that’s truthfully exposing the Left, they NEVER say TRUE, they say something like “Not Sure”. Cracks me up!! Yet people really believe it!!!!

    I think declaring ANTIFA a terror group is worthless because there are already laws on the books by which we can punish them, arrest them, whatever. I’m surprised Barr even suggests this and makes me a little less confident in him, frankly. There are anti-demonstration, anti-whatever laws on the books that could really come down HARD on Antifa…NOW.
    The only good thing about declaring them OFFICIAL TERRORISTS is the way it sounds….the fact that they’ve been exposed and labeled. But the Feds can get VERY tough on them without the moniker.
    On the other hand, some politicos are saying ‘it’s dangerous to declare Americans as terrorists’ and I don’t see why. I don’t believe a terrorist must be foreign..(the only groups right NOW declared TERRORISTS are foreign)

    BAYSIDER, SO sorry about Mr. B…I can’t IMAGINE what you go through!! He was such a wonderful man before this dementia hit!!

    ANd yes, I just got my CURFEW BUZZ on my cell…mine says “CURFEW 5 pm till 6 am”…because Brentwood’s supposedly on the list for tonight…and Beverly Hills.

    And yes, the agitators knew exactly where they were going….I’m going to comment in another box below with something I rec’d 30 minutes ago via email..


  19. geeez2014 says:

    HERE is the email I rec’d from a friend whose cardiologist sent this to people:

    “I understand that EVERY pharmacy in Santa Monica was vandalized, including the family owned pharmacy in my former office building at 1301 20thStreet (corner of 20th & Arizona). This rioting and looting was organized and pre-planned. I suspect Antifa disseminated information on how best to vandalize and loot, and some of the thousands of criminals who were recently released from prison undoubtedly shared their graduate school knowledge on theft and burglary. ”

    Good one, huh?


  20. geeez2014 says:

    So, the autopsy officially says HOMICIDE! As if we thought he’d kneed his neck to death and caused SUICIDE?!
    I was right…he had fentynal intoxication, hypertension and some other things….that has to be why he was acting so unlike himself……..he also tried to pass a counterfeit $20 but who knows if HE knew it was counterfeit, except that the shop clerk said Floyd George was acting very oddly…as did the cops as they first cuffed him.


  21. MAL says:

    I thought the same thing about the $20, Z. I get paid by one of my tenants with mostly $20 bills for some reason and wouldn’t know a counterfeit if I was looking for it, but because he is Black, we all assume he knew, don’t we?


  22. Declaring Antifa a terrorist organization means that you don’t have to do anything to get arrested, except belong to it. Or finance it.
    That’s very meaningful.

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  23. geeez2014 says:

    Actually, Ed, there is little that they can’t do NOW in order to defeat an Antifa demonstration..


  24. The demonstration id the fruit of the tree.
    Strike at the roots.


  25. MAL says:

    Why hasn’t someone taken Soros out? Isn’t that what “mercs” are for?


  26. kidme37 says:

    I wonder that myself MAL. Economic terrorism is what I’d call his nonsense.

    Sometimes street justice is the only option. Millions of these satanic beasts operating with impunity.

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