I don’t get it……CRIME…and TRUTH

I believe the statistics are that 13% of America is Black.  I believe the crimes committed in America are 50-60% Black-caused.   

I’d also like to discuss the very sad fact that most Blacks are killed by other Blacks.

All the problems of Black America are not because of White America.

Black leadership will not encourage growing strong, good children, getting educated and not relying on government… In fact, they encourage relying on government.


I KNOW Black America can do better than the reputation they sadly have, and most of them do.  We all know Black families who are every bit as wonderful as our families are.    How are they feeling about all this?   Obviously, they aren’t happy about ANY Black people who are unjustly killed, but I believe most of them don’t think it’s a good idea for ANYBODY to be unjustly killed.  I don’t!  You don’t!

How do we have “an open, honest conversation” when nobody in the media has the guts to talk about my first sentence of this post?  Or what we can do to help that NOT happen anymore.   How’s it help to ignore the truth?  How far can any conversation get without that?

Where are Black leaders who agree with me?  I  know they exist, we hear from a few of them here and there……Bob Woodson, the very GREAT Shelby Steele,  the marvelous Tom Sowell, Larry Elder, etc …but the media drowns them out.   Many young Black men and women are speaking out against violence, against the protests, they’re wonderful kids!   WE NEED MORE!




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  1. bocopro says:

    Sounds to me like a distillation of a dozen or so of my e-mails over the past coupla years on the subject.

    White libs grovel and cower in the streets, abjuring their “white privilege,” tossing Mea Culpas around like Mardi Gras beads and trinkets to the natives.

    When this https://media.breitbart.com/media/2020/06/GettyImages-1217497731-640×480.jpg becomes the new normal, you can turn out the lights and stub out your fatties, ’cause the party’s over.



  2. I am no Alex Jones fan, but his term “Infowars” sums it up.
    “Let’s have conversation about race.”?
    We’ve been talking about race for over 100 yrs.
    The real sentiment is, “Shut up and listen to me.”.
    Unfortunately, the Great Society gets conflated with the Civil Rights Movement.
    One was a step forward and the other, two (or more) steps back.

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  3. kidme37 says:

    Candace Owens says she doesn’t feel one bit sorry for George Floyd after looking at his arrest record. The last thing I read was he had Fentanyl in his system and likely was having a heart attack also.

    We have probably 3 generations of black people who have never seen a family member go to work. This is a way of life for the ghetto people. The thought of working never crosses their mind.

    Democrats mostly, republicans too sent all the manufacturing jobs out of country. Democrats to create a voting base, repubs to bring in cheap labor for the crony capitalist masters. Mfg jobs are where low education people got their paychecks. Union workers make more than welfare recipients. They’d be happier people as work and accomplishment are where true happiness comes from. Black people sitting on the porch are not happy people.

    Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.

    Able-bodied black people don’t care about Floyd, they tune up when they hear things like having to be employed to qualify for Medicaid. They know deep down they have not the education or skills to be employed or maintain their cool with other people in a work environment. They don’t understand our world. It scares the crap out of them. So they riot.
    They fall back on what they know. Crime, drugs, gang banging, The females have kids to get bigger welfare checks. Like the oft used ‘boat people’ analogy, It is a way of life envisioned by LBJ and friends..

    Still the cop should have called for an ambulance opposed to holding him down – he wasn’t going anywhere.

    I don’t see any way out of it. I entertain thoughts like warning all the able-bodied that welfare will be cut off in 6 months but they can get free trade school training in the meantime. Who would teach those classes? Who would hire them afterward? There is no solution.

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  4. skudrunner says:

    We cannot have honest discussions about race because if we do we are racists. If you point out that the majority of crime against blacks is from blacks you are racist.
    It is OK for a governor to fine people who want to go to work because they are risking injury to others but the governor can sanction massive riots because someone in another state was murdered and then she marches with them just to show she is supportive of their cause and of course their vote.
    We had a president who was mixed race but Never acknowledged his white side because it provided no advantage to him. Race relations will never be solved because then there is no advantage to being a minority.
    Why is there no uproar about the black retired police chief who was murdered, because he was murdered by a black man and no advantage. Why are their no riots about all the murders in Chicago, because they are black on black even when a your girl is shot in her apartment by a drive by.
    Yes if you are a minority you need to use that to your benefit and if you seek equality you will be giving up the only card you have to play, race.

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  5. Mal says:

    What are my thoughts? Well, like Benjamin Franklin said, “We are all born ignorant, but one must work very hard to remain stupid.”
    How about starting a COPS LIVES MATTER movement? Perhaps that would take the onus off us and put it where it belongs.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    SKUDRUNNER “Yes if you are a minority you need to use that to your benefit and if you seek equality you will be giving up the only card you have to play, race.”
    Very well said… You are SO RIGHT.

    Mal….There is a little bit of Cops Lives Matter…..the trouble is, you and I won’t take to the streets destroying shops and livelihoods for it!! Nobody notices.
    And now that they want to get rid of all police, I guess they really don’t matter.
    I guess now that we’ll have no police, ALL CRIME WILL STOP, right? (I mean HOW STUPID CAN THEY BE??!!)

    KID, LBJ, who fought hard for years NOT to give civil rights to Blacks FINALLY had to sign it and he gets ALLLL the credit…astonishing……..And then giving more money for more kids, so ‘dad’ slipped in at night to have more kids, to see his wife, and left during the day….voila; welfare.

    And Black America was a PROUD PEOPLE before welfare…..PROUD CHRISTIAN people who worked so hard, etc……but, yes……..You said “We have probably 3 generations of black people who have never seen a family member go to work. This is a way of life for the ghetto people. The thought of working never crosses their mind.” I think that’s correct.

    Yet we do have working Black families, too……and some Black stars like Sowell, Steele, etc…I wish they’d be heard, but they’re considered Uncle Toms.

    Ed, it’s definitely “Shut up and listen to me..” and anything like what I’ve suggested will NEVER happen….60% of crime, 13% of population…those numbers aren’t on their side; but IT IS them.

    Yet, we ALL know Black Americans who wouldn’t DREAM of committing a crime, of hurting anyone, of stealing.

    Let’s face it folks, Kid is probably right …but maybe it’s not 3 generations, maybe it’s 2 which haven’t worked…..because you don’t see people our age out there much, marching and breaking windows.

    My aunt last night at dinner tried for 30 minutes to find a video she’d heard the other day of LBJ saying “Give me some time and I’ll have those Ni***s voting Democrat forever….” And it worked…they bought all the freebies………..
    As Kid said, perhaps a LARGE part of that was sending jobs to China…and leaving our poor bereft of any HOPES for self accomplishment and pride ….so then booze, then drugs……..

    BOCOPRO…it’s DISGUSTING…We fought wars so nobody bowed to anybody. When I saw Biden taking a knee in that church the other day, 8 Black people STANDING behind him, I knew this was no HONORING of ANYTHING…it was SUBMISSION or those Blacks would have joined him in taking THEIR knees, too, no?

    Let me say that again because I’ve thought it but hadn’t written it and, in writing, it rings even truer:


    OR They didn’t even believe he had done that and were too surprised to kneel……I believe in Black folks SO much that that’s what I honestly believe…….”What the HELL’s he DOIN’?”


  7. kidme37 says:

    Z, Biden. And anyone else like the cops or stupid white SJW punks kneeling is not showing solidarity. It is capitulation to a false narrative. So agree completely.

    Yea they probably laugh at the old white cracker with dementia trying anything and everything in the hopes of getting more votes.

    I don’t take anything at face value anymore at all, but I did see where black support of DJT is now at 40%. Black population of 13.5% is 45,900,000 based on 340 million. Of those maybe 15 million of those vote? 40% of that is 6 million. 6 million not voting democrat but voting DJT is a 12 million swing. Hopefully that keeps satanic Nana awake at night though she probably drinks enough to just pass out every night.

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  8. Bob says:

    Wikipedia says, “As of July 2016, White Americans are the racial majority. African Americans are the largest racial minority, comprising an estimated 12.7% of the population. Hispanic and Latino Americans are the largest ethnic minority, comprising an estimated 17.8% of the population.”

    Since Hispanics and Latinos people are an ethnic category, it is impossible to speak of racism about them including our friends south of the border. That means that the only kind of racism that can happen in America is between black and white people. Democrats do not admit of the possibility of racism against Asians, so they don’t count.

    The problem has been narrowed down to just black and white people. Supposedly, it is impossible for a black person to be a racist, this according to Democrats and other irrational race pimps.

    Shock!!! White people are to blame. It’s obvious. If you are white you are to blame for whatever somebody feels like talking about.

    I am a white person. I am not racist. Sorry to be the one outlier in the entire nation. Deal with it.

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  9. bocopro says:

    FWIW, Cristobal has forced me to remain inside all morning. When that happens, I tend to develop a disturbing episode of diarrhea of the fingers, and THIS spilled out all over my computer screen:

    La Tormenta Perfecta

    A strong and prosperous nation thrived on a continent rich in minerals and other valuable natural resources. Born a waif in the most primitive conditions, it nonetheless survived all sorts of threats and dangers to grow and prosper.

    For over half a century it lived with a serious birth defect which required major, nearly fatal, surgery to remove the deepest roots. Then a hundred years later it underwent a touch-up cosmetic procedure to tidy up the scars.

    It was a proud land, a vigorous land, populated by a variety of adventurous but devout people from many lands who were quick to share their strength, their bounty, their friendship with other less fortunate neighbors.

    Over time many residents grew lazy and complacent, having discovered that their system of government contained a glitch which allowed them to vote all types of free benefits to themselves.

    Sloth and dependency became contagious, affecting greater and greater numbers of people who then became contemptuous of school and helplessly addicted to government welfare, free medical care, and unemployment benefits.

    One group went so far as to demand compensation for the unfair treatment that many people who looked like them were forced to endure centuries ago. Their insistence that white people surrender their wealth to black people grew strident, but went unfulfilled.

    More than 2 centuries after the nation’s birth, a totally inept and inexperienced person of questionable origin and unproven abilities but who facially and pigmentally resembled those welfare addicts campaigned for the highest office in the land.

    An aberrant admixture of ethnic loyalty and white guilt propelled the perfidious pretender into the position of supreme leader where he immediately began picking at the still-healing sutures of the cosmetic surgery on the national body politic.

    After successfully destroying the nation’s economy, racial stability, security, and integrity, he left office, now a multi-millionaire with a loyal following who, if allowed, would elevate him to King.

    His successor, the Tangerine Tycoon, initiated a multifaceted reversal of the disastrous course the Magic Halfrican had laid for the nation. The economy was revivified, national security was reinvigorated, superfluous expenses were eliminated, and competitor nations were advised to get the hell out of the way.

    Part of the plan was reduction of overlapping or unjustifiable benefit programs popular amongst layabouts, no-loads, ineligible aliens, and criminals. Many career victims and entitlement addicts, accustomed to the carte blanche offered by the Halfrican, now felt threatened and abandoned by the system which had fattened them for nearly a decade.

    A palace revolt was begun within moments after the entrenched parasites realized what the peach-colored president was doing. Attacks on his personal behavior, personal friends, family members, legitimacy, and integrity came down like hailstones in a Missouri summer storm.

    But still the economy grew, and everyone who wanted a job could easily find one, and life was good . . . as good or better than it had been since the ‘happy days’ following victory in the latest world war to end all wars.

    And then, almost as if on cue, Mother Nature intervened with an attempt of her own – biological infestation. In collusion with shoddy Chinese toxicology researchers, a novel virus was unleashed on humanity. Its basic design appeared to be elimination of sick, elderly, and non-contributing members of society. No one knows for sure.

    But the plague descended upon the happy land, creating a crisis which entrenched politicians could not afford to waste. Fear and panic led to a complete shutdown of the economy and suspension of all guaranteed individual rights involving movement outside the home and contact with other people.

    For weeks extending into months, the people were forced to stay in their residences and venture out only for food. Shortages of critical items, including foods, began to appear, and thousands of businesses reduced operations or closed permanently, with huge losses of jobs for millions of people.

    Anxiety grew and shortages persisted until the majority of individuals had had quite enough of restricted movement and home quarantine. Loss of income, shortage of food and vital supplies, and essentially being on what was effectively permanent house arrest increased stress and restlessness to dangerous levels.

    People grew frustrated with having to wear masks to go shopping merely to find that what they needed was either unavailable or now priced beyond their reach. The makings of a rumble were in place and needed only the slightest spark to light the fires of protest and anarchy which would destroy buildings, businesses, and government offices.

    The torch came in the form of death to a black man with several narcotics in his system, a congenital defect, a criminal past, and a belligerent attitude who was subdued by a white policeman using unnecessary force to effect an arrest.

    All the ingredients. Shortage of food . . . loss of jobs . . . cabin fever . . . false accusations . . . restriction of movement . . . suspension of individual rights . . . Orangeman in charge . . . and Pure Evil funding salaries for domestic terrorists setting fires in police cars, offices, businesses, and cities where no one had ever heard of the questionable (but inarguably heroic) black man who died.

    In a predictable sequel to another “gentle giant”’s death which provided an excuse to burn buildings, destroy police cars, and attack innocent people through the compelling “Hands-Up/Don’t-Shoot” myth, the entitlement-addicted bipedal bugs poured from their hives in droves through cities managed by arrant leftistos who long ago donated their vertebral columns to medical research.

    Pent-up frustration at being pent up, without income, stripped of individual rights, required to hide their faces, and urged by paid agitprops and professional race-baiters, they swarmed across the happy land like a scourge of locusts, spreading not only destruction but very likely disease in their wake.

    Una tormenta perfecta. The perfect storm. Fire. Excitement. Danger. Contagion. Payback!! But the bitter irony will be that they destroyed or drove away the very places where they traditionally bought their food, their first-aid supplies, their clothing, and their appliances.

    By a magnificent stroke of luck, though, no welfare offices or work-clothing outlets were damaged in the melee. Two things are certainties, however: first, many black children will be even more disappointed this Christmas than they would have been had the riots not happened, and second, it’s white people’s fault.


  10. As for taking a knee? Only for Jesus.
    Asking me to bow to you is an existential threat to my sovereignty and will be dealt with accordingly.
    I do not agree with Candace Owens, in fact I rarely listen to her.
    George Floyd was a flawed individual. He repented for his activity and pastors in Houston attribute a lot of good to the man he became after that.
    I don’t know what happened to him in Minn that caused him to backslide into drugs again, but he did not deserve to die for that. Or for (perhaps innocently) passing a counterfeit $20).
    I am not the court, or the jury and I don’t have all the evidence as to what Floyd did.
    But I have the video to see what the cop did.
    Those who say Floyd deserved what he got for prior activity (that he had already served time for) are taking “justice” into their own hands, abandoning the system of justice they should be supporting (and correcting).


  11. kidme37 says:

    And the band played on.


  12. jean worland says:

    Please watch Candace Owen’s video where she addresses all of the above issues. You probably know she is a black conservative.



  13. kidme37 says:

    Ed, I Love Candace Owens. She is trying to educate the plantation. Malcolm X tried to do that and look what happened to him though. We’ll see.

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  14. geeez2014 says:

    KID!!! My Aunt mentioned this last night and I thought she had heard wrong but you heard it, too!? “…..t I did see where black support of DJT is now at 40%. ”
    WOuld that be amazing? Am I right in remembering it was something like 13% in the 2016 election?! WOWZIR !!!!!!!
    Honestly, as much as I whine about Trump, sometimes I think he’s a frickin’ GENIUS and knew this would happen!!! ??? 🙂

    BOB BOB BOB!…”I am a white person. I am not racist. Sorry to be the one outlier in the entire nation. Deal with it.”

    I KNOW…I’m not, either, and so I get SO SO SO upset at hearing SYSTEMIC RACISM…it is NOT! I do not KNOW a racist personally. OK, I did, two, but they’re both dead now, and they mostly joked about it; I’d wager they even had a Black friend or two.

    A Black girlfriend on the blogs and I met in person since we found out we were both in LA…I adored her…She told me “Z, don’t EVER let anybody tell you Blacks aren’t racist….if you hear that again, tell them to go into ANY Black hair styling shop….ANY!” 🙂

    Ed, Candace Owens never said he deserved to die. She said she won’t ‘honor’ a man who was doing drugs, has a prison record, at least two illegit children, and passes counterfeit money. I don’t blame her. To suggest he should die for any of that would be stupid…she is anything but stupid. We need more like her to SPEAK UP.

    BOCOPRO; What can I say? EXCELLENT. This made me laugh, which I needed by the time I got there “By a magnificent stroke of luck, though, no welfare offices or work-clothing outlets were damaged in the melee…” Yup…IT’s a MIRACLE!!!


  15. I was responding to Kid @ 7:49 am
    Thoughts: Candace Owens says she doesn’t feel one bit sorry for George Floyd after looking at his arrest record.
    I did not say that she said that he deserved to die. I wouldn’t know,
    She just couldn’t feel sorry for him. I can.
    One of my co-hosts is a black conservative. I have a few friends who are such.
    There are a number of black conservative voices.
    Here’s one we played clips from today, one of the founders of Blexit.


  16. Baysider says:

    Ed + 1, 2X (except for Candace Owens). Exactly what I was going to say, only better said.

    I didn’t give you the full Sowell quote in my email last night, but it applies here: “It’s not that Johnny can’t read. It’s not even that Johnny can’t think. It’s that Johnny doesn’t even know what thinking is, and he’s confused it with feelings.

    Confusing feelings for thinking gives all these blatherers the basis for saying “we need an open dialogue.” No, no, no. They want you to FEEL the same way as they do (no thinking wanted). To quote Sowell again: “We [in the 80’s, in contrast to today] did not have a school system that was turning out people who have no conception of thought, but only of repeating slogans and images.”

    As you know, my neighborhood was hard hit by the riots and looters. There are blocks and blocks of boarded up storefronts. We passed by some today where fresh-faced (and likely well-intentioned) young white girls were painting “black lives matter” and hearts all over some of the board ups. I wanted to park my car and add “including before they are born” but THAT would entail thinking your rationale through to a logical conclusion, and judging by the graffiti I’d say no one there had that capability. As Sowell added whimsically, “I think they take yearly anti-fact shots.”

    For good measure, Larry Elder would agree with your black blogger friend. Barber shops are where he hears the most racist talk.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, yes, I do remember now …that Candace said she doesn’t feel sorry….I TOTALLY disagree with her there. All pundits go a little hyperbolic to get people talking about them, get things heard which should be heard, but she’s dead wrong on that…

    And yes, Black Conservative are not the rarity most think they are………
    A woman at my Bible Study is in a very high position was a total Democrat….I wish I had the time to tell the whole thing here, but once I asked her several questions….about 14 years ago…and she kept agreeing, until I said “You are REPUBLICAN?” “NO!! I could NEVER vote against my family history of Democrats!” Unhuh.

    Fast forward to very recently, she said “I think people would be surprised of my politics now”. I’m 100% positive she’s no Trump fan, and I know for a fact her wonderful husband has been stopped TOTALLY unjustifiably more than once, which colors his and their sons’ politics….(as if it’s Republicans doing that?…but many just see unfairness and think GOP) but I THINK the abortion issue finally got through ….and I like to think other things (ME over COFFEE..gently and persuasively) got to her 🙂

    Baysider, I couldn’t be a bigger fan of Sowell’s….and was before most people knew who he was, I have to admit. MANY years. I’m a huge Shelby Steele fan, too.
    And, of course, we’ve all been listening to Larry Elder in L.A., for MANY YEARS….all 27 he’s been on…and am thrilled he does TV now, too…..people need to hear him!
    He belonged to Friends of Abe with me and so we knew each other on a kind of ‘short chat, nodding head/smile’ basis. I like him. OH!! the one thing I, and the dinner audience one night when he was our guest speaker, hated was when he said , about 10 years ago, “America should sell all those vast national parklands to China! We don’t need them and we could get a lot of money for them” You could have heard a pin drop and jaws drop to the table. !!! NO NO NO!! 🙂


  18. geeez2014 says:


    And just when you think it can’t get NUTTIER………..imagine Twitter removing a tribute to Floyd by BIDEN? 🙂 HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! SO SO TRANSPARENT!

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  19. kidme37 says:

    Ed, It looks to me George was well on his way to suicide by lifestyle. That is how I would frame not feeling sorry for him in my mind. Regardless, the cop is guilty it appears and should pay the price. My little bother dies that way in his 40’s. I wish he’d have lived a better life but don’t feel sorry for him. I tried to help him many times, but in the end, his choices.

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  20. Trump is divisive, doncha know?
    Another great figure in history said “Do you suppose that I came to grant peace on earth? I tell you, no, but rather division”.
    Good vs Evil.


  21. kidme37 says:

    I’m quite convinced that a lot of black folks looked at each other while watching these young white punks running around setting stuff on fire, looting and BLM graffiti all over everything and smiled at each other saying “We fooled em again LaShawn..”

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  22. kidme37 says:

    The evil overfloweth Ed.

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  23. Kid, I get it. I’m sorry people makes those choices. My little brother survived them.
    20+ years now.
    I am sorry about yours.
    Let me tell you something.
    My brother came out of his addiction
    Then later his step-daughter was a crack whore.
    It’s hard to write that. My little brother rescued her. Kinda dusty in here….
    She just got her PhD. She is a renowned pediatric nurse who is sought nationwide.

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  24. kidme37 says:

    Good Ending Ed ! I think it’s in your genes or it isn’t and some people just take a temporary detour.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I think that’s right about fooling them..,.but I believe there are a ton of older Black Americans watching White punks doing all this and thinking “How stupid can you get? We don’t want this trouble…GO THE HECK HOME”..
    And it IS their choice, to drug, to booze………whatever…but it still hurts when that happens.
    I think it’s in genes, too, Kid………..

    Ed the “Divisive Trump” thing always makes me smirk….first of all, he’s NOT divisive and that’s pretty obvious but if you’re NEVER EVER willing to give a 1/4″ on ANYTHING he wants to do, then that’s division. But NOT HIS, right? THEY cause the divide, not him.

    I know you’re not comparing Jesus with Trump (thank God) but Jesus, too, isn’t divisive….nobody was less divisive but it’s, as Kid says “their choice.”


  26. Baysider says:

    I’ve heard of black friends’ experiences being stopped by police, although justifiably. (We’ve certainly heard about plenty of stops of blacks as unjustifiable, too. I trust our mutual friend’s word on it.) It’s more likely you share those experiences with people you know. More often black with blacks and whites with whites. I think that obscures to blacks that this happens to whites too. Mr. B for one, my son-in-law for another. Yeah, it’s pretty shaky to be pulled over and roughly ordered face down on the ground because you or your car matches the description at a crime scene. And young men of criminal age are more ‘targeted.’ I’m not naive. There are lots of shady stuff that happen under the color of authority (and not just our national intelligence services colluding to take down a president). This is the reason we support the Institute for Justice who provides legal help to a lot of these victims.

    Meanwhile, if there exists any visitor to your blog who hasn’t seen this 3 times, a little levity:


  27. bunkerville says:

    650,000 died in the civil war over the matter. I am done with it. Price paid.

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  28. I think that there is an active and passive division.
    If you are swinging a sword, you are active.
    If you are standing like a rock, you are passive, but a dividing line.
    Baysider, I stole that for FB. Thanks.
    Bunkerville: Seven Thoughts on the Civil War the Other Side Wants So Badly https://tinyurl.com/y8ndp4da


  29. Baysider says:

    Ed, great link to Seven Thoughts.
    I’m reminded that communists used workers, feminazis used women, and Democrats use blacks to further their agenda. In no case did the ‘user’ really have any concern for the well being of the ‘usee.’

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  30. Mal says:

    Jean, we just watched your Candice Owens clip and concur. If only the majority of blacks felt like her, there’d be no problem, would there?


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Jean, thanks, WELL aware of Candace OWens and have seen the posts she’s doing…good stuff. Please see my discussion with Ed on her..

    Baysider, I’d forgotten that Chris Rock vid…it is FABULOUS…thanks for posting it here! 🙂
    I have never met a White man who told me he’d ever been stopped unjustifiably but I KNOW THEY HAVE.
    But if anybody didn’t look like a perp, it’s the husband of our dear Black leader at Bible study and he’s been stopped a few times…once, while eating ice cream on a bench with a White friend….just “GET UP”……took him IN!

    The problem is Blacks do more crimes…….if they’re looking for a Black perp who is in a grey Toyota, they’re going to stop you if you’re a Black in a grey Toyota and in that area…period. How do cops do that politely, kindly? I’m not sure…they have families counting on their coming home, too.


  32. Baysider says:

    Well, Mr. B’s stop was ‘justified’ in that he looked like a description put out over the police wire, and he was outside of town. Everyone IN town knew the town doctor’s eldest son and star athlete. But … he was on the road about 20 minutes away.

    Actually, I ran across a white surfer (now a middle aged financially well off) dude who still rides with his top up on his expensive car when carrying surf board because of youthful episodes of being stopped and questioned by police. Huntington Beach (aka Surf City) police were famous for this. Yeah, a blue collar town with out of townies descending on it to party. A girl friend’s brother can attest!


  33. geeez2014 says:



  34. Mal says:

    Z, I hadn’t seen anything about Cop’s Lives Matter, too, and thought I was being original.
    They need to get that message out……..and Candice’s even more, too.


  35. Baysider says:

    It ain’t peaceful. I saw the video of that trucker who went through a crowd blocking the freeway. Now, investigators think it was unintentional, but still I was struck by how rapidly people decide to move aside when presented with a superior force. What happened to water cannons or hoses? Not lethal, but clears the path. That’s what I though should have been used in Santa Monica last weekend.

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  36. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, but you’re right! We need marchers says COP LIVES MATTER, TOO!!!






  37. Mal says:

    AND….Why can’t our government deal with the terrorist ANTIFA including arrest of Soros?
    It would seem we certainly have enough proof of his activity and involvement.

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  38. bunkerville says:

    Just very hard to understand the millions in an uproar across the globe…. Phila was unbelievable. Scary dude stuff.


  39. geeez2014 says:

    “Either Jesus comes, they cut my hands off or she resigns, one or the other,” he said Wednesday. ”

    This, from Karl the Barber in Michigan ….re this: he was my friend Joe’s barber when Joe lived in MI:




  40. geeez2014 says:

    “across the globe” protests shows this has NOTHING to do with GEORGE FLOYD and EVERYTHING to do with hating America.


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  41. Mustang says:

    Thirteen percent of roughly 335-million is a lot of people. The majority of black Americans have no more to do with urban riots and protests than I do. In my mind the issue has less to do with skin color and more an issue of culture. Among those who hate “white” America, understand that this is how they’ve been raised, aided by mostly stupid parents who’ve embraced the racist politics of Sharpton and Jackson, who have made a fortune from black theology (Marxism). There is much we could change about our society, for the benefit of all, but worthwhile change never comes from outside the mainstream, only from within. No good result comes from violent thuggery by a handful of assholes. If the “black community” hasn’t figured this out my now, they’re dumber than I thought.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. -FJ says:

    We need to get the FACTS out into the mainstream, not their elitist eddies swirling through the misnamed MSM.


  43. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang “No good result comes from violent thuggery by a handful of assholes.”
    They’ve got everybody running scared enough……like that twit Biden taking a knee in front of 8 Black men and women STANDING behind him….Like Drew Brees saying he’d never put up with insulting the flag but changing his mind (basically…), like mayors deciding now’s the time to get rid of cops and judges ruling against cops using tear gas and rubber bullets. That just happened, by the way.
    I’d say the violent thuggery’s working pretty well.
    And GOD FORBID Mr. Trump does the righteous thing and bring military in if it gets much worse because, as Mullens said this morning “Gee, military’s not to go against Americans!”

    It’s ALMOST unbelievable…………….even at the High School I’m associated with, someone just told me almost every teacher, the Head, counselors (and me, apparently) are being quoted and cited for doing RACIST THINGS………..ALL taken out of context, ALL half truths and outright lies.

    I had 3 Black girls tell our Counselor they couldn’t do a presentation for Black History Month the next day after all. She was mortified “YOu promised! What do you think I’m supposed to do now? Please put something together, girls!”
    “No, we couldn’t find anybody to help…we’re NOT DOING IT”

    I heard the whole thing, verbatim…..I went outside to sit down and one of their white friends joined me and said “Mrs. Z, Merrick and Darien and … were told they couldn’t do the assembly presentation tomorrow…can you believe that?”
    I said “WHAT? No I can’t believe that, because I HEARD THE TRUTH, they let Mrs. Silva DOWN!”
    She was shocked.

    LIES LIES LIES…………and that was about 8 years ago! Those same girls are on Instagram or FB, not sure (I was warned not to look because it’s getting SO ugly and intense) right now saying how racist our wonderful school is…you know, the one which gives spectacular scholarships to our minority kids who need the $$ (Some of our minority kids are REALLY well off), and you know, the Black kids who live in the inner city and have got many rides home from our teachers who live in opposite directions, and our teachers who do anything to help them………………..now they’re racists?



  44. geeez2014 says:



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