BLM………and ActBlue

I’ve been thinking how Black Lives Matter is duping Black America BIG TIME.  They’ve done absolutely NOTHING for good race relations;  in fact, they’ve nearly destroyed them, sadly.   NOBODY likes violence, nobody likes being told they’re racist, nobody likes people demanding anything of them.

Democrats have screwed Black America forever…they lied about the Civil Rights Bill, saying THEY SIGNED IT…Ya, Johnson signed it after Republicans tried for years to get that done.  The Klan was Democrats, the mayors and governors of our worse states/cities are Democrats, Democrats tell Black America horrid lies, including how they can’t make it in this country and it’s because of White America.    The Sharptons and Jacksons of the world are the WORST RACISTS…  Wasn’t it Jackson who said “There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps… then turn around and see somebody white and feel relieved.”    Sure, because he’s inspired kids not to do well in school and FLOURISH, like we want ALL BLACK CHILDREN TO DO, no, he’s told them they can’t, he’s blamed Whites, he’s set this miserable stage on which BLM has become the STARS.

Click on BLM and click on DONATE…it goes directly to ACTBLUE, a Democrat money raiser.  Nothing for Black America.  NOTHING!     Trump uses this word too much, and often inappropriately, but I’ll say it now;  IT’S A HOAX!!!    RedState calls ActBlue “the activist arm of the Democrat Party”….yup.

So, BLM is NOTHING but a Democrat fundraising machine dressed up to look supportive of Black America.    Not a Hoax, A TOTAL JOKE.

And George Soros……Plenty of articles on connections with him and ActBlue but nothing definitive enough for me to site it here.    He’s well protected.



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33 Responses to BLM………and ActBlue

  1. bocopro says:

    I did a piece on that last weekend. Denny posted it as my weekly on his blog:


  2. And, at the moment, anarchy is winning.

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  3. A week from tomorrow I start a new radio show on Saturday mornings at 8 a.m. . The show is titled Your American Heritage.
    I’ll be having guests like William Federer, and others to discuss current events in the light of past events and the Constitution.
    It will be an opportunity to ask questions of America loving patriots about how we got here and how we move ahead.

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  4. kidme37 says:

    The black don’t want anything to change. Just like liberals get violent when you present them with facts (they don’t want to let go of their fantasies), blacks get violent when you suggest anything that might force them to change and bring them out of their hood living, welfare collecting, no work lifestyle.

    They don’t want change. They don’t want to talk reason any more than liberals want to accept that the democrats are the one true party of racism or that socialism is the slavery of everyone it touches.

    We’re not talking about these people.

    We’re talking about these people.

    Think any of these people want to go out and work on some white person’s A/C unit? Pack up and ship boxes in a warehouse? Nope, life is “too good” for these people. They must laugh like Hyenas when they see young stupid white liberals marching around for them.

    Remember that my lunch pals brought comic books in to try to get their mostly black high school kids to read something back when they were teaching. This was 40 years ago.

    May as well dream about raccoons being ballet dancers.

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  5. bocopro says:

    Comic Books!! Reminds me of somethin I saw while teachin adult high school a whole buncha years ago.

    Walkin down the hallway to meet with my department head on some disciplinary issues, I see this teacher slam his open hand down on his desk, then turn his head to the side and pick up an object where he’d hit the surface.

    He made a note in a ledger, then scraped some items off the desk, rattled ‘em around in his hand, and slammed ‘em down on the surface. Then he picked one at random, made a mark in his book, and did it again.

    “What da-?!” I thought to myself and went in to find out what he was up to. Here’s the story I got:

    “O.K. We all know that 99% of these people don’t want to be here but have to register for classes as a requirement for welfare checks, or continued parole, or unemployment, or whatever . . . right?”

    “Yeah,” I answered, “so . . .?”

    “Now, virtually all of ‘em are either dropouts or runaways or ESL [English as a Second Language], right?”


    “Well . . . they can’t read. And if they can’t read, they can’t take exams, and if they can’t take exams, they just walk away after that first unemployment or welfare check or parole-office visit, then start the process again in the next semester.”

    By this time I’ve seen that what he’s slamming down on his desk are nickels, ten of’em, in fact. And he keeps slammin ‘em down, pickin one up, and makin a mark in his grade book while he talks with me.

    “What I do when the class first meets . . . two or three times . . . I assess their knowledge and skill levels individually through written or oral quizzes. That places them in a stratum starting at a hundred and going down by 10s to 60.

    “Then I give each one a book [he pointed to a row of dog-eared paperback novels all with the same title by the window] and read it to ‘em, explaining analogies and metaphors and symbols and such as we go through it.

    “Since I’m required to assign grades, I give ‘em quizzes on what we’ve done at the end of the week. Never bother to read what they try to write, because I’d have to fail it before I got through the first paragraph.

    “How I work it is with the date stamps on these nickels – each ends in a different numeral from 0 to 9. Then I just put that number in the grade book in the bracket I initially assigned ‘em to. If a student is in the 70-79 bracket and the nickel’s date ends in 4, he gets a 74.

    “You and I could stand up here all day every day and explain, lecture, define, and instruct, and they’d learn absolutely nothing because they were never given the fundamentals to build on.

    “So I finally realized that by having them follow along while I read the text aloud, they’ll at least absorb a little skill in reading, and if they pick up bits and pieces of structure, punctuation, spelling, allegory, imagery . . . whatever . . . that’s gravy.

    “I’m keepin ‘em off the streets and givin’ ‘em some positive encouragement. And that’s about all any of us can do with these throwaways.”

    He was black, and nearly all his students were black, and he’d been at it for at least 12 years or more, so who knows . . . maybe he was actually accomplishing something useful.

    My particular classes were primarily Latinos and Southeast Asians who were having trouble with English but understood the need for developing skills in it, so they actually paid attention.

    One of my two classes started out with 19 students assigned. At the end of the semester I submitted grades on 6 of ‘em; the rest had either dropped out, been arrested, or actually went back to a mainstream school.

    At one point I encountered a Cambodian woman who’d flunked ENC1102 twice already and was on her last chance in my class at a city junior college. All she wanted was the AA degree so she could get a beautician’s license and paint people’s fingernails for ‘em instead of livin off welfare and food stamps.

    Tried hard, but the language skills just weren’t there for dealing with HAMLET and OEDIPUS. I think she basically understood the meaning, but couldn’t express herself in the written exam, and that’s non-negotiable in English Comp.

    I talked it over with the department head and we gave her a C-, which allowed her to get the license (she’d already finished all the other requirements) and go to work. My guess is that she’s a good citizen today.

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  6. -FJ says:

    from Wikipedia on ActBlue – In the 2018 midterms elections, ActBlue raised $1.6 billion for Democratic candidates.[10] According to FEC data, from January 2017 to October 2018 Beto O’Rourke had raised $45m through ActBlue for his unsuccessful run against Ted Cruz, 48% of which came from outside Texas.[11]

    In 2019, ActBlue raised roughly $1 billion for a wide variety of campaigns.[12] The Daily Beast notes that between January and mid-July 2019, ActBlue brought in $420 million, and that “According to the organization, that total came from 3.3 million unique donors and was dispersed to almost 9,000 Democratic campaigns and organizations, with $246 million coming in the second quarter alone.”[13]

    Several records for the year of 2020 were broken in the week following the Killing of George Floyd, with over $19 million raised on May 31st, the highest so far that year. On June 1st, that yearly record was again broken with $20 million in donations. Over half of donations in the week following killing went to charitable (non-political) causes, including one ActBlue page devoted to a bail fund which raised over $1.5 million dollars from over 20,000 donors.[14]

    ActBlue was founded in 2004 by Benjamin Rahn and Matt DeBergalis.[5] In February 2016, ActBlue launched AB Charities, an arm of the organization that makes ActBlue’s fundraising tools available to nonprofits.[6] Bernie Sanders’ 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns used ActBlue for contributions.[7] 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden has also used ActBlue for fundraising.[8]


  7. kidme37 says:

    Sounds like that teacher did the best he could do for those people. Good teachers must find it impossible to work in that kind of environment. That was sure the case with my friends.

    Nail painting is an art I imagine. How much Hamlet do you need to know for that.

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  8. peter3nj says:

    I just can’t wait to see all the whites standing for the black nations anthem and turning their backs on the Star Spangled Banner should any NFL team management have the intestinal fortitude to offend the sprinkling of negroes in the stands and the negro players along with the cowering white players. Or maybe we’ll witness Drew Brees booed as he steps on to the playing field. The real question is will the BLM logo be on the end zones or replace the NFL logo at midfield.

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  9. peter3nj says:


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  10. bocopro says:

    “Nail painting is an art I imagine. How much Hamlet do you need to know for that.

    Yeah, doncha just hate it when people get all condescending and act like intellectuals, talkin ’bout Mozart when they’ve never even seen any of his paintings.

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  11. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, you said “Nail painting is an art I imagine. How much Hamlet do you need to know for that.” SO well said….
    And it reminded me of a time I was subbing a class and we had to watch a video on a Black family on welfare and how difficult it was for the Mom (no dad) to work with 3 kids at home….she got all kinds of freebies for them or they’d not have eaten….she struggled to get to work with the bus, she was a mess. BUT SHE HAD VERY EXPENSIVE AND LONG FAKE FINGERNAILS….and VERY expensive braided dredlocks….or DREADlocks? I don’t know, nor do I care.
    I so badly wanted to point that out but some of my favorite Black kids were in that class, plus it was totally inappropriate for me to be critical…..I always wondered if those White and Black girls who knew how expensive those nails were even gave it a thought…

    peter, Drew Brees deserves boos for having reneged on his originally true and important statement, frankly. I have rarely been THAT disappointed in anybody….like that idiot, Mr. Cathy of Chick Fil A……”polish the shows of Blacks”….watch me, bubba. true…and these idiot Americans are giving money in order to HELP BLACKS….ya, RIGHT….giving to ActBlue will help Black America as much as they’ve ever been helped by the Left; which is NOT AT ALL.

    Bocopro…I HATE that story…imagine giving in and grading easily so people can take more of OUR tax dollars. But I DO agree with that poor Black teacher…if he read aloud, they were getting SOMETHING from it; I admire him. And I feel for him.

    Kid…yes HIM, not THEM! Almost makes me cry looking at that fine, clean cut, excellent BLack young man. Believe it or not, we have an up and comer, Black, Christian, Conservative, planning to run for GOV OF CALIFORNIA in 2 years!!!!!!!!! pLEASE, GOD! What I’m hoping is he starts talking NOW about how he feels about the nightmare this country’s fighting now.

    Isn’t it interesting that the Black leader of BLM is Hawk Newsom? The last name of our horrid governor?!!!!!

    Ed…sounds great. HAPPY FOR YOU!! Good luck!

    AOW, it is winning…big time. And nobody’s REALLY doing ANYTHING about it…


  12. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…very nice piece I encourage all to read at the link you provided.THANKS…so so so true. I sent it to some friends, too.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    Seen on Facebook when I clicked on REGISTER TO VOTE! A ticket to more fraud, in my opinion.


  14. kidme37 says:

    Peter, back when SNL was worth more than a egg-a-muffin.


  15. kidme37 says:

    Boco, Z. Respect for that woman who wanted to pain nails.

    If California government is for it, it ain’t no dang good. Fraud of course. The dems will never run out of tricks.

    Well Z, about 5 years ago a nice black woman -Robin, worked out in the warehouse as an odd jobber. She lived in a section 8 area in one of the apartment buildings. Her neighbor down the hall a little ways was a single welfare mom with three kids. The chick sent the kids out into the neighborhood to forage for food among the other residents and partied on the free money.
    She put her garbage outside her door rather than walk it down to the dumpster. Robin called the Dept of Health who took the garbage down for her. Next time the chick saw Robin she said “Oh, thank you so much for calling the Dept of Health, it was really smelling bad out here.”
    She said this is a way of life for Lots of the welfare moms. Ignorant? I’d say simply don’t know any better because they were brought up this way. Its generational.


  16. kidme37 says:

    So, what will these 20-40 year old liberals think in another 20 years when nothing has changed for the ‘black community’ after they marched for them, knelt, threw money, shined their shoes and begged forgiveness. Will they get it then?

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  17. peter3nj says:

    @geeez- speaking of pro sports here’s a list of names sure to go:

    Red Skins
    White Sox
    Red Wings
    Red Sox
    The Nazification of America marches on as the sports world lines up along with the corporate and tech elites; all falling like so many dominoes.


  18. MAL says:

    Boco, perhaps you can post one of Mozart’s paintings. That’d be interesting.


  19. MAL says:

    As for the BLM, to me it still stands for Bureau of Land Management, and always will.
    They had it first!


  20. kidme37 says:

    Mal, those paintings are hard to come by. They didn’t sell which is why Wolfgang went into music instead. He may have tossed them all or gave them to the local blacks.


  21. kidme37 says:

    BLM is an evil government agency.


  22. bocopro says:

    Au Contraire . . . we have a rich collection of Mad Mozie’s brushwork. Here’s one example . . . from his Rock-a-Billy period — a Mona Elvis, or officially, “Fur Gladys” (his mother):


  23. geeez2014 says:

    peter…REDSKINS are going first, apparently….just saw an exposee on FOX….might be going fast.
    I remember there were Indians who like the name and weren’t happy about this……I guess they don’t matter.??

    Bocopro: that painting is hideous…why it’s hit me so negatively, I’m not sure, but….
    MOZART? You sure set THAT one up…! 🙂 It’s like MAL was your shill!

    Kid, respect for women who paint nails? I have nothing but respect for women who work at anything…yes.
    But putting on $100 a month (minimum) nails when your kids are hungry?? Nope.


    FOX’s Jonathan Hunt became a VERY proud American a few years ago…he’s a Brit originally. He has gone SO left I can hardly BELIEVE It because he WASN’T.
    He was bragging about how Trump says CHOP is violent but “it’s been so peaceful here…” in the first days of CHOP.

    Today, he just did a minute from Mt Rushmore, where he said “There are screens going up which mention making sure you’re drinking enough water, wear anti-mosquito stuff, …” etc… And he continues…” …but nothing about distancing or masks”…
    Neil Cavuto, of course, is “tsk tsk tsk’in” in HIS new Liberal revelation….he had been quite conservative before Trump, too. Now I can barely watch him.
    Hunt really threw me for a loop because he was NO LIB now he’s very anti Trump…


  24. bocopro says:

    For the record, I have the highest admiration for the skills . . . no, the ART . . . of both Mozart and da Vinci. They were singularities, gifted by many powers of 10 beyond ordinary craftsmen, composers, tinkerers with imagery, symbolism, light, and sound.

    When the teachable moment popped up in class, I liked to share the progression from skill, which just about any normal person can develop in just about anything; to talent, which allows the person to develop and master the skill more quickly and thoroughly than most others; and finally art, which invites . . . leads . . . even compels the master to transcend all limits, all boundaries, all levels of his chosen endeavor and take the viewer, the listener, the reader to unimagined heights of grandeur and beauty and sensory delight.

    As for me, I have none of the above. I can tune an engine; I can erect a fence; I can hang sheetrock; I can pass written tests; I can carry a tune; I can maintain and properly use a firearm; I can manage my own household without accruing debt; I can build a decent sonnet; I can write an interesting tale . . . . but there is no true craft mastery in any of it, not a shred of extraordinary talent, and by no means even a hint of art.

    Everybody can do somethin, and do it well. Very few Mozarts or Shakespeares or da Vincis come along with any regularity. And some people are famous for just appearing on the planet in the right place at the right time, nothing more; and some are famous simply for being famous.

    I don’t even wanna be famous; just warm, dry, and well-fed with somethin interesting to stimulate my brain every day.

    So far I’ve been more fortunate than most.

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  25. Baysider says:

    I am still waiting for the “chance” to “kneel” at the national anthem, shouting loudly, GREAT, LET US ALL PRAY! 🙂


  26. kidme37 says:

    Black National Anthem? I thought they were planning to sacrifice a young white virgin instead before each game.

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  27. MAL says:

    I was poking fun at Boco, Z. Yeah. I will be his shill any day.
    Ron is really funny………(but looks isn’t everything!) ;o)


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider! That’s what I commented on FB with the other day…”I look forward to taking a knee to God for all our blessings!” Exactly.

    Mal..I was complimenting you both…perfect set-up!! XXX


  29. Baysider says:

    Yes, the link to Grouchy Old Cripple is a REQUIRED READ.
    “BLM: If US doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system.” makes one ask ‘what does that man ‘want’ and what is his considered plan to get it.” I suspect the answers are: get rid of white people, give us their money, and … and …. and not sure what his plan is to steal the country away. In the 1960’s, for all of his faults, Martin Luther King Jr. stood as a powerful hegemon against scorched earth theft. That was before 2 generations of young people were trained in the modern day Jim Crow system of academia, and to hate and envy other people. Now where’s the restraint?

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  30. geeez2014 says:

    I have NEVER IN MY LIFE heard the Star Spangled Banner sung so badly as tonight at Mt. Rushmore…YIKES!!! Totally off key!! Poor woman; had to be nerves!


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, RESTRAINT? They don’t HAVE to! Their great parents were slaves, so they can do ANYTHING THEY WANT TO DO.!!!!


  32. kidme37 says:

    I don’t believe most black folks could tell you what they want. They don’t know.


  33. Andrea Herath says:



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