Saturday Stink

TAKING THE DAY OFF BECAUSE IT ALL STINKS………..I’m sick and tired of absorbing the FACT that we’re finally losing the once great America.  I’m tired of good conservatives being tougher on us (“we deserve what we’re getting”) than some leftwingers,  I’m tired of people I respect slamming Trump on Facebook because he’s turning them to Biden with his hyperbole and saying every stupid thing that occurs to him;  I’m just TIRED.

I can actually barely bear it.

SO , YOU WRITE THE POST TODAY……….I will be happy to see it.   I will say that Tucker’s show had quite a few people who are actually starting to FIGHT BACK.    AND I saw that Michael Jordan actually said he’s tired of the hate and the mischaracterizations from the  White and BLACK SIDES….Other Blacks are on Facebook and elsewhere touting Trump, saying BLM is Marxist….there is SOME good news, but….

Think it could work?     Mostly, we’ve just been cowering………..

By the way, I’m an old film buff and EVEN TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES has hired a Black ‘professor’ of Film and she’s been a specialist on Silent Film who, very suddenly, talks about 90% of the  time on HOLLYWOOD AND BLACK FACE AND HOW BLACKS HAVE SUFFERED AND …..  IS THAT A COINCIDENCE?

THIS WAS ALL PLANNED, FOLKS.   And please don’t say “what do you expect with TURNER?”  NO…I’ve watched the hosts for about 15 years……they’ve NEVER had a Black host and only only talked occasionally about Black Hollywood, which was interesting and not always fair, admittedly….but NEVER like she does, or quite so often.  EVER.. Not till just before the protests happened.




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  1. bocopro says:

    O.K. Just to duck the subject and crash through the hedgerows into a completely different field, how ’bout this:


    The Path of Shades

    In oide for old Grecian days
    First tragos-formed then Hellene trod,
    In paean to the names and ways
    Remembering some mythic god
    Or legend we still love to praise
    From Saxony or England’s sod,
    My mind’s eye resurrects the hosts
    In those recalling ancient ghosts.

    Just there! In that young face I see
    Across the brow, along the jaw,
    A Theseus in Arcady.
    Beside him, though with lesser awe,
    The classic image comes to me
    That captured Paris when he saw
    What Homer chronicles of Troy:
    The destiny of girl and boy.

    And later in that very place
    Teutonic beauty framed in gold
    Stands briefly, and I see a face
    Which worshipped Woden in the cold
    That took the color from her race
    When history was not yet told
    Except by shapers ritely sung
    From memory of old in young.

    With beauty that they do not know
    Young recasts of what went before
    Through these old eyes I see them go,
    Their essence guarding at its core
    The script to recreate the glow
    Of Camelot . . . or Elsinore . . .
    Each one a future myth alive
    If time will let the seed survive.

    Yes, future Lancelots will tilt
    On worlds most different from ours.
    Their steeds will not be born but built
    In light from suns we now call stars
    While Earth in plastic, glowing silt
    Reclaims her beauty from the scars
    This highest product of mere chance
    Has caused in its unending dance.

    . . . . . . . . .
    The winds of time stir back to life
    The features they have often kissed,
    A questing king, a waiting wife,
    Grey eyes behind a Scottish mist,
    A dainty neck, a falling knife,
    Cold spikes detain an open Fist,
    But each new birth brings its own key
    To what the final door might be.

    A Boone County countryboy’s response to BLM, a buzzphrase which sounds to me like something you might overhear from the fat guy at a bar like Cheers in Dorchester about two hours after happy hour ended . . . very close to “Go, PATS!”

    If the goal is to piss me off and give me a focused sense of antipathy for black people in general . . . it’s working.


  2. Z,
    I’m sick and tired of absorbing the FACT that we’re finally losing the once great America.

    I feel exactly the same way.

    I really don’t have the heart to blog anymore.

    We have lost.

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  3. Sparky says:

    Oh, goodness, I’ve been feeling the same way! Totally defeated. I’ve had to stay off FaceBook and even blogging about anything “serious”. Guess I’m burned out?
    I know that those of us who believe in, and follow Christ, actually win eternally. God is bigger than all our messes. But, as a Historian and Patriot, I see very bad precedence being set by so many who I thought would champion our Country, but are cowering! President Trump and Vice President Pence are trying to hold it all together but they are only two men. There’s too much evil. It’s like the pits of hell have been opened up and we can not stand against it. Well, we can’t, of course. Only Jesus Christ can keep demons at bay, but there’s too few of us now. We’re in the minority.
    Sorry to be such a defeatist. So unlike me, but there it is.
    God help us.

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  4. peter3nj says:

    Goya Charities:
    To create a healthy, thriving global community of empowered children – our leaders of tomorrow – where knowledge, understanding, tolerance and soul awakening are fostered as they thrive in their own environment. A life free of disease; balanced and fulfilling.

    The Latino/Hispanic “community,” led by glitterati like Alexandra Cortez, is being duped into turning on one of its own. How long before the statues of South American liberators like Bolivar, Hidalgo, San Martin, Carrera, de Miranda and O’Higgins are toppled? Anything can happen in a world that has shunned and replaced its own culture with that of the rap industries music-not really music which is defined as: Music: vocal or instrumental sounds (or both) combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion.
    Rap: strike (a hard surface) with a series of rapid audible blows, especially in order to attract attention.
    ***Several years back a survey of who was buying rap music produced the following: 90% of rap music was purchased by white males in age of 18-34 years old.

    The newest push will be to keep schools closed so the students will be available to take to the streets on cue.

    Now my friends its time for a drink. As an anonymous philosopher once said “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.”

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  5. Mustang says:

    The left cannot defeat us. But we can hand them a victory by quitting the fight. I guess we’re all part of the quitter generation now, eh? Never saw that coming. I guess it’s a good thing we weren’t around during the Revolutionary War, or any war worth fighting since then.

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  6. ACUCHUCK says:

    The enemy always brings out their biggest guns when they are looosing. Tearing down monuments is the same as tearing down Trump in their twisted little brains. Tearing down Tucker Carlson means he’s getting to them and they don’t know how else to neutralize him than slander him.
    Don’t let the pea brains get to ya, it’s all they have.
    The Left is consistent, but their voices are few, and only the loudest make it on the biased news. There are many millions of good honest people who just go on with their day, shake their head at the crazy crap they hear., waiting for Nov. to give the Libs the rewards they so richly deserve, a good spanking.`
    Of all the people in this world, Trump, seems to have got lightning in a bottle, but, he needs our support in everything he does, because any small opening the Left see’s they will exploit it. What other choice do we have, Biden, Antifa, BLM ?????

    Support Trump, with all his faults, or we loose this great country. Time to really unite behind him, not be critical of every Tweet, just as the Left does. because I cannot imagine the carnage if we don’t.

    Simplistic I know, but, accurate.

    Congrats to Roger Stone, now Amy Berman Jackson needs to be disbarred along with that clown Emmit Sullivan, and get Flynn some long overdue justice.


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  7. kidme37 says:

    First off, anyone “turning to Biden” or the democrats in any shape manner or form is not a conservative. You’re not talking 4 or 8 years of some bozo on TV, you’re talking the real end to America at this point. Anyone who doesn’t get that is not paying any attention.

    America might be going. Without details we’re all aware of, I look at America 1960 vs 2010 and it’s a hard to make the argument that America is Ok..

    But, and everyone knows this – waiting for government or anyone else to make you happy is a losing proposition. America might be screwed up but I’m not and we’re not and you’re not.

    I have control over nothing but several square feet of space around me at any given time. I don’t let that bother me. Enjoy who you are, where you are and the friends who share good friendship. That’s all any of us have ever had really.

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  8. MAL says:

    I’m gonna wait till after the election because I’m still hopeful the silent majority will prevail. That being said, I know folks that are selling multiple properties they own and moving or planning a move. One is a 50 year old guy who owns 26 homes free and clear, is selling at least half of them and moving to Idaho. Why Idaho, I have no idea. And one of our dancers and husband own 12 homes here in Vegas and want sell and move out of the country completely (she can’t remember the name of the place!). Like I said, I’m hopeful we will surprise all the “polls” predicting a Biden win. And if we do:

    Peter, Its PRE-frontal lobotomy. My doc corrected me when I made the same quote.


  9. MAL says:

    Last night I saw on Fox News the doctor they usually have on (can’t remember his name) who said they have a serum that looks VERY hopeful and will begin testing 60,000 people and hopefully have an answer before the end of the year.
    If successful, this could be a game winner for Trump. Lots of time left till Nov. 3rd.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro..well done! And, you said “If the goal is to piss me off and give me a focused sense of antipathy for black people in general . . . it’s working.”
    THAT is the problem….this whole BLM nonsense is MAKING racists were so few were. I agree.

    Why would it bug me to see a lovely Black professor on TCM? It bugs me because of THE TIMING…. I don’t WANT to be lectured between FILMS, too. News and most everything else is quite enough.

    AOW: Not sure we’ve lost yet…that’s why I threw in some of the positives that are going on…Blacks discrediting some of the BLM idiocy….but it can feel like that, for SURE.

    SPARKY, and to see they even talked about knocking JESUS statues down?!! I think there is EVIL going on……….and I think Trump and Pence could help IF PEOPLE WERE SUPPORTING THEM IN THE NEWS so truth could be heard. But everything they do is insulted, scoffed, mischaracterized…and Trump asks for it ALL the time……. They’re STILL disgustingly insulting about what he said about how he looks in a mask! The man is not well……..he just doesn’t get it, so there’s that….

    Mustang, you never saw it coming? Did you think our kids have been raised to where they’d fight for America like they did in the Rev War? You’re better informed than that…you read Geeez! 🙂

    CHUCK, that is NOT simplistic and I believe it more EVERY SINGLE DAY. I criticize Trump because he mostly deserves it…he so frequently says things that give such fodder for criticism, which leads to less votes, and he is resting on his Base, which I think is unwise, but I AM FOR HIM………… you say: WHO ELSE????

    KID: He IS a conservative, I’ve known him for 35 years ….but he recently read some dumb book about TRUMP and how he contributes somehow to the end of DEMOCRACY and now I can’t even ask him the title again because I don’t want to open that door. He is a REALLY smart guy and that book blew his mind and convinced him BIG TIME. I was okay when he said he wouldn’t vote for trump; a lot of Conservative friends didn’t last time, but when he recently emailed something about voting for Biden, that blew my mind. I think that, by the election, he’ll not do that, at least. And, thank GOD, he’s in California; nobody’s counting on CA electoral votes 🙂

    I can feel upbeat by reading a good book, talking on the phone with friends, walking, etc…but every single stinkin’ bit of news is NASTY, SCARY, etc…and watching the Left win is overwhelming.

    MAL: Peter’s joke works better like he put it, right? I did think about moving to Munich with my stepkids, believe it or not……..I was surprised it even came into my mind yesterday…… subconscious mentioned it and my conscious said “WHAT?…well, that DOES sound good!” 🙂


  11. Mustang says:

    Well Z … I wasn’t talking about “the kids” … I addressed the number of “conservatives” that are laughingly thinking of voting for Biden. I could not be more disgusted. A conservative that votes for Biden, or stays home on election day, is about as conservative as Nancy Pelosi. Real Americans have but one choice, and it isn’t Biden.

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    Sorry, Mustang, but some real conservatives hate Trump beyond belief…the MOCKING of his comments on having aced some cognitive test recently (that almost NOBODY EVER DOES WELL ON) was highly offensive…One of my conservative friends is a shrink who deals with cognition and said almost NOBODY can pass that test let alone ace it. This is the kind of thing people think Trump is lying about. Even when the test people said he passed, they think he put them up to it because they think he’s THAT dumb because of his lacking adjectives other than INCREDIBLE and DISGRACEFUL, for example. WHich is pretty true, by the way.


    Yes, real Americans have absolutely ONE CHOICE …I TOTALLY AGREE…it certainly isn’t Biden.

    Regarding KIDS and the Rev War….my point is that “we:” Americans aren’t teaching our kids to love this country enough to fight like the very young boys did in the Rev War…..I’m sure some films are romanticized and all young boys then didn’t WANT to die! But today? Think it’s coincidence that while our kids won’t fight, nukes came into being? 🙂

    Are we the last generation to love America enough to protect her? Or, let me say, was the “Greatest Generation” the last? I think so.


  13. Mustang says:

    The “greatest generation” wasn’t my generation, but I lost a lot of friends in the Vietnam War. I guess my generation just wasn’t good enough.


  14. MAL says:

    It would be easy to move, but thats not what our founding fathers did. When the British showed up, they didn’t flee west to get away. And that was against a much olde and larger country with the most powerful navy in the world. We need to get Soros out of the equation as it appears everything involves his backing, so why are we allowing this to happen? Even the Dems should be against his agenda, but esp.Trump and the GOP. Does anyone wonder why this hasn’t been addressed long ago? Why is Soros being ignored?


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mustang, I think you know The Greatest Generation is a moniker especially for WWII soldiers.
    That probably feels like a slam to the many who lost their lives in Vietnam. It shouldn’t.

    I had friends in Vietnam, too. I’m happy none lost his life, but it sure screwed with their heads enough that they became pot smokers and kind of lost their drive in life………I hope I haven’t met a Vietnam Vet I didn’t thank for his service.

    I don’t know how WWII soldiers got through their war, but they sure had SUPPORT of their endeavor, and the Vietnam vets sure did NOT. Awful.


  16. geeez2014 says:


    GUESS WHAT……Who doesn’t think they’re afraid BIDEN COULD WIN and so many restrictions would suddenly come up that they’d have to close it down, forcing America to depend on those Russian tankers which pull into Boston Harbor many years because our East Coast needs it. Yes, we TOO can turn in to Germany which is totally reliant on Russian oil and gas! OH GOD…and weren’t we all SO PROUD and HAPPY that we were finally ENERGY INDEPENDENT.
    Oh, well……



  17. kidme37 says:

    Z, my comment stands. It was not meant to challenge you or the people you know, just a pure description of how I live, pure and simple – and very stress free too. Though I can’t accept for a nano-second that anyone thinking of voting for Biden is conservative. They’re lying imo or they don’t know one way or the other what they are. Since I mention it, I wonder how many people actually would label themselves correctly given an interview.

    I wonder how many people know 95+% of the news is made up and spun anti-Trump ?

    As you know I’d rather put cart fur on my buttered toast than watch any news and so I don’t, but the evil still gets through to me to the point I’m well aware of it. I can’t imagine actually subjecting myself to it by sitting in front of an audio video device chock full of these satanic beats bleating away all day/night. 🙂

    And as you mention, I also hope the majority of the crazies are in the states which are solid blue and the electoral college remains intact.

    Best to you and we Americans.


  18. kidme37 says:

    From what I hear of what our military has dealt with in the ME wars, I think it would be fair to call them the greatest generation. I read recently where most WWII soldiers did not experience an abundance of combat. True? Dunno. Still.

    In the end I respect anyone who has been in combat and many of the rest like the guys working the carrier decks as a good example.

    As of now I don’t believe there will be any Trump Biden debates.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I just wanted to make sure we all understand Trump IS losing conservatives ,…It’s very hard for me to keep sticking up for him when there are things I hear him say that are just handing fodder to his haters….I’m tired of it but I want to correct people, remind them “This guy just says what he thinks…he’s not polished….but HE LOVES THIS COUNTRY” is usually what I emphasize…

    YOu asked “I wonder how many people know 95+% of the news is made up and spun anti-Trump ?”
    VERY VERY VERY FEW, Kid…and THEREIN lies the problem I’m CONSTANTLY hounding about’s hideous… EVERY good thing he does gets immediately mischaracterized and if there’s a HUGE good thing, the media takes the one silly thing and magnifies it… I DO think people are waking up to that…I do. I hope!

    I could not agree with you more about the ME soldiers, Kid………they go through HELL. I will NEVER forget when they were saying that Eric Holder instituted something in the service where they had to Announce they were going to pound an Iraqi’s door down! “American soldiers!” WHAT? So that way, the Iraqis had time to split out the back door OR grab their gun and point and shoot…………Do you remember that?
    They live in horrid heat, fear, missing families (thank goodness for internet now…imagine in Vietnam..or imagine the World Wars when wives didn’t hear from husbands for months?)… I’m with you on this.


    It would have been a great place to remind people TRUMP IS BETTER.

    Which is why there’ll be no debate. Mustang is right on this when he says we’re not fighting….if the Republicans don’t fight HARD and effectively to get a debate, we’re done.

    Also, sadly, people are already sending in ballots, so would an October debate change those votes sent in before the debate, which will be a LOT?

    we are so screwed in America I can hardly believe it….and I didn’t ever expect it would be easy, but…


  20. geeez2014 says:

    MAL: Israel has an extremely exciting antibody for COVID…I’m sorry people aren’t talking about it but it doesn’t serve the purpose of keeping us down………

    And , trust me, unlike the effect a young soldier’s moving to another country might have on saving ours, my absence wouldn’t be quite so missed 🙂 But, I was thinking Mom’s 89 and when she does go, I wouldn’t feel quite so glued to America…I do have loving family and friends in Munich and I could live with a friend on her Greek island of Samos, too, come to think about it…talk about heaven.
    but I WON’T! 🙂 SO.,..that’s that.


  21. kidme37 says:

    As you saw on my recent blog post, Biden can’t even read from a teleprompter. And how could you have a teleprompter anyway n a debate when they’re not supposed to know the questions. No way he/The DNC agree to a debate.

    It might be worthwhile to define Conservative. I think the labels have gotten very corrupted.

    I define it only as believing in and supporting of the Constitution which is the basis for our Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness. From there choices are optional.

    If anyone thinks the democrats support the Constitution….. Wowsa.


  22. MAL says:

    Well, Z, I don’t blame you one bit for feeling that way. We’ve been to the Greek Islands and they are beautiful. It especially sounds good to us right now because its 116 in our back yard right now!
    I’m not kidding. We’re having our typical heat wave for this time of year and our forecast for the coming week is possible record breaking. Our stay-at-home- society helps justify it.
    (Boy! Do we miss living in Newport Beach!)

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  23. Bruce says:

    Don’t lose the faith.
    We will never be given a cross we can’t bear, right now if seems like maybe we have but we will get through this, we need to be strong as a group.

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  24. Baysider says:

    The Greatest Generation was a misnomer, a marketing ploy, to appeal to the pride of a generation who suffered through:
    1) a recession artificially extended by an ignorant smooth-talking political hack who made people feel good while he pulled the rug out from under them,
    2) a massive war made wider and crueler by the visions of the unconstrained (TU to Tom Sowell 🙂 ) from Woodrow Wilson on through 1939 (oops ’69 if you include the wretched Averell Harriman’s ‘vision’ for Vietnam),
    and whose participants proceeded to:
    3) cut off our history from the next generation who were launched without any idea of who they were, lacking the discretion of wisdom gained under the influence of traditions and values derived from the widely shared experiences of those who went before.



  25. Baysider says:

    We are definitely choosing up sides. It seems clear to all at this point that no amount of “talking” (let’s have dialogue anyone?) will do anything to take out our determined adversary who is strangling education, commerce and religion with suffocating self-flagellation and whose goal, of course, is to break the country apart. Who would have thought 40 years ago that ivy league schools would celebrate having separate but equal (dorms and graduation programs), and that a major city outside the south (Seattle) would separate training seminars for blacks and whites?

    Yet, I am encouraged that there are many voices who speak my mind who are not part of the establishment. Since social media has become adept at cutting off all dissent I am especially encouraged by the young black men who have found their “voice” and articulate good values. We will go down with a fight or not go down.

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  26. bocopro says:

    Well, I gotta say about that buncha guys who were in WWII — they were tougher than their 3rd millennium counterparts in many ways.

    I’ve ridden 2100-ton tin cans without air conditioning, with water that always tasted like diesel fuel.
    I’ve ridden DC-3s across the Pacific, which takes for-EVER!
    I’ve been through jungle survival training, sleeping with the skeeters and snakes and bugs, eating C-rats, boiling water to make it drinkable.
    I’ve gone for days without fresh water, without fresh clothes, without any way to wash up, much less shower or bathe.

    Those guys rode those tiny sewer-pipe submarines, sweatin their butts off, bored outta their skulls, no cellfones, no e-mail, no internet, not even radio most of the time, rode those tiny little destroyers through storms and shellfire and torpedoes, rode those rattletrap airplanes, many of which didn’t make it back to base because they crapped out.

    Today’s soldiers and sailors don’t have open-bay barracks or open bay toilets or gang showers or gang lavatories; they have suites, air-conditioned with comfy furniture with decent mattresses and clean pillows and private bathroom facilitieis, not like the guys had ANYwhere in the 40s and into the 50s.

    Tough dudes. And I admire ’em even tho they never knew the luxuries today’s kids have, so they couldn’t miss ’em. And I realize the guys in Iraq and Afghanistan get some rough times once in a while, but usually they get a chance to go back for a shower occasionally, and some fresh socks, and clean skivvies. Not like those Marines who went into jungles with nothin but c-rats, an M-1, and enough ammo for one patrol, not knowin how long they’d be there or if they’d ever get out alive.

    Yeah, like my grandfather liked to say, often . . . “Roosevelt’s a sonofabitch,” and Wilson was a socialist and a racist. But at least guys WANTED to do somethin about tyranny and were willing to leave home for war to keep it away FROM home. It wasn’t a job, it wasn’t an adventure, it was a duty, and they did it. Not a whole lotta that goin on today.


  27. Baysider says:

    PS. about the mental competency test, how many times I’ve taken this silently as a bystander. It’s shocking to see a once viable person stumble through while you are sitting there answering all the questions easily in your own mind. I’m terrible with math, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve silently counted backwards from 100-0 by sevens while watching my math brilliant husband give up after 2 or 3 subtractions.

    I was heartbroken to hear Carly Fiorina come out for Biden. I would rather polish the rhetoric of someone with good policies than try to unscramble the bad policies of (in this case) someone with also bad rhetoric.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Bruce, welcome…I hope you join us again…

    Baysider, the GREAT were those who got through this………the GREAT were those who landed off the Normandy shores with German artillery aimed directly at them, and somehow pried their fingers off the sides of the boats and moved forward….knowing it was to death. The GREAT volunteered…..I say they’re GREATER than most and I think it’s a fair moniker. And, almost always, that name is applied to our military……anyway, that’s how I see it when I heard THE GREATEST GENERATION.
    All that generation went through wasn’t GREAT……but many of THEM were, in my opinion.

    I never liked Fiorina….How’s about Mitt Romney and his comments about Roger Stone’s latest 🙂 As Shapiro says “WHEN is Romney becoming a Democrat?” Man, the politicians of America (Hillary, ROmney, etc., )are sure LOUSY self-involved LOSERS who’ll never just MOVE ON.

    I’m glad you, too, are encouraged by those who ‘don’t fit the generalizations’…Black young men who are fed UP and SPEAKING UP…and how about the Leo Terrells who are now saying the Democrats totally let Blacks down………some very good stuff.
    I also saw that there was a march FOR COPS in NY….with lots of young people in the march, too.

    By the way, it’s more like “Hideous rhetoric”, and I honestly don’t personally care….but polish it? OH, yes….What this man truly still doesn’t understand is that he HAS our votes…he knows we’re not straying…..but many people DO care….they don’t like their pres calling people silly names. It’s time for him to speak TOUGH and with CIVILITY.
    And it’s time he start persuading…explaining, .
    Those I AM FOR LAW AND ORDER!!! tweets need also to mention “I’m for LAW AND ORDER…and I HATE that law and order are less and less particularly in our minority communities, they deserve law and order, too.” Voila. What a difference.

    BOCOPRO…such good reminders…thanks for that. WAR IS HELL and you lived a little of it, and ALL soldiers live their own little bit of that hell, for sure.
    Heck, however, we now have submarines with women sailors sleeping next to the man…and sharing bathrooms. And THEN they keep the numbers of pregnancies down because the Pentagon doesn’t want us to know WE PAY FOR THEM!!!


  29. Baysider says:

    I have thought that generation “not great” from the git go because they dropped the ball on our republic. It’s one thing to feel patriotism and be willing to sacrifice and fight to defend …. and then what. If you can’t articulate that to the next generation you are not great. And this generation of real Christian churches is getting into this same boat – entertain us, but don’t expect us to have a viable plan to carry the torch forward. SOME do. I think we participate in a group that does.

    Both groups went to and are going to sleep.

    Definitely like YOUR version of the law and order tweet better. One of Trump’s best moments was speaking to a black church “what do you have to lose”? Yes, a positive challenge to consider moving off the Democrat plantation.

    Re: Bruce’s great comment, as Janet Parshall used to say (referring to the 10 spies with the bad report of the land) “you may say ‘we are but grasshoppers’ but who knows but that you were put here for such a time as this.”


  30. Baysider says:

    Just a side note on “that” generation (our parents). My mom grew up in podunk Iowa in the 20’s and 30’s. In the 20’s they would start their school class in the morning reciting “every day and in every way I am getting better and better.” Talk about programming in cognitive dissonance!

    There is the pure, unadulterated, high octane vision of the unconstrained with no understanding of real human nature. They just came out of a world that disproved that, and flowed right into another one that really should have knocked that out of them. Yet, like the cancer it is, it crept back into education in other disguises.

    Yet if you’re trained to think we are improving as human beings (outside of the indwelling Spirit) you are being set up for big disappointments. I think one of those disappointments was having so many of their children turn against their country and patriotism. I don’t think they thought they had to train and direct the paths of their children. That goodness would just happen in some ways. My mom and I had interesting talks about this late in her life.


  31. MAL says:

    Baysider, while its easy to criticize the greatest generation, all I can say is you had to be there. Unlike today, we were100% patriotic and totally backed our president and country. A lot of that changed when we started drafting for the Korean and Viet Nam Wars. No one attacked our soil so the feeling just was’t the same. No one attacked US Pearl Harbor. However, they DID on 9/11, didn’t they? And what did we do? Nada. At about the same time, we allowed socialists and Communists to infiltrate our higher education and continue on down, which you alluded to.
    Who was it that said a true democracy can’t last beyond 200 years. It appears he was right.


  32. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, Who NEEDED to, in the past? We had teachers and friends who loved this country….Blame the great from WWII for not encouraging patriotism? :Who’d have thought we HAD to? Certainly not. They came back to HUGE patriotism…….The hate isn’t near what it is today. I don’t love that they could have done better but , honestly, who knew they’d have to?

    HA!! OH MY GOSH! After I typed those words, I read your second comment and saw this: “I don’t think they thought they had to train and direct the paths of their children”
    MY EXACTLY POINT above “who knew they’d have to?” , isn’t it…WHO KNEW?


  33. geeez2014 says:


    THAT is persuading, THAT is waking people up……love that reminder of what he said…THANK YOU! 🙂


  34. geeez2014 says:


    Baysider, while its easy to criticize the greatest generation, all I can say is you had to be there. Unlike today, we were100% patriotic and totally backed our president and country. A lot of that changed when we started drafting for the Korean and Viet Nam Wars. No one attacked our soil so the feeling just was’t the same. No one attacked US Pearl Harbor. However, they DID on 9/11, didn’t they? And what did we do? Nada. At about the same time, we allowed socialists and Communists to infiltrate our higher education and continue on down, which you alluded to.
    Who was it that said a true democracy can’t last beyond 200 years. It appears he was right.


  35. Baysider says:

    Tom Sowell distinguishes between the ‘constrained’ who understand human nature and are more pressed to explain peace than war and the ‘unconstrained’ which are the opposite. They expect goodness and peace to flow naturally out of the human spirit, and strain to explain war. The geist of that age had drifted to the ‘unconstrained’ vision. We were so used to basic GOOD than it was hard to imagine all the bad that could come. Nobody has to teach a child to be a self-centered brat (although it seems many are doing that), but the struggle is “please” and “thank you” and so forth.


  36. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, you make a great point when you say “We were used to basic GOOD..”
    I think that’s where a lot of us are NOW…we just can’t BELIEVE people can be so hateful, so dishonest……..We’re none of us perfect, but we try, at least.
    Yes, our country was used to basic GOOD……


  37. Baysider says:

    And to add to your and Mal’s comments about patriotism. Yes, yes, people were patriotic, but that is a feeling. Or at least by my childhood came to be expressed as a feeling. Boom. End of story. Nothing else.

    They did not pass on a commitment to the constitutional republic and all the reasons it is good and deserves our affection and support. My mother and I were both patriotic. But even she had little undergirding for that enthusiasm. I did. I learned it (NOT in school). They used to teach it in school, at a time when everyone had to read the Federalist Papers, e.g. (I’ll bet Mal did), but I did this on my own to truly know my convictions.

    Patriotism without depth is much like the feelings of infatuation with a boy or girl with whom you soon discover you have little in common, and the feelings fade. That’s my argument. Instead of patriotism being the expression of a deep love based on convictions, it became an end in itself, a feeling detached from a reason to feel. Gads, even idolatry as Chuck Missler, a proud naval academy grad and great patriotic Christian, has called it.

    My mother, who would be 98 today, expressed the same sentiment. “You weren’t there and can’t understand how we felt.” I completely concede that point. I think the mass desertion from the marriage to the Republic by my generation truly shocked and baffled hers.


  38. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, thanks …Of course patriotism is a feeling…It’s that feeling which shores up MANY of our decisions………When patriotic, we’re quite different people in our politics, our actions, our hopes and dreams for the country….when not patriotic, there’s a lack of concern, even disdain and scoffing….

    I don’t believe that patriotism is any end of story……………..I believe it’s a saving story for a country which could use a lot more patriots.


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