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21 Responses to BIDEN…and VP…GUESS WHO?!!!

  1. bocopro says:

    Mooch is a bitter, self-absorbed, narrow-minded, anti-American, profligate racist who desperately needed to read THIS article and the author’s book before ever making a public statement of any kind at any time:

    She has as much bidness in leadership as I have in conducting communion.


  2. MAL says:

    So………when are ya gonna hold services, Bocopro? ;o)

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  3. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…what an article…..SO ONE TEACHER got WISE, huh? And ya…Michelle would be one using those rules which celebrate the “soft bigotry of low expectations”….
    Maybe, someday, employers will be celebrating hiring Ebonics speakers. We have never even made English our country’s legal language, so why not?

    Mal..I’m not going 🙂


  4. bocopro says:

    “So………when are ya gonna hold services, Bocopro?”

    Well, see . . . first I have to be trained by Nahuatl, then apprenticed to Mithras, and finally ordained by Dionysus, so I’m not yet qualified to perform rituals involving flesh and blood for gods.

    Then of course there ARE the “sacred mushrooms” referred to in the Dead Sea scrolls, so maybe I could work up some sort of left-handed sacrament with those . . . . . .

    But to reiterate — Mooch’s primary talents center upon splurging, consuming, and hating, with an incomparable sense for inappropriate and/or tasteless fashion.

    I seriously doubt that she could lead a squad of Marines to happy hour at a titty bar.


  5. MAL says:

    You are so funny, Ron. (But looks aren’t everything, right?). Seriously, I get a kick out of your rants and admire your ability to think of ’em. I hope you keep it up, old buddy.
    (look who’s calling you old)


  6. MAL says:

    Z, I don’t believe Michele would be the right pick for the Dems to win, but maybe I’m wrong. They keep mentioning Kamala Harris, but who knows? Meanwhile, Sleepy Joe is getting all the mileage he can out of all the speculating.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    GRRREAT Barbara Stanwyck films all day and into tonight………..DOUBLE INDEMNITY included…a DON’T MISS!!!! 10 pm EST…
    LA..7 pm!!


  8. Baysider says:

    Not Michele Obama. She can do more damage as a former first lady lighting virtue signaling fires with Oprah. The ever grasping Kamala Harris is a good candidate. Either way, SOMEONE else will be running the show. And it will be all for show.

    The was a GREAT movie. Bad guys don’t get away with it.

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  9. -FJ says:

    My money’s on Willie Brown’s old flame.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Maybe Kamala Harris….my gut tells me ‘no’….many reasons jockeyed around among conservative pundits….
    But, could happen.

    Michelle Obama …odd choice, bizarre choice…. very possible choice. And she’d push Biden right into the position…she’d get 95% of BlaCks, MANY women of all colors and all those OBAMA LOVERS, which are legion…………

    God forbid.


  11. Baysider says:

    BP – wonderful find! Pendejo, indeed! The whole education establishment has become pendejo.


  12. bunkerville says:

    Susan Rice who will bring in the tribe and Biden has a relationship with her….. Mooch is high on my radar as well… only as a place holder for her hubby…. his third term…. Jarrett has been out on the stump she wants a job too.


  13. MAL says:

    I don’t know about “she’d get 95% of the Blacks” anymore, Z. A lot of them, 40% I believe I heard, are now aware of how the left has been manipulating them for years and really appreciate all Trump has done for them as well as all Americans so will continue to support him.


  14. I can’t think of a VP candidate that can help Joe.
    He has to find the one to do the least harm.
    Kamala will not be a help.

    Baysider, link you asked for is up.

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  15. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, absolutely true…Blacks are waking up, but not enough to influence the election,..I wish that was the case…let’s HOPE :=)

    Bunkerviille, Obama’s obviously REALLY busy now running EVERYTHING from behind the scenes… Wasn’t enough he startted the race problems on the front porch of Prof Henry Gates’ home…but that political horror he del’d at Lew’s funeral SAID IT ALL. HE IS AT WORK, no doubt about it. Perfect for his wife to become VP….
    And yes, Jarrett’s suddenly sniffing around again…………sounding so rational, so “butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth”..MY GOSH.


  16. Baysider says:

    Since Valerie Jarrett is joined to the Obamas at the hip, and is a dedicated collectivist, and anti-American republic she would be ideal for the controllers behind the curtain. But she has no national identity. She’d have her daughter Laura embedded in the MSM (CNN) cheering her on.

    Thanks, Ed.

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  17. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t think anybody thought Jarrett would be VP pick, just that she’s putting her nose in not only because she has a year old book she’s still trying to sell but because she’s 100% behind ANYTHING Obama wants, anything Leftwing. She’s paying her dues NOW in case Biden wins so she, Rice, and whatever other Black women will comprise his Cabinet.

    EVERYONE in D.C. wondered WHY DID OBAMA STAY IN D.C>? It’s not his city, etc etc…..It’s pretty clear that he’s been running a kind of shadow government for the last four years….and will continue to do so………….MILLIONS of dollars are his……..the HATE in his face at the Lewis funeral said a LOT. Even I’d never notice QUITE the hate and loathing and resolution in his face that day. It was almost frightening to see the real Barack Obama come through.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, the reason the Obamas gave was what the media called “touching”…they stayed in D.C. so Sasha could finish school with her class.

    Right. So nice. 🙂


  19. MAL says:

    I remember him saying that, too………….and laughed!


  20. skudrunner says:

    It will not be michelle because they would have to give up hundreds of millions of dollars if she took office unless they established the obama foundation and skimmed from it. clinton’s playbook could work for them. My guess is comealong harris although I think hands on joe backed himself into a corner. The only thing comealong will bring is the black vote and the dems already have that. She is a good speaker but her past attacks against predator joe will be used against her. She had such support in the primaries that she dropped out early.

    Whoever he chooses if he wins will be madam president within six months. joe needs to watch his back but maybe he just doesn’t care and is doing what he has always done, follow orders.


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Skudrunner, they’re worth MILLIONS now….many Millions.

    I believe Joe is following orders, too…I even think he’s a bit scared, to tell you the truth.
    Harris is known to be VERY MEAN…an ugly smirk, a terrible way of putting things…I think she’ll turn more voters OFF than ON.


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