My Opinion of HCQ and a hypothesis about Fauci:

So I was watching some of the Fauci hearing yesterday and then went to Facebook and found that friends had sent me yet another video of a very passionate doctor, almost in tears for her patients and Americans in general, about the amazing benefits of HCQ and why everyone isn’t getting it.

Fauci was VERY clear in the hearing about how he hasn’t seen any real report saying HCQ works.  The questioner said “But there are peer reviewed papers touting this drug!”  Fauci said not all peer reviewed work is anything to consider and HCQ is NOT PROVEN.
I got to thinking:

IS HE COVERING HIMSELF BY SAYING THAT?  IS HE PLAYING SEMANTICS SO, WHEN IT IS FINALLY FOUND TO BE THE ‘MIRACLE’ DRUG, HE CAN SAY ‘I SAID HCQ WAS NO MAGIC BULLET AND IT ISN’T….NOT WITHOUT ZINC AND AZITHROMYCIN’.  I could be wrong, but I barely heard, if anything, about the two adjuncts to HCQ which MUST be also used…….”I didn’t say all 3 can’t work!”

If HCQ works, we don’t have a virus, we don’t have a mask or the plastic shield Fauci is now recommending (got to make us MORE scared), we don’t have mail-in ballots (I’m not talking about absentee ballots, of course)……….we could have TRUMP WIN. 

Hence, the WORM FAUCI is in cohoots…….he’s an Obama fan.  He’s doing the bidding of the Deepest Darkest Swamp in this country by not allowing a drug to be healing virus carrieres..



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18 Responses to My Opinion of HCQ and a hypothesis about Fauci:

  1. kidme37 says:

    Fauci is a tool of the left imo. Toss Brix into that box also. Something I do’t understand is why they were allowed to be the two main talking heads. Maybe others weren’t interested. We wonder that about thousands of obama holdovers.

    The virus does kill some people but it’s not what it’s cracked up to be. As evidence, look at the John Lewis or George Floyd funerals where thousands of people in attendance over the course and not even a peep about social distancing. The politicos don’t even wear masks unless their on very visible camera. As has been said – They don’t even try to hide it anymore. That’s how stupid and/or dependent their voting base is.


  2. Why not hydroxychloroquine?
    Because we wouldn’t need mask submission.
    Business could flourish.
    No need for vaccines.
    Elections could wait til November instead of mail-ins.
    Trump would get re-elected.
    That’s why not.

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  3. JG says:

    The CDC and NIH and all that are part of it are suppose to find a virus like the COVID19 before it hits the USA and stop its destruction. They failed and as such all should go. Typical Deep State they are keeping trying to keep the USA rigged and they do not care how many they hurt. HCQ mix is a simple solution that they could claim but its not part of what the Deep State, DNC, and Media wants.


  4. Sparky says:

    Fascist Fauci is a Leftist tool. He’s gonna do everything he can to get President Trump unseated and not re-elected. Why President Trump doesn’t fire him, I don’t understand?! HCQ with zinc treatments work. It’s been proven. Also, I understand that Bill Gates is pushing his new “vaccine” that will tag people who have had the shot so that we’ll all know they’re “safe” to be around. [my sarcasm] He wants to make it where people are forced and then a person can not buy food or go out in public without the vaccine. Yeah, I know what that is. And so does everyone else.
    That’s why.

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    My hypothesis in MY POST (there IS a post, YES there IS, indeedy! :-))

    “IS HE COVERING HIMSELF BY SAYING THAT? IS HE PLAYING SEMANTICS SO, WHEN IT IS FINALLY FOUND TO BE THE ‘MIRACLE’ DRUG, HE CAN SAY ‘I SAID HCQ WAS NO MAGIC BULLET AND IT ISN’T….NOT WITHOUT ZINC AND AZITHROMYCIN’. I could be wrong, but I barely heard, if anything, about the two adjuncts to HCQ which MUST be also used…….”I didn’t say all 3 can’t work!””

    FAUCI SAYS HCQ ISN ‘T EFFECTIVE. Actually, without Zinc and Azithromycin, it isn’t as effective…SO he SAYS HCQ IS NOT HELPING……………and when they finally realize it DOES HELP, he say say “…But I meant that, alone, it’s not as effective.”

    Ed, yes, that’s in my post, too………mail in ballots are a MUST ..! A leftist friend from Seattle and I spoke last night…she talked about how it’s DANGEROUS TO GO TO THE POLLS. I said “Then why’s it okay to shop at WALMART”, to which she fumbled, hesitated…yup.

    Actually, it was the only time I think she finally realized I was right about that…otherwise I was woefully unable to combat all her leftwing nonsense, particularly when I reminded her to STOP WATCHING ONLY CNN…she said she doesn’t, she reads her news…………even FOX and the WSJ. Ya, right.


  6. jean worland says:

    Yes, why doesn’t Trump fire Fauci? Does Fauci have something on Trump? It’s a puzzle.

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  7. Jean, it’s politics. There’s a buncha people would take FauxChi over Trump.
    Sometimes you have to back away slowly…….


  8. bunkerville says:

    I have been taking the drug for years without any side effect. My cardiologist says there is simply no problem whatsoever for heart problems excluding those with a specific type of EKG which is uncommon. All I can offer on the topic. People take it for years and years.


  9. It’s OTC in many countries. No prescription.


  10. kidme37 says:

    Z, I don’t think Fauci thinks he needs an out. These people say one thing today and the oppositite tomorrow and no one notices, no one cares, no one that matters anyway. If someone is still left at this point there is nothing that will cause them to turn away from the dems.

    Saw a meme, don’t know if it is true, but it said 54 milliom “evangelical Christans” did not vote in the 2016 election. If true, then Hey Thanks Ya Slugs.

    Having the country switch (or think they switch) from blue to red every 8-12 years wil accomplish nothing useful. The dems have to be driven out and then the repubs must be made to work for restoring America or it’s over. Tall order.

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  11. MAL says:

    What is said above is all true. However, people are still dying, esp. us older folks. Last week an RN here in Vegas lost her husband to COVID-19. A pic was shown with his wife and 3 little kids and appeared to by only in his 30’s so the threat is still real. However, the argument about HCQ is valid and should be O-T-C like it is elsewhere. I was wondering if it is in Canada?


  12. Baysider says:

    Ed + 1, and I agree with your last conclusion. I suspect if Hillary Clinton were trying to get re-elected there would be an emergency humanitarian allowance to recommend this trio specifically for Covid if it could be tied to making her look good. I shudder at the thought!!


  13. Baysider says:

    There’s also a commercial interest riding on this. The WHO, UNICEF, Gates Foundation and others formed a Global Vaccine Action Plan in 2010 to make this the decade of vaccines. They have a formal campaign with a Leadership Council of which Fauci is 1 of 5 members.

    The Gates promoted work has been ruthless in ‘testing’ vaccines on vulnerable populations who did not receive full disclosure, but did receive horrible side effects. It’s not just in Africa and Asia, but these poorer populations are a frontline testing ground. They refuse to attempt to make a truly safe product, and stand to reap gazillions of $$$ if they can force any new vaccine onto the required ‘schedule’ for us guinea pigs. There has been good documentation of their failures and injuries, and now – OPPORTUNITY STRIKES – to create fear and panic to drive people to an unsafe, untested, and for many unhealthy ‘solution’ but one which will enrich a LOT of folks.

    I do not echo spurious reports that Fauci himself has millions riding on this, but he is part of the cabal and – like key members of crime syndicates – will not be disenfranchised when the largess of money, position and prestige is passed around.


  14. Baysider says:

    I see the “Covid Vaccine” much as I see FDR’s New Deal: a ‘solution’ that renders the problem worse while a slick marketing campaign makes you think it’s a savior.

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  15. Mal: Can’t go to Canada anyways.


  16. MAL says:


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