Fun with LIES

We all know the C in CNN now stands for COVID.  They cover almost nothing else anymore (except anything they can hate Trump for, including COVID).   I have checked and checked, as I’ve mentioned here at geeez, over the last week or so, and found ZERO coverage of violent protests, for example….not one minute.

SO;  I turned it on yesterday and heard this (I paraphrase, but I’m close):

Woman CNN person:   “Trump says schools should open, that it is safe.  But he says older teachers must be excused, which, of course, would cause crowding in classrooms and go against his own CDC guidelines.”

I STILL sit there stunned…..How I could be stunned when I’m as ‘on to’ CNN’s agenda as I am is beyond me…. Just call me Polyanna, I guess?

The truth is, if an older teacher doesn’t show up, a younger one will be hired.  OR they will open another classroom if one is available, or they’ll do virtual.   Having a teacher my age refuse to come in does NOT precipitate going against normal, common sense guidelines!  But it made a good story by which to SLAM TRUMP!

THEN, they went on to discuss MAIL IN VOTING, which Juan Williams, Donna Brazile, and, apparently, our own Chris Stirewalt, STILL don’t understand is NOT ABSENTEE  VOTING!!!   NO, it is NOT!

AND, Trump’s now being insulted because he’s about to sue Nevada for going all MAIL-IN and has changed his tune on Florida’s mail-in because he (finally) learned that their methodology is far better, more like absentee ballots, than Nevada’s is.



TRY THAT ON CNN!!  Covid Nation Nuts



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18 Responses to Fun with LIES

  1. bocopro says:

    Many teachers resist going back to the classroom because it would take too much time away from their protesting and rioting. A classic symptom of late-stage TDS.

    The USPS is not equipped for handling the kabillion ballots that would be sent out. Liberals want to go with mail-ins for one simple reason: they’re much better at fraud, recounts, court challenges, nuisance lawsuits, and hiding or losing or “discovering” lost ballots than conservatives.

    Can you say “Chaos for Christmas”? I thought you could. Or perhaps “Merry Crisis and a Happy New Fear” — works for elections, martial law, government stalemate, economic seppuku, statuetory rape, and Chinese gleep.

    They’re dreaming of a white chaos,
    Just like the ones Antifa makes
    Where the sidewalks glisten and looters listen
    To broken glass in mass outbreaks . . .

    They’re dreaming of that white crisis
    With every fake ballot they write
    And a future where things are right
    When the veep in charge ain’t old and white.

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  2. kidme37 says:

    To respond to liberals is letting them set the narrative. Nope, not gonna do it.

    Stage 4 what Yuri Brezmanov tells us is the last stage of the Soviet’s Idealogical Subversion tactic to take over America, is Crisis. Are we in crisis now? Seems that way but maybe not.

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  3. The framers felt that a long delay between the election and the Electoral College could lead to fraud.Purposeful mail-in balloting increases that delay, and eliminates a unified voting day.From 1845, the 28th Congress set a single date for states to appoint presidential electors.In 1792, the 2nd Congress decided presidential electors would vote on the first Wednesday inDecember, and electors must be chosen in the 34 days leading up to that date.7 More than half ofthe states in the early 1800s held presidential elections in early November.8. As travel and communication methods became faster in the 19th century, potential manipulationand fraud concerns grew due to different election days in different states: “The 34-day periodduring which elections could be held prolonged excitement and provided time for moreintrigue.” Members of the House, when debating a bill in 1844 that would set a uniform presidential Election Day across the country, declared the goal was “to guard against frauds in the elections of President and Vice President.”In 1845, the 28th Congress set “the Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November” as the date for states to appoint presidential electors.11 The first unified presidential Election Day was November 7, 1848.Current law states that “the electors of President and Vice President shall be appointed, in each State, on the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November, in every fourth year succeeding every election of a President and Vice President.”In 1872, the 42nd Congress aligned House elections with presidential elections by schedulingthem for “the Tuesday next after the first Monday in November” starting in 1876 and “in everysecond year thereafter.”Current law states that “the Tuesday next after the 1st Monday in November, in every even numbered year, is established as the day for the election, in each of the States and Territories of the United States, of Representatives and Delegates to the Congress commencing on the 3d day of January next thereafter.”

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  4. Mustang says:

    Our electoral process is but one “institution” that helps define the United States and safeguards our society. The ballot is a weapon as mighty as any munition for it effects political changes without bloodshed. Voting fraud, stealing elections through nefarious means, is no different than breaking into a gun store, stealing weapons, and using them to rob people. In one instance, you lose your hard-earned money; in the other, you lose your guarantee to have a say in who runs the country or sits in congress. Dead people voting isn’t patriotism beyond the grave; it is just another form of rape. And now that we know that tens of thousands of fake drivers’ licenses have been discovered, none of us can say with certitude that we have confidence in the institution we call elections. This issue cannot be fixed at the federal level. The corruption resides in county and state elections commissions, at the level of “community organizers” who help recruit voters from among homeless populations, in exchange for booze and butts.

    CNN doesn’t make me laugh. Not at all. It brings tears to my eyes to think that America is dying. Nothing funny about that.

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  5. Bob says:

    First came the money experts, even though 80% of money managers on Wall Street cannot boast an average market performance. Then came the climate experts with false prophesies that claimed a magic consensus. Medical experts continue to kill up to 200,000 people per year by making stupid mistakes.

    The epidemic experts tell us we will die if we didn’t stay home and kneel to the idiocies of government power and fake news outlets. It didn’t take long to disrobe this bunch of doomsters.

    Now, we have the mail-in voting experts. Can major in mail-in ballots in high-school? Is it a college level course? Maybe it’s modern day political science that includes the Democrat Party text on how to force political change through voter fraud.

    For a long time I have been cautioning people not to believe someone just because they claim to be an expert. The problem is that in any field you want to name, experts have a bad reputation. In many cases they will claim expert status without education or experience. Experts claim validation through computer models, most of which have not been validated by real world data.

    When I think of an expert, I think of Harold Hill (The Music Man), the quintessential con artist.

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  6. kidme37 says:

    Just saw an interesting observation. “Why are they most intent on keeping schools and churches closed ? Because that is where most of the in person voting happens.”

    DJT is doing much good for America but he’s got 4 more years max and this country is not going to get fixed through voting, petitions, or any other means that allows the left to operate with wild abandon like they have been.


  7. peter3nj says:

    Speaking of expertise in every field of professionals, years ago in my waxing years as a type 1 diabetic patient/sufferer (now 53 years into it)) a highly recommended endocrinologist offered a solution to my then inability to gain weight: Eat bacon. I think about this Dr when I see his twin, DR Fauci on the tube.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…would love your lyric if it wasn’t QUITE so true!!
    I’m wondering if these teachers, IF schools DID open, would come back without their demands for no policing at school, medicare for all, and defunding of community police, etc.,?
    It’s getting so the lunatics really ARE running the asylum.

    KID…I believe the election could bring that CRISIS.
    What you saw about why churches and schools are particularly aDvised to close is a REALLY fascinating one…true; mostly schools, lots of churches, too, are election places….My own is an elementary school nearby, usually. WOW.
    The ‘wild abandon’ you mention is bad enough in politicians but to see the freedom our local governments are giving people who are burning, painting, destroying, killing… more upsetting to me., they sure did have a prophetic mind and heart, those founding fathers…..
    I LONG for the days of ONE ELECTION DAY…when all were smart enough to figure that out.
    Germany has them on a Saturday…why not here?

    MUSTANG…voting is more local, true. But, of course, that all affects the presidency and I can’t blame Trump.
    As for CNN, it really does make me (finally) laugh…to see the seriousness with which they lie, the astonishing ugliness their ‘hosts’ just have to realize….THEY know what they’re doing. THAT is funny to me, that they’d be able to….kind of a SICK funnny…but I actually have heard things said that cracked me up… Not funny at all that their ratings are going back up. THAT is for SURE not funny.

    BOB “political change thru voter fraud”…WOWZIR. SO true…
    And yes, Professor Harold Hill…..perfect.

    Peter…you’ve got one FABULOUS doctor…..My old time geeez readers now I have a passion for bacon! 🙂


  9. bunkerville says:

    Worse for me today is that NO ONE covered the Yates hearing yesterday. In fact CNN, MSNBC,ABC,NBC,CBS made no mention of it at all it has been reported. Not bad enough? Fox didn’t even carry it… I had to spin over the c-span.
    The GOP only made a half hearted attempt and that was by a couple of the GOPers. They were unprepared totally to blast her out for her lies. Yates was real news and as for myself, I can’t be bothered with the GOP NO MORE


  10. peter3nj says:

    @Mustang- I caught part of it also. My performance as the defense attorney in a mock trial in business law class would have shut down yesterday’s GOP lemmings. They’re already surrendering without a fight.


  11. MAL says:

    So, we can respond by making even MORE fake votes to counter THEIR fake votes, but where does it all lead to in the end? We need to go back to in-person voting only, even if it means breaking it up to 2 or 3 days alphabetically to handle the 6′ spacing safety need. For well over 200 years we’ve successfully done it that way and see no need to change it to suit the left (so they can win!).
    Good point, Z. Why NOT Saturday voting?


  12. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville, I ONLY watch FOX and ten minutes, max, of CNN a day and I KNOW I saw Yeats discussed there. And I was very disappointed that they were acting like she said a BIG thing and I didn’t think it was…..fill me in!! I WANT to think she really did hang COmey out to dry …but we all know nothing happens when GOP has hearings, anyway 😦

    Mal, and the very idea that Republicans demanding VOTER ID at precincts being racist is the best example of “the soft bigotry of low expectations”…who’s the REAL racist when we believe all people, whatever color, can somehow find SOME ID (they can if they get on a plane!) with which to vote? And Black ‘leaders’ think it’s racist to expect them to be able to?!!!

    peter…you caught “part of” what?


  13. peter3nj says:

    The Yates hearing

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  14. MAL says:

    I took Peter’s comment was meant to be Bunkerville’s post about the Yates hearing, not Mustangs.
    He caught part of it. Ya think?


  15. Baysider says:

    Ed and Mustang + 1. I’m glad YOU watch it for us, Z. 🙂 I can no longer tune in my TV to broadcast channels. I do appreciate the links that come now and then so I can ‘keep up’ on line (tnx. Ed). Several years ago I jokingly suggested Mr. B show me the ‘trick’ while he could still remember, but it was too late. That didn’t happen and now can’t tune in anyway. NO temptation. (Fortunately, I also insisted he show me how he made coffee, as that responsibility is now gravitating to me. 🙂 )


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Ed…Trump did. Fine. Now if the media’d just make it so more than 100 people caught it, if you know what I mean.

    Baysider, that’s why I was surprised you’d mentioned recently kind of knowing what Tucker’s about and some other popular news person, I thought….is that just from links you’ve seen?
    I LOVE watching discussions and it’s important for me to hear Left/Right talks like they have frequently on FOX because I like to hear the young Republicans fight for what’s right…….it gives me hope that others feel like I do.


  17. Baysider says:

    Yup – from links only. Never heard of him before last year. Yes, I have enjoyed seeing Bill Buckley’s show from time to time also – reruns obviously. But ideas were developed, not shouted out at 5 second sound bites.


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