The truth from an Eastern European

I have had a close friend from Romania for about 35 years.  She came to America when she was about 25, risking leaving her only daughter behind so she could get a foothold here and make the American dream for her, and she did.   She married a Hungarian who’s been here about 40 years and they’ve done just fine.   And she’s scared to death.

My friend keeps saying “But Z, Americans don’t know how good they have it!  Why are they trying to go to socialized medicine?”

This friend’s brother just had surgery in Romania.  If you’re very old, they won’t even treat you.  If you call for an ambulance, they ask how old you are and tell you “We have a younger person we need to get to the hospital first, so you must wait.”    If you’re old, you don’t really matter to Romanian medicine.  That’s always been the truth, according to Liana.

The brother’s surgery was covered by the state.  Great!  Except he had to “tip” in private the doctor the equivalence of $4000.00 or not have a surgery.    When he needed a certain drug, the hospital didn’t have any so his wife had to find a pharmacy which had it and pay full, very expensive, price, and bring it to the hospital for him to take.

My friend and her husband are both American citizens and have been for about 30 years.  They love this country and are worried sick………“What is wrong with Americans that they don’t want the good insurance we have?  Don’t they realize medicare-for-all will stop research, stop good care, stop even being completely free….free from “tips”?  

I guess not.


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  1. Except he had to “tip” in private the doctor the equivalence of $4000.00 or not have a surgery.

    It’s the same in China.

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  2. I have a friend who fled Albania, only to find it following him here.
    Different from my Romanian friend who used to smuggle people out when he went on vacation.
    Different times. Pray for our nation nightly at 8pm.

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  3. Libsmasher says:

    ID LIKE TO KNOW, WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE about the FACT that Kamala Harris’s Ancestors Owned Slaves, ??

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  4. peter3nj says:

    True story. Following my father’s layoff at Ditzlers, a division of PPG, my family moved from Detroit back to NJ. in 1958. We were so broke the poor people on our block shunned us. My parents didn’t even have the 25 cents per week school milk money for neither my brother nor I. One day my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs Pattervane, called me up to her desk and whispered in my ear that she was paying for my milk. I was elated. My brother’s teacher did the same.

    That was America in 1968. Let’s fast forward to today:
    And now Fractured fairy Tales presents:
    My father and mother, pregnant with me, illegally crossed the border at Agua Prieta on the US Mexican border where they were taken in by the catholic church. The priest told poppi and mommita “go to Nuevo York my children where everything is free.” The priest knew this was true after hearing Jay and The Americans on the radio singing “Only In America”, everything’s free in America. So then after landing in Hudson County, NJ, where I was born and thereby anchored my parents here where we received free housing, free clothing, welfare payments, food stamps, WIC card, free medical care and medicine and free schooling! Both of my parents proceeded to work off the books, pay no taxes while at the same time reaping whatever the government’s entitlements would bestow upon them. After earning my masters degree in PoliSci with free tuition of course I found it hard to keep inside my anger and hatred towards this evil country, I advocated for every anti-capitalist anti-America organization there was and finally moved here to Portland where I am free to riot, burn loot and maim unencumbered by the pigs. Only n America.

    First recorded by The Drifters in 1963

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  5. peter3nj says:

    Typo- that was in 1958.

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  6. kidme37 says:

    An easy life breeds stupid lazy people.

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  7. bunkerville says:

    The problem is that for the vast majority of Americans, they don’t require anything of serious medical attention until late in life. So a treatment or two for a cold, flu here or there is for them is their experience. To pay thousands of dollars in health insurance premiums seems unreasonable. For those who are unlucky and need the finest of care, it is a bargain. No one has made the case that we all need to kick into the kitty so that when the time comes, and it will come, that wonderful care will be there for them and the quality and amount of their life time will be available and extended..

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  8. kidme37 says:

    1968-broken leg. 45 days hospital, 120 shots morphine, 2 orthopedic surgeries. TOTAL cost $1,800. Something is wrong with HC costs and it stinks so bad I can’t even speculate.

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    BUnkervile…” no one has made the case?” That’s medicare and Medical. We all must pay into it.
    I do need to add that this Romanian friend does everything possible to get things paid for by the state….she waited a few years to be old enough to get Medicare to pay for it; Why she just didn’t use her excellent private insurance, I don’t know.
    Yes, we pay in premiums to have good insurance, then we get to be 62 or 65 and we get to use the MEdicare most of us paid into, right?

    Canadians constantly say how wonderful their care is, but we often hear Americans criticizing it….if you’re not very sick, it IS amazing; My bro-in-law has lived in Canada for years and he gets unending physical therapy…here in America, even with good private insurance, you get 8 visits per injury, etc. Not sure, but I think Medicare help here in unending.
    But, Americans are told taht when you have something big and need a test, you can wait a long time in Canada, though Canadians absolutely deny that.

    PETER:, it’s very touching about your teachers and I’m sorry your family went through that!!!!

    HOnestly, talking about not having money for milk, one of the bigger things that bothers me about everybody saying “There are kids not getting bkfst or lunch because they’re not in school” really hurts me………….it seems astonishing that families don’t have money for their children’s meals. I think I’m a tad naive in the extreme poverty many Americans see.
    And THAT is what our Leftie college punks see and grade America on………….unfair, but…….not totally unreasonable. Of course, I believe we have help other than schools where families can get food.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    AOW, probably so in CHina………….and for liberals in AMerica not to see Venezuela and drop their Democrat party membership like a hot potato is hideous!!

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  11. peter3nj says:

    ironic isn’t it that an anchor baby like Kamaltoe, thanks to the 14th amendment, is not only the descndent of slave owners but may be president come November 5th. It will take Lunch Pail 24 hours to remember his presidency is scheduled to last as long as a winner on the 1950’s game show “Queen for a day.”

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    Peter, a SLAVE OWNING future VP if she has her vicious way.

    SHE WAS BORN HERE. I am hoping and praying those on the Right drop that mantra…it only made (still does) Conservatives look like stupid idiots for insisting (still) that Obama wasn’t legit.

    The presidential birth requirements in the U.S. Constitution require anyone elected to serve as U.S. president or vice president be a “natural born citizen.”

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  13. kidme37 says:

    My lunch pals have a friend in Canada. She waited 3 year to get the Ok and an appointment to get a knee replacement. She had two bad knees at the time. She expects to wait at least another 3 years to get the 2nd knee taken care of.

    I know an executive who works for HY Louie, a quite large company in Vancouver. He tells me if you don’t have private insurance you don’t get health care even if you are young you will wait forever to get even minor things taken care of. If you do pay for private insurance (after paying out the wazoo in taxes for free HC) then you can get health care. As you suggest, even with private insurance, it still may not be as good as US health care.

    Now, depending on where you live (rural vs big city maybe) and what the ratio of doctors is to sick people at the time you need something, you might have a good experience. That is not the rule according to those who live there.

    Canada HC Sucks.


  14. peter3nj says:

    @Kid- totally believable. Here’s my story-
    After a year of suffering my ill health was finally diagnosed as Type I Diabetes Mellitus- from the Greek “sweet urine” The ancient Greeks had two treatments both of which were fatal:
    Starve the patient or replace the sugar lost through the urine.
    So then I entered Christ Hospital in Jersey City, NJ on July 22nd, 1968-my own personal day of infamy. In those days the perfunctory hospital stay was 10 days so as a 17 year old playing summer baseball this was an eternity. (PS only through the good graces of several nurses I was able to take a shower in the doctor/nurses lounge as there were none in the rooms back then. Here’s the point:The cost for the 10 day hospital stay was $900+. How do I know/remember? I gave my mother the $700 I had saved from six years of delivering The Hudson Dispatch newspaper at 5:30 am six days per week. Our world is gone forever.

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  15. kidme37 says:

    Peter, Yep. The system is broken, the country is broken, American culture and society is broken and it is all unfixable – the main reason being that too many people, even ‘smart’ people, don’t think there is anything wrong with it.

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  16. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I believe it is rough in Canada and I RARELY find Canadian who’ll fess up to it…it’s absolutely ODD. As I said, if it’s not life-altering illness, you get a LOT.I didn’t know they even have private insurance there…thought it was all public, like our lefties want..”NO PRIVATE INSURANCE”..imagine THAT? Even WORSE?

    I’m going to email my Canadian bro-in-law and see……

    Peter…those are the days that a son would help Mom out with healthcare payments …good on you. xx


  17. kidme37 says:

    Here’s a question. How bad with things like mass burning and looting, like what is happening in democrat enclaves have to get before Americans decide to take their country back? I don’t think they could bring that about if their activities are restricted to places like Portland and Seattle because None of us Care. Like someone like me would put any effort to try to save a hellhole that the majority of residents voted for? Ah, Nope !

    They’ll have to come to the burbs in the Red states before that might come about in which case, most of them would be killed.


  18. kidme37 says:

    Z, liberals never fess up to the problems they case. That I think is at the heart of why you don’t hear about such problems. How many hear about the satanic nightmare that is the NHS in England?

    Fantasy life is much easier on the brain, which is another core element of liberals.


  19. kidme37 says:

    case = cause.


  20. bunkerville says:

    Kid Re: Broken leg long ago… we did not have the technology… Cat scans, MRis, robotic surgery Interventional radiology… I could go on and on.. the machines cost about 1 million bucks and are good for about 5 years…cost of maintaining plus tech staff…. then we have the dirty little secret that private insurance has been paying for the losing money hospitals absorb with medicaid and medicare with increased premiums. Most rural hospitals are on the verge of bankruptcy if they have not closed.. Mergers have kept other barely afloat. But that was the plan with Obamacare.

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  21. geeez2014 says:

    ON CANADIAN HEALTHCARE FROM A LONG-TIME CANADA DWELLER I LOVE AND TRUST: (Just emailed me by my Bro-in-Law now in Calgary, Alberta, but who spent 30 years in London, Ontario):

    “For day-to-day medical care I think the Canadian system is wonderful. I can see my doctor within a couple of days, get tests such as bone density, MRI, blood etc. within a few days, and even routine surgery (such as my hand) within a month. The only reason I waited so long for my hand surgery was COVID.

    For things like hip or knee replacement, however, friends of mine have waited almost a year and it may have taken them several months before this just to get a referral for the surgery from an ortho surgeon. One friend of mine went to Quebec where he could get his knees replaced very quickly and he paid for it himself. Others travel to other countries.

    There are a variety of insurance plans available over and above the basic Canadian medical plan. Through my position at Western I have lifetime coverage for things like medications, dental, eye care, physio among others. I get about 80% coverage or more for all those. So – for example – I take meds for cholesterol and blood pressure and 3 months of pills for each of these costs me about $5. A visit to the dentist for a check up and teeth cleaning will cost me about $50 after I get my coverage back; same for an eye exam, although I only get up to about $400 if I need new lenses for my glasses.

    For those whose employer doesn’t cover these things there are other ways to get extra insurance such as

    So – if you are reasonably healthy and have extra coverage through your employer the Canadian system is great. And if you’re in a car crash or need other emergency surgery I believe this is free. (Yes – just googled it and it is). But for things like hips and knees it’s not so good.

    Hope this helps!”

    Yes, it does help………I have heard some MRIs were tough to get, too, but I’m thinking all stories have anecdotals which also are truth.

    It sounds like they get covered 80% and then buy their own supplemental,…which is, after all, what most of us do with Medicare.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville, you have experience with the Med business…do you remember National Medical Enterprises…now Tenet Health??


    Kid says our culture is gone…he is so right. DECENCY is gone. I am no prude but I saw a commercial again which always gets my dander up…..I know you’ve all seen it.

    Young girl is visiting her folks with her boyfriend….Little girl (18 or so) whispers to boyfriend “Did you bring the CONDOMS?” He says “what?” “Condoms!” Etc….Boyfriend doesn’t hear so father, sitting some distance away, says “She wants to know if you brought your condoms”..
    kids looked shocked…shocked, I tell you!
    Later, the room is dark, only Dad still sits in his chair….as a bedroom door in background shuts, he pulls out his hearing aids (for which this ad is placed) as if he doesn’t want to hear the wild sex his daughter’s having in his home. So, teens see in this commercial that it’s JUST FINE if Dad doesn’t hear it….he’s good with it 🙂

    Another ad I saw only once was for feminine pads and it showed a red spot where menstrual blood would be…………..are you KIDDING ME? I haven’t seen it since so I’m hoping they got complaints…

    How about the ads where Dad is made to look like a complete FOOL? with kids rolling their eyeballs, etc………..(my parents, who weren’t hitters..would have smacked us to Mars)

    How about eHarmony showing a guy talking about finding the one he loves and suddenly a Zoom page of about 20 GUYS shows up…

    Or the ones where two women are lying on a bed kissing?


    By the way, I don’t give a DAMN what people want to do in their private lives….just leave it off my TV screen…I can turn the channel…….but I am TIRED of Leftwing disgusting culture worming itself into our kids’ heads.

    I’d ask if you think I’m wrong, but …no offense…..I know I’m not…and that’s fine.

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  23. geeez2014 says:

    I just googled eHarmony and GAY and found they were FORCED TO HAVE A GAY SERVICE, TOO……It used to be a Christian company, when first founded, now it’s owned by some German company and Gays took them to court. Why the F can’t gays start their own?
    This is AGENDA, not CONVENIENCE.


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  24. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, that lawsuit was back in 2008.


  25. bunkerville says:

    I recall Tenet indeed… A kitchen worker made it to the top and fleeced Allegheny health… once a wonderful health system


  26. geeez2014 says:

    This is what will happen if Biden/Harris comes in…………….My Bro-in-law just emailed me that link…when I’d reminded him how high their taxes were…to PAY for all that ‘free’ stuff.

    He sends me hard cover books which cost $28.95 here and $39.25 there, for example.
    Yes, they’re books he’s already paid for and read there…I know “Why buy it there when you can get it cheaper here?” 🙂

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  27. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville..Tenet came out of NME..National Medical Enterprise, which was screwed and driven down by a rogue doctor….it was awful, The scandal was on Sixty Minutes, etc…..Wall Street said “it was the squeakiest clean company ever” until doctors were paid to put patients in a hospital….not by NME, at least not those at the top. My uncle and 2 others founded it. I believe it was the first billion dollar company in America or the first billion dollar healthcare co. Later, Tenet tried to deny my uncle’s golden parachute and he won a S***load of money…..a good day.
    Tenet’s still operating, I believe…out of Santa Barbara, CA>

    KID…as you saw if you read my bro-in-law’s response, it’s JOINTS that get the least attention in Canada………I’m glad I’m there, I need both hips replaced and this is the very first day I’ve had real pain …I’d been lucky so far….I was warned about 7 years ago and have been ignoring it, but today somehow, OMG!


  28. kidme37 says:

    Z, Thanks for the HC info.

    Culture. I don’t even watch TV and get too much of it. I’ll be walking past a TV in the kitchen Mad is watching and some fat black woman is standing there with nothing on besides Depends and a bra for a Depends commercial. This stuff doesn’t need visual aid. GO AWAY ! Course, I divorced Pop Culture in the early 80’s.

    The homos ? Yea, it is all activist agenda. Bend to their will. They can’t just do their thing anymore. I say “They” because I don’t see any of them coming out and saying I wish the gay activists would stop this crap. Not a one, so they’re all in one basket to me.


  29. kidme37 says:

    Bunk, I’m not sure I’m reading you right, but in my mind, (and supported by doctors I’ve talked to and the lady who is one of my lunch pals that ran a consulting bis and interviewed 5000 doctors around the civilized world) everyone from lawyers, drug mfgs, hospitals, the entire shooting match has their hand in the money jar. Granted some because they have to to survive but still.


  30. peter3nj says:

    Speaking of ads how about the happy go lucky lads giving self satisfied glances to their assumed partners while reflecting on taking their HIV preventative meds?
    For me though the ever growing display of miscegenation in TV ads is the most distasteful where the black daddy is sharing Cheerios with his mulatto pecan tan son while white mommy shuffles off to work. We are to believe the definition of domestic tranquility is a black daddy living in the home while he may be a part time boyfriend who abandoned his other woman.


  31. MAL says:

    Z, the first thing I thought when reading about your Romanian friend is she really should write letters to the editors of he local paper(s) and seek time on her local t.v. and community events to tell her story. These are the kind of things people need to hear. From the “been there, done that” group. I really feel the only chance Biden/Harris have of winning is via mail-in election fraud. No logical, sensible thinking person will want what they are advocating. I’m still afraid they are planning something nefarious to steal the election.


  32. MAL says:

    Oh! And the COVID-19 is giving them an excuse to have it (mail-in voting).

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  33. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, exactly right…fat ladies in bras….you name it…disgusting…

    Peter….I’ve often found it odd that White actor/actress friends say they can’t get work anymore but we’re seeing it now…….They tell me casting agents say “only minorities”.
    Yup…Black America makes up for 16% of America…….and 75% of our commercials.
    Part of me likes that because those product companies which pay a ton for those ads don’t just piss money away without knowing they’re reaching their target market, and a lot of the ads are expensive clearly, Black America isn’t largely the crooks and killers the media likes to portray……..They do WELL and spend $$$….But the heavy leaning in one direction is just plain STUPID and OBVIOUS. I know nobody, Black or WHite, who hasn’t noticed that.
    I like the Black dad with the whitish mom because I like that people get used to seeing that more and more in this way….nothing wrong with that, in my opinion.

    MAL: Liana would just DIE A THOUSAND DEATHS if she knew I even used her name…which I RARELY do but figured none of you knows her, so………
    I wanted to write her life story because it’s INCREDIBLE….but she said she couldn’t take having people see it 😦

    Yes, she should write a good article for the L.A. Times or NY Times or SOMETHING…if they’d publish it.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    I had it on today after the wonderful Hemmer…and there Neil was……….good COnservative gone NUTS.
    Today he had a doctor on who totally agrees with Biden about masks and can’t figure out why Trump hasn’t said that….Then Neil throws the Conservative questions at this doc to make sure we SEE that our arguments are RUBBISH according to him and this doctor. POS.

    Then he has Cornyn on………..who thinks Payroll tax cuts are terrible, the worst thing ever..Again, Neil plays devil’s advocate but HEAVILY helping the Left……..and then Cornyn (I think that’s name…a Black Congressman? Or senator with a name like that?) ANyway, who cares???
    What he did say was how much he’ll be campaigning for Biden “and other VERY BIG HITTERS are coming out there, too”

    BITE ME.


  35. Baysider says:

    I had no idea modern Romania was saddled with this shackle. Same story as in the Soviet Union. Athletes would travel with a medical kit bag so if they got injured they had certain basic supplies that were not offered in hospitals. PLUS the tipping, of course. Let’s not even talk about Cuba!


  36. peter3nj says:

    @geeez-Cavuto gives Slimy night crawlers a bad name. His devils advocate routine is so transparent and annoying. I watched today for two reasons:
    1- the kitchen TV was on FOX when I turned it on
    2- I was too lazy to pick up the controller to turn him off.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    peter, that’s why I watch Neil, when I do (tho I used to look forward to his show…NOT ANYMORE!)…it stays on after the marvelous Hemmer…….or my kitty’s laying on the remote and I won’t move her 🙂

    Baysider, my stepdaughter got quite ill in Cuba at a hotel and they were amazingly good to her..surprisingly so, but she’s a German foreigner, so……..
    Yes, Cuba is a MESS, too………..and oh, yes, Romania’s still a very oppressed place. Next to Albania, I think it wrote that book!


  38. geeez2014 says:

    “Kamala Harris will be the person to take the stage with Pence and DISSECT some of the horrible decisions made in the last four years..” Barack Obama ……POS.

    Have you noticed it’s not AFRICAN AMERICAN with Kamala now…even FOX is mentioning BOTH sides. “The Black and East Asian” (or whatever the hell it is…)…
    Boy, she’s got it all, right? @(#$&*@Q(#&(&#*$*@(


  39. geeez2014 says:

    NME…My maiden name’s in that second link, Bunkerville…I choose not to say it here 🙂

    I am SO PROUD Of my uncle and his company before it became Tenet, some of whose leadership I knew and wasn’t as fond of…..It took one doctor’s cheating ways to destroy the reputation……….but, mostly, it survived the scandal……..then became Tenet……

    I couldn’t open the cnbc link.


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