My ‘friend,’ James Taranto….well, well…..

Well, Mr. Taranto is ‘sort of’ a friend!  We’ve had a few emails back and forth, starting when I lived in Paris.  I wrote something to him and, lo and behold, he emailed me BACK!  I think it was the cache of living in Paris that got him.  We wrote back and forth  and I enjoyed him.  I wrote again about 10 years later with a question and a “Do you remember me?  I lived in Paris and we emailed a few times?” He said he did.  Very good guy………and this solidifies that opinion for me:

Why This Ex-Never Trumper Wants Four More Years

How I came to embrace a president I once feared and detested.

In October of 2016, James Taranto wrote in the Wall Street Journal that I was “one of the 2 or 3 most intense Never Trumpers we’ve encountered all year.” He was right. From the moment Donald Trump descended the golden escalator I hoped his shoelaces would get caught in it. My criticism of Trump was relentless and brutal. I exposed his connections to Mafia figures, I latched on to any vague allegation of racism I could find, I didn’t just want him to lose, I wanted him to lose in a landslide.

Thursday night, as I watched my president accept the nomination of the Republican Party for the second time, I fully realized how wrong I had been. This is not new for me, I’m wrong a lot. I am after all the guy who ran an article called “Anthony Scaramucci Is The Man Trump Needs” two hours before he got fired. But this was different. This time realizing I was wrong and interrogating why told me a lot about myself, my country, and what I want for both.

My virulent opposition to Donald Trump was rooted in fear. I was afraid of electing a man who had never held office to our highest office, I was afraid that the brash unfiltered way he talked would careen the country into mayhem if he won, which I assumed was impossible. I was afraid that his nomination would hand generational power to a Democratic Party I already knew was sliding into fever dreams of socialist utopias. But I think what I was most afraid of was change.

To give myself a little credit amidst this mea culpa, I did identify what Trump was politically early on. I wrote an article for City Journal asserting that Trump represented the Reform Party’s takeover of the GOP. The first election I could vote in was in 1992. I remembered Ross Perot, the protectionist, leery of immigration, warning about the great sucking sound of jobs going to Mexico. Perot won nearly 20 percent of the vote, a shocking result for a third-party candidate, but still just a fifth of the nation. I did not believe Trump could translate that 20 percent into a functioning party.

What I didn’t realize was the Reform Party ethos, born of Perot but also of culture warriors like Pat Buchanan, had come to represent so many more people than it did in 1992. I saw the Republican Party, as the party of defense, like William F. Buckley standing athwart history, my vision of the GOP was one resisting tides, not creating them. In Trump I saw a faulty seawall that would give way to a parade of progressive horribles.

I could not have been more wrong. Very quickly the president’s conservative victories started to stack up. Actual conservative Supreme Court Justices, not fair weather institutionalists like John Roberts. A US embassy in Jerusalem, and real tax cuts came into being. He actually pulled out of the disastrous Iran Deal and Paris Accord; he threatened and imposed tariffs on China, abandoning the failed neoliberal policy of appeasement, the childlike fantasy that free trade alone would transform that communist country into a liberal democracy.

Yes, I still cringed at some his remarks, and often wished he would step back from Twitter, but when I looked at the ledger of the good and bad he has done for our nation, the former flowed over. The latter was a bare empty cupboard of vague violations of norms. I came to tolerate Trump, to view him as the better of two imperfect choices. That changed Thursday night.

Thursday night the president stood in stark contrast to his opponent Joe Biden, who ran a convention based on fear of the virus, who embraces a new normal in which petty dictators like Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio control my life, a desperate old man who said he would lock me down again. No. President Trump did what he does best; he spoke to a crowd. There was joy and optimism and patriotism. Instead of fear there was pride. For me, he was no longer the lesser of two evils but a man I dearly hope will remain our president.

It is fashionable these days for former Republicans to gang up and sling dirt at Trump. This is supposed to be meaningful because supposedly they are conservatives. Well, two can play at that game. If their abandonment of Trump is meaningful then so is my embrace. And the difference? They represent a tiny, dying breed of think tank technocrats; I represent a vast constituency of Americans who have come to see the power of his leadership.

I believe that Donald Trump will win reelection, though I warn you, as I said above, I’m wrong a lot. But it doesn’t matter. Even if he should lose he has changed the GOP, he has changed conservatism, and he has changed me. We will not play defense anymore. Those of us who love America will fight for its values and ideals. I thank Donald Trump for helping me find the courage to be a part of that fight. Here’s to four more years. END OF ARTICLE:…

BY THE WAY:  I found this article only because I was searching from a WaPo article by a Liberal Never-Trumper who writes for the Washington Post but is SICK OF LIBERALISM.  WHAT??   Of course, I couldn’t find that article………but, Taranto’s works! 


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10 Responses to My ‘friend,’ James Taranto….well, well…..

  1. kidme37 says:

    On one side you have Biden who promises to raise taxes 4 trillion, lock down the country for a virus not even as serious as seasonal influenza, remove trade restrictions so that America’s jobs and wealth are once again transferred to China, Mexico, and Canada. These things are on the surface and no one could claim they will not have a direct and immediate effect on their life. Thinking people will know the damage will go a lot deeper than this.

    On the other side, lower taxes, lowest unemployment for Americans in every category and best economy in the history of America, and treating communists like communists again. These things will have an immediate effect on American’s lives.

    We know the story goes a lot deeper into the effects on our daily lives and in the subject of what kind of country we want to live in. How many line up on either side.

    Landslide for DJT. I saw a very reasonable prediction that DJT gets 359 electoral votes next time. If some number of people didn’t have a cranium chock full of fire ants, it would be 100% of the electoral votes.

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  2. skudrunner says:

    The selection is do you want harris or pence because predator joe won’t make a year and I don’t think trump will make four. Pence seems like a nice guy and after the convention speech he gave I feel he is up to the task.
    Pence will continue what trump started but in a nicer way
    Harris will try to complete what obama started, wipe out the middle class, raise taxes on everyone who earns a living and everything is free for those who don’t want to work.

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  3. geeez2014 says:

    KID, what you wrote brought tears to these old eyes….I agree with you and I PRAY that’s right about the Electoral College because most polls show DJT down, even just a bit.. BUT, mostly, they’re states where the BEAST’s numbers were even better over DJT and he still won them!!!!!
    I honestly think polls are dumb with Trump because SO SO many are ashamed to say they’d vote for him. WHich I find sickening but a product of our media………

    skudrunner…so well said… I, too, believe Pence has somehow improved in his speeches…he used to have a weird head thing….tipping to the left, right…speaking kind of too obsequious? He’s become stronger, more sure, I think….a good thing.
    Why do you think Trump won’t make it?

    I personally hope it never happens but your comment that “Pence will continue what trump started but in a nicer way” is a very good one….

    We all know Biden wouldn’t.make it…he can barely make the schedule he’s keeping now, which is mostly in the basement ……they both called it the HARRIS BIDEN TICKET the other day….telling.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    I’m afraid…it’s going to get SO SO much worse…we knew it would but this is stunning….and this was emailed from “someone who knows”…’nuff said. 😦


  5. kidme37 says:

    Z, Doesn’t it feel Great to type “the BEAST” ? 🙂

    btw – This isn’t Trump vs Biden or even Harris/Biden. It’s America vs Socialism.


  6. Mustang says:

    If what Lenin once said is true, if “The purpose of socialism is communism,” then it isn’t America vs. socialism; it’s America vs. Communism. We ought to stop referring to these idiots as socialists; they are de facto communists, as AOW says, full stop.

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  7. MAL says:

    The current cry from the left is “progressive”. Well, there is nothing “progressive” about Socialism. Quite the opposite. Its nothing new. Old hat.
    During the Great Depression of the 1930’s they tried to adopt Technocracy, a socialist idea where you earned your pay by the number of “ergs” you earned (hours worked) and they had their logo plastered all over the billboards. It was a big circle with a lazy “S” down the middle from top to bottom, 1/2 in red, the other, white, and the word “TECHNOCRACY” written at the bottom. They promised “A chicken in every pot”. It gained popularity due to 25% unemployment, but quickly disappeared when WW ll started. Later during an economics class at USC a girl asked how they could compare an hour of work by a brain surgeon to, say, a ditch digger, and the professor said they had physical ergs and mental ergs, to which everyone laughed. But during the desperate times of the depression folks were willing to grab onto anything.


  8. geeez2014 says:


    MAL; If you’ll notice, I NEVER use PROGRESSIVE here…I don’t see anything these COmmies like PROGRESSIVE, either… Great comment,


  9. Baysider says:

    Skud and Mustang +1
    And right about ‘progressive’ – never use it. I’ve been known to use ‘regressive’ though. 🙂

    And Mal, it looks like ‘technocracy’ has always had evil connotations. I did not know that ridiculousness. About as ridiculous as the way Roosevelt set and changed prices on a whim.

    Good news for this man, no longer a never Trumper. But that link to the White House Siege operation. Straight out of the playbook going on nationwide. Somebody(s) is making a full court press to kill the republic.


  10. Baysider says:

    And BTW, how convenient that so many will be out of work until the election. Think someone wants the rabble to have time to rouse on the White House lawn?


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