A Continuation of questions following the 16 we had for Biden a couple of days ago:   Any of these particularly make you think YOU would like to especially like to ask Kamala THAT?!


  1. Why did you refuse to prosecute even one sexual abuse case involving the Catholic Church in San Francisco when you were attorney general, despite the pleas of victims’ groups?
  1. Also, why did your attorney general’s office refuset release the documents obtained from the San Francisco archdiocese with all the information about priests accused of sexual abuse? Victims’ rights groups have criticized your office for deliberately burying these documents and thereby covering up the crimes and leaving the public unprotected. Why did you do this? The San Francisco district attorney’s office claimed in 2019 that they no longer have these documents in their possession. What happened to them? How can you claim to be a defender of children when you declined to prosecute the abusers of children?
  1. Why did your office declineto investigate the health supplement fraud cases involving companies your husband’s law firm represented? Did you, as California’s attorney general, ever purposefully decline investigating or prosecuting clients of your husband’s law firm?
  1. You said you believedthe women accusing Joe Biden of inappropriate touching. Do you believe Tara Reade? If not, why not? If so, how do you justify supporting him now?
  1. You once attacked a judicial nominee on the basis of his membership in the Catholic fraternal organization the Knights of Columbus, which is the largest fraternal organization in the world and includes among its past and present members many prominent Americans like President John F. Kennedy, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), Gov. John Bel Edwards (D-LA), and Vince Lombardi. Do you believe that being a member of the Knights of Columbus disqualifies a person from holding public office? Would you refuse to hire someone on the basis of their membership in the Knights of Columbus or any other Catholic organization? In your questioning of this Catholic judicial nominee, you singled out the issue of the Catholic teaching on the sanctity of life. Would you disqualify a job applicant on the basis of their Catholic beliefs, including their beliefs about abortion? Do you believe that being pro-life disqualifies someone from employment?
  1. Why did you single out  journalist David Daleiden for prosecution for undercover journalism that others do without penalty?
  1. Your chief-of-staff, Karine Jean-Pierre, wrote an op-ed last year attacking the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and Americans who associate with it, stating “You cannot call yourself a progressive while continuing to associate yourself with an organization like AIPAC that has often been the antithesis of what it means to be progressive.” Do you believe that pro-Israel activism is incompatible with progressive values?
  1. The Biden campaign has adopted a version of the Green New Deal that calls for 100 percent renewable electricity generation by 2035. California has adopted similar “green” goals, but now it can’t keep the lights ondue to the state’s reliance on wind and solar energy. California’s Democratic Gov. Gavin Newson admitted this week that the Golden State needs a “backup” plan for energy because the current blackouts caused by lack of wind and overcast skies have shown the danger of relying solely on “green” energy. Why would the nation fare any better than sunny breezy California in keeping the lights on if we adopt 100 percent renewable energy?
  1. 25. You said in the past that we “need to hold China accountable” for trade violations, but you are against the use of tariffs. How do you intend to hold China accountable? You also said that “we need to export American products, not American jobs.” How do you intend to make sure we don’t export more American jobs to China? How would your policy differ significantly from the same policies that led to the loss of 4 million jobs to China?
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  1. bocopro says:

    An overworked theme during the original STAR TREK series was Kirk’s disabling various computers through use of non-sequiturs, illogic, and whimsy. Several times he saved humanity from the cold, brutal, unrelenting reasoning of synthetic intelligence.

    I’d like to use that approach and watch quid-pro-Joe would respond to these:

    Which is higher . . . a mountain?
    What is the difference between a duck?
    Are eggs fruits or vegetables?
    Why is there no synonym for “thesaurus”?
    Why did DingleBarry become PotUS?

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  2. Bopcopro: I don’t know if you ever listened to The Firesign Theater. but one of there best albums “I think we’re all bozos on this bus”, ends with the protagonist asking the animatronic president of the US “Why does the porridge bird lay his egg in the air?”.
    This causes the entire system to crash as it tries to make sense of the question.
    Remember Nancy rebooting in the middle of an interview last Sunday?


  3. geeez2014 says:

    ED, what GLITCH? She repeated ‘good morning’ again to get out of answering George S again on a question she’d said she wouldn’t answer…..FOX called it what you did; I don’t see it.

    BOCOPRO….what do you think of Kamala? Wouldn’t you LOVE to see Biden asked any of your questions and see his reaction?!


  4. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…that video is PERFECT, isn’t it……….Hilarious!!! “$300 million MORE for local police”… BUT, as hilarious as it is, it’s REALLY troubling, too…to me. Mostly because most Americans will never see it.

    MEANWHILE, Mr. Benjamin Crump, lawyer for ‘all people Black’….just had a “news conference” for Breonna Taylor…..slamming the extremely classy and dignified Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron…and ASKING EVERYONE TO VOTE ON NOVEMBER 2………he said that twice until someone standing around him actually knew it’s really NOVEMBER 3 (Probably a reporter…)

    VOTE ON NOVEMBER 2….oh, 3………………. Wait! SO now Breonna Taylor’s death calls for Blacks to VOTE AGAINST TRUMP?

    WOWZIR….who got to HIM? $$$$$$$


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Am watching Trump at LATINO VOTERS FL roundtable…. THESE are immigrants we WANT HERE ….such upstanding, good people who MADE IT HERE.
    He’s doing okay….he goes a little overboard with the hyperbole, but he’s doing okay.

    “I say NO to China…I will not sell Chinese products” one woman business owner said, making me a little weepy with pleasure and getting huge applause.
    “Last year, we say 300% growth”, said the same business owner…..she credited TRUMP..and she’s right, of course.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    IN THE MEANTIME, Scientists are now saying COVID is morphing to where hand washing, distancing, etc., won’t be at all effective. Great news, huh? W($*&@Q#(*$&@(*&$(*@#&$*( L:
    More fear mongering for the election, I HOPE.


  7. bocopro says:

    I like the joke about the guy who asked an Amish community why they haven’t been affected by the Shanghai Shivers.

    Answer was quite simple: “‘Cause we don’t have TV.”

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  8. bocopro says:

    Oh, and the Camel-La thing —

    She’s Hillary with a tan. Power-hungry, flip-floppin, what’s-in-it-for-me hypocrite . . . DingleBarry 2.0 with a certified double-XX gender chromosome . . . as out of touch as AOC or Pe-lo-si . . . a climbing parasite who envisions herself as the First Female PotUS as soon as Sundowner Joe strokes out and goes veggie.

    And here’s another video that’s makin the rounds . . . got me so excited I almost ran off to the recruiters’ office to take my name off the retired list and go back on active duty with the USN.


  9. Mustang says:

    Harris would never answer these questions … they are spot on. The question remains, why wouldn’t Harris answer them? First, because Harris hasn’t a clue. She’s heavily invested into racial politics; beyond this, what she knows about world or domestic affairs wouldn’t fill a thimble. But on the issue of racial politics, I’ve delved into this at Bunkerville today, in comments. Too long to repeat here, but if you’re interested in my take, click-on over and weigh in if you’ve a mind to do so. The link is:

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  10. Mustang says:

    Texas Reloaded is fantastic … now let’s see if it works in Texas.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    I LOVE THAT VIDEO! They should make one for EVERY Conservative team for every state! REALLY GOOD. Thanks, Bocopro; I hadn’t seen it.

    I HOPE IT WORKS, Mustang!!! Imagine the possibility of losing TX? Funny, it’s mostly Conservatives leaving California so it’s surprising they blame California for the newbies in TX voting Left. Go figure. Typical.

    BOCOPRO…Camel-La. Well said.

    She’s busy asking for JUSTICE REFORM now….which I THINK, to her, means “All Blacks get out of jail for no reason and no more go into jail….”

    ALSO, everyone…..:

    WHAT DO YOU THINK OF NO-KNOCK? So now law enforcement must knock in order to give time for a perp inside to lock and load? That’s how I read it.
    Sort of like when our army was told they had to knock on terrorist doors in Iraq and Afghanistan before entering.



  12. Mustang says:

    It is appropriate to issue “No Knock” warrants when the police have a reasonable suspicion that the place they are entering is heavily armed. The element of surprise sometimes prevents bloodshed. any municipal policy that precludes No Knock entries is simply creating an environment for fatalities.

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG….that was my sense………..tho I’m no expert on this stuff.
    It scares me to DEATH for our cops to think of taking away NO KNOCK WARRANTS but that’s what will happen. I HOPE someone as smart and level headed as you reminds people of that element of surprise saving lives………thanks. I wish we were wrong, because we both know there will be no more NO KNOCK WARRANTS if the Left has anything to do with it. And they seem to be running every show but Trump rallies at this point.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO and MUSTANG….before I FOCUSED and saw the word TEXAS on the Texas video, it started and I saw CRENSHAW and thought it was a video about the Los Angeles Crenshaw District, which is almost entirely Black and thought ….oh, brother 🙂


  15. Pelosi didn’t stall for time or hedge against answering. That’s not how it’s done.
    She either got lost, or the teleprompter screwed up.


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, that’s how I’d have done it…just said “Good morning!” again, as if “Didn’t you hear me before?”

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  17. MAL says:

    That takes years of training to do what Nancy did. There’s an answer for any question you want to avoid. Its like saying “I also want to add that I have nothing more to add”. Or when someone relentlessly fires questions at you one after another, you say something like “thats an abstract question and subject to debate. What do YOU think?” then the roles get reversed, making them stumble for words. Most politicians become masters at it.

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  18. bocopro says:

    At one time I taught dual-enrollment and IB classes, generally 17- and 18-yr-old very bright but usually precocious knowitalls who’d been convinced by parents and teachers that they were privileged little geniuses.

    I learned some things very quickly with those kids (whom I truly enjoyed teaching), two of which were

    (1) NEVER come to class without enough material to fill the class period. They’ll know when you’re winging it or tap dancing and go for the jugular.

    (2) the class already has a communal personality, a sort-of pack mentality, the day you meet them; and if they sense weakness, they attack, generally by formulating a conundrum or a situation you can’t easily answer.

    My technique for the off-the-wall, oblique, or non-sequitur questions for which I wasn’t fully prepared was, “Hey . . . now that’s an interesting thought!” And then turning it back on the individual who tossed the grenade at me, “Truth is, I don’t know for certain and don’t want to mislead you. So . . . how ’bout you lookin that up and giving us a report on it when we meet tomorrow.”

    Of course that meant I had to do some research myself before the next class, but surprisingly they almost always took it as a challenge and actually put some energy into it. (And this was back in the days before Google, so they had to go to the library.)

    Never lied to a class . . . overgeneralized at times, and even ducked issues, but never made up stuff or deliberately obfuscated/marginalized ’em.

    I’d have made a really rotten Democrat politician.

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  19. MAL says:

    See. Ron? Another past-master at the art!


  20. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO: As a frequent Sub with high schoolers, this didn’t work “NEVER come to class without enough material to fill the class period.”
    I found I needed almost twice the material to fill a class period…JUST IN CASE 🙂
    Sometimes, things went quicker than expected for me!

    ONE OF MY FAVE SUB MOMENTS WAS SUBBING FOR THE FILM TEACHER…..I’m setting up a video of, I think, North by Northwest, when SUDDENLY, we have NO SOUND…..nothing…just video, no audio!
    I panic for a minute and turn around at the teacher’s desk and see a shelf of DVD’s, including CHARLIE CHAPLIN!

    I SHOWED GOLDRUSH! A SILENT FILM WAS PERFECT FOR NO AUDIO!!!! They LOVED it!!! HAAAA!!!!! I told them it was a choice of that or watching me sing and tap dance the whole 75 minutes…..they howled with laughter and I got GOLDRUSH on 🙂

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  21. Baysider says:

    BP + 1 – 4:13, 9:08. 9:13

    Agree about no-knock warrants. There have been abuses by police departments who gang up with military style raids in situations that do not merit it Yes, you don’t want people flushing drugs down the toilet, grabbing their weapons, or texting comrades. It’s meant to confuse and disorient. Yet in many ‘mistaken’ raids (wrong info from an ‘informant’ who may have his own motives) victims of official sloppiness have managed to fire back under the entirely reasonable belief that a home invasion was in progress. I would.

    Department of Justice position: “Although officers need not take affirmative steps to make an independent re-verification of the circumstances already recognized by a magistrate in issuing a no-knock warrant, such a warrant does not entitle officers to disregard reliable information clearly negating the existence of exigent circumstances when they actually receive such information before execution of the warrant.”

    Famous case in Georgia: police smashed in front door with military style vehicle, tossed in flash bangs critically injuring an infant in a crib with horrific burns down to the ribs. The warrant stated ‘no kids present’ even though the family’s minivan was parked in front of the house in clear view – a hint. This kind of policing gives this tactic a baaaad name.

    There is a style called “quick knock” where there is a knock and immediate forced entry. A distinction without a difference in my book. I think they should be limited to situations where there is a credible and grave risk of serious injury or death. To paraphrase Bill Clinton: keep them legal and rare.

    And scale down the military styled attitudes that have police using weapons and vehicles because they can without regard to the merit of the situation. Pity the poor owner of this home who 5 years after the fact is still paying off loans he had to take to repair his home with no compensation from the city that executed this ‘raid’ with such poor judgment. Suspect fled to his house randomly after stealing a shirt and 2 belts.×0.jpg?fit=scale

    You mentioned that horrible policy in Iraq/Afghan that got men killed and wounded unnecessarily. Very wrong! But there is only a little room for that tactic in civil policing.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, yes, there have been abuses, no doubt about it. I will almost always err on the side of law enforcement; they have families, they are sometimes scared witless at situations we can’t even imagine happen, they deserve to be able to use surprise to protect themselves. But yes, I HATE when they abuse, and that has happened. Thanks!
    I’ve got to add Mustang and I are more for than against No-Knocks and it sounds like you see them as more wrong than right.?? It’s kind of a ‘double negative’ discussion for me the ‘no’ kind of confusing 🙂


  23. MAL says:

    There should be compensation when property is wrongfully destroyed the same way they compensate victim’s families for wrongful deaths.

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  24. Baysider says:

    More wrong than right in the way they have come to be used in the increasingly militarized police forces. The fact that property compensation rarely happens for even completely innocent victims of police error and overreach makes me more cautious. That is so WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. I didn’t even send the worst example I could think of.

    The rioting and ‘anti-blue’ attitude will only further isolate police from civilians. And THAT is terrible. We need to both respect their authority and feel we are ‘in this as a team’ which is no longer true – as per your post of the woman mouthing off to police. I will generally come down on the side of the blue, but always vigilant for transparency.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider….then they need better training….Property compensation MUST happen…but it would be very hard to decide which way to go on that. Lots of police error…1% racism, or imperialism? 99% scared witless they’re not going to make it home to their wife and kids because the monsters in the house are probably armed and high? you bet.;


  26. Baysider says:

    A former Assistant Police Chief in the LAPD described an incident one night when he was still working in the field as an officer. He and his partner took a call to arrest a suspect in a motel, the kind with a kitchenette. They barged in, and he saw the man around the corner lunge to grab something. He pulled his weapon and his partner shouted “no gun” or something like that. He held his fire. It turned out:
    1) they were given a bum steer and had entered the room of a completely innocent man, who
    2) was so startled by the intrusion that the potato he was peeling spurted out of his hands and
    3) he reflexively lunged to grab it before it hit the floor.

    The partner was in a better position to see that the man wasn’t lunging for a weapon and called the halt. He was eternally grateful. I wonder if that could have as happy an ending in today’s charged environment.

    I agree about training. AND property compensation. That is almost universally resisted even when innocent bystanders are hurt. Same with ignoble or illegal property confiscations – they do not want to give the goods back. Lots of errors in ‘informant’ information, too, for all sorts of reasons. Informant is saying ‘something’ to get a deal, getting payback, or deflecting from his own activity by making up an address to send the cops to. This is a tough one. I would know nothing about criminal activities. Cops pretty much have to rely on other criminals.


  27. Baysider says:

    Good point, Mal. It shows how much we’ve separated property from the basis of life and liberty. You hear all the time “it was just property [damaged, looted, burned].


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, there are probably MANY stories like those you’ve posted, and with sadder endings…..and there are probably tons of stories of cops who died in situations like that………

    There are BIG problems with compensating in police/damage situations….I’d want there to be very clear rules about it…..very high proof of negligence, wrongful damage, etc…..I can’t even imagine how much it would tie up our courts…. yhikes……


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