I would love to know what you think will happen tonight;

Will Trump stop the name calling?   Will Biden?

Will Trump come off dignified?  I’m hearing SO MANY PEOPLE saying they can’t stand him but like his agenda…let’s HOPE and PRAY they VOTE THAT WAY (most everyone I know is, thank God)

Savannah Guthrie said on her morning show today that “Both campaigns are barnstorming across the country”    I heard a clip of it yesterday afternoon and had to laugh, wondering if Biden’s running from his basement up to the kitchen fridge could be considering barnstorming, as Trump is flying to 3 cities a day a week or so after recovering from COVID!!??


Will Trump turn the TOPICS to what HE wants and was originally decided upon but changed?…like FOREIGN AFFAIRS?  the ECONOMY?  They seem to have removed anything he’s really good at and have substituted CLIMATE CHANGE, COVID, IMMIGRATION, RACE…all the things he COULD appear iffy on IF he doesn’t do what the wonderful Dagen McDowell said yesterday “He needs to pivot all of those subjects to THE ECONOMY….and he can:

RACE?  More jobs for Brown and Black Americans.   Black University funding.  Prison reform…etc.

CLIMATE CHANGE?   Saved money getting out of the Paris Accords which DID NOTHING for US.

IMMIGRATION?   Who wants to PAY for illegals, etc etc etc?

Dagen’s no dummie….I hope and pray Trump was listening!


Z  By the way:  The mute button isn’t as big a deal as originally thought by Conservatives…it’s only to make sure each candidate has 2 minutes to discuss each new subject.  After that, no mute buttons will be used.    Should it, considering nobody really got a full answer through all the screaming and interrupting last time?

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24 Responses to THE DEBATE TONIGHT

  1. bocopro says:

    KGB intelligence will hack into Joe’s earbuds and have him say that he knows that HRC, MaligNancy, and Camel-La are plotting to Catch-25 him for all the things he’s done, such as accomplishing absolutely nothing in over 45 years of public office, taking bribe money, flip-flopping on issues, and becoming a multi-millionaire through graft and corruption.

    He’ll admit to being a moderate-stage sundowner who has no business in control of anything more complex than building a PB & J sandwich and they will use that to impeach him under the 25th so as to install Harris as that dreamt-of second first, so that she can then pack SCotUS with lefties, starting with Shrillary, Schiff, and Nadler.

    Trump will manage to ask him about Hunter, and Joey will claim he knows no one by that name except a guy who used to play on the PGA tour. When pressed on the issue, he’ll say he used to have a son named Gunther, but he was taken back to the mother ship by Tralfamadorians and is now en route to Betelgeuse.

    Pundits will claim that Joe won the “debate” hands down, completely out-classing Orangeman Bad, while the right-wing base will declare that DJT wiped up the floor with him.

    All I know for certain, tho, is that the choco-chunk cookie I found on the table this morning went great with a fresh cuppa . . . wish I could find ‘nuther’n.

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  2. peter3nj says:

    Tonight’s debate will take a backseat to Obama’s successful “rally the black vote” in Philadelphia where the turnout of 300 automobiles tells the tale of the tape. Upon Barry telling the crowd ‘we don’t need no white owned bus company shuttling in 50,000 republicans, we got that many of y’all in 300 black owned, sure some may be stolen, auto mobiles,” The horn honking went on for a full 30 seconds.


  3. peter3nj says:

    One more try:


  4. Trump can say more with a scowl, than Biden can bumble with words.

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  5. I have a prediction about the debate tonight, and I’ve never been wrong about this yet.
    Trump will be Trump.

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  6. Bob says:

    I will not watch, having something to do with stomach acid. Napping is on my priority list since I have been staying up late, and today I am up at the crack of 8 AM. No rest for the weary.

    Most likely, I will record the debate, but I am really disappointed that climate change and other non-issues are on the agenda. The agenda should be jobs, jobs, jobs!!!

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  7. kidme37 says:

    The debate will go as it has always gone. Ed has set the stage. Boco has filled in the detail.

    Another 4 years and 3 months of DJT.

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    I am laughing my **** off….but have a ZOOM MTG right now so I can’t comment.

    BUT I WILL….you guys are THE GREATEST!! HAAAAAAA!!!


  9. bocopro says:

    How can a debate between two polar opposites ever take place if they’re restricted to the topics and the whims and the biases of a “moderator” who strongly favors one over the other?

    I say set ’em up on stage and let ’em have at it, choosing their own topics and stopping only when nature demands.

    In ANY case, the only person on that stage with a “mute” button oughta be Trump . . . to keep the “moderator” from hogging and manipulating the show.

    And the trick to this election is that fine balance between the numbers of blacks and latinos Trump is attracting and the numbers of moderate or undecided white voters he’s losing by being a jerk, especially white women.

    Looks to me as if half the votes are already in, one way or another, and no amount of money or speechifyin will alter the hard-core base voters, so the Hunter thing very likely will have minimal effect on the outcome. Had it come up in September and been fairly discussed in the media, it might have. Not now, tho.


  10. peter3nj says:

    Imagine if we can the lingering question up for debate-no pun intended- is how far if at all Trump should dare question Biden on his being head of the Biden Crime Family. Were the shoe 👞 on the other foot 🦶? We know….

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  11. Baysider says:

    Biden is ‘barnstorming’ with Obama as a proxy.

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  12. peter3nj says:

    Come on man, if you don’t vote for Obama you’re not white..,

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  13. MAL says:

    The way the cards are stacked in favor of the left, I’m surprised there will even be this kind of “debate”. I mean, we have the White House and the Senate but they still dictate all the terms and rules! How did this happen anyway?


  14. kidme37 says:

    Useless Republicans MAL. Useless. Dems still much more evil though. What a place.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Bocopro…I TOTALLY love your comment and that fabulous image!!!!! SO funny I laughed out loud when I first saw it. PERFECT. Thank you for such good stuff
    “In ANY case, the only person on that stage with a “mute” button oughta be Trump . . . to keep the “moderator” from hogging and manipulating the show.: AGREED!!!

    PETER: “The horn honking went on for a full 30 seconds.” HILLLARIOUS! Some very good music there! I love the combo of big band and just getting into a kind of blues/jazz….thanks!
    \”….you’re not white” CRACKED ME UP. Perfect

    ED..sadly, I think you’re right. And if TRUMP IS TRUMP, he’ll not gain votes…trust me. 😦

    BOB, I wish you were watching but totally get it……….And yes, it should be JOBS JOBS JOBS ….but, alas, they knew Trump could talk circles around that subject…so he’s stuck

    BAYSIDER “Biden is ‘barnstorming’ with Obama as a proxy.” Yes…Biden’s home barnstorming from his basement to the refrigerator.. UGH

    MAL…Trump could make tonight HIS. But he won’t…he’ll get upset, he’ll name call..turning voter after voter off….pleasing his base BIG time.
    Or, maybe he’ll be as fabulous as he was with Savannah Guthrie? But I doubt it ;-(


  16. MAL says:

    We’ll see, Z. Time will tell.
    What time is it scheduled to start again?


  17. 6pm your time. 9pm my time.

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  18. MAL says:

    Thanks, Ed. I finally found it out about a half hour ago on the t.v. It looks like a business associate of Sleepy Joe is turning on him. Just a month or so too late.

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  19. peter3nj says:

    Sure his buddy may be turning on him but we’ve become so desensitized by the two tiered justice system, Democrats and everybody else, that if bodies were discovered buried under the floor of Sleepy’s man cave we wouldn’t even bother to yawn.

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  20. geeez2014 says:

    Peter and Mal, I think this is a bit bigger than that…..That the mainstream media isn’t covering something THIS BID is astonishing even for OUR leftwing mainstream media!

    This is HUUUUUGE….and it’s GOT to be aired…imagine this newest info coming out an hour before the debate.

    Please, God…let Trump bring it up with civility…with dignity….factually…………no emotion, just SAY it, don’t SCREAM it with name calling. You’ll go a LOT FARTHER, Mr. Trump, and WE NEED YOU!

    Joe? You’re toast, you rat, and you so f’ing deserve it. There, I (almost) said it 🙂

    EVERYONE …please pray for my friend Madelaine’s 82 yr old sister KAREN who was diagnosed with COVID today…she was sent home, not to hospital, and needs prayers that she recovers AND doesn’t give it to her 85 yr old hubby who’s fighting cancer!!!

    Thanks, friends….

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  21. Baysider says:

    Doing better tonight. Looks happier, dressed better, more relaxed, not cranky, and is getting the better of the moderator repeatedly. Biden tried to deflect him with China and it backfired. Then Biden awkwardly pivoted to change the subject. Trump picked up on it and called him out on it.

    Prayers for Karen. (The Madelaine I know??)

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  22. Father, please help Karen.


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Baysider, yes, the Mad you know 😦

    And yes, I actually think I prayed too hard for Trump to remain CALM.. It worked too well!!..Tonight, I was saying “So SPEAK UP!” Biden seemed to know the questions…..

    I’ll now go watch TV with my tin hat on. Blog tomorrow’s on the debate…let’s all talk then.

    g’night 🙂


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