Saturday Thoughts…

A friend called last night and we talked about the threats by Leftwingers if Trump wins…”you will be the cause of the Civil War if Trump wins”  “We hear you’re a Trump supporter, you’d better up your fire insurance,”  etc.

She suggested we buy BLM signs and plop them into our front yards JUST IN CASE he DOES WIN! 🙂   (As if we’d EVER do that, but it cracked me up!)

Hearing more and more from friends who DID lost their health insurance when Obama Care was implemented.   You’re a freakin’ liar, Joe.

Also very disappointed to hear Bobulinski did not go to Capitol Hill to talk to Ron Johnson today…Instead, the FBI wanted him first.   As if they’re not telling him to SHUT UP?  They’ve had the Hunter laptop since last December!

They say the blind computer repair man gave the Hunter laptop info to Giuliani, so how true could it be?  The truth is he’d tried to give it to politicals and the FBI/CIA…they weren’t interested.

I believe CNN hasn’t spent 2 minutes on this scandal, imagine?

What are YOUR thoughts today?


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33 Responses to Saturday Thoughts…

  1. bocopro says:

    O.K. Since you asked . . . what I’d like to see most from this election is a complete and overwhelming rejection of leftism, BLM, antifa, and everything else plaguing the nation by having Trump re-elected with a 60+ majority in the Senate and a 100+ gain in the House.

    He’s done what he promised — stifled the flow of illegals, rebuilt the military, stimulated manufacturing, brought capital back to the country, put at least 2 traditionalists on the SCotUS, stopped socialism . . . and except for listening to that twerp Fauci, made mostly good decisions on handling the Chinese Lung Rot.

    Now . . . he goes back to work, ties up a few loose ends, and says, “Here’s the deal, folks. I fixed it for you. I showed how to get things done. But I’ve had more than enough of the hostile press, the roadblock legislature, the late-nite comics, the fake news, and am handing the reins to Mikey” after a coupla months.

    Who could blame him? All he’d have to say is that some numbers didn’t come out particularly encouraging on his latest checkup and the docs said he needs to slow down for a while. Hell, NOBODY should have to endure the non-stop unwarranted abuse he’s taken for the past 5 years since announcing his candidacy.

    What anti-Trumpers dislike most about him is that, first, he’s not female, not black, and not gay . . . and second he’s unconventional, non-presidential, incorruptible, brash, and coarse . . . kinda like Patton, or Churchill, or Saturday Night Live, back when it was funny.

    So, like an athlete who’s won all the contests, exit a winner and don’t let yourself get all beat up in your declining years. The country would get what it needs – a strong economy, a safe border, a reasonable government, and the left would get what it wants – Trump outta the White House.

    And maybe . . . just MAYBE . . . DingleBarry would stop shooting off his lyin mouth and go back to bein just another forgotten millionaire. Hell, The View might even calm down. Besides, what’s there to get your knickers in a wad over Pence? Unless he appoints someone like Inhof or Cornyn or Meadows as his Veep.

    But I think that no matter what actually happens in the late evenin hours of 3 Nov in the Year of the Gleep, we’re in for a bumpy ride. The worst possible scenario is that Bad Dad Joe has his stroke, making Horizontal Harris PotUS with MaligNancy as Speaker and a decisive Dem majority in both houses of Congress.

    Trump has lost a huge number of middle-class white women who voted for him last time, but he’s picked up strength in the black and latino sectors. Question is, how will that work out in the electoral system as opposed to the popular vote?

    I’m guessing he’ll lose the popular vote again because of the unreasonable residual venom and vitriol from 2016 and the relentless anti-orange propaganda from the lamestream media, including FoxNews at times.

    The EC might be close, and I can’t say what he’ll do if it’s TOO close, based on all the shenanigans with vote-by-mail. But I’d like to see him give the 50% of the country who WILL vote against him one last imperative one-syllable verb and a second-person pronoun, then grab a Big Mac and a Diet Coke and catch the last train outta Dodge.

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  2. “kinda like Patton, or Churchill, or Saturday Night Live, back when it was funny.”
    Concerning WW2, John Belushi saying the germans attacked Pearl Harbor.

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  3. As for friends losing their doctors, AOW is an example, as is my wife Scherie, who you quoted yesterday.
    Some people are “losing their doctors ” because private practice is a thing of the past. Your insurance pays for you to go to a clinic where you see whoever is available, and they better have you out in 15 minutes, or they get a bad review from the manager.

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  4. JerryDaBlade says:

    BLM and the rest of the nutjobs will riot and burn whether he wins or loses. Any sign I put up in my yard will be used as bait.

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  5. peter3nj says:

    It’s difficult to wax optimistic living here in Clinton/Obama/Booger/Melendez land with 30 something’s angry with Trump because “ black people have died” and 70 something’s telling you Trump has no respect for “us”, with your best friend’s 14 year old piano playing math genius grandson telling you not to mention “Trump” in his house. Whether JoeCamel wins or loses the indoctrination is complete and waiting four more years for the commies who hung on for the past 100 years before a red neck and a mulatto, Clinton and Obama, the two guys who overwhelmed and took down a political party, is a piece of cake. The only port in the storm FOX will be unrecognizable. But then I’m an optimist🤣


  6. kidme37 says:

    So, ah the kids are making threats and ah the democrats really are liars huh? ah Ok, well, anybody want to play some cards? I don’t have any cards but maybe if one a you folks has a deck. I can play whatever you all want except Bridge. I’ll pick up some coffees and cheese danish.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    JERRY, this cracked me up “Any sign I put up in my yard will be used as bait.” LOVE IT.

    Bocopro….hoping he picked up suburban women aFter the second debate; many said he had.
    And I think Nancy’s working on screwing him if he only wins the EC….some legal thing she’s pulled out of the ‘Constitution’…. GAD.
    SADLY; I think the 50 million were mostly people scrambling to vote against Trump…I hope I’m wrong. Some of that could definitely be “NOBODY BUT TRUMP” voters. I hope so, but……

    Which do you all think: Do passionate voters usually vote FOR the incumbent or the other candidate? Incumbents do usually win, apparently, historically…

    EVERYBODY: I had a back/and forth email exchange to Hamburg with German friends who lived here years ago…..She sent me first a REALLY scathing awful article by a Brit about Trump, as if I didn’t know Trump’s hated…and WHY. (we only usually email twice a year, so this was quite a thing to send me)……I wrote back how it’s pretty typical to see Hateful articles against Trump because the media does hate his agenda and while his demeanor is even tough for me, I couldn’t ever vote for Biden…A friend I’d sent her British article to had also written a scathing rebuke which I SENT to Hamburg….and the German friend’s husband responded with this:

    Her friend and a lot of other Americans are victims of the oversimplification embedded in Trump’s arguments.
    His so-called achievements are fake, certainly when viewed in a larger scope and taking into account the downsides they entail.
    And criticising Obama does NOT make Trump the savoir of the U.S.
    What a shallow world view – beyond redemption!


    Sorry, Ute, my friends are all passionate and highly intelligent Americans who don’t want our country to stop being the America we love.
    It’s tough to understand when media is so hateful and one-sided, I so understand that…we get all sides of each subject here and that helps.

    No, criticizing Obama was never meant to make Trump a savior, but it sure makes him look better. For example, he and Biden say nobody lost health insurance when Obama Care came in. MANY did, but most people believe Obama. Trump did not build cages for illegal immigrant children. Obama did. The scandal of Biden’s son, which is coming out now has not been carried on CNN. This is what we’re fighting. We want all sides of the news again.

    And, by the way, I am no fan of Trump’s demeanor. None of us is.

    Be well and say hello to Gert for me. Let’s all hope everyone gets two sides, unbiased, of the news.

    SO, I’ve been told off by really dear longtime friends…as if I DON”T UNDERSTAND AMerica and TRUMP…… about nerve…….

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  8. geeez2014 says:

    Peter, there’s a level of HATE out there I never thought could actually exist, isn’t there.

    ED….but Biden’s so proud of Obama Care, thinks it’s SO GOOD that he wants to change it and make Biden Care! That’s rational!! HAAAAAAA!!!

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    Did you all see that Lou Dobbs said nobody should vote for Lindsay Graham, as if we don’t need more Republicans, even if they’re not always dependable? Graham’s been much better the last year or so…since Kavanaugh.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Seen on Facebook…If the line is really long where you vote, just take your mask off and see most of the folks scatter! 🙂

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  11. kidme37 says:

    Graham is strictly lip service. Talks a lot, does nothing, but he does vote the party line. Replace him with a dem? That’d be nuts. Lou ! Get a hold of yourself !

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    Exactly, Kid…..He actually has been a tad more effective, fighting so hard for Kavanaugh and now Barrett….but ya, REPLACE WITH A DEM? Lou…what the………..????


  13. MAL says:

    To sum things up, the lack of ALL the news due to a biased and controlled media is responsible for our infighting. All this wouldn’t be happening if our media was unbiased and truthful and only reporting the facts. Soros must be laughing his a– off because so many don’t see it.

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  14. kidme37 says:

    MAL, Amazing so many people absorb the misinformation. I would trade all other issues for an accurately educated and informed public. A public with accurate information can solve all the other problems quickly and easily. Without that we go nowhere good. Therefore I don’t sweat any of it.

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  15. ” just take your mask off and see most of the folks scatter! ”
    And they were probably dems. Brilliant!

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  16. MAL says:

    After visiting Ross and Walmart today, I found it ironic that after China released COVID-19 on the world, they immediately flooded the market with their masks! That takes creating a market to a new level. Next will probably be a vaccine and claim to be hero’s!

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  17. Baysider says:

    And CNN never will.

    Went to the Farmer’s Market today in Santa Monica and saw a big, public open air voting booth. EVERY ONE of those people got a ballot in the mail. This is SOVIET MONICA! How many do you think are voting twice? Orange Man will never win in California, but there are some VERY important propositions on the ballot.


  18. MAL says:

    Baysider, is Roadside Rest still there (in Sta. Monica)?


  19. Baysider says:

    Sadly, I don’t think so. Vaguely familiar name (I’ve lived here 30+ years). Snug Harbor is still here.


  20. MAL says:

    I don’t know that one, Bay. There also use to be a huge boulder called Castle Rock on the ocean side of PCH that they had to remove for safety sake. I’m talkin’ decades ago! We use to have beach parties at Sa-Mo and could have a fire anywhere on the beach we wanted, then douse it with sand before leaving. i had mounted a speaker behind the grill of my car so I could park the nose of my car facing the beach, then play music so we could hear. I set a turntable on the hump of the front floor to play records! We’re talking during WW ll and after.

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  21. MAL says:

    The days of Glenn Miller, Woody Herman, Benny Goodman, the Dorsey Bros. (Tommy and Jimmy), and my favorite Stan Kenton


  22. MAL says:

    …………..Then I got into Jazz!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, an older friend of mine used to go to Catalina and hear the great big bands…did you ever do that?

    He also remembers Japanese submarines off the coast right near me during WWII,….most people didn’t know they got that close.

    Did I ever tell you I used to sing at The Round Table in Santa Monica quite often? Not as a paying gig, just for fun with the fabulous paid accompanist……One of the Ink Spots came in with an entourage one night…When I finished a set, one of his group came and asked me to join them, that one of the Ink Spots wanted to compliment me…and I did, and he did…I nearly swooned with delight and was even sorrier Dad had recently died because he’d have been so thrilled!
    GREAT music, BIG BANDS…THE GREATEST< maybe?!!!

    BAYSIDER…how the H does THAT work? The joke is those manning the booth know full and well those people got mail in ballots at home………They'll have them sign 'provisional ballot books'…"Don't worry, we'll check your name and you can't vote again".
    Here's the problem: I'VE BEEN TOLD NOBODY EVER CHECKS THOSE PROVISIONAL BALLOTS…NOBODY. All those voting today are voting twice.
    Count on NONE of them being Republicans, right?


  24. geeez2014 says:

    I’m listening to Trump now in Wisconsin…he’s just AWFUL…so hateful, so childish…
    I’m starting to think he’s part of the reason our people are falling apart…what a horrid example to set. Or maybe it’s just that the people who go to those rallies are like this, too.
    Yes, I LOVE what he does, but he is crude and ugly and a BIG fat schoolyard bully………hideous.

    Sorry, but it dawned on me just now THIS is a big part of why we’re so nasty these days, so hateful, full of degrading people, etc. He does it; Presidents should set the pace for something better.



  25. Big Band. Some friends of mine.

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  26. Baysider says:

    Nice Ed!

    Gosh, I heard Trump in Ohio today and he was FABULOUS!

    In California we have legal ballot harvesting. You collect other peoples’ ballots and take them to the registrar. Dems passed it. Used it to sweep ALL of half Republican Orange county for Dems. Okay. Now the GOP has set up collection boxes in various places, such as churches and gun stores, and our Democrat Secretary of State has pulled his lawyer out of his holster and fired in their direction. Not so great when the shoe’s on the other foot, eh Mr. Padilla?

    Response of our Democrat AG: “We hope that the message goes out loud and clear to anyone who is trying to improperly solicit, obtain, and manage a citizen’s vote that they are subject to prosecution. I’m trying to be careful with how I say this.” I’ll bet he IS being careful. He only says he’ll prosecute people who are soliciting citizens’ votes. What about ALL the non-citizens you’ve so carefully issued official California IDs to so they can’t be distinguished from eligible voters? Hmmm Mr. Becerra?


  27. MAL says:

    Z, re: Catalina Island, yes, I’ve been there several times. Once when a teenager a bunch of us went to the Casino Ballroom right on the water to dance and they stopped us when we tried to do the New Yorker or Balboa (the dances we did during the war when Boogie Woogie was popular) because they wouldn’t let us break from each other! Can you believe that? We were only allowed to dance together with both hands, no breaking apart. So we left.


  28. MAL says:

    Z, after I returned from the Army at least once a week I would go to The Lighthouse, a jazz spot at Hermosa Beach (Redondo?) where Howard Rumsy and his all stars played Jazz. All were former Stan Kenton musicians.

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  29. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, SO good…thanks for sharing that! They’re really QUITE good! “it’s alright by me” is good, too. Nicely arranged.

    Baysider…”FABULOUS”???? I have never heard a rally of his be FABULOUS…he always says something like ‘crooked Joe’ or ..”Nobody EVER thought anybody could do this, but I DID” (I paraphrase only by a bit)….whatever………..he doesn’t get people screaming approval for nothing. I am an outsider. And, frankly, I’m glad I am. Have to admit.
    And yes on an AG having no problem helping non citizens to vote but coming down on citizens…what an ass.
    I hope you vote for Lacey for Dist. Atty, by the way. Not that I’d ever tell anybody how to vote! 🙂

    MAL, I think The Lighthouse is still there! I had a feeling it was and just GOogled it!!
    YOu had to have hands together, no boogie woogie, no separation? That’s amazing! GEEESh!!!
    Catalina had Avalon Ballroom, didn’t it?


  30. Baysider says:

    Well, I thought he was terrific. On his game. Yes, he is BEST in front of large crowds and knows how to work them.

    I’ve voted already. And for everyone else here, “Lacey for District Attorney” is pitted against a horrible DA from San Francisco who resigned “to care for his mother in LA.” Bull pucky!! Suddenly he’s running for DA in LA. Guess mommy made a miraculous recovery.

    His followers did a gotcha piece on Lacey, ringing her doorbell at 5 AM with a cheery “good morning” while her husband answered how most householders would answer rousted out of bed at night by street theater at their doorstep. Trying to take her out of the race – and it may very well have forced her into a run-off now with this terrible Gascon.


  31. MAL says:

    Avalon ballroom! Yes! Thats it, Z. I couldn’t think of the name. And I just remembeed the name of the Lighthouse group: Howard Rumsey had the Lighthouse All-Stars.


  32. I don’t think we’ll get civil war if Trump wins, but, there will be massive riots in the Democrats Party run cities that make the BLM/Antifa ones look like nothingburgers (it’s great how they destroy their own areas, eh? God help them if they come into GOP areas). And the calls for states to secede will be 50 times bigger than after Trump won in 2016. Could there be an alliance of these far left states that actually push hard for it? California, Washington, Oregon, Maryland up through Mass. Perhaps Colorado and some others.

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  33. MAL says:

    I hope to God you’re wrong, W.T., but fear you may be right.
    Can you say “George Soros” anyone?


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