Voter Suppression?

Since when are the Republicans intimidating voters as I’m hearing all over the news-sphere?

When?  How?    Anybody know?

Do they forget that huge Black men were stalking the voting centers when Obama was running?  Remember that?

LOOK AT THIS ARTICLE!  It’s the biggest HOOEY I’ve read in a while….what the…???

It’s as dumb as suggesting Black voters just can’t manage to get a voter ID and Republicans are suppressing their votes by asking for ID.  WHAT?   Why does the Left think Black Americans are SO DUMB?    And the RIGHT gets castigated for RACISM?  REALLY?


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29 Responses to Voter Suppression?

  1. kidme37 says:

    Every republican I know is walking around with a shotgun singing I’m going to shoot every black person I see.


  2. Business Insider is usually better than that, I thought.
    How does the avalanche of mail in voting distinguish race?


  3. MAL says:

    Z, as long as they can lie and get away with it, they’ll keep doing it. If enough people are naive enough to believe everything they say without questioning, they’ll keep doing it and win.
    However, if we ignore the “polls” and simply look at the turnout at both the candidates rallies, Trump will win, hands down.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO! EXACTLY! THat makes my point!!!!!!!
    This morning on OUTNUMBERED, Jessica Tarlov was blathering on about how rough Republicans are making it for many to vote, with some lame and stupid examples I strongly doubt, and Guy Benson said “Ya, LEGAL is important to Republicans”

    ED….I thought BI was usually better, too! You’re right! AND yes….who knows what color a voter ballot belonged to??


  5. geeez2014 says:

    Kid… Some video! Ya, every White person I know’s doing the same thing 🙂 unreal


  6. geeez2014 says:

    MAL, I STILL hear people interviewed who throw in “And we should never cage children” as if TRUMP did it…when IT WAS OBAMA/BIDEN who started that!!!
    Nobody remembers it’s Trump who’s tried to make sure children aren’t given BACK to traffickers, to make sure their DNA matches the adult who wants them back!


    I want all to vote but vote legally.
    I do not want to give sanctuary to law breakers
    I want to protect our young Americans who were brought here illegally as long as they are not criminals.
    I made sure Black colleges get their loans.
    I have been working to get wrongly incarcerated people out of prison.
    I have not kept children in cages.
    I have brought pharma prices down and am still working on it.
    I never ever said I’d throw out coverage for preexisting conditions
    Our record on environment is excellent and even better now that we have money we used to throw at the useless Paris Accords.
    I killed terrorist leaders
    I’ve brought our soldiers home.
    I have never started a war ever.
    I moved our embassy in Israel to where it should be.
    I have been nominated for two Nobel prizes nobody’s heard about.
    I do NOT want to bring the Projects into suburbs like the Left does.

    etc……LIST LIST LIST. BORE THEM with good stuff.!!


  7. geeez2014 says:

    I don’t know who this ANONYMOUS Commenter was but I’m releasing it from Moderation because it’s worth reading, though I am not too fond of the verse…..He makes a good point.

    @Greg Morris
    Back in the early 70’s the late Don Imus on his radio show here in the NY/NJ metro area-before national syndication-had a thing he would say humorously that today would have ended with his house burned down by those whose everyday conversation is punctuated by “n” every other word:
    Black is beautiful and tan is grand
    But white is the color of an american.
    My we’ve become a nation of over sensitive and humorless mutts. Thank you PC.”

    Z: Ya, well, I’m not sure anybody needs to think or say WHITE IS THE COLOR OF AN AMERICAN and not expect some extremely legitimate blowback!!!, but I get his point about PC.

    I used to listen to Imus a lot and never hearD this, by the way……I might have stopped listening even back then.


  8. Baysider says:

    Man! “Due to ongoing racial disparities in felony charges and convictions” blacks have less ‘access’ to voting. Well, do you value your voice in the vote? Don’t be a criminal!

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  9. MAL says:

    They’ve been told most all that many times, Z, but continue to ignore it. When I encounter a Biden supporter and question why, they invariably say because they hate Trump and never about Biden’s attributes. When I point that out, they want to end the discussion. Why? Because they have nothing beyond hate.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Mal…no they don’t really hear it in reasoned, calm tones. They just don’t. People turn off.
    And you are SO RIGHT about the hate…..Also, he needs to stop saying WE ARE ROUNDING THE CORNER of COVID on days when more people were diagnosed than all year long. Biden seems to love the line written for him as he’s repeating it again and again “We are learning to DIE FROM IT” “We don’t PANIC, HE does” WHAT? That’s a new one I just heard now on FOX….The last thing Trump ever did was panic and so now Biden’s turning that around lying about it…typical.

    BAYSIDER: THAT is the elephant in the room….that NOBODY wants to notice.
    Yes, if Blacks did LESS CRIME, there just might be less in prison. Somehow, that doesn’t equate in many American minds. And yes, I believe some can’t get the better legal help some WHites can afford and I’ve seen very lousy public defenders, and I believe there is some prejudice but not like we’re told. I’ve even seen Blacks on Facebook suggest “Gee, if the guy hadn’t pulled a knife on the cop, maybe he’d be alive” duh.


  11. geeez2014 says:

    I have NEVER heard more LIES from ANYONE as I’m hearing from Biden right now….I almost can’t believe it!

    By the way; How do you CONTROL COVID?

    God, I HATE THIS MAN…forgive me, God. I hate Biden and all his presidency could do to our beloved country.

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  12. Bob says:

    In my experience any voting problems happen in areas controlled by Democrats. For example, here in the Atlanta metro-area the worst voting experiences are found in Fulton County which is run by Democrats. In the last several elections we saw very long lines at polls because the county was incompetent at running an election. This time it is different because of all the bad press during the primary election,

    In at least two presidential elections civil rights activist groups in St Louis petitioned a Federal Judge to extend voting hours. Why? I think it was because they were having problems getting black people out to vote and needed more time to have buses bring them to the polls.

    In all presidential elections where there have been accusations of voter interference by Democrats. The resulting investigations showed nothing wrong in whatever locale. In the Bush/Gore election of 2000 an accusation of local police in Florida stopping people from getting to polls was revealed to have been a radar speeding trap.

    Here in Georgia we had the privilege of electing two governors at one time. First, Bryan Kemp won the election outright with a margin of 50K votes. Stacy Abrams, our gigantic virtual governor, claimed voter suppression based on the Secretary of State, at that time the self-same Bryan Kemp who was just elected governor, cleansing the state voter rolls of dead or inactive voters according to state law. National news outlets told Abrams story nationwide, and the myth became that Kemp won because of voter suppression.

    The voter ID law in Georgia has been challenged several times, and has withstood every test. Plus, anyone can register to online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you don’t have an acceptable ID you can get one a state ID for free. Most people use their Drivers Licenses for this purpose.

    No. Any voter suppression going on in any state is done by the local press pumping out suppression polls.

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  13. geeez2014 says:

    BOB, that is really good information to know…we hear things but your details help….How awful. Who was it in Minnesota? Franken?

    Remember all that stuff? DEMOCRAT, of course.

    Yet, if you listen to news, the inferences are always “it’s on both sides”…Oh, sure. One Republican fraud and 50 Democrat. Yes, that IS both sides, for sure 😦


  14. geeez2014 says:

    I think I mentioned yesterday that my neighbor across the street (BIG lib) had put BLM posters in front of his house!? His wife is VERY Conservative and so I’d emailed her….teasing her, asking if Glenn did this to show solidarity or protect their home from liberal backlash terror should Trump win (Oh, the irony!!)
    The signs came down 15 minutes after I emailed her…BUT…….
    SHe just emailed me this morning that she didn’t know anything about the signs till she saw my emails this morning!! HA!!

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  15. MAL says:

    Have any of you been receiving mail requesting money that enclosed money in it? So far, I have 3 with a $1 bill attached, and 5 with a 50 cent coin attached. I don’t send to them because I don’t want what I send to be used to mail out again. Make sense? So come Christmas I’ll give the $5.50 (thus far) to the Salvation Army in front of WalMart at Christmas!

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  16. geeez2014 says:

    Mal, I get a nickel from some groups, maybe a quarter from others? Never any bills. Honestly, I only give to ones I support so, since I think it’s illegal to throw money away, I tear out the coin and toss the rest. SOMETIMES< i weaken , but not often!!
    But is this the first time you've been receiving money in envelopes? And, usually, you can SEE the coin through a cellphone window in the envelope so they know you'll open it…and READ and hopefully send money!


  17. Baysider says:

    Biden said in the last debate with Trump that he wouldn’t lock down the country, he’d control Covid instead. “How?” He’d mandate masks. MASKS! Doesn’t he have some kind of science advisor on his team? MASKS? (Yes, they help in medical settings where gowns, gloves and eye protection is worn.) Honestly, it sounded like a 5-year old whiner.

    Wonder if someone ELSE outside the family took down the signs on your neighbor’s house??

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  18. Baysider says:

    Bob, I read about that “voter suppression” in Georgia. Heard a sob story of one woman who got a card to verify registration. The whole story read EXACTLY like the normal, functional check of voter rolls done where my mother lived in California. I got the same kind of card card forwarded to me after she died and had not voted in a subsequent election, and I responded accordingly.

    The woman in the news story was not only black, but saw the event through a narrative she wanted to believe, which is ‘they’ were trying to get a black vote off the voter rolls. (Do you have to register your race in Georgia? I wondered how ‘they’ knew to pick out black voters.) I thought no such thing when my mother’s name got tagged in a fairly white, Republican district. I was happy to see the county purging their rolls for fair elections.

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  19. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER..Exactly! CONTROL the VIRUS? What, with drone technology shooting virus out of the air? Play Pac Man with it, killing on screen? HOW???
    I actually said this above in a comment: ‘By the way; How do you CONTROL COVID?”

    With a whip and a chair?


    But you all DO remember the huge Black guys manning many voting centers when Obama was running, remember? Remember seeing white people kind of stepping aside……going home, etc? OH, ya…I sure do.
    I’m guessing that intimidation was against Republicans, aren’t YOU? 🙂

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  20. MAL says:

    Z, you mentioned earlier how they keep bringing up the caged children at our border and we keep reminding them Trump inherited that from Obama and greatly improved their living conditions with food, clean clothes, beds, schooling, etc. but they keep saying it over and over, don’t they?


  21. geeez2014 says:

    Seen on FACEBOOK:


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  22. MAL says:

    According to the TV news, we’re suppose to have a Blue Moon on Halloween night so look for it.

    (No, not Blue Moon beer. The big orb in the sky!)

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  23. Baysider says:

    Just to add a little brightness to the day:

    Ever notice how UNHAPPY these people are? (yes, yes, because you’ve written on this before)
    Here’s a nice reaction to “Trump” – guy seeing a Trump parade of red-and-yellow-black-and-white for the first time “They were all so freakin’ happy!”
    Brandon Tatum reported the link:


  24. Baysider says:

    The reverse of voter suppression. (Actually, Republican voter suppression, cuz every fake Democrat vote suppresses one of ours.)

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  25. MAL says:

    Z to answer your earlier question about receiving money in the mail, no, it’s not the first time. The first couple of times I sent it back (costing a stamp) with the request they please don’t do that but after a couple of times, I quit sending it back and simply kept it. I have received the nickel ones, too, but until recently most had been a dollar bill. Recently, I’ve received all the fifty cent coins.
    And yes, the money is always visible from the outside to be sure you open it.

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  26. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER: WOW! There was another leftwing journalist about a month ago who also went to a Trump rally and loved it! He said the people were wonderful, supportive, didn’t put him down, etc…I think the Left just can’t understand NICE. But he really dug it.
    Glad another one did, too!


  27. geeez2014 says:

    The car with the cemetery words on it is so funny…saw it on FB today, too!
    Great stuff.

    SADLY: Prof Lichtman, who’s predicted every presidential outcome since 1984 said Biden will win ….on Martha McCallum this afternoon. I hope he is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO WRONG.


  28. Bob says:

    The lady said, “With a whip and a chair?”


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