And the fun starts with Biden:

One of Joe Biden’s COVID advisors believes nobody should live beyond 75.   No COVID vaccine for them!  He’s also written that flu shots and antibiotics for older people should be forbidden.  He thinks only young people should get flu shots and antibiotics for the older folks are out… he believes older people with urinary tract infections shouldn’t live, anyway.

Welcome to the next four years in the Gulag.

Most people feel it’s God who makes the decisions about our life spans, but if you don’t believe in God, it’s up to Dr Ezekiel Emanuel (Yes, Rahm’s brother), apparently.

I think some of you are over 75;  do you feeling like letting Biden’s folks throw YOUR towel in?  75 seems younger every day to me 🙂  I have amazing, bright, active friends who are 85.  I spoke to an astonishingly bright friend of 95 on the phone the other day whose husband just turned 100 and is 100% aware and in good health.  (except that they’re both so upset over this election).

What do YOU think?  Ready to go at 75?


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38 Responses to And the fun starts with Biden:

  1. bocopro says:

    Well . . . from time to time I hafta go to the Navy Hospital pharmacy to get meds for a variety of stuff I’ve developed thru bad habits picked up ‘cuz I never thought I’d live this long.

    The place is always filled with old people . . . stooped, decrepit, sagging, wheelchair bound, vision impaired, and hard of hearing. I’m always struck with the realization that I’m the same age as most of ‘em.

    And that can be scary. But then logic tells me that there are many people out there even older than I am who DON’T go there to get prescriptions ‘cuz they don’t NEED any. Just seems to me that “old” is always at least 10 years older than I am, and I have NO idea who the hell that guy in my bathroom mirror is.

    So . . . I still ride the ol’ Schwinn, walk the Monsterdawg, climb up in trees to prune ‘em, mow my own yard (little under an acre), tho I now do it in two stages whereas I usedta do it all in one day, then go play golf.

    The tropical beauty who latched onto me 60 years ago still follows me around, and I still see her as my dream girl, and she’s still got a great set of legs and a dangerous attitude when crossed.

    And one really nice thing about my age is that I can watch an episode of a favorite TV show or a movie that I KNOW I’ve seen at least twice before and it’s all new to me again ‘cuz I forgot 90% of the details, and often even the ending.

    Rahm’s bro can stick it where the sun don’t shine ‘s’far’s I’m concerned. At 80 I’m firmly and deeply into Erikson’s 8th stage, resolved, reflective, caustic, cantankerous, and unafraid of death. Hell, I figgered to be dead by the time I was eligible for Social Security by either a bullet or a spectacular crash.

    So . . . just like Mother (who passed only a couple months shy of her 90th), I’ll keep on grouchin and snarkin and chucklin at fools ‘til it ain’t fun no more, then I’ll go peacefully and willingly, especially if machines and harsh chemicals are necessary for me to continue this nasty habit of breathin I picked up long ago.


  2. kidme37 says:

    Remember when obama said ‘You might have to get by with pain pills.” ? I believe obamacare was designed to kill off the older people through denial of service by patient ‘review boards’ – AKA: death squads.

    I don’t know why anyone would be surprised by this. No offense to anyone.


  3. I was working with a younger friend and his boss yesterday and they started talking about the elderly, those over 65.
    I let him know who was working next to him.

    Remember, Dems put the death-angel in the nursing homes with the defenseless.
    That’s what they think of older people.
    Lowers the insurance payouts.

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  4. kidme37 says:

    There ya go Ed. Imagine yourself a democrat politician or other theft operative. Where does all that health related tax money go? Older people who are the ones who need the expensive health care.

    Imagine all that money and imagine how lustful you’d be thinking about getting your hands on it. Take that to the bank. Plus if they go medicare for all, there won’t even be enough money to pay for it so at best we’d end up like Canadia – 3 years to get a knee replacement and another 3 to get the 2nd one. If you’re lucky.

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  5. I read the entire essay at the Atlantic. The brother of Rahm hedged his bets toward the end.

    BTW, he was 57 years old when he wrote this essay. Just sayin’.

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  6. Mustang says:

    Biden is … at age 77, so screwed.

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  7. jean worland says:

    Well, Z, I’m 77 and I still rollerblade just about every day at Clover Park in Santa Monica, CA. In one way these death panels might be a good idea since Biden is 78 and Pelosi is near there! Ha! Jean

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  8. skudrunner says:

    Next he will appoint cuomo to be in charge of nursing homes since he has done a great job of implementing zeks ideas.
    The party of elite’s will only try to eliminate you if you are middle class and a non college grad, after all the workers will pay for the college loans of the elites under the biden plan.
    With all the celebrations of the harris win I haven’t seen them being blamed for super spreader events which basement joe has a Plan for. Biden better watch his back because it is harris and pelosi he need to fear.


  9. geeez2014 says:

    Yes!! Ol’ Joe’s picked himself a guy who thinks JOE IS TOO OLD FOR MEDICAL INTERVENTION!


  10. Bob says:

    So now you might understand why the WHO mortality rankings for countries shows the United States to be worse than many other countries. The dirty secret is the European countries, and some others, do not count a death if the person is 76 yrs old or older.

    Nobody paid attention to me when I reported this fact. European countries do not count dying old folks in their mortality count because they are going to die, anyway. This fact, along with similar tricks in the WHO numbers, alerted me years ago that the WHO and it’s parent organization, the United Nations, is strictly a political, and socialist actor.

    Take a look at the WHO mortality numbers, and remember that the infant mortality numbers suffer from similar tricks. For example, Cuba is said to have a much lower infant mortality number than the US, but over 60% of the pregnancies in Cuba are aborted.

    Nifty tricks, here. If you kill them you don’t have to count them as dying. Strange…

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  11. MAL says:

    Aaaaah! Yer all just puppies! ;o). Joni and I will be celebrating our 67th anniversary on Jan.8th
    Our oldest child just started being covered by Medicare this past May.
    Remember when they use to honor and respect elders? Listen to them? Ask their advice?
    But apparently now they all know better than us so no need to bother asking.

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  12. geeez2014 says:

    BOB, IS THAT TRUE? “The dirty secret is the European countries, and some others, do not count a death if the person is 76 yrs old or older.”!!

    ALso, we are going back to the WHO, of all things…..disgusting.

    SO funny that it took only a week before Biden shook off his chains of any common sense he had, any desire to please the other 73 million voters, and any slight attempt at UNITY….
    Warren for Treasury? Taib for HUD, is it? Abrams, who I believe has done nothing but lose an election?, etcetc for CABINET positions?
    And a Chief of Staff right out of Obama’s playbook?


  13. geeez2014 says:

    JEAN, I’m SO envious of your good physical shape and TOTALLY agree with “In one way these death panels might be a good idea since Biden is 78 and Pelosi is near there!”

    SKUD…that’s why SOME are saying Biden wants a Republican Senate to combat the far left nuts but, from what we’ve seen this week, I don’t think that’s the case. I think he’s right there with them.

    ED, you are SO right….killing is easier than paying for and, let’s face it, if their socialist healthcare system does take over, America CANNOT afford it AND keep any semblance of economic success.

    BOCOPRO…please keep “Grounchin’ and Snarkling’…!!! If you can ride a bike, you’re in GREAT shape!!

    MAL: YOu are an exception..and EXCEPTIONAL!!! xxx


  14. bunkerville says:

    Just for the record PA and no doubt other states are bringing back Covid positive patients back into “congregate” living situations. Including Nursing homes.. I know….once the hospital gets their $37K bounty they ship them back to their Community situation. Dropping like flies here.


  15. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville….ARE YOU JOKING? When you say “Dropping like flies here” you mean they’re contracting COVID after having been brought to a nursing home? How’d the hospital get its money in that transaction?


  16. kidme37 says:

    I’ll take all the advice you have Mal and I’ll even want you to pick the subject.

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  17. MAL says:

    That sounds like its right out of the Socialist playbook, Bunkerville! I’ll bet that attitude will change once they get to that age! Unless, of course, they make exceptions for the “elite”, like doctors, scientists………..oh! And of course, politicians!


  18. MAL says:

    OH! Thanks, Kid. My best advice (besides to keep breathin’) is to keep away from prescription meds if at all possible. Change your diet, or whatever, but try. At age 91 I finally yielded and take blood thinners which I get from the V.A.. Besides vitamin supplements, thats it. And stay physically active. As you know, I dance, or did till NOVID-19 raised its ugly head!


  19. geeez2014 says:

    oh MY! And now my Winning LA LAKERS, led by the idiot, hideous LeBron James (so oppressed due to his color he purchased a $36 million dollar home a few miles from me) has decided THE LAKERS ARE GOING TO THE WHITE HOUSE TO SEE BIDEN.
    Is that to make Trump feel bad? To make him look bad? Just to help James feel pompous and proud of his idiotic stances on BLM (he may even still believe BLM supports Black Americans!!!)?

    Unreal. S*head


  20. bunkerville says:

    Its why it is believed the Covid numbers are inflated. A hospital codes a patient and they get the $37K plus payment. And yes, we have a nursing home and they are bringing them back here after treating them though still contagious. I live in an apartment….many in building are quarantied. 30 I believe…. a number of deaths.,

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  21. geeez2014 says:

    THanks, BUNKERVILLE… I guess I hadn’t caught on that the patients had been IN the hospital and then brought back….so, yes, the hospital gets $$$ and the patients are all at risk. I’m so sorry to hear all this.
    I WISH someone would discuss this SOMEWHERE…but perhaps this is what happens when the media doesn’t want America to know; it’s only COnservatives who know these things…
    and then we’re called names for exposing them 😦


  22. geeez2014 says:

    So, the Chief of Staff of Biden is saying “You Republicans have to get over it…accept what happened…we won…let it go………..You’re undermining the system…but, by the way, Gore really won against Bush”:

    WHAT? SO, WE have to LET IT GO, but he still believes Gore won but that’s NOT undermining the system AND we need to GET OVER IT though their side NEVER HAS?



  23. Baysider says:

    We’ll see how Mr. Emaneul feels after he’s denied simple and cheap care for a UTI. Yes, I’ve been on to his number for years since that article. Welcome to the march of the totalitarians. Fear the Dems will pick up where they left off with death panels (oops, Medical Needs Prioritization Teams) – openly. I’ve often wondered about Cuomo’s “if I can save one life” stunt in front of the camera while consigning thousands to death. It wouldn’t take that many people to quickly know the error. Maybe their votes are more valuable dead.

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  24. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, I’m relatively young and had to try four antibiotics 2 months ago for my UTI….l guess I’m lucky I’m not 75 or maybe my doc wouldn’t have been able to give me even one.
    And I’m betting a lot of docs will QUITE due to this.

    The obfuscating lie is YOU COULD KEEP YOUR DOCTOR…..sure, if you wanted to drive 2 hours away because your neurologist was told by the gov’t “there are too many neurologists in Ypsilanti”…it’s not that the PLAN knocked a friend off, it was the doc had to MOVE!! Very cunning, the leftwing lies.

    Did you read BUnkerville’s comments about where she lives…? All they need is Cuomo to really end all lives there, too!


  25. kidme37 says:

    Thanks Mal. Good advice. I hate taking drugs but was taking a high BP med even back in my younger days (175 and strong) so that one looks doubtful for getting rid of. The only other one is for Cholesterol. Otherwise I take Vitamin D3 and a B complex – the stuff that is purported to leave your system fast unless you’re getting a lot in food.
    The B does wake me up some I think.

    90%+ commercials on TV seem to be for drugs. I wonder if people are taking all that stuff.

    Anyway, darn I thought you might slip that millionaire secret on me. 🙂


  26. kidme37 says:

    Of course the elites will be exempt from any negative aspects of health care. I would think everyone knows all the politicians are exempt from obammycare, and I’m sure many others too like the lois lerner types, intel people etc, etc.

    If the dems get away with this, only drastic measures could make a difference. We need a plan to redirect antifa and BLM so they’re the first ones into the fire.


  27. MAL says:

    Kid, they say 60% of what we are is from genetics. 40% for the rest (diet, exercise, smoking & alcohol, etc). If so, all that stuff I mentioned is only 40% effective.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Today at the bible study Zoom time, someone brought up how great it was that the cities remained quiet after the election..”It must have been God..answered prayer!”
    It was all I could do not to say “It was that the Republicans didn’t win…they don’t destroy when they lose”

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  29. kidme37 says:

    That sounds exactly right MAL. You see these interviews of old folks in print here and there. What is your secret they ask of some older guy or gal that smokes and drinks whiskey at 100 years old. Whatever they say, we can bet it is mostly genetics. Some people smoke all their life and no cancer, others get it out of the blue at 30 and never smoked. . genetics… I don’t sweat it, that cast is already in play.

    Although one theory i subscribe too is people on the Pacific rim around Japan for example have a history of living past 100 more than other folks around the world and they attribute it to the local diets. Plenty of links and opinions on what the important foods are – from tofu to crustaceans to vegetables to fish. No simple answer but they do have something going on. Still genetics is a big part of it regardless.


  30. kidme37 says:

    Z, Did you see the Donald Trump Jr tweet? Quoting – “70 million pissed off Republicans and not a single building burned.”

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  31. “The obfuscating lie is YOU COULD KEEP YOUR DOCTOR…..sure, if you wanted to drive 2 hours away because your neurologist was told by the gov’t “there are too many neurologists in Ypsilanti”…”
    Yep, that’s my wife’s story exactly. Thank you.

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  32. kidme37 says:

    Nothing about obammycare that was true. Nothing.


  33. Baysider says:

    How long will it be before this Hong Kong headline is ours?

    The last of the pro-democracy leaders resigned, after the PRC kicked off some yesterday.


  34. geeez2014 says:

    Ed, I hate to quote people by name if people here know them and I don’t have permission.
    Thanks…I hoped you’d come say THAT IS YOU.
    It’s just such a sad story and such a display of OBAMA LIES.

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  35. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, I always enjoy Gordon Chang….I don’t believe this will last; like Chang says, many youth are fighting this.

    I’ll never forget my stepdaughter on her sailing trip telling me they’d come to very unknown islands where fishing was the only income….and they’d learn the Chinese had bought the fishing rights. PERIOD……ALl gone, folks…..These people who’d subsisted on the fish around the island for centuries now had to BUY the fish after it had been canned in CHINA and sold to their stores……incomes to make money? GONE? WHo’s talking about THAT? My stepdaughter, that’s all.

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  36. Baysider says:

    Yes, he’s good. Michael Yon has done interviews with him on Hong Kong, and he had cogent reporting on China’s incursion into India this spring.

    How does China buy up fishing rights? From poor governments? I never thought about how control of littoral waters is determined, and who can alienate them. A [corrupt] national government, I guess. Like North Korea did. They sold their fishing rights to China (desperate for cash), and even then smuggle fish back into China to meet demand. (So Japan, Russia and S. Korea all have to deal with N. Korean poaching now.) This is a big issue, with the world’s biggest fishing fleet they can venture far away.

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  37. MAL says:

    Watch them do the same in the So. China Seas where they recently built an Island!

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