Martha’s Right

 Yesterday on FOX, Martha MacCallum read either my mind or my blog in the last few months.

I kept haranguing Trump for not going much past his “I’ll never vote for anybody BUT TRUMP” base and reaching out to, shall we say, the SKEPTICAL?   I don’t mean Lefties, I mean those who tired of the chaos of the Trump tweets, the horrible things the media has always said about him (mostly lies and mischaracterizations of him and his fantastic agenda fulfillments…on CNN the other day, Jim Acosta said Trump will be ‘just another crackpot once he’s out of office” !! Apparently, he who thought Trump wasn’t civil thinks that statement IS civil?), and his blustering rallies….”I AM THE GREATEST!!!  ” …He gives Ali a run for his money!   I know a lot of you like that.  Many do not.  They’re skeptical when they hear hyperbole like that.

Martha said “The effort to win over those skeptical of him did not happen.”    

My ol’ friend Martha and I agree that now Mr. Trump should seal the great legacy you and I believe he’ll have (which will only grow after he is out, which he will be) once Biden starts destroying everything very quickly.   Trump should now TURN TO GEORGIA and rally there, no chaos, just facts, just reminders of what could happen in Georgia and America if the whole enchilada goes LEFTWING.



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20 Responses to Martha’s Right

  1. peter3nj says:

    What I had told others in my circle of influence countless times was those rallies were preaching to the choir, little more. Did he change minds, maybe a scattered few but not enough in numbers to overwhelm the voter fraud that all knew was coming, and it wasn’t. To those who thought the rallies were proof of an incoming landslide I would make this analogy: 20 rallies of 50,000= one million votes? A drop in the electoral college bucket.
    In a universe of conservatives offended by obnoxious tweets and self promotion but hardly by a former VP’s selling out to China and others, who with a son and brother neck deep in corruption linked to him, who blatantly told all of his plans to not only increase our individual tax liability, open the borders, bring into his administration every america hating left wing psychopath, who seriously thought Trump would win? Not me.
    My own brother whose political savvy is light years ahead of mine could convince most there was a red tsunami coming; but not me.
    Our proverbial goose, or giving the coming holiday, turkey is cooked.

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  2. bocopro says:

    Yabbut still . . . there’s still a lotta “quit” in the head shed at FoxNews, ain’t they.

    Frankly, I think it’s over, and as Bette Davis famously said, fasten your seatbelts ‘cuz it’s gonna be a bumpy ride next year . . . or, lookin back on Tricky Dick, Jimmah, Slick, Shrub II, and DingleBarry, a paraphrase of Al Jolson comes to mind — if you like watchin a nation circle the bowl, you ain’t seen nothin yet.

    And assumin I’m right, ya gotta pity the late-nite comics and their writers . . . they won’t have Orangeman to throw lawn darts and cow chips at, and since they got eggzackly what they asked for, they can’t complain about management down the road.

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  3. Those rallies showcased large numbers of dems, blacks, latinos, etc, who crossed over to Trump.
    They had the effect of encouraging others to join the “movement”, .
    How else do you explain the Yuge number of Trump voters this election?
    They were more than preaching to the choir.

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  4. kidme37 says:

    Once again, a Repubblekins majority in the Senate will be as useless for Americans as screen doors below the water line.

    I just can’t help myself to not say it anymore and go on record. Nothing Personal Z
    If people did not vote for DJT (America) because he said a bad word from time to time and whatever else, whether they voted for Biden instead or just left it blank thereby giving a half vote to Biden, then they deserve all the communist hell that will befall them in America’s future from here on out if the DNC actually takes over. We will never have a fair election again.
    These people are not Conservatives. Conservatives vote for a principle not a person. It was a vote for America or Communism which would be a very simple choice for “Conservatives”. Unless we have very different definitions of Conservative. To me, Conservative is defined as For the Constitution. This is what you vote for even if you have to close your eyes and hold your nose.

    This is America and this was their free choice. No sour grapes form me, but let’s ask them how they feel a couple years into the harris white house.


  5. JG says:

    Trump showed from the start how Media, elites, and Deep State were tied into taking down our choice for President. It did not matter how civil Trump is as we knew it when we elected him in 2016. The elites are clear they did not want him or his choices as they want to be Globalists not Americans. This election has clearly shown that there was fraud and it is stolen. The only question will be if the courts and the safeguards in the Constitution work give it to Trump. If the Biden wins then Harris will be President in a short time and then will the country go into CW2 and break up.

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  6. peter3nj says:

    Imagine with a republican senate we look to the likes of a McConnell and a Graham to do the right thing? Feather bed nesting leaves precious little time or effort for doing the principled thing. Meanwhile kudos to the shameless democrats who will commit sepuka Should they be asked for their master and their ideology.

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  7. kidme37 says:

    Peter, they did nothing for America when they had all three branches. Why think they’d do something in this scenario?

    Well, If the SC lets us down, imo it’s gonna come hot and heavy. It’ll be interesting anyway.

    Never thought I’d know what it’s like to live behind an Iron Curtain.


  8. geeez2014 says:

    PETER ..this is what I’d been saying and you put it perfectly “20 rallies of 50,000= one million votes?” I may be the only one to agree with you; I didn’t think Trump was going to win, either, but I DID NOT think so much would be from FRAUD. OR that they couldn’t prove the fraud if it happened …And they aren’t. But those Lin WOod/Sydney Powell videos are REALLY hopeful and convincing! Too bad videos don’t help change those judges’ minds 😦

    BOCOPRO; The Democrats are going to be SCREAMING at higher taxes, huge illegal immigration like we saw last year (which had stopped), etc etc…and who knows what the late night comedians will now cover? Ya, I think FOX is pretty realistic; though most of their opinionists are NOT giving in to the fraud and do believe it can be a Trump win.

    ED….I never saw many blacks and latinos at those rallies!……..a few here and there.
    Glad you stay resolute but yes, it was preaching to the choir, and it didn’t reach others…actually turned some off.

    ED, also; KID, BOCOPRO, PETER and a few of the others here, are RIGHT……..HOW can Conservatives EVER consider voting for the Biden/Harris agenda? DID many? Probably not. But the SKEPTICAL? As Mark Thiesen said yesterday “They hated the CHAOS of his administration” I did, too, but they, and I, admit it wasn’t all his chaos….how COULD he fight the media without crazy tweets, bad language, and name calling? YOu all know I’ve written some “Trump speeches” here which were very tough in demanding people hear what he did and outlining lies of the media but remaining civil ….had that happened? WOWZA. Maybe even this HUGE large scale fraud wouldn’t have worked.
    Martha MacCallum is right.

    OH, my goodness; to hear Trump yesterday with “The reason the vaccines aren’t coming in four or five years is because of ME, I DID THAT…”


  9. geeez2014 says:

    JG, except for your comment about civility, I totally agree with you. I WISH I didn’t. Sadly, every single judge so far is turning down Trump appeals.

    PETER..McConnell, etc…what weak jerks..BUT…BUT BUT BUT! in FOUR YEARS, we have Hawley, we have Jordan still around, we have Cotton, we have many good women in the House, we have that guy with the patch on his eye who I LOVE, a LOT OF YOUNG REPUBLICAN MEN AND WOMEN who are almost ready now but will be REALLY ready for 2024!!!!

    KID, you said “Never thought I’d know what it’s like to live behind an Iron Curtain.”.. If you could SEE how much FB is censoring Conservatives you’d even feel it more. even I’m shocked…the slightest thing is taken down “It doesn’t fit our ..” Imagine doctors who don’t agree with the average covid fear monger IMMEDIATELY being taken DOWN DOWN DOWN……….GONE. By the way…never to return. FACEBOOK, Twitter, GOOGLE (how many pages into a google search finally show Conservative truth?)….they’re all THE IRON CURTAIN.

    EVERYBODY: DID YOU HEAR LIL WAYNE, that black rapper who stood up for Trump has now been arrested for Drugs and Guns? He probably does drugs, he probably has guns…but the timing strikes me as odd.


  10. MAL says:

    I don’t know. I keep remembering both Biden and Harris ranked among the lowest during the Democratic Convention, which gathered them, like 1% each? And the extremely low turnout at the few rallies he held, then compared to the tens of thousands at all the Trump rallies. It simply doesn’t add up, does it?.
    This a.m. two Georgia Republicans just said the votes have all been counted and Biden won.

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  11. geeez2014 says:

    MAL; and he’s supposedly 150,000 votes behind in Michigan…..

    We just MUST GIVE MONEY to the Perdue/Loeffler campaigns because the Left is REALLY REALLY GEARING UP$$$$$


  12. geeez2014 says:



  13. geeez2014 says:

    SEEN ON FACEBOOK…and put there by Jerry at CHATTER;

    a picture of a turkey with one of those things that some come with that pops out when it’s ready…:


    !!!! SO GOOD!


  14. MAL says:

    HAH! I wouldn’t put it past ’em, Z!


  15. geeez2014 says:

    I also just got a text from a friend who said he’d volunteered for the Pfizer vaccine, one which was developed in Russia, which now takes 6 doses…He said he took the first one this morning at 6:02 am, and is feeling fine…. no side effects…Then he suddenly lapses into Russian letters…!! 🙂

    SO good…I love clever humor. He said he sent it to his mom and she actually texted back, “You’re just joking, right?” HA!!


  16. Baysider says:

    I think Biden knew there was a full court press to put the fix in for him. The more he showed his face – and, worse, Kamala – the worse it would be for him. So he hid behind the shield of Covid. He had co-conspirators who pushed fraudulent tests designed to make tons of cases that would allow Slow Joe to stay hidden.

    Counting on the supreme court? Well, Roberts has turned his coat against the constitution too often. Some say he’s the John Roberts whose name is on the manifest to Epstein’s island – 2x. Common name, who knows if that’s why he’s compromised. Without our Jehu we are sunk politically. With our God we are victorious.

    BP – Love that graphic!
    Z, as for censorship, on our local Nextdoor group someone posted about a clinic doing rapid response Covid testing. I posted a one-sentence question asking about the cycles of test. Before accepting the question, a notice popped up saying that any posts related to Covid had to cite an authority like the FDA, WHO, or one other. Didn’t affect my question, but a chilling reminder of censorship on any topic that has become a controlling mechanism. That presumes that if one were to post this image of cases and deaths shown by white house covid advisor Dr. Atlas you could/would be censored.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, yes, that’s the thinking; that Biden very well knew…the less he was around, the better. He didn’t have to do much, he was going to WIN.
    Roberts hasn’t been a staunch Constitutional conservative since before Epstein….but who can know? He hasn’t always ruled against us but on big things he sure has..Obama Care, etc.

    How is a question censored? WOW!!!!! VERY VERY scary times and SOMETHING has to be done to bring us back from the brink…

    Yes, God is in control but I will not stop believing we need to act, too…The story of Squanto is enough to know He has always had His hand on this land….and we should be protecting it, but if it’s based on Christianity, it’s overruled.

    By the way, anyone EVER hear about restrictions on mosques during COVID? I haven’t.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    I just Googled around about mosques…they have supposedly been closed (I will NEVER EVER EVER believe that…remember, the FEDS can’t go into mosques)….so they are allowing more and louder calls to prayer OUTSIDE the mosques…some communities are complaining.
    Who the H wants to hear Muslim call to prayer through the streets in America? I do not.


  19. Baysider says:

    They don’t want to hear the Muslim calls to prayer in Hamtramck Michigan but were forced to. 6 am!! And I am angry about construction starting 1 hour early here. The Moslems pretend it’s the same as church bells. Not quite. Only to a foreign ear.

    And, yes, God expects action out of His people.

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