Trump’s Speech for TODAY:

My dear fellow Americans,

The election is over, you voted and, let’s face it, it was very close.   I cannot thank you enough for the amazing vote of confidence 73 million votes gives me and my administration.  I thank those of you who see the same America I see, one of helping all to reach their potential, one of protecting our borders and our safety via our great police forces, one of building up an incredible military and using it here now to protect our land.  I thank those who saw the fantastic economy brought by our lowering taxes and easing regulations.  I thank those of you who actually understand that nobody knew what COVID was and what it would cause and that I should be so proud, we all should, of the great work Mike Pence’s Task Force continues to do in spite of the insults and mischaracterizations.   There’s so much, but I’ll leave it at that.  You understand America and love her as I do.  We’re a good bunch of people, we Americans!

SO, the election is over and I’m being roundly insulted by many on the Left for not just limping into obscurity, as a “crackpot” as someone at CNN said, and they want 73  million of you, and me, to just ‘MOVE ON’.  Many Republicans do, too.    I get that.  They believe I’m “AUTHORITARIAN” ,  “UNDEMOCRATIC”.  BUT  let me tell you what AUTHORITARIAN and UNDEMOCRATIC LOOKS LIKE:

You will be told you must pay higher taxes.  You will be told illegal immigrants need to have free healthcare and that borders must be open so we can pay more.  You will be told your college tuition might have been paid for by your blood, sweat and tears, but the kids today get it free.  We’re being told America wasn’t so great and we can now change it!   Do we have a say in that, America?   We have a media which only gives you one side…is that a democracy?  How can we not know other opinions and  feel informed enough to vote?  We’re told we must listen to only the Left’s scientists on covid, climate change, etc., etc.,…isn’t that authoritarian?  Ya, I think so.

SO…I believe it’s more than DEMOCRATIC to look  into voter fraud, look into the affidavits we have from vote watchers saying machines changed votes, thousands came in  which weren’t counted, some households voted 9 times and 4 of them were their dog, dates were clearly changed.      Judges are turning us down because we haven’t enough proof….I get that, but please listen;

I also get that I OWE IT TO YOU to make sure this vote reflects a majority of Americans; THAT is the most Democratic thing I can imagine.   Give us time.  We’re acting for YOU.

Be wary of an Administration which doesn’t believe all valid complaints about voting must be looked into..Remember Mrs. Clinton’s advice to Joe Biden to never concede.

Stay with us.  We are doing this for you, for America.   God bless America.


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36 Responses to Trump’s Speech for TODAY:

  1. bocopro says:

    In a bold and daring, almost “peaceful” coup d’état, the Murkan mass media and never-Trumpers managed to snatch failure from the grip of success by fraud, finagle, and filching to get a late-stage Alzheimer’s with moderate Tourette’s and a muddled memory into office so that his power-hungry Veep can administer the coup de grâce and become the nation’s first FemPotUS.

    All’s I kin say ‘bout dat is . . . keerful whatcha wish fer, y’all. To paraphrase Golda Meir, prosperity was a fait accompli until the left decided that they hate Donald Trump more than they love their country.

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  2. kidme37 says:

    IF and when, a lot of this should go into DJT’s final address to America.


  3. geeez2014 says:

    I’m glad a couple of you like it, a lot of my email buddies do, particularly my one who worked for Reagan at the WH, wishing Trump would use this speech! Of course, she’s a dear friend, so…. But she’s pretty honest!

    It’s an example of being tough, resolute, awakening people to truth without getting nasty or loose with facts, right?

    I wish he’d do it today;

    So Sidney Powell is OUT…..”During Sunday’s edition of ABC’s This Week, Christie told host George Stephanopoulos that Trump’s campaign has had enough time to present evidence of voter fraud, but they have failed to do so. He said the legal challenge has turned into a “national embarrassment,” singling out Sidney Powell for accusing Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) of a crime and then refusing to back it up with evidence.”

    That’s what I’ve been saying’….enough time to present BIG evidence if they had it (and I believe they do or are waiting for some they know is coming)…..Powell did cross a line, apparently.

    Well, she had ME going; I got all excited that PROOF WAS COMING: That’s why, the last week or so, I’ve been saying how it reads true ..and we all got excited……….and WHERE THE HECK IS IT?

    THIS is why that Federalist Society Republican Judge in PA said “NO…..there’s no legit proof”


    I’m wondering if POwell and GIuliani’s huge accusations of Venezuela, etc., haven’t done damage to the legitimate voter fraud that has also been discussed/ (but has also been thrown out of courts).

    What do you guys think of her being “thrown under the bus” as liberals are saying and how they’
    re suggesting she was “EVEN TOO MUCH FOR TRUMP” God, I HATE those inferences…”EVEN TOO MUCH”. jerks

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  4. bunkerville says:

    As Rush said this afternoon….She jumped the shark with her accusations against the Gov…she is putting the Senate races in jeopardy,.,.. after all there is the woman has been claiming to be gov and cheated out of the win… why go there that he is in bed with the software company…


  5. geeez2014 says:

    BUNK…you said “…after all there is the woman has been claiming to be gov and cheated out of the win… why go there that he is in bed with the software company…”
    I REALLY wish I knew what you mean by that…”the woman” “he?” “the win” (there I am being obtuse again?)

    But yes, I TOTALLY agree with RUSH on how she is putting the senate races in jeopardy..hopefully, she’ll just GO AWAY.


  6. kidme37 says:

    First off I pay no attention to what 3 yr olds have to say (all libs). Then Christie and his pal Georgie Porgie Commie Pie can go you knopw what. Preferrably with each other.

    No doubt there are libs who are imposters trying to make the DJT team look like a clown show. Jenna (big on the DJT legal team) said Powell is not on the DJT legal team. Could Powell be one of those? A little organ music and tune in tomorrow to How America Gets Flushed followed by Could You Design a More Disgusting Media. So gald I don’t watch or listen.


  7. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, I’m so glad I do! Two different personalities, I guess :-)!! I want to know.
    I don’t think it takes much to make it look like a clown show…I’m HOPING AGAINST HOPE Jenna comes through because Giuliani isn’t….
    We have to realize IF THEY HAD EVIDENCE, THEY”D PRESENT THE EVIDENCE…and they aren’t…not well enough. What’s it friggin’ TAKE?

    The got Venezuela and Soros and all of those tasty things people are sensitive to and get all excited about… and they played on that instead of the BIG FRAUD obviously really committed or they wouldn’t have affidavits from so many vote counters…I think 1000? WHERE ARE THOSE? Why are judges kicking them out?


  8. MAL says:

    That would be a great speech, but would probably be met with “who wrote it for him?” ’cause it just ain’t Trump, is it? That would be out of character and met with a lot of doubt.
    Remember about a year or so back I mentioned we’d been herded into a stall thats been closed on the back and both sides? Well, with the election of Biden they just closed the front, boxing us in completely.


  9. bunkerville says:

    The Black woman who has claimed she won by 60K votes…it was stolen from her by the fraud. she is raising and getting ballots for tens of thousands… forget her name.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    Bunkerville…not too much news escapes me but that i have no clue about…a Black Democrat or Republican? If she’s Republican, GOOD~!!!! Is it that pretty Black girl in Maryland? I wonder how she did. I suppose she lost.

    MAL; the fact that it’s out of character is basically one of the bigger reaSons Trump lost…which is my WHOLE POINT 😦
    It’s NOT out of character, from the folks I’ve heard of who know him….it’s his character without the rally hubris and hyperbole.


  11. skudrunner says:

    The election is over and best we realize it.
    Now we have obama lite and for the next several months predator joey will follow orders. After botox nan decides it is time to have a new president cruilla will ascend to the pillar


  12. Baysider says:

    Excellent. Just perfect. Wish he’d say it.

    Very disappointed in how things turned out with Sydney Powell. I did not follow the details, so have no idea what the “Venezuela” thing is about, other than the voting system widely used here was designed to control the rigging of that election. There will always be a question. Powell shifted into work exposing corruption in the prosecutor’s office, and is very skilled in uncovering evidence, at least domestically.

    And speaking of elections having consequences, we’re in a fix in Georgia because of a Losertarian candidate most likely. I haven’t even followed it closely enough to understand why a state has BOTH senators up for election in the same cycle. Just too, too much going on here.


  13. MAL says:

    I whole-heartedly agree with you, Z. The bias of the majority of the press was the biggest factor in his loss, but his mouth sealed his fate, no question. Had he been more “presidential”, who knows? I doubt the press would’ve been any kinder to him though, given their history with Sarah Palin and Romney. Trump didn’t take any of their crap, including not ever showing his tax returns. Hmmm. Perhaps now they’ll ask for Uncle Joe’s tax returns? How about Hunters? Now, that would be interesting, wouldn’t it?


  14. peter3nj says:

    geeez- you left out one word in your post: marginalized
    73 million marginalized votes.

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  15. kidme37 says:

    Oh absolutely Z. Viva la Difference Por Favor !

    As Jenna said, evidence will be given in court. I don’t know where they are with that.

    Judges? Well Roberts put the Okey Doke on unconstitutional obammycare. I admit I’m not paying a lot of attention until things actually start happening, but it seems all these judges are working behind enemy lines – blue and battleground states. I didn’t expect much from them.

    Generally speaking, I’m not paying much attention until the SC either OK’s the invalid election results or not. I don’t care about the rest of the shenanigans. Id rather eat cat fur than be exposed to all the speculation, which is the main reason I don’t watch or listen intentionally. Plus you tell me all I need to know. 🙂


  16. geeez2014 says:

    ED, Abrams still bitching about her last election? She was up for nothing this time.
    I thought Bunkerville was talking about this year’s election and someone who is feeling the same as Trump does?

    MAL: I think the press will be even more close mouthed about the Hunter thing UNTIL they (THEY) decide Joe has to go,it’s time for Kamala Harris to COMPLETELY destroy our country. Then they’ll start slowly drip drip dripping until Joe goes due to the new Section 25 Pelosi’s been working on…guaranteeing presidential succession isn’t just death but cognitive, dementia stuff. VOila. done.

    skudrunner, I agree 100%.
    And I also have a deep peace about it because I never in my lifetime thought “the pendulum would swing baCk”, like Dad used to say….NOW I DO. Two years of THIS and they’ll be SCREAMING to vote the Left out. Already today Joe’s saying he wants to TAX all existing AND new assault rifles $200. Gee, remember that “nobody making under $400K will get tax increases”….drip drip drip !!!

    YIPPEEEE go for it, Joe the Jerk!

    BAYSIDER; i kept getting videos of Powell and Lin Wood (HELLOOOO, LIN? WHERE AAAARE YOUUUU!?) and all the BIG TIME INFO THEY HAD. ANd I’d write friends back “And so WHERE IS IT?”
    It’s either nonexistent or I heard them wrong or they lied…or????
    Powell made a COMPLETE fool of herself and could even have hurt her career in the future…this was BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD.
    Trump’s team is saying WE NEVER HIRED HER and she’s saying back I NEVER CHARGED THEM ANYTHING. I think she’s so loyal to Trump she is saying that to make HIM not look as terrible as some are painting him now since he won’t do the transition stuff…Except now he is.




  17. geeez2014 says:

    KID…WHAT COURT? SUPREME COURT? I’ve heard that mentioned but don’t they have to get more appeals turned down first?
    and , gee, i hate to break it to Trump’s team, BUT THEY NEED REAL (REAL) EVIDENCE to present to the SCOTUS ….Trump doesn’t need MORE stuff to get laughed at about.


  18. geeez2014 says:

    A FRIEND WROTE ME THIS JUST NOW:..after I’d told her I thought Powell really let herself and all of us down, blah blah blah:

    “That is the media filter. I think the statement was a clarification that gives her much more autonomy to go after Dems and republicans alike. If there was any issue among the lawyers there would not have been a vague statement like that. In my crisis comm experience (which includes media relations and congressional hearings), I think this was by design”

    Ya, in the back of my mind, I’ve thought my friend could be right…by ‘the statement’, she responds to the Powell Tweet about not having billed Trump for anything, therefore she doesn’t technically work for him……..
    “By design” might be right. but TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE


  19. kidme37 says:

    Z and Mal, I have to disagree. DJT was in a losing proposition had he been Mad Max or Julie Andrews with an umbrella. A no win situation, so put out what is going on honestly.

    It wasn’t just the rallies that showed Trump supporters. Did you read about the 96 Mile Caravan of Trump supporters in Arizona close to the election? Confirmed by AZ DPS. And remember most Trump supporters, like me, are working and don’t have the ability to stand around for 24 hours to attend a rally. Plus personally, I have little interest in rallies. Trump activities told me who he was and because I’m an American he had my vote – the very first time I would vote FOR someone in fact was in 2020 on Nov 3. Prior to this I voted Against democrats. I have to vehemently disagree with your calculations for the number of Trump supporters who voted for him.

    I will go to my grave believing DJT won by many millions of votes that were overcome by illegal ballots showing up after 2am, all for Biden. They only matter in battleground states and the Trump team will not throw money at states that don’t matter to the election but I believe the national popular vote is also very heavily skewed towards the communists.

    They did it with Al Franken and they did it with Allen West, probably as test runs and they’ve done it in various other places too in prior elections without as much at stake.

    They have nothing to lose. Even if the election is turned will anyone go to jail? Maybe Mary Ann Glampers of Flint MI. No one who matters. This problem will not go away and eventually the commies will be in charge. It is innebbidible.

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  20. geeez2014 says:

    KID, I get it…I really wish I felt that way. But all those thousands at rallies and all those boat parades and all those car lines are not huge enough a number and , heck, he DID get over SEVENTY MILLION VOTES>
    WHich is why I BELIEVE he’s now saying he’ll remain a force (per a text a friend just sent, thrilled that FOX is reporting Trump’s not going way)…I believe he’s that good a guy that he feels he can’t let that many million people down.

    Look, I don’t believe he lost….Honestly, I believe he probably won and that it was close….just not enough to be able to overcome the fraud.

    I heard the Dominion CEO say how “non partison people were the vote counters” and then I knew something was up. HOW THE HELL DOES HE KNOW that 50 Black folks in Detroit (you saw it on TV, not just me) ALL BLACK, were NON PARTISAN? SINCE FRIGGIN” WHEN?????
    And something clicked in me “He’s BSing SO big time…’s HE know they’re NO PARTISAN? Did they fill out a form and checked NON PARTISAN?” Of course not. Why did he say that?
    To cover their tracks.

    As I said just above your comment, KID…I am angry at Powell because she, and others, got our hopes up, but she sank LOW today…..and my friend thinks it’s a PLOY. And I’m counting on that to be true.

    I WANT TRUMP TO WIN in spite of the fact our cities will be nearly destroyed if it happens. I want the LEFT IN JAIL, I WANT THE WORLD HATERS TO SAY “OH S*IT, HE’S B ACK” and I want Joe Biden in a home.



  21. kidme37 says:

    That’s what I want too Z. And No One needs to agree with me for me to be happy or satisfied or anything else. Just putting down my thoughts for the time capsule your blog contents will no doubt be placed.

    Yea, I have no idea the twists and turns and don’t want to know. I do know this will end up in the SC, and eventually we will find out if DJT stays in the White House or not – the only two things I give two shakes about. Other people like the details and I get that easily.

    I will most assuredly enjoy the scrambling of brains on the left if DJT prevails. Oh yea.

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  22. kidme37 says:

    Dominion CEO – non-partisan vote counters. Well, let’s hear from Allysa Milano on that one before we make up our minds.

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  23. Baysider says:

    Remember, so many of these “non partisan” vote counters were hired by zuckerburg funding leftist activist groups.

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  24. Baysider says:

    And I believe like your dad, we can’t go back. People will just get used to being boiled and accept a few crumbs and call it victory. After all I’ve gone through in this house, I am no longer shocked by what people will get used to accepting.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER, I might have written it clumsily; my father was an optimist and he DID believe the pendulum would swing back…I didn’t, but I do now. I do believe if anything can kick it back it’s a couple of years of Biden and Kamala.

    You so BEAUTIFULLY say “People will just get used to being boiled and accept a few crumbs and call it victory.”. THAT is the biggest fear.
    Just tonight, I was thinking “The Left’s been very clever…COVID started and they put their heads together and started taking advantage of it…ballots, ruining the Trump economy, taking POWER…”
    I couldn’t agree with you more.

    KID is probably right and we won’t wake up….I TOTALLY get him………I just hope and pray we can.


  26. geeez2014 says:

    I just ran across an AXIOS article on Murphy of the GSA turning the presidency, basically, over to Biden…..It says she’s a Trump appointee, it makes a lot of things seem political and anti-Trump…..but it never once mentions that Trump asked her to go ahead because he didn’t want her or her family to continue to be harassed.
    Is that typical, or what? God forbid AXIOS made Trump look good. AXIOS: JUST TELL THE WHOLE STORY.


  27. Stacy Abrams is raising money for Osoff and what’s his name based on her grievance against Kemp stealing her election.


  28. geeez2014 says:

    Ed. thanks…very true….Bunk’s comment was confusing.
    Abrams is trouble….I believe she’s under 30 yeaRs old…..quite a mess, probably being groomed like someone groomed Obama for their purposes.

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  29. geeez2014 says:

    By the way, Abrams doesn’t have to really do too much; they’re POURING money in from all over the country to make sure the Senate isn’t lost…..

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  30. geeez2014 says:

    Biden is saying, about the horrible rises in homicides, etc., across the country “We’re bringing law enforcement into the WH and WE CAN WORK IT OUT!”

    WORK IT OUT!! There ya go, Americans…!! Joe’s going to WORK IT OUT!!! You’ll feel safe then 🙂


  31. peter3nj says:

    And a big hallelujah to Abrams and the sick and corrupt individuals and party still support her. While the Dems stick together through hell and high water Crazy Glue couldn’t get the republicans to stick together…and they have learned nothing over the past four years. I’m still getting republican e-mails asking for money….what balls!


  32. kidme37 says:

    Peter, When I get mail from the repubs asking for money, I print this out, stick it in the return envelope, don’t put a stamp on it and send it back. Haven’t heard from em in a while now.


  33. peter3nj says:

    Kid- well, since bon fires 🔥 are verboten I choose to dump them in Porta-Johns in the dark neighborhoods.


  34. MAL says:

    We got a 4 year reprieve from Trump’s tenure, otherwise it would of started with Hilldabeast.


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