What a story!!


I love this story.  Let’s all try to stop shopping Amazon (it’s just so easy!) and start supporting local stores particularly for Christmas.  Some stores make a lot of their year’s profit at the holidays….is that going to be gone, too?

In LA, even restaurants who went to expensive lengths to facilitate outside dining are told NO MORE OUTDOOR DINING…only take out and deliveries!  As of Wednesday night!  They bought new furniture, heaters,  plastic sheeting, etc…and now?  Newsom didn’t like that…..by the way, he totally lied about French Laundry’s night, saying they were outside when they were not.   But he wants to SHUT DOWN RESTAURANT INCOME.   jackass.

BUY TAKE OUT….GET FOOD DELIVERED……SHOP LOCAL STORES!  And make sure you read my linked story, it’s SHORT 🙂


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  1. bocopro says:

    Milady & I do not shop on-line. Period. We’ve NEVER purchased anything ourselves through Amazon or HSN or anything other than brick & mortar . . . not even mail-order catalogues. Our kids and grandkritters do, but we don’t.

    No . . . that’s not exactly true – I occasionally bought parts for automobiles through the J.C. Whitney catalogue when local stores didn’t carry or didn’t have what I needed.

    At first my reluctance to do on-line shopping was an ol’ country-boy fear of buyin a pig in a poke . . . order somethin from somebody you don’t know in a place you’ve never been and expect it to look exactly like the picture.

    Then as the trend became popular and the inevitable numerical thievery began to escalate, we just decided that we’d like to be able to return a defective product to a human person for exchange or reimbursement, which didn’t seem practical via the ‘net.

    We especially weren’t thrilled with the idea of someone’s stealing our identity, raping our credit rating, and pillaging our bank accounts. So we just never got into the whole shift from greenbacks and/or checks to card-readers and fone bots.

    Yes, we realize we’re just being stubborn and that if someone really wants to get hold of our data it just ain’t that hard these days. I mean, you gotta trust the people at the bank and the places where you snail-mail your check payments, right?

    And recently some organizations, such as AT&T, have made traditional payment methods almost impossible. AT&T, for instance, made it perfectly clear that late-payment punitive fees would result from our check not making it to their clearing house prior to the drop-dead date.

    One time we got the hardcopy billing statement ON THE DAY PAYMENT WAS DUE !! Reggie called their processing center and got a very snotty agent who essentially threatened her with penalties for not shifting to paperless payments.

    So she now calls that one in by fone. And some local utilities haven’t been much better with things, so she’s considering going auto-pay on a coupla those. But we simply do NOT do bidness via the aether. And rather than feeling old-fashioned or out-of-touch for resisting “modern” trends, we’re actually rather smug about it. And we DEFINALLY feel safer about it.

    Oh, and we have NEVER ordered food to be delivered to the house. We’ve called ahead and then gone to pick it up from the restaurant or shop, but some of the stuff we like doesn’t travel well in a beat-up Honda driven by a distracted teenager working for minimum wage and tips, like large tureens of hot, spicy soup from the Asian places for colds and flu.

    Yeah, my bride and I are stuck in the 60s, I reckon . . . a time comparably dangerous and tempestuous to what we’re living in today . . . but that don’t mean we LIKE having people demand that we pay our bills TO bots and LIKE bots. My attitudes toward much of how things are done today can best be summed up with a one-syllable imperative verb and a 2nd-person pronoun.

    And there’s a lot more closure satisfaction in handing a clerk a coupla greenbacks and taking home a purchase you KNOW is intact and what you were looking for than giving total strangers your economic vitals and waiting for somethin to show up that might be the wrong size, the wrong model, or just broke.


  2. There is some stuff I am not going to hunt all the boating or hardware stores looking for, but I am willing to pay a small premium to purchase locally.
    I pay a large premium to dine out locally.
    It doesn’t have to be a $3k tip to keep a local venue open.
    $25 tips are appreciated until the fascist constraints are overturned.

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  3. bunkerville says:

    Unfortunately too many stores failed to keep up with the times. Sears and Montgomery Ward. They were positioned to take advantage of the new tech wave and didn’t. Even Walmart was late to the game and just now pushing forward with free shipping.
    Its asking a lot of me to take the time and pay a premium to benefit the unwillingness to get with the times. These days it doesn’t cost a bundle to put together a website.
    One time whale oil was the thing to light lamps…. but times change…..get with it.
    (I know this seems harsh– guess I am a bit cranky today.)

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  4. kidme37 says:

    I’d actually rather see businesses, especially restaurants defy the orders. I read 3 LA Country sheriffs have said they won’t enforce. So what is the little mafia guy gonna do? Fine them? Who will collect or padlock the doors? In the end I don’t see where democrat state government has the upper hand here. In any state actually.

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  5. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO….I am fighting hard to avoid paperless billing but they know exactly what they’re doing…like having it due the day you get the bill in the mail, which has happened to me, too. Long story but I’ve called and told them I don’t appreciate the intimidation or pressure and I get what they’re doing. “So you want us to send invoices?” “yes, I do.”

    ED…I think that tip was pretty wonderful… Not sure why you pay a premium to eat locally, but I’m glad you can. We have to have food del’d or go pick it up. Delivery is hard around here because the delivery companies charge the restaurant 30%, according to my favorite Mexican restaurant.

    BUNK: Not sure any companies aren’t on line these days,,, WalMart isn’t? Maybe I’m not getting your point. sorry.

    KID: Around here, unless you’re staying open, thereby defying orders, you can’t have got that $3K tip 🙂 Yes, California sheriffs are furious….a good thing.
    I believe this is causing people to rethink democrat government at all.

    EVERYONE: This was a REAL good news story I loved. I still do; Sorry it seems to have fallen like a lead balloon this morning! Smile, if you’re lucky enough to dine at a restaurant, give a bigger tip; doesn’t have to be $3K like that great guy did.


  6. geeez2014 says:

    OFF TOPIC: Did you all hear the American car companies are delighted with Biden’s electric car crap? They like Biden’s climate change goals and are happy about bringing in more electric cars despite the evidence that shows they bring a ton of problems of their own?!!


  7. geeez2014 says:



  8. geeez2014 says:

    GAD….there are 88,000 Americans in the hospital with COVID today…


  9. kidme37 says:

    Do they really have Covid Z, or are the hospitals ringing the cash register. I Don’t Know but I have to wonder given what we know about that.

    I have been tipping more, especially at the places where it’s obvious the servers have at best 50% of the customer tables.

    Not to speak for Bunk but places like Sears, HH Gregg and others that ignored the online ordering presence for so long are the ones going/went out of business. Best Buy is still doing well, and I don’t think it’s because of their on line ordering. They’ve found additional ways to keep it going. Having their competitors go belly up sure didn’t hurt.

    But it’s like the post office pretended online bill pay and email were just fads or something. Now they lose billions of dollars a year delivering junk mail to us. A great case for why capitalism beats socialism. If the post office wasn’t run on tax dollars they’d either be making money or out of business and someone else who knew how to run a postal organization would be doing it.


  10. geeez2014 says:

    KID: Gotta say that COVID thing went thru my mind, but I know most docs are honest and most patients go in on their doc’s encouragement because they’re that sick. Mine has told me NEVER GO IN UNLESS YOU HAVE TALKED TO ME OR YOU ARE HAVING A LOT OF TROUBLE BREATHING (that is, if he knows I could have COVID and we’re not sure)

    Imagine FEd Ex taking over the mail? Man, it’d get here quick and surely.
    Oddly, I sent Christmas cards to my Munich kids about 2 weeks ago thinking I’d be lucky if they even made it in time considering how long OUR mail is taking IN the USA….and they got it already! GEEEEEZ
    THey .lose a ton of dough thru on line billing, etc., don’t they…….yes, they’re mostly delivering junk mail except to those of us fighting NOT to go PAPERLESS.

    Talk about PAPERLESS:

    It kind of freaks me out…because they’re are making OUR decisions. Will there be a day we can’t get beef because they’ve told ranchers they can get rich growing hemp?
    Like what I wrote above about American car companies suddenly elated over helping climate change and pushing electric cars? I DON’T WANT AN ELECTRIC CAR!!! They going to decide FOR ME?


  11. kidme37 says:

    Soylent Green before too long. Cast me as E.G. Robinson.


  12. Baysider says:

    LOVE this story. I told the owner of a restaurant where I did takeout last night that I came in part because I was so pissed at the renewed edict for restaurants (who have invested thousands to accommodate temporary dining arrangements on streets and sidewalks) to shut down except for takeout.

    I have never been a fan of shopping and do almost all of it online. BUT here’s food for thought from our local paper: https://www.smobserved.com/story/2020/11/25/news/beware-these-retailers-on-black-friday-amazon-ebay-and-wish-instead-purchase-directly-from-companies-like-kroger-costco-home-depot-target-lowes-best-buy-etc/5069.html

    The article is about counterfeits and shoddy goods.

    Don’t start me on electric cars! Best I see it there are 3 main issues with them:
    1) They make some users ‘feel good.’ Generally people who cannot execute 2nd stage thinking. And often those who prefer the rules apply to you, not them.

    2) They transfer the loci of pollution from the end points of use to the creation points where the electricity is made (coal fired plants more likely than hydroelectric, solar or wind – let’s be real!), with a trickle loss of power on the way.

    3) They put the driver’s body in what’s more or less a Faraday Cage which amplifies the effects of being in close proximity to long doses of EMF radiation leading to more oxidative stress, cell damage, DNA fragmentation, headaches, visual troubles, miscarriage, neurological effects and sleepiness behind the wheel (thank you Scripps for that study).

    BTW, did you know that ‘in the beginning’ about a third of cars WERE electric? You can trace government favor of certain industries (well one – oil) to government nudging market forces to favor development of gas engine vehicles and disfavor electric. Not arguing the benefits or deficits, just that the true costs of energy were papered over by government ‘subsidies’ and favors which we began to realize in 1974 when we couldn’t buy gas.


  13. MAL says:

    On my 92nd birthday last Sept. we went to Dennys for breakfast at 7:30 and were the first ones there. They said being my birthday I get a free breakfast but I told them no, we’re trying to help them so didn’t take it. I left a $10 bill for tip on a $20 breakfast. Also, I recently bought an electric trimmer at Walmart and paid $10 more for one made in the USA over the one from China. We don’t always have that option, though, do we?
    A couple of years ago a neighbor bought a Tesla and had solar panels put on his roof so is pretty self-sufficient. However, paying $80 to $100,000 + for a car that won’t drive more than maybe 300 miles without a recharge, which can be time consuming if you can even find a place, just doesn’t seem practical. We need at least 500-600 miles range before it becomes attractive to me.


  14. MAL says:

    But at my age I still have a lot of time, right? ;o)


  15. Baysider says:

    Mal, I am surprised you had an option to buy USA. 🤭 I do the same for water heaters for my apartment building.


  16. Baysider says:

    BTW, when Newsom was at the French Laundry it was reported it was for a lobbyist’s birthday. No one is saying it’s the lobbyist for the California Medical Association!! And the head of the CMA was there too! These guys are point men on Governor Gruesome’s lockdown push. Tells me they don’t believe all this nonsense they’re pushing.

    Oh well. When the earth totters, and all its inhabitants,
    it is I who keep steady its pillars.
    Ps 75:3


  17. skudrunner says:

    I wouldn’t consider Sears and Monkey Ward as local businesses. It is difficult to get what you need locally and Amazon makes it so simple. Order it and it arrives in a couple of days, don’t like it or it is the wrong thing, return it at their expense without any hassle.
    I do eat out four to five times a week and always leave a 50% tip or more for good service. Bad service gets 15%.
    I own a diesel PU but am thinking about a hybrid which makes the most sense. Fully electric is fine if you have an urban existence but a tesla is way over the top for what you get.


  18. MAL says:

    Another thing about Amazon (which I seldom, if ever, use) is they now have their own delivery vehicles! We constantly see their vans delivering packages. I guess they found it cheaper than FED-UPS!


  19. geeez2014 says:

    KID..E G Robinson…one of the most underrated best actors ever!

    Mal…I like everything you wrote…GOOD for you! And no, I WISH we had that BUY AMERICAN option more …we might have under another four years of Trump but I don’t see that happening ever since their employers in China screw their people so badly..we pay insurance, we pay healthy salaries, ….how do we compete, right?

    I Have to admit I BUY A TON OF AMAZON….like someone on the radio said “They have all your credit card info, etc…they make it SO EASY’ Yup. Damn.

    SKUDRUNNER, sometimes I get an Amazon package and feel like I ordered it TOMORROW, you know? SO FAST!!
    GOOD ON YOU for those healthy tips.

    I LOVE that you guys are ALL DOING THAT!!! LOVE IT!

    BAYSIDER, ya, it has been reported about who was at that party..QUITE something, isn’t it?
    Did I mention on my blog that a friend of a fellow blogger took that picture the news got? Yup, his wife (who snapped it) and he happened to be at French Laundry that night and thought “That’s odd!…” HAHA!! my friend emailed the pic to me…along with yet another Newsom picture that isn’t published!
    I had only recently heard electric cars have been around a long time! Glad to know it’s true.
    Our friend Donald E has an electric car…he’s a BIG BIG liberal, as you know…as is R.E., and he told me he HATES THE ELECTRIC CAR….He told me why and I’ve forgotten….just plain inconvenient and not as cheap as he’d hoped, I think.!!!!!
    LOVE that Psalm scripture…yes, indeed.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    BAYSIDER……we are supposed to have groups who check on fake/counterfeit goods…what the heck are they DOING? That’s astonishing…Costco 17% LESS than Amazon?”
    I have to go to Costco; I’ve been once to use Carolyn’s card to buy my last new TV!!!
    I just hate it 😦

    Thanks for all that info. Happy Thanksgiving….going to be with Suzanne?


  21. kidme37 says:

    Amazon – The main reason I like Amazon is too often I’d find myself out looking for a product and can’t find exactly what I’m looking for then pull it up on the phone if I do and see other sources at better prices. I like to buy USA but I’m not going to cut my nose off to…

    I like the Chrysler or Chevy trucks with the big Buy American!!! signs on them, My 2012 Toyota Tundra was # 4 on the American made parts and labor top 10 list at the time and Chevy and Chrysler didn’t even make the list. Ford F150 was #1 at the time, Corvette # 10 and all else ‘foreign vehicles’.

    Electric Cars – I could use one. I can’t remember the last time I drove over 100 miles in a day. Usually it’s a 35 mile round trip to the office including the drive for lunch. I’d love to have one, but I’m not going to buy some cheap piece of junk, forget Chevy Volt that can go 40 miles last I heard, or even a comparable midsize like a Tesla at the same price or more than a car with an internal combustion engine and all the supporting components. Come on mfgs, it’s a car with some electric motors and batteries. Has to be much less to make than the one with the tailpipe.


  22. kidme37 says:

    PS – You can find better prices than Amazon’s price on some things. I have but I still buy on line when I can.

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  23. Baysider says:

    No Thanksgiving offers. They are in limbo, too. I got something to make here, but too daunting to clean up for visitors or I’d invite them. At best I get one room a month done. November was to have been the dining room’s month – but didn’t make it. Lots of kitty pee/poop all over to clean up. All day Monday with kitty at the ER – which meant sitting in the parking lot in my car. They wouldn’t even let you in to use the bathroom. (We had to drive home.) (:

    There are aggressive groups trying to clamp down on the counterfeits, online and in person. But it’s whack-a-mole.

    I read a few weeks ago that the former Chief Science Advisor at Pfizer had some pretty caustic commentary about the Covid testing and lockdowns. He’s retired now so can speak. No enemy of ‘big pharma’ but has a LOT to say about this mess. Many interviews. Here’s one:
    He addresses cases up but no excess deaths, the PCR test not a valid test, and very few should ever need a covid vaccine. I was glad to get more info on the no excess deaths since that’s being pushed. The ‘excess deaths’ are from other causes, things that likely were let go (cancer) to avoid contacts with others or because options were not available. NOT covid.

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  24. Mal’s comment illustrates what I was talking about concerning paying a premium.
    Nobody is charging me a premium, Like Mal, I tip big . That waitress is hurting.
    I once tipped $100 at Christmas so my waitress could get on a bus to see her son graduate basic training. I tipped the owner of my favorite diner $50 on a $15 takeout at the start of this.
    His wife cried. (She just became a citizen a week ago,)
    I can afford it, so I do it. I’m not rich.
    My point was that $3k is nice. And it certainly is. God bless a cheerful giver.
    But I celebrate Mal as well.


  25. geeez2014 says:

    ED…I love that you follow your heart and do what you know you can, and should, do…God bless you and Scheri~!!!
    I celebrate you AND Mal!!

    BAYSIDER, I got that in an email today…I’m thinking twice about having this vaccine because it’s almost like a horror movie; A gov’t wants to make puppets out of every single citizen, so they get another country to release a virus with the promise of huge and advantageous trade deals, and take over the power.
    The problem is WHO WANTS A COUNTRY OF VACCINATED ODDBALLS, so that cheers me up a bit!! I’d REALLY rather not have the vaccination and was trying to talk myself into it here the other day, but I don’t want to be fORCED to. I have had the shingles vaccine; I’ve had flu vaccines, all the other stuff..it’s been my CHOICE.
    Sadly, I do believe there are significant deaths FROM Covid, but I believe MANY are preexisting conditions, etc….Funny, the Left says FOLLOW THE SCIENCE, NOT TRUMP; but when THE SCIENCE says something they don’t like, it’s not science?

    I’m sorry you’ll be home, just the 2 of you tomorrow…..In comparison to my uncle’s home in Bel Air and the glory of those wonderful holidays there, it’ll just be me and a girlfriend tomorrow. if you can sneak away for an hour, please do. Honestly.

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