I personally think the constant meme that GEORGIANS WON’T VOTE IF THEY KEEP HEARING THAT FRAUD WILL KEEP THEIR VOTE FROM COUNTING.   I think it’s a big lie perpetrated SO Georgians won’t vote.

Did you see how the pub owner Staten Island was arrested for staying open against the governor’s edict?  Just down the street, those bars were able to stay open but his part of the street couldn’t.  About 1500 people were out there carrying flags and calling for an end to closures.   I believe more and more of this will happen and Democrat governors are going to be screwed at their next elections.  Do you?

The British are starting to get vaccinated some time this week, apparently.   People are hysterical here about why our FDA isn’t even finalizing the approval (or not) until next week.  Many are saying the FDA has to go slow or people would think they’re rushing it.  What do you think?

Obama whined a few days ago about Trump keeping illegal children in cages…”So terrible!”  The truth is it was HE who created these cages.  But the media keeps quiet…after all, King Obama can’t be proven WRONG……..did you see that?



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43 Responses to A FEW THINGS….

  1. bocopro says:

    What’s on my mind? Well, re the public resistance to continued restrictions and lockdowns, Denny published one of my rants on the topic ( http://grouchyoldcripple.com/2020/12/ronsday-happy-thanksgiving/ ).

    They killed our economy, seriously wounded the air-travel industry, closed our schools, destroyed jobs and businesses, downplayed or demonized effective treatments, terrified Americans to the point where they were afraid to venture out of their homes, turned neighbors against neighbors. They even succeeded in fomenting distrust of any COVID vaccines developed under President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

    They were successful in using the WuHuFlu panic to get the hated Orangeman out of office. And now the media will provide cover for Biden’s butt with the same zeal they demonstrated in destroying Trump.

    Any day now, and most certainly by the time Sundowner Joe takes office, they’ll begin working furiously to inform us of the fact that Covid has a greater than 95.5% survival rate while downplaying its danger to anyone unendangered with other morbidities such as asthma, sickle-cell anemia, COPD, chronic bronchitis, and so on.

    Masks, social distancing, movement restrictions . . . it’ll all go away, and the credit will be showered upon The Sniffer. In other words, they’ll actually begin reporting the truth about the “pandemic” to make Quid-Pro Joe look good.

    We’ll see the Death-O-Meters on CNN and the other lib networks disappear as if swept away by a wizard’s hand, ‘cuz they’re comfortable in their belief that public ignorance and leftist propaganda are the bedrock strength of “the American people.”

    Y’know… sometimes it seems to me that that CNN and the other alphabet networks’ journalistic code is designed to magnify failed concepts, disguise faulty logic, obfuscate facts, conceal truth, and distort reality.

    And if things don’t go swimmingly in that “return to normal” atmosphere they’ll credit Dems with, they’ll lay the blame at China’s door . . . and they’ll find insidious ways to spin it so that Trump shares in the blame.

    They’ve already begun to admit that China was just a wee bit less than totally forthcoming with the rest of the world concerning its issues with the Chinese gleep. China lied? I’m shocked! Shocked, I say.

    We’ll prob’ly be ordered to cower and hide in our dens throughout the traditional year-end holiday festivals. We’re hearing Christmas carols already, but I betcha several mayors and governors will don their full Grinch apparel toward the end of this month.

    I rewrote the lyric to one of the most celebratory of all the yuletide carols . . . just for the anti-Trump Bidenites:

    Joy to the Left, their fool has won.
    Let libs receive their stiff.
    Let C N N dismiss his gaffes
    And disregard his sniffs
    And plagiaristic whiffs
    And ignore his 4 decades of mental squiffs.

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  2. It appears that Lin Wood and Sydney Powell are encouraging people to not vote in Georgia.
    Perhaps because it validates THIS election, and that the people of Georgia need to see their process fixed first.
    The counter argument is that this election will be closely watched.
    It was supposed to be closely watched last time.
    After President Trump’s wonderful speech yesterday, a number of elections will be invalidated or we will have bigger troubles than a revote.


  3. kidme37 says:

    CNBC’s top headling this am. “U.S. tops ‘unfathomable’ milestone of 100,000 Covid hospitalizations: ‘We’re all on edge.”

    What make it unfathomable?

    In reality, We’re all drowning in BS. More BS than I thought could be pumped out of million gallon per minute pumps like what was used to drain the 7th, or was it the 9th ward, of New Orleans after being flooded by GW Bush’s Katrina attack on the area.

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  4. kidme37 says:



  5. peter3nj says:

    As I’ve mentioned before I drive for LYFT part-time to earn a few bucks while keeping me away from the boob tube. I recently picked up a Vietnamese-American womaan(conservative Trump supporter) and soon we were engaged in a Covid conversation. She said there are only 10 Covid related deaths in her country. I remarked while the death rate here is much higher we are a population of nearly 350 million. She replied Vietnam’s population is 100 million; I was stunned! I looked it up and found the population is indeed 100 million with 35 deaths and 3500+ infected.So lets extrapolate: 35 deaths there = 123 deaths here, 3500 infections there = 1225 infected here. But then Andrew Cuomo alone is responsible for nearly 20 times the death rate of Vietnam’s entire population. We both agreed politics has played a large part in the Covid disparities vis a vis our two countries.You get the picture.

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  6. kidme37 says:

    The left takes credit for anything in the ‘good’ category and blames the opposition for anything ‘bad’. Even cave spiders in methane filled orgy focused enclaves on Saturn’s moon Titan know this.

    So, will they vote out democrat governor? Nope. Same as it ever was.

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  7. peter3nj says:

    I beg to differ with you since we know that when the moon is in the 7th house and Jupiter aligns with Mars every democrat in elected office will be voted out. Hang in there…

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  8. kidme37 says:

    Peter, Haven’t we moved out of the age of Aquarius ? Into something else?

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  9. peter3nj says:

    Typo: Cuomo-200 x the death rate.


  10. peter3nj says:

    Kid- yes indeed. Now our Negro lives matter more than hippies dancing nude on stage.

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  11. kidme37 says:

    They will matter until they don’t Peter.


  12. geeez2014 says:

    ED, that was America’s last chance and Trump’s lawyers are advising against….saving our country. okay. I can’t comment.

    I just put CNN ON….and got quite a laugh! The Georgia Sec of State was crying about the attacks he’s getting re the election. CNN’s banner made me laugh out loud “Ga Sec of State TURNS TO HIS FAITH amid Trump attacks”
    Oh, yes!!! That was QUITE a banner…..for CNN, particularly! AND THEN the reporter was asked “And did he have any Biblical verses he’s clinging to?”
    “Yes, Psalm 37 (I think) ….He will keep us free from THE WICKED” (um…that’d be TRUMP, of course)

    But then, if Trump people advise Georgians just stay home and give America to the two socialists, he IS evil.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    PETER, did you ask why she thought it was SO low in Vietnam…? My Mother’s neighbors are a Vietnamese professor and his wife and little son who’s taking French classes from Mom (SO cute…and she says he’s genius). THey told her a few months ago there were NO COVID deaths in Vietnam…..so I’m not at all surprised to hear this low number from your rider.
    BUT WHY???

    BOCOPRO…great stuff there. My “Chinese Son” over in China (who lived here for a year) emailed recently….he’s traveling around….sent me pix with no masks. I asked him;
    -how many are in hospitals there?
    -people getting vaccines? (I believe they ARE…of all countries, why couldn’t china make one?)
    -anyone still dying?
    Haven’t heard back in a couple of days but he’s apparently traveling on vacation aroound China!!!!

    If he wasn’t such a wonderful kid and, frankly, too ‘dumb’ and too kind and sweet to do anything evil, I’d never write to him again…I’m pretty damned mad at China these days, gotta admit….I have dear American Chinese friends who feel the same as I DO, sadly!!

    Kid..you wrote “The left takes credit for anything in the ‘good’ category and blames the opposition for anything ‘bad’”……the comparison isn’t RIGHT vs WRONG as political sides have talked for years…it’s now
    Democrats: RIGHT
    Republicans: EVIL
    If one is WRONG (according to the Left) one is too evil and dumb to even communicate with, right?

    WHY did Pastor John McArthur last night say “100% of people under 70 survive COVID” It’s NOT TRUE and it’s SO eaSily researched….it is NOT 100%. What disease is?
    He blows it in the first sentence………..damn. He had great points but started right off with an untruth.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    McEnancy bringing whistle blowers tomorrow to a hearing which will be televised.
    Raise your hands if you believe CNN won’t cover it.

    STOP STOP! The wind all your arms created almost blew me off my CHAIR!!! 🙂


  15. geeez2014 says:

    OOps…that’s McENANY, not NANCY !!!


  16. geeez2014 says:

    Talk about NANCY…15 years ago Tuesday, my best friend died of cancer…Nancy. (My mid name is Nancy, too)….She’d fought it for years but it finally got her.
    One year to the day later, I was ironing and watching BEACHES on TV..>BEACHES is where the song WIND BENEATH MY WINGS was introduced……Nancy had asked me to sing that at her funeral the day she came home from the doctor with the final “there’s no hope” visit….
    SO I’m ironing, hearing that song, and the phone rang…”Hello?” “Is Nancy there?”

    “No, no Nancy here….” And that BLEW MY FREAKIN’ MIND>

    Her ex’s name was RICHARD…….My sis lost one of HER best friends, named Nancy, that exact day, same year…..that Nancy’s husband’s name was RICHARD, too. weird.


  17. geeez2014 says:

    OH!! Now they’re saying employers may be able to REQUIRE THE VACCINE……..huh. Who’s surprised at THAT? Your boss possibly could fire you for not getting a vaccine. IF this actually happens, which under Trump would not have…under Biden? NO DOUBT ABOUT IT.


  18. Our hope isn’t a Georgian revote.
    After God, our hope is a rejection of the fraudulent presidential vote.
    The Georgian runoff is a backup plan.
    With a Pence VP, we retain the Senate.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    ED….it will be Kamala Harris making that final vote if the revote goes their way. In God we Trust and, if we lose, we’ll know He’s still in charge.


  20. geeez2014 says:

    I just heard Walter Williams died yesterday. Talk about a sad day. He was 87, Thomas Sowell, my hero, is 90…..Please, God, let him live a while longer. And, please God, make your plan clear as we lose Ravi, Walter here, and so many who bless us down here.



  21. geeez2014 says:


    I have rarely reaD, EVEN ON YAHOO, a pack of lies and disinformation such as this.

    EVER And while I never read Yahoo anymore (only run across it when it’s cited for other pieces), SO SO SO MANY DO. And this is why they vote like they do. LIES LEIS F’ING LIES


  22. kidme37 says:

    Z, It’s always the morons who believe they are geniuses.

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  23. MAL says:

    Japan is paying wages during this time? Well, aren”t we still financially supporting Japan? And the other European countries you mentioned, also? It wouldn’t surprise me if we’re paying for all of them but not our own people.
    As for the Dems, they’ve become blatantly open about what they’re doing. They realize they can get away with anything they want because 90% of the media covers for them.
    Can you say “George Soros”?


  24. kidme37 says:

    Could always be wrong Z, but I believe most ‘regular people’ who vote democrat do so because they are weak and dependent. Of course, there is a healthy mix of people who profit, and those who are some serious dumbasses – the kind that don’t even need to be mis-informed.


  25. peter3nj says:

    Geeez- sad news indeed the passing of Walter Williams. I first became aware of him as he hosted for Rush Limbaugh and have followed him since. He said, tongue in cheek most obviously (not entirely verbatim) “ I’m glad there was slavery. Because of it I live in this country rather than somewhere in Africa sitting on a log picking nits out of my hair for my dinner.”
    Another giant passed on….


  26. geeez2014 says:

    KID, you could be right….
    My belief is that most people who vote Democrat (other than entitlement seekers) are those who have believed REPUBLICANS ARE EVIL. They don’t want people to make fair wages, they won’t give us free stuff, they’re always going to war (what a laugh), they’re just plain MEAN….they don’t care about anyone.
    This is why there are so many articles against McConnell….etc….
    That YouTube article REALLY did it for me…because I (we all) could take every point that writer made and completely turn it around. It was like Obama having the F’ing NERVE to say how bad TRUMP WAS for caging illegal kids…when IT WAS HE WHO DID THAT!!!


  27. geeez2014 says:


    A gal in the Bible Study I lead Thursday mornings on ZOOM is Chinese…She was born there and came here at the age of 11,. She speaks excellent English and I asked if she’d spoken it in China. She said they taught them some, and as she put it “…but we didn’t learn APPLE or ORANGE or anything that helps in life, we learned LONG LIVE CHAIRMAN MAO”

    I swear….without a crack of a smile, that is what she said…the truth. Imagine?


  28. kidme37 says:

    Z, yep, you’re talking about the stupid ones.

    As far as obama, the dems/left have been rewriting history 180 for decades. Nothing to see there really. For the ones who don’t see it, I’m to the point of letting them wallow in their leper colonies.


  29. MAL says:

    Now we heard they’re calling this Obama’s 3rd term, which seems pretty accurate to me.
    Gee! Maybe he will ship another $150 billion in cash to Iran so they could resurrect ISIS and Al Quaida!


  30. Baysider says:

    Agree, agree, agree about Georgia. Trying to wear down voters.

    Sweet about your Chinese lady. Yes, we need “wie komme ich zum Bahnhof? and “ou est le DC” 🙂 and other niceties.


  31. geeez2014 says:

    Kid, most of those who I THINK believe Reps are evil aren’t dumb…they’re just so indoctrinated! They just really believe CNN, etc..it’s astonishing. But, you know, if you don’t watch CNN you’re not cool and high brow, dontchaknow!!

    MAL: It was almost freaky scary to me to hear Sen Grassle just now on Neil “I hate Trump SO MUCH” Cavuto’s show…..Grassle’s saying what I’ve been saying since the election “Trump MUST not discuss too much about his loss at Sat. Night’s rally and FIGHT FOR THE REPUBLICANS who are running…do NOT go off script…no asides, nothing..(HAVE A SCRIPT, PLEEEEASE) and fight for Georgia’s two senatorial candidates…. leave the rest for another time”.
    It was uncanny….but it happens to me a lot 🙂

    BAYSIDER….ya, it IS wearing them down and so for Trump to talk MORE about VOTES NOT COUNTING on Sat night at his Ga Rally is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE mistake. And that doesn’t mean FORGET IT, YOU LOST..GO HOME. NO!
    Just for THAT night….don’t go there.



  32. kidme37 says:

    I still seperate them from many who are certainly intelligent but $$ profit when the dems are running things unfettered as well as those who know what’s going on but vote dem for their own sake like teachers, public union people, lawyers, and many others that take care of their pockets and don’t care about anything else.

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  33. Baysider says:

    Another thing on my mind: 9 district attorneys and a federal prosecutor report that our state’s Employment Development Department is paying out unemployment benefits to convicted murderers and other prisoners. So far they tallied $400 million and speculate it could be $1B as the investigation unfolds. A billion here, and a billion there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money.

    Since you have to present job search activities to get a check, one wonders. One also wonders where the checks were mailed to. Digital perhaps? This is a LOT of $$$. An actual, measurable percent of our state budget! Maybe they’ll pay it back.

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  34. kidme37 says:

    Z, CNN’s viewership is way down the last few years and especially after the Mueller report was such a dud, etc. I wonder if their numbers include airports, medical waiting rooms, etc. ? If so, subtract those and what’s left but people who would probably be certifiable.

    In my mind, the anti-America schtick is only playing with a fairly small crowd. That includes the other channels including Fox and other venues like sports. Who wants to sit in front of millionaires playing with a ball yelling America Sucks – White People Suck. ??


  35. geeez2014 says:

    KID “In my mind, the anti-America schtick is only playing with a fairly small crowd.”

    And I agree and have said that a hundred times here…I REALLY believe Americans don’t LIKE anti American schtick…..other than the monsters who loot and pillage and …vote for Obama 🙂 hA!
    Even with the teaching our poor kids are getting, they still don’t want to live in a country they hate!!

    I just scuffled with a creep on FB…There’s a pic of Bush, Clinton and Obama all saying THEY will take the vaccine FIRST to show IT’S SAFE!!! Many were commenting…talking about if they’d trust these three..blah blah blah…

    SO i had to say this:

    I wouldn’t believe Obama for much, sadly…and am no big fan of any of these men, but I have had the flu and shingles vaccine and I trust the many doctors who believe these are safe.

    Maryah: you believe Trump?

    Z: Believe it or not, about 73 million people believe him. I try to hear two sides of every subject and this is as far as I go here on politics. Good luck, America.

    Maryah: and that 73 million speaks to his credibility?
    By the way million of children and adults believe in Santa Claus..

    Z: and millions of people still think Trump was the one who caged illegal children instead of Obama. Go figure. I’m done. Good luck.

    I was kind of proud of my line about the cages 🙂 HAAAA!!!


  36. kidme37 says:

    I wouldn’t believe any of the three took the actual vaccine myself if they did put it on video.

    And that’s why I don’t do social media. Either an echo chamber or an argument with someone who is not going to change their mind.

    Just a PS on the anti-America. There are lots of pro-America people who vote dem. Guy at work’s brother is very pro-America but is UAW and voted for the moslem twice based on information from union management. Like the repubs are going to break private unions up…. I’ll bet there is not a single public school union teacher who doesn’t vote dem as one example.


  37. geeez2014 says:

    MAL: It was almost freaky scary to me to hear Sen Grassle just now on Neil “I hate Trump SO MUCH” Cavuto’s show…..Grassle’s saying what I’ve been saying since the election “Trump MUST not discuss too much about his loss at Sat. Night’s rally and FIGHT FOR THE REPUBLICANS who are running…do NOT go off script…no asides, nothing..(HAVE A SCRIPT, PLEEEEASE) and fight for Georgia’s two senatorial candidates…. leave the rest for another time”.
    It was uncanny….but it happens to me a lot 🙂

    BAYSIDER….ya, it IS wearing them down and so for Trump to talk MORE about VOTES NOT COUNTING on Sat night at his Ga Rally is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE mistake. And that doesn’t mean FORGET IT, YOU LOST..GO HOME. NO!
    Just for THAT night….don’t go there.


    And NOW I’m hearing Powell and WOod TOLD Georgians NOT TO VOTE?????



  38. Baysider says:

    Great line about the cages!


  39. geeez2014 says:

    THanks!! I was kind of pleased, BAYSIDER 🙂


  40. -FJ says:

    I think that their point is with the OBVIOUS fraud in Georgia and nothing being done about it, what is the point of voting at all? They’ll just stuff the ballot box and no one cares. If they don’t overturn PA and Georgia, I’m DONE voting myself.


  41. geeez2014 says:

    FJ…we can’t be. We have to make sure Georgia’s Jan 5 election is better watched and I think that’s what so many Republicans are trying to have done, don’t you? You agree with Powell and Wood saying DON’T VOTE??!


  42. MAL says:

    Exactly, Z. For a change, WE have to take control of how the voting takes place. Why do they always get their way with everything? They stack things in their favor and keep getting away with it.
    AND……..the more they get away with it, they’re embolden to keep doing it. It’s at the point now where they can even admit what they’re doing with total impunity.


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