A friend included this in his excellent Saturday rant:

“We see so much rancor on TV between the political parties, but this week I plowed the driveway for a lady who is a staunch liberal (didn’t bring up politics at all) and then helped the neighbor, who is Muslim.  Nice family, seems modern with women driving cars and wearing modest scarves.  If only the elected politicians could get along and help each other like the average citizens do, America would get back on track quickly.  The politicians don’t see the many facets of life the general public sees. They are too busy attending useless meetings, begging for donations, and planning traps for each other. “

I believe this is far, far less unusual than we are LED to believe……Do you have any stories like this?

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.”  Hebrews 6:10.


Love, Z

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22 Responses to SUNDAY FAITH BLOG

  1. kidme37 says:

    I saw a democrat talking to a moslem family and recognized them both as enemies of America and therefore my mortal enemies.

    Politicians don’t fight with each other. They put on dog and pony shows the go to the bar after work and slap each other on the backs.


  2. Cube says:

    When we moved into our current house in 1999, we waved to the neighbor across the street & she eagerly waved back, showing up later with cute little hair clips for our daughters. We didn’t find out until much later, that the previous owners of our house, our next door neighbor and her next door neighbors had lived there for many years but never once waved to her, although they were friendly to us newbies to the neighborhood.

    Our neighbor happens to be a quiet, very sweet, church going black lady that anyone would be lucky to have as a neighbor. We have been dear friends ever since.

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  3. Mustang says:

    Unity (nationally or within our communities) has never been the goal or focus of any politician. At best, a politician who clamors for unity is speaking a half-truth because what he or she means is “unity behind what they stand for.” And, whoever cannot or will not unify behind what a politician wants becomes their enemy … and is treated accordingly. Besides, the call for unity is silly beyond words. How do you unify 330-million people when every single one of them has their own particular point of view about every topic you can imagine? This is why I have said in the past, the title of our country is a misnomer. We are not now – nor have we ever been a “United” States. No, I think your friend has it right. One path to redemption is treating others with kindness whenever we can and doing so with no expectation of reward. If we aren’t willing to look out after one another, don’t expect the politicians to do it. That isn’t their mission.

    Cube’s comment is very refreshing.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    KID, there is no bigger Conservative patriot than the friend in my post…..He got through it, was kind.
    One of THE biggest believers at my large Bible study is from Iran…no headscarf, just a beautiful young Christian woman who is an ENORMOUS supporter of Trump.
    SOmetimes, maybe, doing kind gestures helps?
    I do agree with you, however…..often, there would be Dems and Muslims, if I knew their heads and hearts, who I would use that snow shovel ON 🙂

    Pretty sure the Dems and Reps we know NEVER slap each other on the backs.

    CUBE! Great to see you here and LOVE that story….THANK YOU…..and THANK YOU FOR WAVING TO THAT WONDERFUL LADY!!!! SO NICE.


  5. geeez2014 says:

    ED…Can’t read more than I did…yes, we’ve all heard it…and the way the article was written turns my stomach.
    my favorite part “as devoted to the ex-president as you can get without being Q fans,”
    He means QANON. SOmething NONE OF US really knows a THING about. I have asked nearly every Republican friend I speak with if they know QANON…EVERY SINGLE ONE SAYS “ya, what IS THAT?” Yet CNN includes them on every consversation about Republicans.

    THIS IS WHAT CNN DOES: It LIES and sets it up……………QANON is the biggest threat to the Left. Odd, since nobody knows what it is…but we (WE) are GUILT BY (their) ASSOCIATION…….
    ridiculous, hideous article.

    MUSTANG…Well, UNITED STATES does describe our country of a bunch of states united in one federal gov’t….as you know!! And I believe it should be part of every politician’s mission to make us more united….Sadly, you’re right, ..their points of view all have come to be more important than even trying to come to ONE point of view; or at LEAST, the VERY LEAST THESE SAYS, something SO BASIC it feels stupid to type it:
    PUT OUR COUNTRY FIRST………… least have that goal!
    Yes, you are so right…if anything, the new president is fighting NOT TO DO THAT…which could result in LESS United States.
    You well describe out path to redemption….sad that this president seems to include China and Iran in that “looking out after one another” as if either of those countries would EVER EVER EVER treat others with kindness and respect!! RIGHT?!!

    CUBE’s story IS refreshing, and I believe it’s not as unusual as our media’d like to portray.

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  6. geeez2014 says:

    ANYBODY else heaRD the pilot on that Colorado-Hawaii flight whose engine exploded?
    Talk about CALM…that is IMPRESSIVE.
    Stupid FOX news “ONE passenger said SHE WAS SAYING A PRAYER…” Right, only ONE. The plane feels like it’s going down, but ONE passenger…………… 🙂


  7. kidme37 says:

    AOC wants harm to come to Trump supporters. She’s not the only democrat that wants this.

    The Trump lawyer who appeared on CBS and tried to educate a fascist moron “reporter” had his house vandalized and had to buy security personnel for his family.

    mosem congress critters call for a sharia compliant America.

    Anyone who votes democrat supports these things. They can’t say they only support part of what the dems are implementing in America.

    A small moslem population chants Religion of Peace
    A moderate moslem population calls for special treatment because of the ‘islamophobia’ of all non-moslems around them
    A large moslem population demands sharia compliance from everyone.

    These are all facts. The moslem stuff is proven over and over again around the world in the past and in current events in particular.

    I write all this calmly. I recognize what the dems and moslems are up to is designed to do great harm to me and other patriotic Americans. Simple recognition of a problem that has been going on in America for a long long time. Few seem to notice or care. I do.

    Going along to get along is how evil flourishes.

    Ok, I don’t have proof dems and repubs yuk it up after hours, so let ask then what is it that republicans have done for America in the last 50 years beside lip service and that wasn’t immediately cancelled by the next democrat administration ? In that way they are the same to me just with different color clown suits on making different noises.

    This country is toast. I’ll try not to dwell on it.


  8. MAL says:

    There’s an old saying in the news media. Dog bites man isn’t news. Man bites dog IS.
    So it is when someone shovels a friends driveway vs shoveling the driveway of someone previously considered not to be a friend.
    Both were unexpected.

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  9. geeez2014 says:

    KID…I SO GET what you say but it’s amazingly true-sounding and mostly isn’t “Anyone who votes democrat supports these things. They can’t say they only support part of what the dems are implementing in America.”

    I don’t know Democrats who want a Muslim compliant country…or that Trump’s lawyers be harmed (that was AWFUL and barely made the news)


    These are mostly good people, some of whom I am related to, who have said “WHAT HAPPENED?” And they are not stupid, but trust idiots.

    My own sister says she likes mostly NON FICTION, but is reading Obama’s book! Um..WHAT? You call that NON FICTION? I wanted SO BADLY to ask……….

    STILL, KID….I’m on YOUR SIDE: I am SO DYING to ask my own sister the following:

    You believe shutting Keystone down was a good idea? Not being energy independent, losing all those jobs?
    SO you REALLY believe opening borders like this at a time of covid and lack of jobs is a great idea?
    You think only bad guys ought to have guns? REALLY?
    We could all go on and on.

    THIS Is what , as I type above, I’m hoping TRUMP DOES. CAN we get Democrats to HEAR THE TRUTH? JUST HEAR THE TRUTH?

    Well, I just wroote this comment in copposition to what you’d said…trying to be more optimistic and you have no convinced me: We are PROBABLY toast. 🙂



  10. kidme37 says:

    Z, I suspect that, in opposition to how you look at the situation – I make no exception for ignorance of the facts. If some democrat supports dems partially because they’re not aware of the facts, they are just as much my enemy as someone who does it knowingly.

    When you ask about Keystone ask if they are aware that this oil will be coming anyway. It will still get here, it will just be more expensive and transported in ways with more opportunities for spillage (truck and mostly rail)

    We Are toast. Only the timeline is in question. Hey, it wouldn’t hurt to keep this in mind in terms of looking out for yourself. One practical example is if you need any health care, the sooner the better. Plan for higher taxes, high prices of other things. Those three are on the immediate horizon imo. I read where federal taxes won’t be raised in 2021, so I expect indirect taxes. Taxes on fuel, hidden in higher product prices, property and school taxes, etc.

    sharia in America? Already happening in moslem heavy communities. I don’t expect to see it personally in our lifetimes so it’s just the standard democrat dismantling of America activities that will be in our faces.


  11. MAL says:

    The whole idea of Keystone never made much sense to me from the beginning. I mean, building a pipeline that goes over 5 states including private properties and native Indian grounds. Couldn’t the refinery be built where the oil is, or is there another reason, like the weather why that isn’t practical? Also, it made the Canadians mad to back out of an agreement especially after they’d spend money on the project already. Any contract or agreement made should be honored by all parties regardless of politics so Biden was way out of line in cancelling the pipeline.


  12. MAL says:

    … our gas prices have been going up ever since and most likely will continue. All they need is a reason to raise the prices and now they have one.


  13. geeez2014 says:

    MAL: and THEREIN lies a big problem for the Democrats….people ARE talking about gas prices going up. We pay over $4 a gallon for Premium, which I need in my Oldie…….I laugh when I see comments like “Our gas isn’t going up to $2.25!!! 🙂


  14. MAL says:

    The last time I filled up earlier this month I paid 2.449 for regular at Costco, but of course Calif. prices will be higher, plus I’ve never found it necessary to use premium, even when it was recommended because they always ran fine on regular. No pinging, etc.


  15. Mustang says:

    @ Kid

    Making good decisions for America isn’t that difficult. Since most state education agencies are far left, their solution to every single problem relating to education is throwing more money at it. At what point does one conclude that if you’ve spent gazillions of dollars on education since the year 1900, and if our children still can’t find their way out of a cardboard box, how is spending more on education going to change anything? Tossing good money after bad is how the Democrats govern, and I don’t understand how any registered voter cannot see that and be repulsed by it.

    IMO the question we should ask is this: How will X program benefit America? If the answer is that X will benefit some, but not every American in equal measure, then we should toss the proposal for X right into the circular file. If X only benefits some but is paid for by most, what justification is there for that expenditure? It is a case of “in your face” discrimination. What am I missing here? The formula could be applied to every possible government decision. Given all we know about American education (not to beat a dead horse) — that in the entire industrialized world — it is a massive failure, we should not spend one more dime on education in any state UNTIL the process gets sorted out. At this moment, you could give a high school diploma to everyone at the end of grade one, around the age of seven, and those kids at age 18 would be better off than they are now – and strapped with less debt. We also need a new way of looking at prioritized spending. Which is more important? Bridges that don’t collapse into the Ohio River or wind farms? Since bridges benefit everyone equally (who use them), and wind farms only claim to benefit some … get rid of the stupid windmill generators that make our country look stupid.

    How does MORE immigration from Middle Eastern cesspools benefit MOST Americans? What do these goat-herders bring to America’s table? Are we really THAT short of cab drivers or convenience store clerks? Do we need Syrian medical doctors at the exclusion of American-born-and-bred medical doctors? How does Sharia law benefit MOST Americans? What? It doesn’t? Well then …


  16. geeez2014 says:

    EVERYBODY: Reading Mustang, Kid, etc…………one really sees the BIGGEST shortcoming in the idiotic policies of the Left:

    IT IS ALWAYS SHORT SIGHTED. I’ve been realizing, more than ever, that everything Biden is doing is short sighted, stupid, and just plain DUMB.

    Consider this: if he does legalize thousands of immigrants who have illegally come in…and they are made citizens so easily by this leftwing mess, THEY WILL GET SOCIAL SEC. and MEDICARE. HOW? Most of them will have to live on US for a long while, anyway….so nobody but US is paying INTO SS and then what? That’s just one thing.

    COVID, GANG CARTELS, etc………..and, as MUSTANG says, that’s not counting MUSLIMS…..Anybody who pushes for SHaria Law HERE is a TERRORIST. Pure and simple.
    The Left is too dumb to THINK AHEAD. or THINK, period.

    How I would LOVE to discuss this with leftists……but it doesn’t work. It just doesn’t work.\
    I told an acquaintance recently how I felt about illegals crossing with COVID…he said “AH, this is what the media wants to do…SCARE YOU!” (he knows I’m conservative and he meant FOX)..

    I said the following “I don’t get my thoughts muddled with MEDIA, I think things out…and yes, I AM FEARFUL for our Americans who will catch COVID from these people and who will be kept out of hospital care because THEY are there…too crowded.”

    I’m FEARFUL, you see, if I don’t 100% agree with the Left. Apparently, they are NOT fearful of disease, economic collapse and the rest of it…]

    MUSTANG: I call what you describe about paying for things only a few will benefit from THE TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY.

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  17. kidme37 says:

    Hey there Mustang. We are past the point of anything in America making any sense. Pick any subject and I’ll find out how and why it is screwed up beyond correction. I’m sure you could too.

    for example, let’s get rid of those super thin plastic shopping bags which actually do degrade underground and straws and forget that every stnkin thing we buy -practically- comes packaged in plastic thick enough that you need tools to get into it. Let’s also forget it is developing countries where you can video literal rivers of plastic heading to the ocean. Maybe 0.0000001% of it comes from America. If that. It goes to landfills. Government people must be splitting their sides every day coming up with ways to screw with the public.

    It’s all like this. There is no justice. There is no effecient or economical process where government is concerned. There is nothing going on that makes any sense, least of all – public education, for the majority of people in this country.


  18. kidme37 says:

    Z, illegal immigrants are democrat voting welfare queens pure and simple.

    democrats support these things for that reason alone. They’re clueless about the details and trying to educate them just makes them angry and wastes your time and energy. Maybe some young people, but for the most part only those who ask you the question have a chance of understanding the answer.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    KID, reminds me of the info regarding putting nylon stockings over our faces before the mask….I swear Democrats are just laughing their butts off……..
    Ya, illegals are future voters…….but “welfare queens” is even MORE dangerous. We could NEVER EVER afford their social security and medicare without their having paid into it. Most immigrants sent a lot of money ‘home’….others don’t declare anything.

    Biden doesn’t even care that VERY few attend their court dates (who would? that is SO STUPID)…I’m surprised our tax dollars aren’t paying for their lawyers…or ARE THEY?!! They won’t pay for MY lawyer, God forbid I needed one….sure, public defendant, but good luck winning.


  20. kidme37 says:

    Yes. our tax dollars pay for their lawyers.

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  21. kidme37 says:

    This is why social security “is going broke”. Confined to only those who paid in it was a gold mine. Too shiny for the pols to keep their hands off. LBJ took it out of the lockbox put it into the general fund to pay for welfare, saying ths will have those n—-rs voting democrat for the next 50 years.

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