Dr BRIX…..Can you really blame Trump?

I was disappointed to see THIS ARTICLE when I searched for information on my own hypothesis I write about below.

I had heard Dr Brix (who I admired at the time; I have NEVER admired Fauci) had slammed Trump for not doing what he should have done and how thousands might have lived had he done what she suggested.

My thought at the time I heard this was “Well, if that’s the case, was your JOB more important than thousands of lives?  Why didn’t you force your suggestions into the public forum?!”

So I say “Disappointed” because, SO often, I find my thoughts echoed and  NOT NEW!!  The thrust of my post here had to change!  SO……..

Thinking about this now, I wonder if Dr Brix isn’t even more guilty than Governor Andrew Cuomo?

He is responsible for many elderly deaths (and not spoken of is the deaths of younger people in mental health homes into which he also released covid patients)………..Is Dr Brix not actually also responsible for THOUSANDS MORE deaths if what she had to offer was so much better than what Trump was doing?

Did Dr Brix share her information with Fauci?   If so, where is it?  If not, WHY NOT?



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24 Responses to Dr BRIX…..Can you really blame Trump?

  1. bocopro says:

    Not easy for me to criticize Birx since I know something of her history, especially her many years of active-duty US Army service (eventually achieving the rank of colonel).

    But she chiseled away at the foundation of her rep by hosting a multi-generation Thanksgiving gathering involving separate families after telling the rest of us to stay in our huts with just our immediate family.

    She reminds me of weekend warriors who go on active-duty exercises with their minds full of theory but little practical experience and try to tell people who have been doing the job for years that she knows a better way.

    In other words, she grabbed a metaphorical sword (microphone) and waded into battle with bloodthirsty Cossacks and battle-hardened Saracens (politicians) and got her ass handed to her.

    No doubt she is sincere, dedicated, and eager to do the right thing, but like other “experts,” once she stepped out of her comfort zone (laboratory) and wandered into the lions’ den (mainstream media) with a styrofoam chair and whiffle whip, she got mauled.

    She’s the latest incarnation of the exemplum proving that one “Aw, shit!” wipes out a thousand attaboys.

    And the only positive thing I have to say about that twerp Faux Chi is that he must have a magician for a personal tailor for keeping the crotch of his pants intact after jumping over the fence so many times.

    Both of them need to find a nice, quiet, oak-paneled room with heavy drapes, a classic fireplace, overstuffed chairs, and a giant pile of dissertation extracts to read while they sip Drambuie and nibble on carrot sticks, celery stalks, black olives, and pita bread dipped in toum.

    IOW, go away and STFU!

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  2. Bocopro typed in: But she chiseled away at the foundation of her rep by hosting a multi-generation Thanksgiving gathering involving separate families after telling the rest of us to stay in our huts with just our immediate family.


    That’s when I was done with her. I had been supportive up to that point.

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  3. kidme37 says:

    Why are Covid cases fewer in states with no or fewer restrictions like Florida, Texas, Idaho, …
    This is not just internet gossip. You know this is true because if they had a leg to stand on to say that cases in Florida for example were ramping, it will be blasted 24/7. You know this as indisputable.
    Covid is real but it is hugely overblown. Hugely, like as to make the Soviets jealous at the level of propaganda.


  4. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…I get you on Brix. I also wonder at Colonels who’d leave their position then totally slam their superior while they were in office, like she has Trump. Maybe they do that; I’ve always thought there’s an honor thing which would stop her.
    On the other hand, maybe you have found the ONE GOOD REASON she kept her mouth shut throughout her tenure under Trump…maybe that is why she never went to Fauci with her “better ideas” combating COVID, or why she just never said a thing to Trump.
    What do you think?
    It’s pretty clear that if she believes Trump did SO badly and SHE believes SHE had the answer, she’s responsible for many thousands of deaths

    AOW…I had either not heard about , or had forgotten, the Thanksgiving party…….Or maybe I just thought she’d know how to do it more safely than most people. She actually LIVES in a multigenerational home……..she was under a LOT of stress working around COVID WORK and having her mother at home with her. Hard not to pass it on before the virus was ready!

    KID, with the vaccine being used more widely now, there are plenty of oddities, aren’t there. Why is it that now that our older folks (us!) are finishing their 2-vaccine protocols, YOUNG PEOPLE are suddenly getting covid in larger numbers! WHAT?? I kind of thought “Maybe it’s because we’re paying more attention now to the young” but that can’t be because CDC has supposedly kept numbers for years….and young people were NOT getting it as much as now!!

    Thankfully, those getting it now aren’t needing hospitalizations nearly as much as when we first got hit and even doctors weren’t quite sure HOW to treat it, even ignoring the drugs Trump had figured out might help (with help from experts)…. because, after all, they couldn’t give much credit to Trump.
    Another reason to believe those resisting Trump’s input are …let’s face it….possibly KILLERS.


  5. geeez2014 says:


    I had to laugh a few days ago….CNN had a banner under their story video of this awful death….it said :


    “UBER ATE WHO?” I thought…


  6. kidme37 says:

    I don’t necessarily believe what is being reported. I specifically do not belive the majority of what the media says about it, Including the CDC. Your mileage may vary :). I DO believe my conclusions about what is not being reported and that is cases are Not ramping in states without restrictions (even though lots of people still wear masks, etc) in those states.

    With this media, reality is often found in what they are not talking about.

    As to young people?

    Here’s a comment from this guy’s blog. He is a real person and I believe he does know these people “I can also tell you that I am personally aware of 6 persons that have had positive tests in the past week. All of them are experiencing various symptoms associated with covid BUT all describe it as a bad cold or flu. Most are already on the mend. ”

    From here – https://theferalirishman.blogspot.com/2021/04/scrolling-webz-and-news-this-morning.html


  7. kidme37 says:

    I do not believe the media can show pictures of perps under the age of 18. Btw, those black girls will be out free at the age of 21 (and probably before) according to reported plea deal or some such.


  8. Mustang says:


    Approaching sixty years ago, when I first joined the service, everyone had a few “mug shot” pictures taken that were filed away inside their military service records. There were a couple of reasons for taking and retaining these “mug shots.”

    The first reason was to help in the identification of servicemen killed in action. The extent that any of these pictures helped in that process is unknown because generally, the metal “dog tags” worn around servicemen’s necks accomplished identifying casualties.

    The second reason was that promotion boards often wanted to see what candidates for promotion looked like. At some point, it was recognized that whenever a member of a promotion board took a gander at the mug shot of a serviceman who happened to be black, it might trigger some sense of racial prejudice and thus deny a black person of promotion. Promotion boards continued to use pictures, but they stopped using mug shots and went to a full profile picture … as a means of ascertaining whether the person was overweight and/or if he or she was physically “representative” of the service.

    The third reason for having mug shots is that they were used in notifying the FBI and law enforcement agencies that the serviceman was a deserter. Whether these mug shots were ever useful in capturing a deserter, I cannot say. Maybe. Maybe not.

    But none of those mug shots were EVER very flattering. This remains true today. All mug shots looked about the same. They all presented the image of a sullen, stupid-looking, perhaps even a dangerous person who was a “wanted” man or woman. Looking at these mug shots, one came away thinking, “He/she must be guilty of something.” The problem is that we live in a society that must “presume” innocence until proven guilty … and it is difficult to look at a mug shot of anyone, black or white, without “triggering” a biased reaction — and this may be particularly true when you happen to be looking at someone’s face marred by tattoos and metal piercings. For similar reasons, beyond normal arraignment hearings, defendants go into court in nice-looking suits rather than in prison garb to avoid tainting jury members with unseemly visions of a murderous street thug.

    So, I think your suggestion that we haven’t seen the two teenaged girls’ mug shot because they are both underage is only on the periphery … the other reason is to avoid racially prejudiced reactions by the public — among whom juries are selected. For the same reason, there is now a tendency NOT to publish suspects’ names if they have “black” or “Islamic” sounding names.

    Just my two cents worth. You owe me a penny.


  9. kidme37 says:

    I’ve seen Mustang’s mug shots. I never figured him for a man bun and that was even before they were in style….

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  10. Mustang says:

    @ Kid

    If Willy Nelson can do it …

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  11. kidme37 says:

    At least you didn’t have the braids.


  12. bocopro says:

    My mug shot (1960)



  13. bocopro says:

    Whooops . . . . didn’t take

    Mea culpa.


  14. geeez2014 says:

    MUSTANG! That was my implication…!! You say “..the other reason is to avoid racially prejudiced reactions by the public” That is most certainly why.

    I don’t for a SPLIT SECOND believe this is because of their age. How many white boys have shot up schools and had their juvenile pictures on the air within 20 minutes? (all)

    KID, you say “Black girls”…do you know that for sure? HAVE they ever shown? I did hear they’re from DC and Virginia, I believe…so I figure…………

    SEEING MUSTANG OR KID IN MAN BUNS makes me shudder. and not in a good way HA!!

    And I actually don’t hate all man buns!


  15. geeez2014 says:

    BY THE WAY, talk about keeping children’s faces from full view….

    Those poor kids on the border’s faces are blurred most of the time….WHY? Are they kidnapped and someone thinks their folks back home are rich enough to pay a ransom? Why not show the faces of small children? They have RIGHTS? People who have broken OUR rights by crossing illegally have RIGHTS? And rights to WHAT? How’s showing a 3 yr old’s face matter?


  16. bocopro says:

    I’ve been trying to get a point across to people for decades . . . that ‘rights’ come in various degrees, levels, categories, and sources.

    Everyone has HUMAN rights.
    Joining a culture or society involves CIVIL rights.
    Then there are LEGAL rights, and RELIGIOUS rights, and so on and so on.

    The point is that society (basically agreed-upon public opinion) can take away any or all of those rights at any time dependent upon laws, customs, traditions, and circumstances.

    DIsobeying the laws or rules of the society you’ve agreed to live in and cooperate with usually involves suspension or termination of specific civil rights, such as the right to vote, to drive, to post stuff on social media.

    In extreme cases, an outlaw or malefactor might forfeit all of his civil rights for a specified time, including movement, speech, and employment.

    But rarely are the HUMAN rights forfeited: the right to breathe, to eat, to sleep, to heal, to reform. Such a permanent suspension or revocation of human rights generally results from heinous activity, such as murder, treason, terrorism, or other behavior which imperils or interrupts the balance and stability of the greater society.

    Immigrant children have human rights, even illegal immigrants; I reckon nearly everyone agrees with that. But they have NO CIVIL RIGHTS once they break into a country which has not authorized their entry.

    They do not have the right to work, to vote, to drive, to move around freely, or even to receive food or shelter or other life-support assistance — those are handouts, not entitlements; donations, not benefits; gifts, not rewards. Only a true a – – – – – e would deprive them food, water, shelter in the basic sense.

    But to give them in-person education while legal citizens’ children must endure remote learning? No! To give them TV and toys while kids who are here legally can’t even go to playgrounds with their friends? No!

    My grandmother, quite likely the most God-fearing, Jesus-loving Christian woman who ever trod the soil of America, would have given them a sandwich, allowed them to use the outhouse, and then told them to go home. And if they had no home to go to, she’d have called civil authorities to deal with them to ensure they didn’t become thieves and pickpockets.

    My wife will feed anyone whom she considers deprived or hungry, but once they’ve been fed and are able to walk, she shows them the door, or she calls the parish priest to give them sanctuary in the church.

    If a person you don’t know comes into your house while you’re not watching, eats your food, uses your utilities, and sleeps in your guest room without your permission, he’s not automatically a part of your family, either legally or culturally; he’s a trespasser and quite likely a potential troublemaker.

    But . . . mox nix — by 30 years from now anglos will have surrendered everything west of the Mississippi to latinos, and I betcha THEY won’t tolerate border jumpers, coyotes, and human traffickers desde el sur, unless they’re loaded with yuan or bitcoin.


  17. kidme37 says:

    Yes, they are black. The video embedded below the picture of the victim.


    Well, I can’t find anything definitive in the legal sense about identifying juveniles. I don’t see it happen where a picture is released before they show up in court. I don’t see names either until then.


  18. Baysider says:

    Bp : “she chiseled away at the foundation of her rep by hosting a multi-generation Thanksgiving gathering involving separate families.” YES! I’m with AOW. That’s when I was done with her. She seemed far more establishmentarian in the sense of the swamp than I was comfortable with, but I did not denigrate her qualifications or opinions because of that. Still don’t. It’s because of her behavior. A Pharisee. Just like the mayor of NYC who closed parks – except one close to him to use. And Gov of California and his medical associates in the restaurant. So many in authority showed by their actions that this was not such a serious situation. While Trump’s “bleach” comments seem over the top (I never got them in context, so don’t know for sure) none of his actions are inconsistent with theirs – EXCEPT HIS WERE PUBLIC AND TRANSPARENT. They did what HE did, but secretly.

    Why did she not speak up? I imagine it’s VERY hard to stand up to Trump or a view contrary to the swamp. Look at the sh*t being dumped on credible sources now like Dr. Vanden Bossche. Still, better to keep quiet now instead of angling for the approval of the hate-the-orange-man crowd to regain position.

    I looked, too, for images of those teenage killers. THIS was the closest I could find, a screen grab of a video: https://www.theweek.in/news/world/2021/03/29/us-two-teenage-girls-charged-with-felony-murder-over-killing-of-uber-eats-driver.html

    I do not believe “glory” killers should be publicized. Their names and faces deserve to be ignored and forgotten, especially once they’re safe behind bars (as long as some cuckoo judge doesn’t let them out). Average crooks like these – not so much.


  19. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…excellent words…couldn’t agree with you more. A burglar shouldn’t have any human rights but food/water, either. Today, if he goes to jail, he can get a sex change operation ON US. Etc…..I totally agree with you about RIGHTS of those who BREAK OURS; ONLY human rights…..the minimum, then off you go.

    KID, then my whole point is silly…I haD no idea it was known they were BlaCk. WHich, I guess, kind of proves my point, too. WHY NOT? We all know why not.

    I almost wish they HAD blurred out the little boy they’ve been showing WITH a blurred-out face now, crying his heart out becausE his parents sent him with strangers who dumped him off somewhere without any help, food, anybody he knows..>CRYING so hard. I saw it without the blur and it is HEART WRENCHING>>>.just AWFUL…those poor children.

    BAYSIDER… Ya, KID’s video shows the girls. And, of course, my point is the WHY. If they were WHITE boys who shot up a school, their pictures and names are released as soon as they’re available. That’s just wrong.
    Of course none of us is for glorifying murderers…and, let’s make no mistake about it, some say they killed because they knew they’d be famous.
    My point was the racial part of this….why THOSE GIRLS still haven’t had names/pictures on the average news channel. Yes, we can google and find vid of the incident.
    What I HATED was the Pakistani;’s friend(also Pakistani) was interviewed saying how good a guy the dead man was…then finally blaming it on anti-Muslim sentiment.
    Please, someone, tell me those two girls gave a damn what religion this guy was. But, that’s the big fun thing to do these days; feel a victim. YIPPEEE! Maybe I’ll get PAID well for being a victim, too!

    I found Brix so much more reasoned and calm and informative (she’s mostly a medical statistician/analyst) than Fauci that I really did admire her. As I said above, if she felt 100% safe having family for Thanksgiving, she should know…particularly with elderly parents and a newborn grandchild. It isn’t fair, not really ethical to tell others to be careful and not follow suit, but I’d bet she knows enough to be as careful as anyone could be.
    Ya, maybe I’m more angry at this HORRIBLE Trump slamming of hers NOW because I had admired her.

    I wonder; I asked this above and am disappointed not to get some input; BOCOPRO mentioned her military experience….Do military people leave their billet and then slam their superior, like she did Trump?


  20. geeez2014 says:

    Some reporter asked Biden if he was going against his promise to WORK WITH THE REPUBLICANS (and it wasn’t a Conservative reporter!!HA!)…

    Biden’s answer was “I promised to TRY to work with the Republicans!”

    Classic, isn’t it? psaki is like that, too….she can REALLY get around an honest question with the most astonishingly dishonest ducking of the point. #($*&Q#(@$&*Q#(*$


  21. bocopro says:

    As I’ve said here before, I can no longer speak for the military mind because it’s changed significantly from when I was in (I retired in ’84).

    My suspicion is that the officer corps is much more prone to cover their own six than to stand up for their troops. I’m confident that we have lots of good, patriotic, strong leaders in all branches, but not at the percentage I saw 50 years ago.

    I doubt that the typical officer, especially line officer, would badmouth a CO while stilll in uniform, but I see lots of retired guys who had lots of scrambled eggs on their hats doin it as “advisors” on various TV news analysis shows. Medical types generally don’t like to take on senior officers, and staffies generally are just lookin for that eagle or that star and don’t wanna make waves.

    A few flat hats are downright treacherous, but most are just jerks, not exactly whiners or squealers. Overall we still have the best technological military on the planet, but I really think we have too many guys who would be pretty damned slow to pull the trigger, and a lot more who would say, “Follow me, Men . . . you lead the way, O.K., fellas?”

    Except for the Marines and a few guys here and there in the Army and Navy, most officers today would say, “Follow me” and then frequently turn around to see if anybody’s there. Some of the troops we’re gettin wouldn’t have cut it 50 years ago.

    Think I’ll stop there before I get wound up.


  22. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO! YOu made me laugh with this “Think I’ll stop there before I get wound up.”

    It must hurt to know men are just not the same men anymore….and I believe you’re right.

    I heard, about 25 yrs ago, on TV, either a Secret Service or FBI guy, a bigwig, saying they cannot find men and women like they used to get…and this WAS 25 YEARS ago…already he said they’ve mostly done drugs, have stolen from employers, …they just don’t fill the bill.
    But this is what our gov’t has to deal with.

    And I am SURE our military has to deal with JERKS, too.
    Of course, can we blame them? OUR military is busy paying for sex change operations and designing pregnancy uniforms for women….while China and N Korea are laughing their butts off and sharpening their knives for us.

    Think EVEN I will stop NOW before I get wound up!!!!!!


  23. geeez2014 says:

    BOCOPRO…I feel like we’re seeing America fall apart in front of our eyes…..
    this is SICKENING. I could only read the headline when I opened the link…I don’t have the stomach to read the article.
    If you’re raised by your school to hate your country, and you’ve got drugs being legalized and glamorized and so much more, why the HECK would you fight for ANYTHING worthwhile.
    And then you might ask “who’s to say what’s worthwhile?”



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